People Who Love Babies Get Surprised With Babies

  • Published on 2016-05-26T01:00:01.000Z
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  • Free Hugz
    Free Hugz   2018-09-19T23:29:28.000Z


  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins   2018-09-11T21:22:11.000Z

    I bet the dude’s gf loved the video. This video made me cry, it’s so sweet.

  • Aichi Toshiki
    Aichi Toshiki   2018-09-08T08:49:57.000Z

    That guy will be a great father

  • Sarah Schuster
    Sarah Schuster   2018-09-08T03:06:49.000Z

    I get my baby-fix at work. I work in the infant room.

  • Midnight
    Midnight   2018-09-07T02:26:01.000Z

    Hey, 1:40 too late you big softy LOL

  • Lily's Games and Stuff
    Lily's Games and Stuff   2018-09-05T19:41:34.000Z

    1:25 awwwwww

  • Beata Malobo
    Beata Malobo   2018-09-05T16:51:22.000Z

    I am crying too😢😢😢😢😢

  • kelly d3
    kelly d3   2018-09-02T13:22:14.000Z

    Who else smiled

  • Funwithsyd !!!
    Funwithsyd !!!   2018-09-02T00:38:12.000Z

    I don’t like babies but these babies are really cute

  • maf s
    maf s   2018-09-01T21:17:27.000Z


  • five six
    five six   2018-08-28T23:40:07.000Z


  • memes '
    memes '   2018-08-27T22:02:00.000Z

    Cute little babys 😍

  • Giselle Cole
    Giselle Cole   2018-08-25T16:44:57.000Z

    This would literally be my dream 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿

  • crazylady butterfly
    crazylady butterfly   2018-08-25T00:01:05.000Z

    if you want a \"baby\" and not a human being in development you should consider getting a pet lol

  • Nicole Mockford
    Nicole Mockford   2018-08-24T18:14:19.000Z

    I\'d be like Hannah if i was there

  • annalee
    annalee   2018-08-24T01:35:28.000Z


  • Adrienne Hepworth
    Adrienne Hepworth   2018-08-23T21:28:47.000Z

    Marry him and give him beautiful baby sons and baby daughters!!

  • Adrienne Hepworth
    Adrienne Hepworth   2018-08-23T21:26:56.000Z

    I\'m laughing and crying with happiness at the same time!!!

  • Maya Mussel
    Maya Mussel   2018-08-23T18:01:41.000Z

    try to watch this without smiling

  • nikkiab86
    nikkiab86   2018-08-23T03:52:15.000Z

    Wow, I kind of feel a bit bad. I couldn\'t wait any longer til all my 3 were old enough to be in school.

  • Julyanna Molina
    Julyanna Molina   2018-08-23T02:40:44.000Z

    Those people had the time of their life

  • Sophie Cage
    Sophie Cage   2018-08-22T23:50:13.000Z

    That person who was crying made me cry

  • Olivia Levia
    Olivia Levia   2018-08-22T16:53:20.000Z

    The Worlds okest mom is crying and now im crying

  • Josephine Maldonado
    Josephine Maldonado   2018-08-22T15:42:51.000Z

    This video made me cry so hard. I have always loved babies, they make me the happiest in the world. I actually have PCOS which makes it very hard, almost impossible to have kids one day. It breaks my heart so bad knowing I have it. It is possible for me to get pregnant, but even more possible to lose the baby during the pregnancy. This video made my heart warm up and break at all the same time..

  • GriseSynne
    GriseSynne   2018-08-22T12:29:49.000Z

    I started CRYING

  • Lauren Bennett
    Lauren Bennett   2018-08-20T12:03:53.000Z

    Why am I crying?

  • Carolyne Carrera
    Carolyne Carrera   2018-08-20T02:58:35.000Z

    I love babies to❣️❣️❣️

  • Bright Spark2000
    Bright Spark2000   2018-08-20T02:37:20.000Z

    Imagine like 10 years into these kids\' life, they\'re scrolling through the internet, they see this video, they click on it and they\'re like \"Hey, that\'s my mom!... HEY THAT\'S ME!\"

  • AllThingsGo 6
    AllThingsGo 6   2018-08-19T21:50:41.000Z

    Am I the only one that’s just started screaming when I see them smiling like oh my god this just made my day

  • Berzerka
    Berzerka   2018-08-19T21:04:14.000Z

    0:51 nounce

  • Arifmetix
    Arifmetix   2018-08-19T20:38:38.000Z


  • Caisaiah Cisco
    Caisaiah Cisco   2018-08-19T08:06:40.000Z

    i’d love to see how the babies are doing now.

  • Maddie Jones
    Maddie Jones   2018-08-18T20:29:05.000Z


  • 🌼Aesthetic Nostalgia🌻
    🌼Aesthetic Nostalgia🌻   2018-08-18T08:36:36.000Z

    Aww we!!!

  • sickening_love
    sickening_love   2018-08-17T21:24:12.000Z


  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones   2018-08-17T20:21:41.000Z

    I don’t want my gurl Hannah to cry

  • I Just Do Random Stuff
    I Just Do Random Stuff   2018-08-17T12:22:40.000Z

    You are running out of ideas

  • Ariana star
    Ariana star   2018-08-17T11:46:53.000Z

    Why wasn’t I was included????😂😂😂😂😂

  • Judy Mark
    Judy Mark   2018-08-17T11:43:17.000Z

    Did someone cry?!

  • Milena Crazy Gamer
    Milena Crazy Gamer   2018-08-17T11:30:31.000Z

    I love babies too i smiled soo much

  • Nafisa Haji
    Nafisa Haji   2018-08-17T06:40:01.000Z

    0:29 trans??

  • R Fof
    R Fof   2018-08-17T03:28:36.000Z

    Babishies get me cayzhi 😍

  • Leila
    Leila   2018-08-17T02:27:09.000Z

    Hannah was so happy!

  • _sarcastic _
    _sarcastic _   2018-08-17T02:05:02.000Z

    Soooo CUTEEEE

  • agnieszka kozlowska
    agnieszka kozlowska   2018-08-16T21:43:58.000Z

    I love babies. I literally just melt when I see them. They just make you so happy. I want to have like 200 kids !!!

  • Jewel Kershner
    Jewel Kershner   2018-08-16T14:01:48.000Z


  • Paige Mundy
    Paige Mundy   2018-08-16T10:39:58.000Z

    Why isn’t my mum in this video....

  • Amalia Roberts-Smith
    Amalia Roberts-Smith   2018-08-16T05:21:18.000Z

    All of them are cute

  • Amalia Roberts-Smith
    Amalia Roberts-Smith   2018-08-16T05:20:48.000Z

    Omg that baby is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  • Alexis Threats
    Alexis Threats   2018-08-16T04:38:33.000Z

    Why does this video always makes me cry?

  • Belen Drawings
    Belen Drawings   2018-08-16T03:12:06.000Z

    If I had ovaries they would be exploding right now I cracked up so hard 😂😂😂

  • Vegethia Goddess
    Vegethia Goddess   2018-08-15T23:10:01.000Z

    😩😩😩😩😩😩😩Aaaaaaaaaaaaa baby fever 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Liliana  Rueda
    Liliana Rueda   2018-08-15T15:08:52.000Z

    There cute😙😄😻🙏god bless the girl so she can have a girl

  • Vanessa Hope Playzz
    Vanessa Hope Playzz   2018-08-15T14:50:37.000Z

    I’m the youngest of three girls and I’m 14 and the oldest is 20 and my mom is very done having kids lol #stress

  • Caged Bird
    Caged Bird   2018-08-15T13:57:02.000Z

    Aww he’s gonna make a good dad :’)

  • Subaru Sakamaki
    Subaru Sakamaki   2018-08-15T10:13:55.000Z

    Those babies were adorable...

  • chihiro
    chihiro   2018-08-15T03:16:21.000Z

    that man has some serious bde

  • Sadee Maurice
    Sadee Maurice   2018-08-14T19:30:59.000Z

    Why am I crying, when they started crying it was just WATERWORKS TURNED ON

  • Afsana Putul
    Afsana Putul   2018-08-14T19:24:29.000Z

    Omg I just love love loveeee kids... They are literally like life..... Wish I could hold and hug those cuties.... 😍♥️

  • Emma Backer
    Emma Backer   2018-08-14T16:46:17.000Z

    Babies are so cute

  • Jessica Hubler
    Jessica Hubler   2018-08-14T15:19:20.000Z

    “Did she just say a baby?” 😂❤️

  • Lopadwolf
    Lopadwolf   2018-08-14T14:09:27.000Z

    i love babies more then kittens or puppies tbh

  • Ayanda Tambo
    Ayanda Tambo   2018-08-14T13:30:34.000Z

    The girl who started crying is me af 😭😭😭😭

  • Dark Bosly
    Dark Bosly   2018-08-14T11:56:30.000Z

    Her:You could be holding like the next president of the U.S. Me:Or the next Michael myers

  • Feyza Türkekul
    Feyza Türkekul   2018-08-14T11:06:50.000Z

    Idk why I cried this is so cute❤️

  • Keith Richard
    Keith Richard   2018-08-14T08:39:36.000Z

    Y\'all silly af

  • Angel Benitez
    Angel Benitez   2018-08-14T04:50:32.000Z

    The opposite of eugene

  • k b
    k b   2018-08-14T02:50:19.000Z

    How do I sign up for this 😩😩😩 @buzzfeed !!!!

  • Breyona Calloway
    Breyona Calloway   2018-08-14T00:08:25.000Z

    I love babies.. It\'s just that I don\'t wanna have kids......I\'m sorry. Their just.. to much..

  • Keisha Micurviy
    Keisha Micurviy   2018-08-13T22:29:30.000Z

    Ok I love babies there Soo cute and there little eyes and hands and feet AWWW THERE SO CUTE ❤️❤️❤️

  • Your boi's gaming channel
    Your boi's gaming channel   2018-08-13T19:48:27.000Z

    Was that Wine Mom

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo   2018-08-13T18:54:59.000Z

    \"if i had ovaries, they would be exploding right now.\" OMG ME

  • Areej nonoo
    Areej nonoo   2018-08-13T16:21:03.000Z

    I have youngest is going to school in I need another one, but I\'m too old to have one...crying

  • Jan Jan xx
    Jan Jan xx   2018-08-13T12:35:46.000Z

    1:22 i swear the baby said put me down 😂😂😂😂

  • Skye Bruce
    Skye Bruce   2018-08-13T08:33:59.000Z

    Idk why she was crying if she has kids

  • Strawberry Blonde
    Strawberry Blonde   2018-08-13T04:34:19.000Z

    I wanna have baby but i dont want have husband

  • Little TaeTae
    Little TaeTae   2018-08-13T02:03:00.000Z

    I cry everytime I see a baby because it reminds of my 3 sisters and I cried now

  • Hayley Randall
    Hayley Randall   2018-08-12T20:44:24.000Z

    Yeah.... not there yet. 🤢

  • C A
    C A   2018-08-12T20:20:08.000Z

    Notice how the babies are so comfy around them immediately

  • María Carreño
    María Carreño   2018-08-12T19:45:10.000Z

    Human gets surprised with another human

  • typicaltyonce
    typicaltyonce   2018-08-12T19:18:04.000Z

    i really hope he has kids now aww

  • Stellar Evie
    Stellar Evie   2018-08-12T17:30:13.000Z

    I love babies

  • Tigerspirit 121
    Tigerspirit 121   2018-08-12T15:51:38.000Z

    Who doesn\'t love babies wait........Eugene

  • P E A C H Y G Y U
    P E A C H Y G Y U   2018-08-12T15:11:20.000Z

    im the girl with the dyed hair every time i see or hold a baby i cry

  • Kitty Kat Playz Gacha
    Kitty Kat Playz Gacha   2018-08-12T07:54:14.000Z

    When I wanted to watch this I get the ad baby boss

  • Ronald Ravelo
    Ronald Ravelo   2018-08-12T05:40:29.000Z

    1:27 Baby: A baby. Me: awwww

  • Smexy Lexy
    Smexy Lexy   2018-08-12T04:41:32.000Z

    Bro his girl needs put a ring on it and make a child just sayin then would have a nice kid😂

  • YouTuber Dolch
    YouTuber Dolch   2018-08-11T21:04:34.000Z


  • Sam Humphrey
    Sam Humphrey   2018-08-11T14:37:31.000Z

    I need this job now

  • mi mi
    mi mi   2018-08-11T09:14:59.000Z

    Sir, if your girlfriend doesn’t make a baby with you soon, I offer myself as tribute. I will marry and procreate with you lol

  • ll catbird ll
    ll catbird ll   2018-08-10T23:56:23.000Z

    that guys gorgeous 💗

  • ItsWesal
    ItsWesal   2018-08-10T09:40:11.000Z

    I started crying too

  • grace sento
    grace sento   2018-08-10T09:27:38.000Z

    the men shouldn\'t be there it makes them pedophiles

  • Fayanna Rena
    Fayanna Rena   2018-08-10T08:47:35.000Z

    The guy who loves babies 😍😍😍

  • Mimi Bandr
    Mimi Bandr   2018-08-09T21:00:12.000Z

    I was looking for taehyung 😂❤️❤️, am i the only one?

  • Tiffany Mayes
    Tiffany Mayes   2018-08-09T18:32:17.000Z

    If anyone reads this who knows one of these people should tell them a get a Reborn Baby

  • kiyah the cool cat
    kiyah the cool cat   2018-08-09T17:39:29.000Z


  • Axrty
    Axrty   2018-08-09T04:40:18.000Z

    A stroller with wifi = More Cancer

  • S.K.
    S.K.   2018-08-08T20:48:01.000Z

    So cute! I miss holding babies too lol

  • Lyn Hopson
    Lyn Hopson   2018-08-08T20:40:50.000Z

    Girl I\'m crying too!!!!! I love babies too