iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!


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  • Muffin shooter
    Muffin shooter   2018-09-21T14:18:20.000Z

    The \"R\" stands for robbery

  • stefano limone
    stefano limone   2018-09-21T14:09:50.000Z

    iPhone XR hasn’t the same RAM of X

  • Uno A Caso
    Uno A Caso   2018-09-21T13:47:00.000Z

    Like se sei qui per BlackGeek

  • Kyu Kun
    Kyu Kun   2018-09-21T13:24:43.000Z

    the black frame is so annoying!!

  • mohamed zormati
    mohamed zormati   2018-09-21T13:24:03.000Z

    Just bey a samsung

  • EIEH
    EIEH   2018-09-21T12:43:42.000Z

    r means retarded

  • Prasun Bhowmick
    Prasun Bhowmick   2018-09-21T12:41:37.000Z

    R stands for colo\'R\'😆

  • Warm-Core Cyclones
    Warm-Core Cyclones   2018-09-21T12:10:47.000Z

    If you\'re someone who judges a phone based on the quality of the screen alone, then you\'re an idiot. The Xr costs so much because it has killer internal specs, it has a fantastic operating system, a stunning camera and many, many more features. Yeah sure a $200 Android phone may have a better screen resolution but I doubt the build quality will be as good, nor the actual quality of the LCD panel. The screen will be fine, stop stressing about it people.

  • Shaurya Singh
    Shaurya Singh   2018-09-21T11:24:36.000Z

    R stands for Reality!

  • Anchit sharma
    Anchit sharma   2018-09-21T10:09:22.000Z

    same ram really?

  • samarth kumar
    samarth kumar   2018-09-21T09:50:13.000Z

    This IPHONE is like IPHONE 5c Colour wise

  • samarth kumar
    samarth kumar   2018-09-21T09:47:26.000Z

    If this phone have 1080p screen im sold!

  • Grim Hermit
    Grim Hermit   2018-09-21T09:35:27.000Z

    Iphone X Is better

  • lavender rose
    lavender rose   2018-09-21T08:59:42.000Z

    r stands for rainbow

  • Chloe Lee
    Chloe Lee   2018-09-21T08:43:17.000Z

    kudos to Marques for trying to make such boring content interesting....

  • isaiah athill
    isaiah athill   2018-09-21T07:25:20.000Z

    So its like the 5c but 5 years later

  • Subrat Yeeshu
    Subrat Yeeshu   2018-09-21T06:50:44.000Z

    Unsold iPhone 5c are tweaked and will be sold with 1lakh price. Gj

  • boomdunker
    boomdunker   2018-09-21T06:10:08.000Z

    Marques ... u gotta day smth about that screen ... it’s appalling in 2018

  • Joshua Sanchez
    Joshua Sanchez   2018-09-21T04:39:12.000Z

    Can someone explain, what you guys mean by watching videos on 1080p? I have the iphone 8 and can watch 1080p videos on youtube,

  • Xymeth _
    Xymeth _   2018-09-21T04:24:10.000Z

    I\'ve used 7 phones in the past 30 months. All because i destroyed it or it slid out of my pocket in a cab. All my phones are black and all the Cab seats are also black so from now. im never gonna use Black Phones

    ROHAN PAWAR   2018-09-21T03:39:22.000Z

    Too expensive ...

  • Coleco Vw.
    Coleco Vw.   2018-09-21T03:20:31.000Z

    $749 can buy you a lot of Anime and Manga. $749 can buy you lots of pizza 🍕 $749 can buy you lots of Hentai $749 can buy you lots of DMT🧖‍♂️ You can let Apple screw you for $749 and it doesn’t involve sex. And for everything else there’s Mastercard.

  • Luis Saballo
    Luis Saballo   2018-09-21T03:18:00.000Z

    worst review ever .... this iPhone XR is trash literally $749 with not 1080p at least

  • RetroGames Dinosaur
    RetroGames Dinosaur   2018-09-21T02:21:45.000Z

    Is Apple not ashamed? 720P+ screen on a 750 dollar device!! wtf... profit must be 650 dollar!

  • FB I
    FB I   2018-09-21T01:53:16.000Z

    why is everything small in your hands

  • Sam Li
    Sam Li   2018-09-21T01:22:27.000Z

    Next iPhone: remove the screen all together to c̶u̶t̶ ̶c̶o̶s̶t̶ (innovation), you can imagine it in your head. Also it comes with a bit of crack to help you get started XD

  • Deon Lyke
    Deon Lyke   2018-09-21T01:05:41.000Z

    Coming from the 7, it’s an upgrade. 🤷🏽‍♂️ just speaking for me.

  • OffRoadPatriot
    OffRoadPatriot   2018-09-21T00:54:57.000Z

    720p. Nuf said.

  • kenneth lam
    kenneth lam   2018-09-21T00:09:20.000Z

    This is a great phone.........if it came out in 2013

  • sidiki Diane
    sidiki Diane   2018-09-20T23:58:13.000Z

    Seriously even the pocophone has a better screen (1080p). That\'s odd.

  • A
    A   2018-09-20T22:59:14.000Z

    After apple releasing the new iPhones, I’m really considering switching to android if I upgrade...

  • Kike Nava
    Kike Nava   2018-09-20T22:29:56.000Z

    Nice 👍🏼

  • Isaiah McCurdy
    Isaiah McCurdy   2018-09-20T22:24:32.000Z

    it’s a 2k screen not 720p

  • Twan Koeslag
    Twan Koeslag   2018-09-20T22:15:40.000Z

    Wait hol’ up, this phone can’t watch in 1080p but can film in 4K?

  • chi u
    chi u   2018-09-20T21:35:54.000Z

    I thought people were joking when they said the r wasn\'t at least 720p. Apple really wants people to drop their rent money on the s models don\'t they?

  • Klumsy Kameleon
    Klumsy Kameleon   2018-09-20T20:58:36.000Z

    1:22 if this was an Android phone he would\'ve been ripping into this saying it\'s outrageous for $750

  • cam Nix
    cam Nix   2018-09-20T20:56:26.000Z

    Will the XR screen be better than the 6s plus screen?

  • Klumsy Kameleon
    Klumsy Kameleon   2018-09-20T20:56:17.000Z

    Hey Apple fucktards, why not watch this video in 720p or push yourself to 360p cos that\'s worth 750$$$ apparently.

  • Abhik Biswas
    Abhik Biswas   2018-09-20T20:14:42.000Z

    Well, R comes before S so, apple uses that to show that it\'s a lower range device.

  • Marko Veljanovski
    Marko Veljanovski   2018-09-20T20:06:31.000Z

    The 8 had the same ppi and didnt have 1080p yet still a lot of people bought it.

  • Warfv
    Warfv   2018-09-20T19:29:43.000Z

    Samsung win this year . Apple just f..... Up

  • NikkoEusebio
    NikkoEusebio   2018-09-20T19:14:14.000Z

    I think “R” stands for “rare”. 😅

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche   2018-09-20T18:56:56.000Z

    People really have to wake up and stop sucking Tim Cook s cock

  • Mohommed Jazlaan
    Mohommed Jazlaan   2018-09-20T18:55:10.000Z

    so basically its an overclocked x only with a crappier display?

  • Chris D
    Chris D   2018-09-20T18:17:50.000Z

    720p LCD... HAHAHA... for the same price as an S9... BWAHAHA, buy the 8 plus instead.

  • Seiam Gaming
    Seiam Gaming   2018-09-20T17:50:07.000Z

    Coral is good

  • SamiraXox
    SamiraXox   2018-09-20T17:35:15.000Z

    Andd... Why would this sell?

  • Hope Isaac
    Hope Isaac   2018-09-20T16:59:02.000Z

    To sum up everything, over love for iPhones makes us patronise the product and not its features.

  • Stephen Wayda
    Stephen Wayda   2018-09-20T16:50:39.000Z

    I miss the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 days. Back then you could buy the iPhone outright for $600. It was considered extremely expensive back then. Few people had smartphones and apps were just apps, not billion dollar industries. Instagram wasn\'t even a thing yet and phones were priced competitively to lure people into buying them. This pile of junk is not worth $750

  • Ach Ashri
    Ach Ashri   2018-09-20T15:31:48.000Z

    Now i am getting it(in my dreams) LoL........ 😂😂

  • Marco Antonio Go
    Marco Antonio Go   2018-09-20T15:22:15.000Z

    r is stand for rumor

  • Richard _
    Richard _   2018-09-20T15:15:02.000Z

    Ok the iphone X\"R\" is UGLY. Moreover, knocking off the 1080P. Joke of the year, lol no wait, that Apple for you in 2018

  • MrPoppasmurf79
    MrPoppasmurf79   2018-09-20T14:04:07.000Z

    It\'s like having a specd out gaming pc and using a cheap display. No thanks.

    ABIGAIL AGYEI-MENSAH   2018-09-20T13:49:27.000Z

    First Apple removed the headphone jack Then the home button and Touch ID Now they throw away 1080p .

    LOHITHANGAN   2018-09-20T13:37:17.000Z

    I think this will surely reach out to the most of the customers worldwide for a budget price..

  • Muhammad Nur Affiq
    Muhammad Nur Affiq   2018-09-20T12:45:57.000Z

    720p for 750 bucks ,what a mad

  • xMagicofficial
    xMagicofficial   2018-09-20T12:45:52.000Z

    Ciaooo Andrea min 5:00

  • kri 14
    kri 14   2018-09-20T12:45:42.000Z

    I\'m from the blackgeek video @Blackgeek

  • barely blinkboy21
    barely blinkboy21   2018-09-20T12:44:27.000Z

    I can\'t find anything gud to say about this phone... So Imma talk about its different colours for half the video

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James   2018-09-20T12:17:44.000Z

    I would get the red one

  • George Garner
    George Garner   2018-09-20T12:10:16.000Z

    I guess you people don\'t know that 720 and 1080 means very little on a screen that small

  • George Garner
    George Garner   2018-09-20T12:09:18.000Z

    I guess you people don\'t know that 720 and 1080 means very little on a screen that small

  • George Garner
    George Garner   2018-09-20T12:05:38.000Z

    Black is boring I\'d give it a 1

  • George Garner
    George Garner   2018-09-20T12:04:39.000Z

    I\'ll take the yellow myself

  • George Garner
    George Garner   2018-09-20T12:02:15.000Z

    The colors will sale the phone

  • MrCorivatt
    MrCorivatt   2018-09-20T11:25:28.000Z

    R stands for Retarded

  • Onix Navarro
    Onix Navarro   2018-09-20T10:00:01.000Z

    I\'m kind of feeling that blue colour, but that red though. Sweet.

  • Bernd Staes
    Bernd Staes   2018-09-20T09:57:56.000Z

    2018 and you need to pay $750 for a 720p screen. Wow! Its mind blowing that anyone would buy this. Would this be any other company it would be laught at for asking more them $200 for this ridicule phone.

    SWAPNIL MASUREKAR   2018-09-20T09:47:08.000Z

    Mkbhd is apple fanboy!! Why isn\'t he ranting iphone XR for 720p

  • Ana -X
    Ana -X   2018-09-20T09:36:04.000Z

    boi wtf u didnt even mention it cant play 1080 p u call urself a tek channel u r reviewing the colour !!! THE DAAM COLOUR !! WTF it is 2018 keep up damt

  • root9065
    root9065   2018-09-20T08:24:20.000Z

    0:53 The R stands for \"Retarded\" Marques... because you cannot watch 1080p videos on a $750 smartphone in 2018, as you\'ve mentioned.

  • Ganteng Aditya
    Ganteng Aditya   2018-09-20T07:52:29.000Z

    $750 bucks for only 720p screen??? I know this is a prank 🐤

  • Nick dominic
    Nick dominic   2018-09-20T07:51:06.000Z

    Remember how you get made fun of for having an iPhone 5c this will be the same.

  • Emily Ng
    Emily Ng   2018-09-20T07:15:28.000Z

    I don’t like any of the colors

  • Adriancomposer
    Adriancomposer   2018-09-20T07:05:58.000Z

    The same... The same... The same... The same 🤣🤣🤣

  • bankaispirits
    bankaispirits   2018-09-20T06:49:54.000Z

    2016: *No headphone jack* 2017: *No home button and fast charging* 2018: *No 1080p* 2019: *no screen*

  • raven r
    raven r   2018-09-20T06:10:34.000Z

    Apple users are the biggest wannabees and Dickriders on this planet trying to look cool with a shit corny money grabbing phone which will turn to shit in the next update... The biggest update on this piece of shit is the colors..... Apple users take my money Apple..... Dickheads...

  • Soviet Roll
    Soviet Roll   2018-09-20T05:48:16.000Z

    Is this iPhone for the broke niggas?

  • Beastly Dookie
    Beastly Dookie   2018-09-20T05:45:18.000Z

    Why aren’t you mad about the display? Its fucking atrocious to offer only 720p in 2018. Fuck.

  • Jack Pattinson
    Jack Pattinson   2018-09-20T05:39:26.000Z

    I\'m getting the iPhone 5c vibes

  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen   2018-09-20T05:38:35.000Z

    Racist to Asian yellow phones 😤

  • It's Dave Lifits
    It's Dave Lifits   2018-09-20T04:46:52.000Z

    Liquid retina means that you have the best colour reproduction of all iphones

  • Maximiliano Luera
    Maximiliano Luera   2018-09-20T03:58:20.000Z

    Tbh just get an iPhone 8 Plus, better screen and better camera, 3D Touch, still IP67, and with the bigger form factor the big bezels aren’t as bad as people tend to make it seem. I really love mine.

  • Rubina Khalifa
    Rubina Khalifa   2018-09-20T03:45:46.000Z

    Mr steve job...wish u were alive...Look what\'s happening in your company...There is no more new mind blowing tech after you....Only selling the old stocks with some modifications 😂😂😂...

  • James 007
    James 007   2018-09-20T03:40:25.000Z

    Only good thing about this phone is Color.... Nothing special, R stands for Rubbish, XR stands for Xtra Rubbish, XS stands for Xtra Shit.... Which year apple fans are living... ? MOVE ON...U r clearly another stupid arrogant iPhone fan.... Buy that for Ur blue Jean, or play batman ... Lol , it\'s like a stupid girl trying to buy a car based on looks and Color....

  • Arunabh Hazarika
    Arunabh Hazarika   2018-09-20T03:39:23.000Z

    How did they pay you to praise the iPhones ?

  • YourF7v Bish
    YourF7v Bish   2018-09-20T03:38:34.000Z

    The XR i think stands for iPhone REDUCED

  • Important Nonsense
    Important Nonsense   2018-09-20T03:20:57.000Z

    Might think about getting it cause I like big screens and a 1200 phone doesn’t suit my needs, I think I might get the XR in Red, Black, or White :/

  • My Tam Media
    My Tam Media   2018-09-20T03:04:27.000Z

    Black hides the edge while other bright colors don\'t

  • UltraBlueBerry
    UltraBlueBerry   2018-09-20T02:52:49.000Z

    Could had been the iPhone rr for reduced resolution

  • Sam Typhlosion
    Sam Typhlosion   2018-09-20T02:47:03.000Z

    No 1080p for $750. My $180 phone comes with full hd and it includes fast charger

  • Epic Trailer Production
    Epic Trailer Production   2018-09-20T02:26:30.000Z

    awesome review!! Getting XR.. thank you

  • Simply Dave
    Simply Dave   2018-09-20T02:21:57.000Z

    750$? NO 1080/1440 videos? That phone issssss 😶😑🤮🤢🤬

  • fahim Abrar
    fahim Abrar   2018-09-20T02:01:54.000Z

    Every single shit of iPhone is the same. Rip off

  • Keerthi Vasan
    Keerthi Vasan   2018-09-20T02:00:56.000Z

    0:53 The \"R\" stands for resolution prank 2018

  • Mr CT
    Mr CT   2018-09-20T01:03:49.000Z

    iPhone xr = rewind......

  • Rigo Martinez
    Rigo Martinez   2018-09-20T00:32:52.000Z

    Waste of money just get the iPhone 8plus

  • X Fade
    X Fade   2018-09-19T23:24:14.000Z

    The bezels make it look a bit like a toy. A bit too big all around.

  • gtran25
    gtran25   2018-09-19T23:14:41.000Z

    So you\'re saying I should upgrade to this from my iPhone 5?

  • Akson Entertainment
    Akson Entertainment   2018-09-19T23:09:14.000Z

    Not having 3D touch is why Im not buying it and probably stay with my iPhone x. I use 3D touch every day on many things I love it ever sense iPhone 6s. I hope this isn’t the first step to getting rid of it