The Predator - Movie Review


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  • Hawkinszm1
    Hawkinszm1   2018-09-21T09:12:15.000Z

    This review was as bad as the movie

    STRV FIT   2018-09-21T09:07:50.000Z

    Anyone notice the main bad guy blows his own head off accidentally with a plasma cannon

  • Маркус Шепард
    Маркус Шепард   2018-09-21T08:22:41.000Z

    \"The predator 2018\" deserves angry Hitler review... and become oblivius after that... so shitty movie...

  • Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me
    Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me   2018-09-21T07:35:11.000Z

    There wasn\'t a single line of quotable dialogue in this piece of shit film.

  • Jannie Buitendag
    Jannie Buitendag   2018-09-21T07:11:03.000Z

    The Predator movie was a ..................JOKE!!!! A BULLSHIT JOKE!!!

    BLANTTA2   2018-09-21T06:00:13.000Z

    So...if the humor is supposed to be bad, then why did I laugh? Is the point of jokes to not make you laugh? If one of your complaints about this film is the humor, you need to check yourself because that argument makes no sense at all.

  • kingjaymoney 561
    kingjaymoney 561   2018-09-21T04:16:29.000Z

    I honestly loved the movie

  • Joseph Louis
    Joseph Louis   2018-09-21T02:32:23.000Z

    They should make a predator movie back In time , like the 1900 or something. The movies reference predators have been around for hundreds of years. It would be a new good story

  • Royal Jai
    Royal Jai   2018-09-21T01:11:32.000Z

    Bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger....

  • Karen Wetzel
    Karen Wetzel   2018-09-21T00:55:26.000Z

    Do A Simple Favor

  • John O'Doherty
    John O'Doherty   2018-09-20T23:30:54.000Z

    Yeah, it was crap, a total cluster fuck

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star   2018-09-20T21:01:37.000Z

    I honestly loved it even though it didn\'t make much sense.

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs   2018-09-20T19:08:18.000Z

    Not mention at all about how and why Olivia Munn keeps getting cast in franchise action roles?

  • Gforce784
    Gforce784   2018-09-20T18:09:31.000Z

    My personal ranking of Predator films (favorite to least favorite): Predator (1987) - 4.5/5 The Predator (2018) - 4/5 Predators (2010) - 4/5 Predator 2 (1990) - 2.5/5 Alien vs. Predator (2004) - 1/5 AVP: Requiem (2007) 0/5

  • Great White
    Great White   2018-09-20T17:33:47.000Z

    The predator killer should have been a xenomorph

  • M15949
    M15949   2018-09-20T12:17:55.000Z

    stopped being scary the second the anorexic guy from the piano single handedly beat em all down.

  • Carlos Marroquin
    Carlos Marroquin   2018-09-20T11:36:57.000Z

    I bet the next sequel is going to be called \" The Ultimate Predator\"...

  • Jose Ripley Gonzalez
    Jose Ripley Gonzalez   2018-09-20T10:20:29.000Z

    Me and my friend actually dug this flick. It should probably be noted that we also love Alien Resurrection though. If Sci-fi comic booky fun is your thing then you’d probably be fine with this one.

  • Arlis White Bear
    Arlis White Bear   2018-09-20T07:45:23.000Z

    Alien Vs. Predator 6/10 (I had fun with this movie and the set design was cool) Predator - 5/10 Predators - 5/10 The Predator - 4/10 Alien Vs. Predator Requiem - 4/10 (I can\'t tell if I have seen it because it was hard to see) Predator 2 - 3/10

  • rod man
    rod man   2018-09-20T07:36:22.000Z

    The new predator movie is cringeworthy and laughably bad

  • gallaghim
    gallaghim   2018-09-20T06:44:29.000Z

    Jesus, with all the choppy editing and the loud voice I only made it half way. I\'m sure you know stuff though, just saying.

  • Dr. Smash
    Dr. Smash   2018-09-20T05:25:49.000Z

    This movie intentionally has Keegan Micheal-Key in it, of course it\'s a comedy.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson   2018-09-20T04:20:43.000Z

    The problem with film makers these days is they try to hard to appeal to certain audiances instead of just making good movies like they used to.

  • Kayo Yuuki-sama
    Kayo Yuuki-sama   2018-09-20T04:00:06.000Z

    i think only Americans dip fries in milkshake, ewww

  • Reel Fiends Movie Reviews & Podcast
    Reel Fiends Movie Reviews & Podcast   2018-09-20T03:44:21.000Z

    It was... so... bad. The Rogue Pred was the ONLY thing cool about it.

  • Dozerthedj
    Dozerthedj   2018-09-20T03:17:27.000Z

    Damn this dude is annoying.

  • Luke Schnitzler
    Luke Schnitzler   2018-09-20T01:41:10.000Z

    AVP I was 100x better than this ass trash

  • Seanachie's Court
    Seanachie's Court   2018-09-19T21:40:55.000Z

    Good honest review! I also found the movie very entertaining and it was a good movie yes it missed the predator genre but i like the humor part but yes the movie strayed alot from its original which was a horror movie to me and left me scared senseless as a kid... I had great fun watching this im not sure what people expected a new schindlers list? Its a predator movie, i wanted action and i got it and it was awsome

  • Seth Brundle
    Seth Brundle   2018-09-19T21:26:49.000Z

    Yeah, just saw this thing. Went in not expecting it to live up to the old predator movies, and it did not disappoint! It was entertaining for sure, but like so many of todays movies, will not be remembered for too long. It\'s funny, how nowadays series really have those \'Godfather\' moments and movies are just a rehash of a Family Guy sketch.

  • Joe Marcos
    Joe Marcos   2018-09-19T19:03:58.000Z

    They should make a Predator movie that takes place back in time. Like the Middle ages or in WW2 like those short fan made films

  • Danny Ocean
    Danny Ocean   2018-09-19T17:36:58.000Z

    Dead on balls accurate bro nice job

  • benn 35
    benn 35   2018-09-19T17:13:51.000Z

    Predator 10 Predator 2 9 Predators 7 The predator 1.5 shithouse, its not even funny how bad this movie is. 88mill and the cgi is fukd. The dumb friendly dog, and the fukn retarded kid.

  • Christopher Jay
    Christopher Jay   2018-09-19T16:29:22.000Z

    Ps.This review was way more punishing and awful than the reviewers target.

  • Dominic Abbs
    Dominic Abbs   2018-09-19T16:28:54.000Z

    my rank on all the alien and predator movies Alien 5/5 Predator 5/5 Aliens 5/5 Predator 2 5/5 Alein 3 4/5 Predators 4/5 Alein Resurrection‎ 3/5 Alien: Covenant‎ 1/5 Prometheus 1/5 Alein Vs Predator 4/5 Aleins vs Predator Requiem 2/5 The Predator ( i havn\'t seen it yet so i can\'t rank it sorry guys)

  • Dillon Mo' coke
    Dillon Mo' coke   2018-09-19T11:37:47.000Z

    Yeah the ending just wasn\'t that great at all

  • rafael82x
    rafael82x   2018-09-19T10:17:15.000Z

    The jokes were hilarious lmao ,

  • Brendan Veale
    Brendan Veale   2018-09-19T09:23:33.000Z

    Hey Jeremy did see alien tail spear from avp

  • James Ward
    James Ward   2018-09-19T08:58:36.000Z

    I agree .... I want dessert 🍮

  • Ash Livingstone
    Ash Livingstone   2018-09-19T07:15:08.000Z

    I haven\'t hated a movie more than this one. I would rather rewatch Heredity and I fell asleep during that one.

  • blastingsound
    blastingsound   2018-09-19T05:45:59.000Z

    to me it just felt liike a long extended clown show... i mean, really. just replace logic with mindless scenarios that are loosely stretched and stitched together, sets that just dont add up, like . .where tf did the crazy unit guys just, GET a freaking police car??,, AND THEN a Helicopter??? arent they supposed to be like wantedd??? anyways. just a long clown show that flat out doesnt make sense.. mindless entertainment these days. FINAL REVIEW: Clown show.. with predator scenes every now n then. 2/10 ruined the franchise

  • vocalpunk97
    vocalpunk97   2018-09-19T05:27:50.000Z

    I just saw it and LOVED it

  • Ike Rob
    Ike Rob   2018-09-19T05:02:46.000Z

    1.4 Million stupid fucks to subscribe to this fuck guy. His style is so annoying I could kill him.....

  • Angel Canales
    Angel Canales   2018-09-19T04:41:58.000Z

    Seen it today.. i actually liked it.. funny asf too lol

  • RiPP2_The_Core
    RiPP2_The_Core   2018-09-19T04:39:10.000Z

    As odd as it was, I gotta say it definitely setup a story line for a follow up

  • kate scott
    kate scott   2018-09-19T03:47:24.000Z

    Ok so... Am I the only one trying to figure out the relationship with the alien dog (who regurgitates bombs) and the girl?! Or y the predator didn\'t kill the lady?;

  • Fugi Sama
    Fugi Sama   2018-09-19T03:39:16.000Z

    I liked this new predator movie

  • stuart leal
    stuart leal   2018-09-19T03:27:54.000Z

    I liked this movie I knew what the plot was humor was definitely there but there were definitely some parts where it was like oh shit this happened I loved all the characters especially Nebraska if I had to rate it 8/10

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez   2018-09-19T03:26:45.000Z

    The movie was good unit the ending

  • Patricio Price
    Patricio Price   2018-09-19T03:06:33.000Z

    This movie was super dope

  • Chris Galitz
    Chris Galitz   2018-09-19T02:32:27.000Z

    They have not done just a predator movie. Their planet and them going around collecting

  • Jessica Caraballo
    Jessica Caraballo   2018-09-19T02:06:34.000Z

    Nice jacket... Probably enjoyed the jacket more than I\'ll like the predator

  • Mindbullit
    Mindbullit   2018-09-19T01:16:42.000Z

    Subbed for fries dipped in shakes!

  • Charbenji
    Charbenji   2018-09-19T00:46:12.000Z

    MCU humor does not belong in a predator movie.

  • mehtab bandesha
    mehtab bandesha   2018-09-18T22:56:52.000Z

    it is so sad, horrible sequel

  • Shaun Davids
    Shaun Davids   2018-09-18T21:26:08.000Z

    hip hop track in the trailer...says everything....don\'t give them your money download a pirate copy

  • Harley Breakout Guy
    Harley Breakout Guy   2018-09-18T20:55:42.000Z

    crappiest movie i\'ve ever watched so sjw so cringy so cuck !

  • reggiebm
    reggiebm   2018-09-18T20:33:13.000Z

    I was really disappointed I thought it was way too much comedy in the movie it was boring in s9me scenes . I didn\'t feel like there were any tense moments I didn\'t feel like anybody was really threatened by Predator is like there was no sense of urgency other than the guy wanted to save his kid and it was like everything was so convenient you know it\'s like you got this lady scientist who all of a sudden she\'s a Combat Warrior knows how to shoot any type Gunn can jump run with a predator I mean it was just stupid I mean

  • DJ Dresen
    DJ Dresen   2018-09-18T19:25:25.000Z

    Predator Terminator Alien Robocop Star Wars Etc.... WTF has Hollywood done to these CLASSIC franchises?!? They did all this shit RIGHT 30+ years ago, but with all the money and technology we have now, they still can\'t even come close to the originals. God damn Hollywood, WTF?

  • DJ Dresen
    DJ Dresen   2018-09-18T19:21:05.000Z

    Are you the guy from David Dobrik Vlogs???

  • dale miller
    dale miller   2018-09-18T18:46:28.000Z

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  • Rev Jonathan Wint
    Rev Jonathan Wint   2018-09-18T18:25:40.000Z

    My friends die so I tell jokes.. Stupid

  • Movieslinger Reviews
    Movieslinger Reviews   2018-09-18T17:46:11.000Z

    This movie was the most fun in the series !! The character interactions were hilarious !! That thumbs up scene :D

  • TheGamingIndian
    TheGamingIndian   2018-09-18T17:45:59.000Z

    Had to watch YouTube reviews just to figure out weather i am insane or not in thinking that this movie was funny. When the predator did something with a dead guys hand i was so confused. I went to watch something like the first predator or even something like that requiem movie would have sufficed but what i ended up watching something that was so strange that I felt like i paid for a burger but got a glass of water instead did not fill my appetite.

  • kSwissh007
    kSwissh007   2018-09-18T16:01:11.000Z

    imma still watch this movie in theatres just for the big screen experience! i never watched a predator movie in the theatres prettty sure there will b aspects of this movie ill enjoy...just as long as it has the predator hunt style scenes in it im all for it!!!

  • Gregorio Alcantara
    Gregorio Alcantara   2018-09-18T13:15:06.000Z

    I don\'t care what anyone says this movie is badass !

  • Edison Lai
    Edison Lai   2018-09-18T12:31:29.000Z

    1. Predator 2. Predators 3. Predator 2 4. Alien vs. Predator 5. The Predator 6. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

  • F Bacurau
    F Bacurau   2018-09-18T11:28:46.000Z

    Predators 2010>The Predator. I loved that movie so much.

  • noestoyfacil
    noestoyfacil   2018-09-18T11:22:20.000Z

    It was really good I liked it

  • Anthony Dean
    Anthony Dean   2018-09-18T10:35:54.000Z

    knew it was gonna be shit

  • Dee Patterson
    Dee Patterson   2018-09-18T10:21:11.000Z

    Surprised he didn\'t give it dog shit. The worst movie ever

  • David Hansen
    David Hansen   2018-09-18T09:45:43.000Z

    this movie is pure trash...

  • Jonno 04-10RR
    Jonno 04-10RR   2018-09-18T09:32:47.000Z

    Saw this movie last week... really looked forward to it and then.... People moan about all the other predator movies, but wait till they see this shit, makes every predator movie look awesome in comparison.. fuck you Shane Black for ruining what could have been an absolutely mega movie.

  • Jason
    Jason   2018-09-18T08:03:02.000Z

    With some A Lister and more likable character and a good predator Vs ultimate predator This movie would be better

  • Jason
    Jason   2018-09-18T07:57:59.000Z

    This film was really boring

  • mihajlo525
    mihajlo525   2018-09-18T07:33:07.000Z

    Both the Predator and Alien Franchise had the exact same problem. They both camd out with a new movie that was great and revived the franchise and gave potential for a series (Prometheus, Predators) but then they fuck it up by throwing the previous script in the trash and introducing a bunch of forgettable characters (The predator, Covenant)

  • King Stevie
    King Stevie   2018-09-18T07:30:40.000Z

    Yeah it\'s defiantly a film that can\'t be taken seriously, but it\'s pretty fun to watch for the action and humour in it. Too bad they didn\'t go for the original script.

  • Ruben Melchor
    Ruben Melchor   2018-09-18T07:28:57.000Z

    Don\'t listen to the negative reviews.This movie was awesome!

  • mihajlo525
    mihajlo525   2018-09-18T07:26:22.000Z

    The second I saw \"from the director of ironman 3\" I knew this would be terrible.

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner   2018-09-18T06:40:29.000Z

    Why didn’t they just finish off where Adrien Brody was left on the Alien planet

  • Divan L Visser
    Divan L Visser   2018-09-18T05:56:04.000Z

    The Keanu Reeves \"That\'s really not gonna help\" sounds so spot on! It\'s weird actually...

  • Edwin Gonzalez
    Edwin Gonzalez   2018-09-18T05:55:21.000Z


  • Mario Persaud
    Mario Persaud   2018-09-18T05:46:27.000Z

    I liked it

  • mrawesome669
    mrawesome669   2018-09-18T03:41:09.000Z

    Not gonna lie, I enjoyed it, maybe it’s because I went it with really low expectations but I liked the action, story and characters. Sure it’s not the best in the series but I’d still say it’s in the better half. Plus when you compare it to other recent installments from some other eighties franchises like Alien Covenant, Robocop (2014) and Terminator Genesis, I think it’s far better than those. It’s not gonna re-invent the wheel but I wanted a fun, gory action film and that’s what I got 7/10

  • Theodormarlo Hembra
    Theodormarlo Hembra   2018-09-18T03:41:06.000Z

    I thought the movie was okay there was a few things i didnt like example the i guess some parts of the comedy i think it was just kinda bad but overall i think its just a 7/10 movie

  • Isabel
    Isabel   2018-09-18T02:14:06.000Z

    Nice jacket.

  • John Michael Logarta
    John Michael Logarta   2018-09-18T01:32:21.000Z

    This is- *drum roll.... Suicide Squad Predator version. 😅

  • ruz the wizardo
    ruz the wizardo   2018-09-18T01:19:55.000Z

    best is ofc predator then predator whatever number with pianist guy and then not great but ok AvP 1

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis   2018-09-18T00:24:46.000Z

    Is it worth seeing?

  • Matt Hunkee
    Matt Hunkee   2018-09-18T00:07:26.000Z

    jeremy doesnt ever have to wear pants in any of his videos. youd never know

  • the KXO
    the KXO   2018-09-17T22:23:57.000Z

    As I said on Twitter: “Throw the whole movie away” 🚮 I’m still waiting on my check for 2 hours of time wasted + drive time.

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris   2018-09-17T21:18:24.000Z

    Chris Hanson VS Predator

  • Brian Carpenter
    Brian Carpenter   2018-09-17T20:42:04.000Z

    I\'ve said it before and everyone knows it, Olivia Munn ruins movies. Munn most certainly cost producers millions in opening weekend revenue because she wanted to be a fake crusader. Dude is a registered sex offender. His life is ruined already. And you do this move to gain what exactly? Hollywood will not be calling her again.

  • Joe Card
    Joe Card   2018-09-17T19:45:31.000Z

    its a popcorn movie to expect anything more is over reaching

  • timoback3000
    timoback3000   2018-09-17T19:02:44.000Z

    They should go to the Predator home world

  • timoback3000
    timoback3000   2018-09-17T19:01:58.000Z

    2nd worse only better than AvP:Requiem

  • Toni Heinze
    Toni Heinze   2018-09-17T18:56:14.000Z

    Batman: Dead End, Predator, Predator 2, The Predator, Predators, AVP2, AVP1. was there another one?

  • Charles Belisle Belisle
    Charles Belisle Belisle   2018-09-17T18:37:33.000Z

    Why are you yelling damn

  • JM
    JM   2018-09-17T18:04:27.000Z

    Halloween chick flick

  • Leonardo Silva Conrado
    Leonardo Silva Conrado   2018-09-17T17:14:19.000Z

    The worse Predator movie, I hope that Shane Black not continue like a director predator movie.

  • Bryan LeMunyon
    Bryan LeMunyon   2018-09-17T17:06:14.000Z

    The hell are you babbling about. I thought I was going to watch a review of The Predator, not watch you babble around.