The Try Guys Break Into A House • Santa Spectacular: Part 2

  • Published on 2015-12-20T00:35:52.000Z
  • To truly understand what it means to be Santa, the Try Guys sneak into a home to deliver a very important present. The second in our special three-part Santa Spectacular! Special Thanks to Santa Ed! Support New Economics for Women and the great work that they do. FB - newecon4women Twitter - NEWEco4Women MUSIC Carol Of The Bells Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks. ( Made by BFMP + The Try Guys GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

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  • bethy&_&
    bethy&_&   2018-09-21T09:09:07.000Z

    It\'s an avocadooo, thankssss 😂 hahaha who knows that vine 😂

  • yøunganimal doompatrol
    yøunganimal doompatrol   2018-09-21T08:08:07.000Z

    um...anyone else concerned lmao I mean \"Santa\" has no problem sneaking into the houses even with alarms and stuff.

  • A D D Y A G A N
    A D D Y A G A N   2018-09-20T20:51:23.000Z

    How is this not breaking and entering

  • Rebecca Beirne
    Rebecca Beirne   2018-09-20T11:58:04.000Z

    Why did Ariel go investigate the scary noises!? Man up Ned!!

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith   2018-09-19T23:25:06.000Z

    it\'s an avocado..... thanks....

  • Raff
    Raff   2018-09-19T20:27:44.000Z

    1:25 gangster santa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • White Asian
    White Asian   2018-09-19T19:42:20.000Z

    Would’ve been funnier if they got him a pregnancy test

  • carlee saunders
    carlee saunders   2018-09-19T16:42:31.000Z

    This just scary the f*** out me. If you can get in a youtuber house so quickly.....what I about my future house?? F*** anexity times 10

  • Natattack Andrus
    Natattack Andrus   2018-09-19T01:22:51.000Z


  • Pamela Mallari
    Pamela Mallari   2018-09-18T22:18:17.000Z

    I really hope Eugene flushed on his way out...

  • Kat Wolf
    Kat Wolf   2018-09-18T16:18:11.000Z

    It\'s an avocado! Thanks....

  • _regy
    _regy   2018-09-18T08:35:55.000Z

    *an avocado... thanksss*

  • Pink Monkey
    Pink Monkey   2018-09-18T04:45:11.000Z

    Omg how scared was Ariel

  • T E R R I F I E D
    T E R R I F I E D   2018-09-18T01:08:11.000Z

    Ariel was so scared awww lmao

  • Johanna Romero
    Johanna Romero   2018-09-17T02:49:18.000Z

    Anyone came from The Try Guys 4-year anniversary video?

  • Kirsten Lunsford
    Kirsten Lunsford   2018-09-17T00:38:30.000Z

    We’re little Santa mice!!! Omgggggg I died

  • Janeiedare
    Janeiedare   2018-09-16T20:36:04.000Z

    It\'s an aVoCaDo! Thanks....

  • XD lol
    XD lol   2018-09-16T11:11:21.000Z

    Its scary how easy they unlocked the door :|

  • Anvitha Reddy
    Anvitha Reddy   2018-09-16T09:53:11.000Z

    we love a good vine reference

    BOOMBASTIC BOOM   2018-09-16T09:23:44.000Z

    If was in the place of ariel i would scream and get a baseball bat and hit those naughty santas and i would apologize them for sure

  • Jelly WHAJ
    Jelly WHAJ   2018-09-16T04:33:17.000Z

    “Little girl...” “Little girl...”

  • J Kwan
    J Kwan   2018-09-16T04:17:38.000Z

    Lol did Eugene have their back door key? How the hell did they get in

  • Edden Ishaaya
    Edden Ishaaya   2018-09-16T00:54:18.000Z

    Santa left a present under the tree! *And also in the Toilet!*

  • Brooke Schwartz
    Brooke Schwartz   2018-09-16T00:42:14.000Z

    I can imagine the neighbors finding them trying to break in and they have to try to explain what\'s going on and how they know Ned so the neighbor will let them break in

  • Brooke Schwartz
    Brooke Schwartz   2018-09-16T00:36:51.000Z

    Eugene left an extra present for Ned to find

  • Mina Miyazaki
    Mina Miyazaki   2018-09-15T23:10:43.000Z

    Broke into his house for an avocado

  • Letícia Karine
    Letícia Karine   2018-09-15T22:07:24.000Z

    Ariel\'s reaction was the best part!!!

  • Alex stars
    Alex stars   2018-09-15T19:30:39.000Z

    Yesss it\'s avocado thannnkks

  • Bookgirl333
    Bookgirl333   2018-09-15T19:07:31.000Z


  • chloe chun
    chloe chun   2018-09-14T20:48:58.000Z

    it’s an avocado! thaaanks.

  • Jinkookie
    Jinkookie   2018-09-14T19:39:18.000Z

    i think its a badger

  • artiimys
    artiimys   2018-09-14T19:07:19.000Z

    ned finding the poop....

  • Aria Internets
    Aria Internets   2018-09-14T15:03:43.000Z

    He\'s all grown up 😅😂

  • Dianne Kryshma Miguel
    Dianne Kryshma Miguel   2018-09-14T11:21:20.000Z

    More like \"Try guys try ASMR while ned is sleeping.\"

  • Krispi
    Krispi   2018-09-14T04:08:38.000Z

    lol How pissed was Ned\'s wife?

  • Liz Lang
    Liz Lang   2018-09-14T03:01:23.000Z

    It\'S An AvOcAdO ThAnKS

  • sarah
    sarah   2018-09-14T02:15:13.000Z

    why did that seem so easy for someone to break into his house

  • Faith Masheimer
    Faith Masheimer   2018-09-14T02:10:00.000Z

    Poor Ariel, she thought people broke into her house and then found poop in her toilet

  • rexxed757
    rexxed757   2018-09-14T00:38:39.000Z

    im one of the biggest Christmas hatters because halloween which is the best holiday ever is just as big as christmas and is at least a thousand years older since it was celebrated long before christ was even relevant

  • ES.AY. AM
    ES.AY. AM   2018-09-13T23:20:05.000Z

    an underrated series

  • Granate La Magnate
    Granate La Magnate   2018-09-13T20:06:20.000Z

    5:50 OMG, the vine \" IT´S AN AVOCADO, THANKSSS\"

  • Himawari Uzumaki
    Himawari Uzumaki   2018-09-13T15:07:49.000Z

    When I found out what\'s inside the present is an avocado I was seriously waiting for Ned to say \"An avocado! Thanks...\" And he did! Classic vine!😂😂😂

  • Jeremiah Whitaker
    Jeremiah Whitaker   2018-09-13T14:58:22.000Z

    I wish someone had threw a cookie at Ned\'s wife to knock her out so they didn\'t get caught😂😂😂

  • Alessandra OldLand
    Alessandra OldLand   2018-09-13T13:46:54.000Z

    This is still the funniest video ever

  • Alessandra OldLand
    Alessandra OldLand   2018-09-13T13:46:43.000Z

    This is still the funniest video ever

  • Alessandra OldLand
    Alessandra OldLand   2018-09-13T13:46:42.000Z

    This is still the funniest video ever

  • Camilla Rolleri
    Camilla Rolleri   2018-09-13T13:03:09.000Z

    They should do it to another try guy next Christmas

  • Rachel Martin
    Rachel Martin   2018-09-13T11:49:27.000Z


  • Amalyn Leong
    Amalyn Leong   2018-09-13T10:24:20.000Z

    well i do love avoCADOES wow so low

  • Hannomaly
    Hannomaly   2018-09-13T02:37:16.000Z

    5:12 ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Sasha Yurevna
    Sasha Yurevna   2018-09-13T02:35:01.000Z


  • Jillz Espinoza
    Jillz Espinoza   2018-09-13T02:28:13.000Z

    I\'ve always loved this episode! 😂 & so do The Try Guys! Yay!!! Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

  • Qalaxysnail
    Qalaxysnail   2018-09-13T01:29:08.000Z

    anyone else coming after watching their most recent video?

  • The Harry Potter Kitty Fanatic
    The Harry Potter Kitty Fanatic   2018-09-13T00:26:58.000Z

    \"Little girl. Little girl, don\'t be scared.\" 😅

  • Aranda Thompson
    Aranda Thompson   2018-09-12T22:53:17.000Z

    Literally crying from laughing so much and idk why but I felt like I had to laugh quietly because they were being so quiet 😂😂😂

  • Emma
    Emma   2018-09-12T22:06:00.000Z

    I can’t tell if Ariel is scared or laughing when she says “Ned”

  • Where it's AT
    Where it's AT   2018-09-12T21:37:35.000Z

    It’s an avocado! Thanks!

  • Livylee 123
    Livylee 123   2018-09-12T21:37:29.000Z

    Imagine if you walked into your living room and three Santas were standing in the middle of your living room saying come here little girl at 3 am 😂😂😂

  • CRAZY Jade
    CRAZY Jade   2018-09-12T21:14:14.000Z

    I laughed too much😂😂😂😂😂

  • Belle C.
    Belle C.   2018-09-12T20:52:07.000Z


  • idk
    idk   2018-09-12T20:28:48.000Z

    who else is here to rewatch because of the 4 year anniversary 😂

  • Doggyfroggy2001
    Doggyfroggy2001   2018-09-12T20:12:32.000Z

    I\'m glad we know how to break in now

  • Sukanya Barman
    Sukanya Barman   2018-09-12T20:06:53.000Z

    Ok but DID THEY FLUSH??

  • Captain Swan
    Captain Swan   2018-09-12T20:02:04.000Z

    Poor Ariel gets scared in the middle of the night and thinks someone broke into her house. Nope, just her husband\'s friends making a video.

  • manikaaa
    manikaaa   2018-09-12T19:08:15.000Z

    anyone here from the new guessing videos video?😂

  • Aria F
    Aria F   2018-09-12T19:04:16.000Z

    In the last video: Be good and be nice and be jolly. This video: break into that motherfuckers house

  • Drawing whit Mery
    Drawing whit Mery   2018-09-12T18:50:24.000Z


  • tim220122
    tim220122   2018-09-12T18:32:22.000Z

    Good thing they don\'t have a baseball bat or handgun on their bedside for breakins...

  • Jolien Deschamps
    Jolien Deschamps   2018-09-12T18:25:42.000Z

    anybody here cuz of the anniversary playlist??

  • Pagar Kajira Owned
    Pagar Kajira Owned   2018-09-12T18:00:57.000Z

    DAAAAAMN, Ned was a great sport

  • Wayward Daughter
    Wayward Daughter   2018-09-12T17:27:36.000Z

    Just wondering - \'cause I don\'t live in the US - if it is usually *that* easy to break into someone\'s house there? Because... I mean, the guys had no problem... like, at all. O_o

  • Nancy Massi
    Nancy Massi   2018-09-12T16:49:30.000Z

    When you are trying to be quiet and you can\'t stop laughing and everything seems funny, you have the Try Guys dressed like Santas sneaking into Ned\'s house. Did anyone else think of the burglars in Home Alone?

  • Katie McGowan
    Katie McGowan   2018-09-12T16:28:13.000Z

    Is anyone else here because of the 4 year anniversary video?

  • ItzSuave
    ItzSuave   2018-09-12T16:27:30.000Z

    anybody here from their 4 year anniversary video?

  • It’s just Tori
    It’s just Tori   2018-09-12T15:25:10.000Z

    Ariel was scared the way she said Ned, I felt so bad for her

  • Marnie C Evans
    Marnie C Evans   2018-09-12T01:36:19.000Z

    Ariel’s reaction was hilarious! I felt so bad for her. ( you could hear how scared she was when she yelled at Ned ) still, hilarious

  • ForeverCellist
    ForeverCellist   2018-09-10T23:15:01.000Z

    This gave me so much anxiety

  • Dark_night109 90
    Dark_night109 90   2018-09-10T20:17:53.000Z

    Little girl

  • luna Mona
    luna Mona   2018-09-10T05:15:15.000Z

    Did they not have bean yet?

  • Cedric Diggory
    Cedric Diggory   2018-09-10T02:09:19.000Z

    The vine reference tho😂😂😂

  • Teresa Harris
    Teresa Harris   2018-09-10T00:36:10.000Z

    they are so lucky they didnt get shot or bitten by the dog

  • Yassine Akkour
    Yassine Akkour   2018-09-09T19:56:29.000Z

    omg I watched this video a dozen of time in the last 3 years and I finally got the meaning of the avocado : it\'s comes from the vine of the boy who get an avocado as a gift and he is like : \"oh it\'s an avocado thaannkksss \"

  • Molly B
    Molly B   2018-09-09T08:27:15.000Z

    It\'s an avacadooooeeeee thaaaaaaanksssssss

  • Birb Edits
    Birb Edits   2018-09-09T06:51:56.000Z

    Ariel must’ve been a fish on land when she saw them get it?cuz Ariel is a mermaid?bad?no?okayyy...

  • Alexia Davidge
    Alexia Davidge   2018-09-09T00:06:05.000Z

    Santa Claus *NOT Tim Allen

  • Rika-chan
    Rika-chan   2018-09-08T07:14:57.000Z

    Awwww Ned\'s wife is so cute 😂💕

  • John cena Jr.
    John cena Jr.   2018-09-08T00:49:40.000Z

    Wait...did you guys notice the avacado and ned reacting to it? ITS A VINE. \"Oh an avacado thhxx...\"

  • Michael Konieczko
    Michael Konieczko   2018-09-08T00:08:10.000Z

    They left buzzfeed

  • Hayden Frazer
    Hayden Frazer   2018-09-07T06:44:23.000Z

    Its an avocado........thaaankkksss.........

  • monazza Fatima
    monazza Fatima   2018-09-06T06:47:31.000Z

    Ned at night LOL

  • Cupcake Pooper
    Cupcake Pooper   2018-09-05T23:18:10.000Z

    \"Ned!\" Aw she sounded so scared

  • Jalia
    Jalia   2018-09-05T20:16:12.000Z

    Ned: is that present for me? Me: Lmao! 🤣

  • Yosr Bouricha
    Yosr Bouricha   2018-09-05T10:06:32.000Z

    Poor ariel😂😂😂

  • Raghad Khashab
    Raghad Khashab   2018-09-05T01:52:25.000Z


  • GamerJosh2611 Ultimate Gamer
    GamerJosh2611 Ultimate Gamer   2018-09-04T18:23:22.000Z

    Ned’s freaking wife XD

  • Nick G.
    Nick G.   2018-09-04T16:04:38.000Z

    I just love how funny they find the avocado. They can’t breathe and neither can I.

  • Rebecca Oratto
    Rebecca Oratto   2018-09-04T12:27:00.000Z

    It was ridiculously easy to break into that house

  • Trash Potato
    Trash Potato   2018-09-04T03:42:11.000Z


  • Lauren Kendall
    Lauren Kendall   2018-09-04T01:11:49.000Z

    Y\'all probably traumatized Ariel

  • Adeline Saunders
    Adeline Saunders   2018-09-03T23:10:51.000Z

    It’s an avocado.... thanks.😒