10X SPICY Instant Noodle INDOMIE Goreng: Jakarta Indonesia Street Food Tour

  • Published on 2018-08-16T01:16:06.000Z
  • I have always loved my noodles spicy, but the instant noodle(Indomie Goreng) dishes that I tried in Jakarta Indonesia is just on another level! I asked for 10X spicy for my (indomie goreng) noodle, and wow the spice was biting back! The other 5X spicy instant noodle (indomie goreng) along with the perfect egg yolk mingling with the spicy noodle was almost a match in heaven. I honestly can't ask for a more better way to cook these simple but yet delicious spicy instant noodles (indomie goreng). I'm so excited for you guys to see what else I got to try on this street tour! Locations: Ropang Plus Plus Pluit Sakti Food Court Martabak Sinar Bulan ****MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram:**** ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: ►Subscribe for MORE videos about food! ▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: Facebook Mike Fan Page: Strictly Dumpling Instagram: Personal Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: ◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ : Sony RX100 Mark V: PANASONIC LUMIX G85: Wide Angle Lens: Camera Mic: Camera Lights: Handheld Audio Recorder: Tripod: Drone: My Favorite Cookware! wok/pan Also this pan Pressure pan Nonstick pot ✉Send stuff to our PO Box! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ♫ Music by Epidemic Sound ( ♩ Blue Ska by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ♩ Blue Highway by Podington Bear From the Free Music Archive www.dexterbritain.com Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

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  • David A
    David A   2018-09-20T20:27:43.000Z

    hey Mike fuxk you

  • Dewayan Sukma Jaya.
    Dewayan Sukma Jaya.   2018-09-20T10:49:56.000Z

    Have you try Recheese Factory??

  • sharen nyta
    sharen nyta   2018-09-19T00:09:11.000Z

    that green mochi called klepon, the white silinder one called kue putu and the triangle cake called lupis. I adore u mike, but why do u not explain the name of the food? mostly. why?

  • analissa nickel
    analissa nickel   2018-09-17T23:07:16.000Z

    The dude staring at Mike in the background like 😮😂😂😂

  • Priya Sharma
    Priya Sharma   2018-09-17T16:54:28.000Z

    I wanna try the level 10 noodle

  • Mary Katrina
    Mary Katrina   2018-09-17T12:49:57.000Z

    You should do a food tour of Florida ;) I know a surf and turf restaurant that has a 22oz steak.

  • Valen Tine
    Valen Tine   2018-09-17T03:55:16.000Z

    Welcome to jakarta

  • Russian Bruh
    Russian Bruh   2018-09-17T03:02:16.000Z

    It’s called happy because it has weed

  • cool player
    cool player   2018-09-16T16:52:22.000Z

    yummy food

  • llenn a.k.a p90 loli
    llenn a.k.a p90 loli   2018-09-16T14:33:55.000Z

    welcome to the msg noddle

  • exlibrisas
    exlibrisas   2018-09-15T11:49:27.000Z

    I can\'t wait for him to go to Europe. Würst from Deutschland, cheeses maybe from Swiss, chocolate from Belgium, don\'t even get me started about Slavic and Baltic countries.

  • Triana Silvia
    Triana Silvia   2018-09-15T00:10:24.000Z

    Hi, Mikey. I think you should reach Raditya Dika, he\'s also on YouTube. Anyway, I\'m craving for some Indomie right now

  • Priscilla Priscilla
    Priscilla Priscilla   2018-09-14T12:22:06.000Z

    The one you called Nasi Campur is actually Nasi Padang (I think it was also mixed with Nasi Rames). What we actually called Nasi Campur is the one with the hainanese rice, but it always comes with pork

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu   2018-09-13T09:33:09.000Z

    You miss 1 dish that is to your left.

  • Alejandra Cruz
    Alejandra Cruz   2018-09-13T02:16:17.000Z

    En México igual tomamos la fresa con leche y es algo delicioso

  • Nonie Handaya
    Nonie Handaya   2018-09-12T09:21:44.000Z

    So very proud being an Indonesian hahaa... Our foods are all delicious right...

  • Megiddo Jones
    Megiddo Jones   2018-09-11T18:32:29.000Z

    Yup, I got diabetes from this... ...and I\'m okay with that.

  • kedai sam
    kedai sam   2018-09-11T15:52:52.000Z

    That ice campur behind your seat beside the nasi campur is delicious

  • King Traveler
    King Traveler   2018-09-10T17:51:29.000Z

    You should visit Pakistan for some nice food...

  • Mozarella Lovers
    Mozarella Lovers   2018-09-10T14:39:43.000Z

    in Indonesia you have to try the name \"indomie abang adek\" ... there you can feel the sensation of spicy from 50 chillies to 150 chillies ...

  • fendra yuser
    fendra yuser   2018-09-10T09:34:03.000Z


  • amartya
    amartya   2018-09-09T16:03:08.000Z

    Wow.. everything is so cheap.. good for my wallet.. lol.

  • lisa jennie
    lisa jennie   2018-09-09T15:04:09.000Z

    The name mochi ball that you ate is klepon

  • One MinuteMan
    One MinuteMan   2018-09-09T04:53:56.000Z

    Jackie chan is that u ?

  • Ji Jin
    Ji Jin   2018-09-08T10:44:47.000Z

    must try \"seblak\"

  • Titik Parwati
    Titik Parwati   2018-09-07T15:55:07.000Z

    Did u ever try martabak manis & martabak telor when you visit Indonesia ? 😄

  • Noer Alamsyah
    Noer Alamsyah   2018-09-07T08:27:58.000Z

    Jacki chan

  • ringo achie
    ringo achie   2018-09-07T08:22:06.000Z

    I dont know they made pork rendang???.... I need to be more careful next time on buying rendang...

  • Adit Tyo
    Adit Tyo   2018-09-06T15:15:09.000Z

    if the food is not spicy enough, it will disgrace the family

  • Zabulus
    Zabulus   2018-09-06T10:08:52.000Z

    Mikey\'s standard ways to make a dish better: hot oil or ice cream

  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes   2018-09-06T09:06:53.000Z

    I hope you get invited onto First We Feast one day and give the hottest chicken wing a go:)

  • gilang dyah ayu farradila
    gilang dyah ayu farradila   2018-09-06T08:35:07.000Z

    still in indonesia?

  • Zahra Faradisi
    Zahra Faradisi   2018-09-05T21:22:16.000Z

    Thankyou for visiting indonesia :) hope you enjoy it :)

  • Punk Lima
    Punk Lima   2018-09-05T13:40:33.000Z

    Nasi campur nya keliatan enak bgt

  • Punk Lima
    Punk Lima   2018-09-05T13:17:46.000Z

    Walaupun ngga ada subtitel indonesia melihat dia bahagia aku juga ikut bahagia kok :(

  • Apvlo Djakck
    Apvlo Djakck   2018-09-05T09:53:32.000Z

    Why do I always watch these videos at 3a.m and on a empty stomach????????????????

  • Naufal Jumarman
    Naufal Jumarman   2018-09-05T05:32:41.000Z

    Come and visit my city Bandung Mike!

  • William Maha Putra
    William Maha Putra   2018-09-04T16:09:22.000Z

    If u\'re at Indonesia, u should consider coming to medan. Can show u a lot of good food haha

  • Agnes Tjhai
    Agnes Tjhai   2018-09-04T09:30:51.000Z

    For the 8.36 the white thing is lobak

  • NotParabolicZ
    NotParabolicZ   2018-09-04T08:08:38.000Z

    Why does mike seem high/drunk in this video

  • J Xkcd
    J Xkcd   2018-09-04T00:48:29.000Z

    Surely you fast right?

  • Dark the omega満
    Dark the omega満   2018-09-03T10:24:52.000Z

    Hey mike i live in indonesia and jakarta is nice

  • Adeline Pamela
    Adeline Pamela   2018-09-03T09:57:34.000Z


  • Nisrina Afifah
    Nisrina Afifah   2018-09-03T01:10:22.000Z

    \"its pretty much everything u want\" yeah thats the true definition of nasi campur

  • Dian Nugrahari
    Dian Nugrahari   2018-09-02T18:20:11.000Z

    Its beef toungue mikey! The sate padang, I mean. The green mochi ball is klepon, its filled with brown sugar. Then boiled together, that\'s why it turned into a syrup.

  • Penelope Johnstone
    Penelope Johnstone   2018-09-02T10:37:26.000Z

    you and crazyrussianhacker are the least fussiest people known to man

  • Radika Akbar
    Radika Akbar   2018-09-02T06:08:40.000Z

    Mochi rice is \"lontong\" in Indonesia wahahaha

  • Marty Maryam
    Marty Maryam   2018-09-01T18:05:17.000Z

    Really delicious,.and I\'m hungry now 😪😪

  • Fandi Perdana
    Fandi Perdana   2018-09-01T13:08:22.000Z

    This is so good , but i know is bad..😄😄

  • Groovy
    Groovy   2018-09-01T10:41:41.000Z

    Halo mikey viewers around the world, plz visit to my country Indonesia, and enjoy how wonderful nature and amazing delicious food here,,, 😁😁🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

    DWi RISWANTO   2018-09-01T10:22:19.000Z

    You must try indomie abang adek

  • R Hadi
    R Hadi   2018-08-31T11:39:37.000Z

    everything looks insanely delicious!!

  • Irma Syafiqah
    Irma Syafiqah   2018-08-31T10:44:02.000Z

    The green \"mochi\" with palm sugar inside (its called onde-onde) shld be eaten whole!!! XDD the \"mochi\" will pop in your mouth as the palm sugar oozes out, i hope you get to try it again!!

  • ARMY
    ARMY   2018-08-31T09:06:10.000Z


  • bangtan bangtan bang bang tan
    bangtan bangtan bang bang tan   2018-08-31T03:42:32.000Z

    you should definitely try \"Indomie abang adek\", try the highest spicy level

  • stefanus santoso
    stefanus santoso   2018-08-30T14:59:08.000Z


  • najibeready
    najibeready   2018-08-30T06:48:03.000Z

    you think that indonmie is spicy. i beg to differ , wait until you try indonmie pedas mampus by abang adek restaurant

  • Dania Abusalem
    Dania Abusalem   2018-08-30T00:56:01.000Z

    have you noticed how cheap these foods are

  • Kayla Clark
    Kayla Clark   2018-08-29T19:19:35.000Z

    I love how people just look at u in the background 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Lim Wei Siang
    Samuel Lim Wei Siang   2018-08-29T14:50:49.000Z

    that\'s not bamboo shoots. those are jackfruit husk

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme   2018-08-29T14:22:17.000Z

    Is it just me, or does anyone not understand how can nice chocolatey fried Banana and regular Cheese go good together?!?! I\'ll admit I\'ve never tried it but It just seems wrong to me on so many levels. I know it\'s actually a pretty popular dessert ingredient in Asia, so there has to be something to it.. .but I just can\'t get in my head to stop thinking \"NO! They do NOT belong together...EVER!!\" LOL. I guess it\'s one of those things that you have to try to actually understand it so if I ever get the chance, I\'ll give it a try!

  • Firas Firas
    Firas Firas   2018-08-29T10:27:28.000Z

    it was not pork it is beef it\'s called rendang

  • Firas Firas
    Firas Firas   2018-08-29T10:25:13.000Z

    bro you are not suppose to eat with chopstick

  • Draw stuff with me
    Draw stuff with me   2018-08-28T11:07:22.000Z

    Ooohhhhhh, mikey boy, you have not tried indomie abang adek

  • Sarwo Edi
    Sarwo Edi   2018-08-28T08:32:53.000Z

    You should try cooking your own Indomie Goreng and add an egg on top of it, in my opinion it will taste better.

  • Rizki Maulana
    Rizki Maulana   2018-08-28T06:47:18.000Z

    Remember when jackie chan was young..

  • Thomas Andrew
    Thomas Andrew   2018-08-27T12:36:38.000Z

    for the mochi ball with sugar inside, i sugest you to eat that ball with one bite and dont make hole at that ball. if you eat in one bite it will be so good . and we call it klepon

  • FlareyBatch
    FlareyBatch   2018-08-27T12:08:50.000Z

    \"Whatever, I already cancelled out last month\'s workout drinking that happy soda thing\" 😂😂😂

  • rahman massewwa
    rahman massewwa   2018-08-27T01:56:28.000Z

    Firts rule if you want to enjoy food in Indonesia or any asian country is eat at street food stall. Fancy restaurant? Just got high price and tasteless thingy....

  • Tang sieng ly
    Tang sieng ly   2018-08-26T22:15:38.000Z

    Very good mate and well done...

  • Annisa Dian
    Annisa Dian   2018-08-26T16:14:24.000Z

    Yes! Fanta + milk is life! U can also try it with coke or sprite

  • jenni christian
    jenni christian   2018-08-26T15:00:21.000Z

    das nasi rames. the nasi campur is with car siu

  • jenni christian
    jenni christian   2018-08-26T14:55:16.000Z

    tempat sejuta umat. a mllion follower place. ropang pluit

  • Billy JulianR
    Billy JulianR   2018-08-26T11:31:15.000Z

    I thought you jackie chan 😂

  • NeoSilvanus
    NeoSilvanus   2018-08-26T10:33:17.000Z

    pork rendang in jakarta?

  • Aurites Struyck
    Aurites Struyck   2018-08-26T09:57:22.000Z

    At least he isnt drinking that drink that drink that looks like it has frog eyes in it..

  • Nathalie Wong
    Nathalie Wong   2018-08-26T09:05:36.000Z

    Hi Mike, you are in the right place for food temptation zone. Those places are my favorites. All of them are recommended. Good job Mike

  • ajanta b
    ajanta b   2018-08-26T05:43:04.000Z

    In the second video, he still looks sugar drunk from the first meal. 😀

  • One Love
    One Love   2018-08-26T03:46:09.000Z

    chocolate ,cheese and banana . yuk ... thats like dipping oreos in ranch ...

  • All About Vidio
    All About Vidio   2018-08-24T18:25:35.000Z

    rempah-rempah country 😂 🇲🇨

  • umma Malik
    umma Malik   2018-08-24T16:35:52.000Z

    The food looks soo yummy.

  • roy petr
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    Imij Brown   2018-08-24T11:42:56.000Z

    Indomielikey 😉😂

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    Jaka_lol   2018-08-24T09:43:25.000Z

    You really look familiar?! Young jacky chan? 😅

  • anik waelach
    anik waelach   2018-08-24T07:20:42.000Z

    Ahhh aku agak ngerti Dia omong appa

  • OMG !
    OMG !   2018-08-24T06:40:21.000Z

    I from Indonesia and I like your review about Indonesian food..

  • Chocolate chip Cookies
    Chocolate chip Cookies   2018-08-24T03:24:51.000Z

    It’s not good for your physical health but it’s extremely good for your mental health🙃

  • feby t
    feby t   2018-08-24T00:04:04.000Z

    yay finally you came to jakarta, i’ve been making your chili oil recipe xo

  • Danielle Soriano
    Danielle Soriano   2018-08-23T23:43:49.000Z

    I miss eating sate. This is breaking my heart.

  • Brandon Lin
    Brandon Lin   2018-08-23T20:42:19.000Z

    Did Mike Chen just make a Indonesian \"Fool\'s Gold\" Sandwich?

  • Qonitcah
    Qonitcah   2018-08-23T18:49:21.000Z

    You should try Mie Abang Adek!!

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    Lee Sinnorai   2018-08-23T18:34:33.000Z

    残友太容易 头 visit 老 steer foods in Laos 🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦

  • Lisa Harrison
    Lisa Harrison   2018-08-23T14:10:39.000Z

    Did I miss it? You said there was something special about those noodles and you were supposed to tell us. You said it twice. Did you say it and it flew right over my head? I know I kept listening for it and I never caught it. Help!....lol

  • island085
    island085   2018-08-23T13:49:40.000Z

    Sate Padang, is ox tongue. Yummmyy my fave

  • ananda yuswanti
    ananda yuswanti   2018-08-23T09:59:38.000Z

    the green coconut mochi is called \"klepon\" and u suppose to eat all one bite (dont forget close your mouth) cause the sugar syrup inside will explode the joy

  • Sujata Dalvi
    Sujata Dalvi   2018-08-23T09:15:07.000Z

    I love this food...lovely

  • Ilham Lott
    Ilham Lott   2018-08-23T07:59:54.000Z

    I have not been back for almost 8 years now. Watching this brings back memories and makes me miss my country food that i cannot get here in NZ

  • Mara Joyce Lorca
    Mara Joyce Lorca   2018-08-23T06:12:46.000Z

    In the Philippines we call that pork skin \"chicharon\".

  • SamL2G
    SamL2G   2018-08-23T05:05:45.000Z

    Ohmygoodness drooling delicious food. The green mochi ball with coconut shavings has liquid palmsugar in it. Soooo good hehe.

  • F L
    F L   2018-08-23T02:39:28.000Z

    Awesome vid keep up the great food