Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell   2018-08-19T20:54:44.000Z

    Fill theory be prepared 4 FNAF coming to theater\'s near u in about a year n a half

  • allyson smithson
    allyson smithson   2018-08-19T20:51:57.000Z


  • /ShadowSaber/
    /ShadowSaber/   2018-08-19T20:50:00.000Z

    I’m not so sure that William Afton was the one who said “I will put you back together” because the line right before that “we are still your friend, do you still believe that?” William saying that line doesn’t really make sense to me. Why would his language not be more fatherly, instead of coming off as only a friend?

  • redkickkid
    redkickkid   2018-08-19T20:49:59.000Z

    Sorry for this but you forgot a small detail. The mystery of phone guy. Is he actually killed in fnaf 1? Is he the couch potato from midnight motorist? Maybe he is helping his brother by giving him info about locations or events?

  • br1ian
    br1ian   2018-08-19T20:48:46.000Z

    Bon Bon is... Helpy

  • Holden Oversoul
    Holden Oversoul   2018-08-19T20:46:30.000Z

    Man, when it first came out i watched it now its the end good times man

  • Walrus Kitten
    Walrus Kitten   2018-08-19T20:45:07.000Z

    I’m never getting it ;-;

  • Vincent Oconnor
    Vincent Oconnor   2018-08-19T20:44:52.000Z

    Fnaf has been dead for a year, and you\'re just now making your final video on it?

  • Ashley Emfinger
    Ashley Emfinger   2018-08-19T20:44:09.000Z


  • Aaron Haworth
    Aaron Haworth   2018-08-19T20:37:02.000Z

    But we went back to school ages ago

  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu   2018-08-19T20:35:22.000Z

    Vid starts at 3:52

  • Coldblue
    Coldblue   2018-08-19T20:35:11.000Z

    For god sake all of this to unsolve a frickin game... A GAME?! Seriously?!

  • lunch99
    lunch99   2018-08-19T20:34:19.000Z

    I think MatPat has gone too far.

  • smoothie gamer
    smoothie gamer   2018-08-19T20:32:14.000Z

    Great can\'t wait for next last one

  • JellyBelly 69
    JellyBelly 69   2018-08-19T20:30:57.000Z

    Found the merch answer!!! sAaaaaNz aRe iS nESS

  • Moonlight Gaming
    Moonlight Gaming   2018-08-19T20:30:41.000Z

    You should sell a special one time offer that every hard core theorist will jump to buy! The first “Hangout Day”! We pay to have you come and hangout for an entire day.

  • Unipup127 AGSM Studios
    Unipup127 AGSM Studios   2018-08-19T20:28:45.000Z

    Okay, so I’m sitting next to a vent so........ crap.

  • Special Snowflake
    Special Snowflake   2018-08-19T20:26:27.000Z

    \"This is the end\" *John Cena voice* _are you sure about that_

  • Luna Mioč 94
    Luna Mioč 94   2018-08-19T20:25:13.000Z

    2020: FNAF 8 coming soon.....

  • Luna Mioč 94
    Luna Mioč 94   2018-08-19T20:24:03.000Z

    W h Y i S t H i S n O t O n T r E n D i N g ?

  • Jada Adams
    Jada Adams   2018-08-19T20:20:08.000Z

    But.... When was Cassidy killed and why does she hate William so much, I get the \"He killed her duhh\" part but she obviously hates him more than the others do. 🤔 also.. huge fan you guys 🤞

  • Borotrey 16
    Borotrey 16   2018-08-19T20:19:01.000Z

    Mat pat if you listen to nightmare golden Freddy’s voice closely you can hear a little girl

  • Prasiolite Productions
    Prasiolite Productions   2018-08-19T20:18:55.000Z

    Hey Matthew, check out and try to download the background picture. You will be surprised as to what you see the default title of the image is ;-) Btw, check out my game, Five Nights at Regans. There is many references to you. But, it isn\'t finished yet. Anyhoo, check the website. Maybe the end isnt what we think it is ;-)

  • Abdou Bouzenad
    Abdou Bouzenad   2018-08-19T20:17:36.000Z

    Matpat: Thanks Scott for making this game......... BUT HEY THAT\'S JUST A THEORY!!!!!!!! MatPat loves to cut sad moments.

  • Conall Bradshaw
    Conall Bradshaw   2018-08-19T20:14:15.000Z

    What are you actually trying to get at I’m really confused cause ur covering to many angles for example the timeline. Can anyone or matpat himself tell me what he’s trying to get at

  • Zenene Zene
    Zenene Zene   2018-08-19T20:07:53.000Z

    Did I miss something? Who TF is \"Cassidy\" that you mentioned, and in the video before this, didn\'t you say that Golden Freddy was a boy because of the references to a \"he\" and a \"him\" being \"the one you should not have killed\"? But now you say it\'s a girl? I am much confuse. Maybe I missed a video.

  • Moon in a cup
    Moon in a cup   2018-08-19T20:05:32.000Z

    3:51 for video

  • The Lone goomba
    The Lone goomba   2018-08-19T20:05:29.000Z

    I really want fnaf to continue

  • The Lone goomba
    The Lone goomba   2018-08-19T20:04:51.000Z

    If Mike is a robot then why does he bleed

  • DeVon
    DeVon   2018-08-19T19:52:04.000Z

    I remember watching your first fnaf theory in my freshman math class it\'s been a long and interesting ride thank you mat pat

  • EzMatrix Gaming
    EzMatrix Gaming   2018-08-19T19:43:35.000Z


  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara   2018-08-19T19:43:20.000Z

    Insert comment

  • chloeita
    chloeita   2018-08-19T19:41:57.000Z

    Wait what about shadow bonnie and shadow freddy?

  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara   2018-08-19T19:39:53.000Z

    Soooo when does the commercial en... I mean video start?

  • Carrot Cake
    Carrot Cake   2018-08-19T19:36:41.000Z

    FNaF was a great franchise. I hope us theorists never forget this series. Thank you, Matpat, for making this series.

  • ButterGpd
    ButterGpd   2018-08-19T19:36:22.000Z

    Now Cathrown pulls a fast one

  • Play until you Fall asleep
    Play until you Fall asleep   2018-08-19T19:35:38.000Z

    Dang you spoiled the silver eyes lol. I haven’t finished it yet... 😂😂😂😕😕😕

  • ccoin DJ boy
    ccoin DJ boy   2018-08-19T19:34:58.000Z

    Is this really end?....I HOPE NOT!!!!

  • Sheyla Figueira
    Sheyla Figueira   2018-08-19T19:34:52.000Z


  • CloneSimone
    CloneSimone   2018-08-19T19:29:35.000Z

    I wonder how many broken tables Matt has.

  • CloneSimone
    CloneSimone   2018-08-19T19:28:31.000Z

    salute Matt. Salute

  • M Taylor
    M Taylor   2018-08-19T19:27:38.000Z

    I am addicted to this chanel

  • Nameless Boy
    Nameless Boy   2018-08-19T19:25:35.000Z

    I think I graduate in 2023 and I\'m a little scared that some devilish curse is going to fall on the world because of fnaf

  • Nameless Boy
    Nameless Boy   2018-08-19T19:25:35.000Z

    I think I graduate in 2023 and I\'m a little scared that some devilish curse is going to fall on the world because of fnaf

  • Xander Civinskas
    Xander Civinskas   2018-08-19T19:25:27.000Z

    Now lets see you tackle the Zelda timeline.

  • Awes0meGamingNetw0rk
    Awes0meGamingNetw0rk   2018-08-19T19:24:56.000Z

    What was once the best jumpscare game since the scary maze game with no backstory has evolved some deep lore and a mind blowing story

  • Wayne Christopher
    Wayne Christopher   2018-08-19T19:19:11.000Z

    Four minutes of merchandise advertising to start the video?! Congratulations on completely shattering the boundaries of \"WAY TOO MUCH\". Utterly shameful.

  • TheHenboy1
    TheHenboy1   2018-08-19T19:17:28.000Z

    The F I N A L theory

  • Carlos From Earth
    Carlos From Earth   2018-08-19T19:17:27.000Z

    Is there any way to have a written version of this? It’s slightly hard to keep up with everything. ^^;

  • Dragon born112
    Dragon born112   2018-08-19T19:16:31.000Z

    My friend bought the merch, now he is bullied by everyone. 1/10 Not bully proof.

  • Imunknowned 213
    Imunknowned 213   2018-08-19T19:16:18.000Z

    It was hard to watch these

  • Mr.McCowLicks 87
    Mr.McCowLicks 87   2018-08-19T19:15:49.000Z

    Hold on there Mr Mat pat you forgot about the fnaf annavery game and the movie and may be the game idk but it\'s not over yet

  • Nateandfriends
    Nateandfriends   2018-08-19T19:14:26.000Z

    Please do more theorys

  • Windex
    Windex   2018-08-19T19:13:35.000Z

    I was at Barnes and Noble and I saw a few copies of The Silver Eyes in the Book to Screen section.

  • Dirty Dinks And One Taps
    Dirty Dinks And One Taps   2018-08-19T19:13:12.000Z

    dibs on fnaf coming out in 4 weeks

  • V Lad Gaming
    V Lad Gaming   2018-08-19T19:12:04.000Z

    Like you said they melted into one the sister location but what if the animatronics ending in fnaf 6 made all the animatronics into one. What if next game if there is, the game is you trying to survive golden Freddy and all the animatronics in one animatronic.

    RETRO FOX   2018-08-19T19:07:48.000Z

    Good theory to end on but I\'m still curious about what *the joy of creation* meant

  • Malthe Felter Mcwhir
    Malthe Felter Mcwhir   2018-08-19T19:06:53.000Z

    Oh my god Oh my god The before the video ad that played had the sad grandpa in all of those stock images

  • gukkie
    gukkie   2018-08-19T19:04:43.000Z

    *he\'s here he\'s there he\'s everywhere... who you gonna call? psycic friend fredbear!*

  • SamewizArd Vlogs
    SamewizArd Vlogs   2018-08-19T19:03:40.000Z

    😭😭😭 why Just WHY

  • The_Real_El_Barto
    The_Real_El_Barto   2018-08-19T19:03:10.000Z

    Why does Michael Afton look like young Doofenschmirtz?

  • MiaIsAnIdiot
    MiaIsAnIdiot   2018-08-19T19:01:57.000Z

    MATPAT: Final fnaf episode!! MATPAT, two minutes later: Oh wait, Scott just added something else...

  • Andrea White
    Andrea White   2018-08-19T19:00:48.000Z


  • kayden. king
    kayden. king   2018-08-19T19:00:30.000Z

    So chica nor golden Freddy gets peace or set free So dose that mean that there has to be one more game at least? Orrrr.........

  • Landyn Ginck
    Landyn Ginck   2018-08-19T18:59:44.000Z

    Whats more use full a charger or a popsocket just saying

  • The Diamond Animations
    The Diamond Animations   2018-08-19T18:59:41.000Z

    I want that merch but it is waaay to expensive

  • MinorC123
    MinorC123   2018-08-19T18:59:20.000Z

    FNAF 7?

  • demon ennerd circus
    demon ennerd circus   2018-08-19T18:59:10.000Z

    The robot crying child is in the box in pieces. My friend Marcus told me that

  • Jamer Gamr
    Jamer Gamr   2018-08-19T18:57:37.000Z

    Who is springtrap and scraptrap

  • Foxly the Trap
    Foxly the Trap   2018-08-19T18:56:28.000Z

    Video starts at 3:57

  • Christopher Matthews
    Christopher Matthews   2018-08-19T18:56:13.000Z

    name me gefery

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy   2018-08-19T18:55:42.000Z

    Why is the purple guy purple?

  • H Harter
    H Harter   2018-08-19T18:55:28.000Z

    Mat Pat. take a look at this timeline it makes a little more sense than your timeline but doesn\'t debunk the timeline you made just changes it.

  • Angel Duenas
    Angel Duenas   2018-08-19T18:53:53.000Z

    It kinda makes me sad that it over😔

  • PM animations
    PM animations   2018-08-19T18:53:35.000Z

    Don\'t Stop Scott

  • Harrison Shouldice
    Harrison Shouldice   2018-08-19T18:52:59.000Z

    Have fun with petscop my guy

  • betterzthandead
    betterzthandead   2018-08-19T18:52:27.000Z

    Really love u guys Wish i could get these in the uk

  • Karma Jane
    Karma Jane   2018-08-19T18:49:15.000Z

    It\'s crazy to think back on when this was just a game about possessed robots that sing for kids!

  • matt sackett
    matt sackett   2018-08-19T18:48:23.000Z

    No, this story was clearly made up as they went, there was 0 thought about this in the beginning

  • FrozenFox Games6
    FrozenFox Games6   2018-08-19T18:47:46.000Z

    It\'s been a fun ride

  • Omeir Khan
    Omeir Khan   2018-08-19T18:41:54.000Z

    Haha you\'re not done. Just wait for the movie, 2 more games, a spin-off and a tv series which lasts for 7 seasons.

  • Threxer
    Threxer   2018-08-19T18:36:13.000Z

    Back in my day FNAF was an overrated jumpscare fest, now it\'s turned into whatever this is.

  • Ocipiotene
    Ocipiotene   2018-08-19T18:36:00.000Z


  • Princess Torres
    Princess Torres   2018-08-19T18:32:18.000Z

    Mat pat: What theory are we going to do next? Me: What about roblox John Doe And Guest666!

  • Cool Creeper Minecraft and ROBLOX Gaming
    Cool Creeper Minecraft and ROBLOX Gaming   2018-08-19T18:32:07.000Z

    Matpat: Chica was first Later Mat: Chicas rented out Im confused

  • GoodmanSir
    GoodmanSir   2018-08-19T18:31:12.000Z

    You missed something big.. all of you. I was playing a night on UCN. I had Mr. Hippo on 20, as well as Nedd bear on 20. DD came and added toy bonnie. Then I notice, in the left doorway. I see the kid who should not have been killed. Staring at me. I closed the door for the rest of the night. I opened it twice.. He was still there. I have no video proof, but I wish I could have recorded it.

  • zully snead
    zully snead   2018-08-19T18:29:35.000Z

    That means in FNAF 4 that you could possibly be Micheal Afton

  • BeeBearGaming
    BeeBearGaming   2018-08-19T18:29:13.000Z


  • Jordan Brathwaite
    Jordan Brathwaite   2018-08-19T18:21:47.000Z

    This is not the end Mat. You left some information behind.

  • GREENWOLF 1337
    GREENWOLF 1337   2018-08-19T18:20:47.000Z

    you know scott probably\'s gonna screw you over

  • Epic Jamations
    Epic Jamations   2018-08-19T18:18:55.000Z

    Who wants to put a bet that Scott going to make another Fnaf game

  • GOL Happy
    GOL Happy   2018-08-19T18:18:17.000Z

    It\'s not......I know it

    MAFIA - BEATS   2018-08-19T18:16:47.000Z


  • Nicholas palapa
    Nicholas palapa   2018-08-19T18:10:08.000Z


  • Nicholas palapa
    Nicholas palapa   2018-08-19T18:09:47.000Z

    Scot cawthon make more game fro more theories

  • Gabriel Nava
    Gabriel Nava   2018-08-19T17:58:02.000Z

    Detroit become human

  • Jeff Gameing 123
    Jeff Gameing 123   2018-08-19T17:51:58.000Z

    Well its the last fnaf video...TIME TO BENS WATCH THEM ALL OVER AGAIN! :)

  • Jeff Gameing 123
    Jeff Gameing 123   2018-08-19T17:49:22.000Z

    Is anyone sad that this is the last video of FNAF

  • Tyler Waters
    Tyler Waters   2018-08-19T17:49:11.000Z

    After all those theory only half of them i understood not including this one

  • OMGFireDragon
    OMGFireDragon   2018-08-19T17:48:04.000Z

    Now you can finally mack the siensis of slender video