The Try Guys Prank Each Other // Presented By Warner Bros. Pictures Fist Fight

  • Published on 2017-02-15T17:00:12.000Z
  • The Try Guys test the limits of their friendship as they wage an all-out prank war against each other. Presented by Warner Bros. Pictures' Fist Fight. In theaters this Friday. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!

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  • misshollybrooke
    misshollybrooke   2018-09-21T03:58:36.000Z

    Even though I’m pretty sure all of these pranks were scripted, I still laughed so hard!

  • Evelin Castanon
    Evelin Castanon   2018-09-21T03:41:33.000Z

    Im emotional Keith😭💀

  • Frogbjb
    Frogbjb   2018-09-21T00:28:40.000Z

    This video was honestly pretty bad until 9:00

  • Mary Grace Reschly
    Mary Grace Reschly   2018-09-20T23:01:37.000Z

    Eugene:what I find funny other people find awful and dangerous Me:OMG THAT IS ME

  • Connor X
    Connor X   2018-09-20T22:22:54.000Z

    Eugene getting sprayed by silly string He still looks good UGH

  • Katharina Glenna
    Katharina Glenna   2018-09-20T12:46:30.000Z

    9:20 poop in the toilet tho

  • twweety9
    twweety9   2018-09-20T04:37:05.000Z

    There should have been a count of how many pranks each one have

  • Nur Hikari
    Nur Hikari   2018-09-20T03:47:57.000Z

    I hope i can do these to my friends without any hurt feelings 😂😂😂

  • ChippyChipPie : D
    ChippyChipPie : D   2018-09-19T12:00:41.000Z

    I felt so sorry for ned at the end!

  • Sophia hi
    Sophia hi   2018-09-19T04:56:00.000Z

    imagine walking into the bathroom needing to pee and finding two guys taking pictures with flamingos

  • Gina Khuu
    Gina Khuu   2018-09-19T04:30:09.000Z

    that was a beautiful snake

  • gracetheace
    gracetheace   2018-09-18T21:55:47.000Z

    Did Keith wash his hands???

  • Jon Won
    Jon Won   2018-09-18T21:48:43.000Z

    Im so ready for a Keithocaplypse

  • Lintzoo
    Lintzoo   2018-09-18T20:00:19.000Z

    I feel kinda bad for ned tho😂

  • Oona Beach
    Oona Beach   2018-09-18T10:38:49.000Z

    Awwww! Poor Ned! The lizards and flamingos were awesome though!

  • StrangerThings Greenie
    StrangerThings Greenie   2018-09-18T08:10:02.000Z

    Poor Ned ahaha

  • Nikolai Strange
    Nikolai Strange   2018-09-18T07:55:19.000Z

    The Keith\'s are great... can we have a show dedicated to the Keith\'s?

  • bb //isa
    bb //isa   2018-09-17T18:37:26.000Z

    *korean Jesus ain’t got time for yo problems*

  • CC Rider
    CC Rider   2018-09-17T02:01:36.000Z

    zach: I will destroy all Keith til only my true love remains. Me:..... I\'m hella confused

  • A. F.
    A. F.   2018-09-17T01:41:57.000Z


  • equii.immie
    equii.immie   2018-09-16T21:03:44.000Z

    4:23 *keith, keith* HI ZACH! *GOD DAMMIT KEITH!*

  • Camilo Carlos
    Camilo Carlos   2018-09-16T18:33:04.000Z

    I\'ve seen 3 videos with Eugene wearing the same shirt

  • Millie Monahan
    Millie Monahan   2018-09-16T17:45:40.000Z

    The teddy bear was the best

  • HowDidIGetHere
    HowDidIGetHere   2018-09-16T13:44:16.000Z

    Flamingos are awesome

  • Sweet Meow
    Sweet Meow   2018-09-16T06:22:37.000Z

    Eugene doesn\'t get revenge much loll

  • Drama Potato
    Drama Potato   2018-09-16T03:04:38.000Z

    They’ve kidnaped my wife! Me: why was this on my recommendation list?

  • Ariana Lee
    Ariana Lee   2018-09-16T00:39:54.000Z

    eugene still looks hot

  • marvel cinematic universe enthusiast
    marvel cinematic universe enthusiast   2018-09-15T12:53:16.000Z

    8:29 is my favourite

  • spicyspax
    spicyspax   2018-09-15T02:28:52.000Z

    2:22 ned has a hella gay sticker on his computer I appreciate that

  • just a reveluv and once
    just a reveluv and once   2018-09-15T01:44:25.000Z

    So jealous of ned :( touches Eugene :(

  • Lucky the Floofy Cat
    Lucky the Floofy Cat   2018-09-14T20:37:49.000Z

    Ned is slowly going insane, someone help him

  • Lisa Snowflake Doan Shadow
    Lisa Snowflake Doan Shadow   2018-09-14T17:09:26.000Z

    Zach: Keith, Keith, Keith Fake Keith: HI ZACH! Zach: GODAMMIT KEITH

  • Livy Guy
    Livy Guy   2018-09-14T06:43:28.000Z

    9:20 u can see ned\'s turd

  • Weeple Loves Sheep
    Weeple Loves Sheep   2018-09-14T06:14:55.000Z

    flamingos in the bathroom is the opposite of a problem

  • Liv Avery
    Liv Avery   2018-09-14T03:13:20.000Z

    is it just me or is sexy keith actually sexy?

  • Deviant Flamigo
    Deviant Flamigo   2018-09-13T20:54:29.000Z


  • Some One
    Some One   2018-09-13T20:51:37.000Z

    The ending was just beautiful

  • Some One
    Some One   2018-09-13T20:43:53.000Z

    My favorite Keith was very excited Keith

  • Konstantin
    Konstantin   2018-09-13T18:58:25.000Z

    how did he unsee the camera in 9:37????

  • Elanor Allmann
    Elanor Allmann   2018-09-13T14:08:12.000Z

    Eugene\'s wink is the best! 😂😂😂😂 and Keiths are hilarious, also the bear And omg... did you catch the until only my true LOVE remains, by Zach at 4:37. And Eugene. I found everything else funny but I would have probably start screaming and crying in the end because of shock, because I\'ve had to see and kill too many cockroaches because of neighbours who were renovating. I hate these. . . 😖😖😖 You got to love the car and oh Hello! Sounded like Fred and George. Keith Keith Keith Keith.

  • Eloise Shnufflebuffle
    Eloise Shnufflebuffle   2018-09-13T03:41:47.000Z

    keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith keith

  • jan niño lao
    jan niño lao   2018-09-13T01:56:32.000Z

    9:14 what\'s that on the bowl

  • Lily Blue Zgonc
    Lily Blue Zgonc   2018-09-13T00:23:10.000Z

    No one noticed the go pros staring right at them in the bathroom 🤭

  • Robin Treilmann
    Robin Treilmann   2018-09-12T14:36:48.000Z

    9:13 there are faces in the toilet

  • Rokufox
    Rokufox   2018-09-12T13:29:06.000Z

    The guy in the bear costume chasing shouting \"I love you Eugene!\" was my favorite !

  • Noodle the dutch angel dragon bts memes killed me

    the keith cult XD

  • SenseiiiNeKo
    SenseiiiNeKo   2018-09-12T09:07:29.000Z

    Me asking kids nowaday if they had one wish what woild they want: Me:Hey lil bro, if you had one wish whay would it be? Lil bro:To have more wishes. Me:*Stares at him* Lil bro:*Plays fortnite*

  • Reck Biscuit
    Reck Biscuit   2018-09-11T22:03:43.000Z

    Why do all of these end up with the other three ganging up on Ned😆

  • Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash
    Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash   2018-09-11T14:57:09.000Z

    To be honest the more I watch this video the more I think that the bear is actually kinda adorable and also the bear is totally me by the way

  • ForeverCellist
    ForeverCellist   2018-09-11T03:27:35.000Z

    Okay but Keith\'s army of Keith\'s was actually genius and hilarious \"Oh you hurt Emotional Keith? Why would you do that to Emotional Keith\"

  • lee90126
    lee90126   2018-09-10T23:21:14.000Z

    So far this is my absolute favourite of the try guys\' videos. 😆

  • woomeredith
    woomeredith   2018-09-10T17:54:03.000Z

    7:21 when i try to hug my sister

  • Susanne Jørlo Røine
    Susanne Jørlo Røine   2018-09-10T16:36:11.000Z

    What’s the video were they break into neds house?

  • Team potato Crew
    Team potato Crew   2018-09-10T13:56:09.000Z

    #keithday 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Kay Draws
    Kay Draws   2018-09-10T11:16:39.000Z

    \"Hi Zach!\" \" *GOD DAMN IT KEITH* \"

  • Diego Villa
    Diego Villa   2018-09-10T04:23:56.000Z

    i love hugs

  • beebee
    beebee   2018-09-10T01:19:29.000Z

    Are we *completely* sure that Keith isn’t gay?

  • evilzoe3000
    evilzoe3000   2018-09-09T23:02:51.000Z

    7:17 is the best xD

  • Tropical Deer
    Tropical Deer   2018-09-09T22:47:39.000Z

    I\'m most likely to do Keith and Zach\'s pranks lmao

  • itsRheniah
    itsRheniah   2018-09-09T21:16:10.000Z

    Zach did the Jim

  • Meme God
    Meme God   2018-09-09T19:59:58.000Z

    Yo I would’ve been like “AWWW!!! Can I hug it?!”

  • Mei L
    Mei L   2018-09-09T19:41:36.000Z

    Hey can someone give me the link to the photo Ned uses to cover all the Keiths in 4:44 and forward? Please

  • bye elle
    bye elle   2018-09-09T19:06:28.000Z

    You can see Ned slowly but surely losing it throughout the video Also Keith so far has had the best pranks

  • ..vol... tron??
    ..vol... tron??   2018-09-09T17:10:05.000Z

    *_I love all of the Keith\'s_*

  • A̢n̨͡t҉̸i Social
    A̢n̨͡t҉̸i Social   2018-09-09T16:58:09.000Z


  • LPS Dreamers
    LPS Dreamers   2018-09-09T14:15:16.000Z

    Yes cuz everyone has a prop closet

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson   2018-09-09T13:32:30.000Z

    So it’s ok to laugh.. Yes...but after u ruin their life Loooooool I died

  • Brandon Wilding
    Brandon Wilding   2018-09-09T07:15:44.000Z

    Lol who put a GoPro in the shitter

  • Dwight Schrute of Schrute Farms
    Dwight Schrute of Schrute Farms   2018-09-09T06:16:28.000Z

    Eugene has the best smile

  • Linh Pham
    Linh Pham   2018-09-09T04:24:11.000Z

    did anyone else notice the face in the toilet at 9:14? haha

  • Kittypirate9677
    Kittypirate9677   2018-09-08T20:25:58.000Z

    I love how all of there desks are next to each other

  • Tumi Lamola
    Tumi Lamola   2018-09-08T20:05:06.000Z

    Only Eugene can make a fake snake WORK as a necklace.

  • Εμμα Παχη
    Εμμα Παχη   2018-09-08T13:03:52.000Z

    10:10 look at the toilet

  • Mori Mori
    Mori Mori   2018-09-08T11:37:12.000Z

    the ending with all the Keith\'s... 😂

  • mob
    mob   2018-09-08T10:29:00.000Z

    9:21 well camera shows it all

  • Paradox
    Paradox   2018-09-08T04:09:56.000Z

    Keith not washing his hands hahah

  • kalonice St. Moss
    kalonice St. Moss   2018-09-08T02:52:38.000Z

    “Because apparently what I find funny other people find *something* and dangerous” MEE

  • Alessandra Nageotte
    Alessandra Nageotte   2018-09-07T22:47:18.000Z

    Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith

  • A lizard under the tree
    A lizard under the tree   2018-09-07T16:06:59.000Z

    Video:Keith Keith Keith Keith Me:KEITH CULT

  • Block Miners
    Block Miners   2018-09-07T15:54:33.000Z

    no, amazing.

  • Block Miners
    Block Miners   2018-09-07T15:49:54.000Z


  • Rebecca Marie
    Rebecca Marie   2018-09-07T04:29:09.000Z

    *\"Can I pay you to punch this bear?\"*

  • Isaiah Santiago
    Isaiah Santiago   2018-09-07T03:31:40.000Z

    Emotional Keith is the best😂😂😂

  • 齊藤神酒
    齊藤神酒   2018-09-07T03:21:02.000Z


  • Melany Meyer
    Melany Meyer   2018-09-07T02:50:40.000Z

    So. Many. Keiths. #GetKeithDay

  • iPodFayne
    iPodFayne   2018-09-07T01:18:05.000Z

    9:14 were those Keiths.... in the toilet....

  • Samantha Padgett
    Samantha Padgett   2018-09-07T00:22:27.000Z

    \"Keith!\" \"Keith!\" \"Hi Zach!\" \"GODDAMMIT KEITH!!\"

  • Genevieve Marie
    Genevieve Marie   2018-09-06T23:19:49.000Z

    4:27 gOd DaMmIt KeItH

  • Jordan Stone
    Jordan Stone   2018-09-06T21:02:36.000Z

    So we\'re just gonna ignore the fact that they have a camera installed in a bathroom?

    PROKILLING NOOBS   2018-09-06T14:31:28.000Z

    Jim is pleased

  • C. Barrett
    C. Barrett   2018-09-06T06:42:03.000Z

    id love to get the Keiths\' perspective on it all lol

  • Goofball Quest
    Goofball Quest   2018-09-06T06:11:07.000Z

    \'Keiths?\' *insert keith chanting*😂😂😂 I love it

  • N.A.F channel across the world
    N.A.F channel across the world   2018-09-06T04:06:46.000Z

    The host is just staring unbelievably at Eugene.😂😂

    I AM A TACO EAT ME   2018-09-06T03:10:29.000Z


  • Ray
    Ray   2018-09-05T18:39:01.000Z

    10:14 is Jim putting Dwight\'s stuff into jell-o. gg

  • Chelsea Mcfarland
    Chelsea Mcfarland   2018-09-05T18:38:14.000Z

    I need another one

  • Toasty Broski
    Toasty Broski   2018-09-05T15:59:25.000Z

    ohh zack hates tiny fish (throws fish) zack i got you a shark its big

  • tea _
    tea _   2018-09-05T15:08:06.000Z

    *Is nobody gonna talk about how hot they are in* 6:36 ?

  • Nakita Blanco
    Nakita Blanco   2018-09-05T10:30:04.000Z

    Anyone else notice to Ned’s in the toilet bowl when he stood up to get away from the dragon ? 😂

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake   2018-09-05T08:37:36.000Z

    9:22 you\'re right Ned😂😂 nobody expects a lizard to be jumping up into their business during their private time.