The Try Guys Danish Food Taste Test

  • Published on 2016-08-27T18:00:03.000Z
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  • Random personer Fra Danmark
    Random personer Fra Danmark   2018-09-23T14:38:59.000Z


  • GachaMoon
    GachaMoon   2018-09-22T21:31:17.000Z

    “” “Your country is AmaZInG”

  • GachaMoon
    GachaMoon   2018-09-22T21:27:18.000Z


  • Helena Skjoth
    Helena Skjoth   2018-09-22T17:21:14.000Z

    Only danger people understand what I’m about to say next jeg spiser rugbrød hver dag og jeg elsker det hej hej

  • Helena Skjoth
    Helena Skjoth   2018-09-22T17:19:58.000Z

    Oh my God I love grill pølse

  • Helena Skjoth
    Helena Skjoth   2018-09-22T17:18:08.000Z

    Omg I’m Danish

  • JasmineV95
    JasmineV95   2018-09-22T14:11:14.000Z

    OMG as a Dane,this is so fun :D

  • Maria
    Maria   2018-09-20T19:55:16.000Z

    ok but what kind of sound is 1.28 im dying laughing :\')

  • mettemarie bigum
    mettemarie bigum   2018-09-20T19:01:43.000Z

    I’m from Denmark and this made me so happy

  • Anna Bjørneng Strømsnes
    Anna Bjørneng Strømsnes   2018-09-20T17:34:59.000Z

    Do Norway to, that would be awesome.

  • Louis Brosbøl
    Louis Brosbøl   2018-09-20T13:50:59.000Z

    The Girls look like they seriously regretted signing up for this and just wanna go home. Why did you find the two most awkward and shy women to co host this

  • Limez4L_
    Limez4L_   2018-09-20T13:02:19.000Z

    The worst thing about this Video is the comment section. \"OMG I\'M FROM DENMARK\" and \"hahahah er det ikke bare sjovt\" and \"Hejjjjjj jeg er dansker\"

  • Sofia Kristiansen
    Sofia Kristiansen   2018-09-20T05:16:47.000Z

    Grillpølser is my favorite!

  • Olle Hein
    Olle Hein   2018-09-19T15:15:34.000Z

    Jeg kommer fra Danmark

  • jolenekp
    jolenekp   2018-09-18T15:50:58.000Z

    Keith \"Im not sure if this is offensive or adorable\" Girl \" A little bit of both\" Keith \"well than we nailed it\"

  • Leopolds Traveling Vlog —LTV
    Leopolds Traveling Vlog —LTV   2018-09-16T18:30:35.000Z

    Its tebirkes not tebrød. Wtf

  • Izzy Spitz
    Izzy Spitz   2018-09-16T11:20:17.000Z


  • Izzy Spitz
    Izzy Spitz   2018-09-16T11:19:07.000Z

    No not “tape worms” it’s “TE, BIRK-ESS”

  • Izzy Spitz
    Izzy Spitz   2018-09-16T11:18:43.000Z

    I love tebirkes 😍💗

  • a j
    a j   2018-09-16T06:21:45.000Z

    i think these guys are borderline bi

  • superbleeder98
    superbleeder98   2018-09-16T03:57:00.000Z

    Øllebrød looks like poop

  • Sebastian Roszko
    Sebastian Roszko   2018-09-16T02:56:07.000Z

    Try polish food

  • william nielsen
    william nielsen   2018-09-15T16:44:56.000Z

    i am Danish

  • minitoekker !
    minitoekker !   2018-09-15T15:38:33.000Z

    Like hvis i forstår hvad det her betyder

  • Klaus Derbakk
    Klaus Derbakk   2018-09-14T14:47:40.000Z

    You should try Norwegian food cuz we have some weird

  • Ash Aun
    Ash Aun   2018-09-13T17:16:30.000Z

    HAHAHAH “tapeworms”.. WTF KEITH

  • Pandaboy dk
    Pandaboy dk   2018-09-12T21:06:19.000Z

    Vi elsker også jer Try guys

  • lola Sullivan
    lola Sullivan   2018-09-12T00:16:08.000Z

    \"Mmm Tapeworm\" -Keith

  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster   2018-09-11T22:39:19.000Z

    Keith 🤣😭❤️

  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster   2018-09-11T22:37:03.000Z

    Keith- “Mmmmm tapeworm.”

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer   2018-09-10T22:09:42.000Z

    Mmm tapeworms

  • MelissaEmilie
    MelissaEmilie   2018-09-10T20:10:11.000Z

    Oh no no no! It’s not “tebrød” as the woman on the left says, it’s “tebirkes” (like it was rightfully written in the video lol). Likewise, we don’t call danishes “cake”, we call them “wienerbrød”. These people are Danish representatives and they don’t even know the name of the food

  • Yoongay
    Yoongay   2018-09-10T17:17:13.000Z

    *Denmark’s favourite bread.*

  • Melissavlogger Allouch
    Melissavlogger Allouch   2018-09-09T17:56:29.000Z

    Hej jeg er dansker(dansk)hi i am Danish (english)

  • Andreas Sander Nielsen Frederiksen (AST 8Z)

    these american geys are really wierd.

  • Ogeenock
    Ogeenock   2018-09-08T19:06:13.000Z

    Og her kommer alle danskerne som ikke gider at holde kæft om deres land!

  • Sylvscats
    Sylvscats   2018-09-08T13:01:50.000Z

    as a Norwegian, i can\'t help but diss the Danish language for sounding like they have a potato stuck in their throat. When Millie said \"rugbrød\" it just sounded like she was gagging 😂

  • Dit Kind
    Dit Kind   2018-09-08T09:49:58.000Z

    Keith kept saying Deenland....

  • Cate McD
    Cate McD   2018-09-08T06:17:03.000Z

    1:42 *ALRIGHT*

  • Jonathan Sports
    Jonathan Sports   2018-09-08T01:33:30.000Z

    In case anyone wanted to know, Ned\'s name is actually a word in Danish. It means \"down, beneath or below.\" Sorry, Ned.

  • Cyprian
    Cyprian   2018-09-07T23:11:58.000Z


  • The Derpy Inkling
    The Derpy Inkling   2018-09-06T23:36:41.000Z


  • Hana Ali
    Hana Ali   2018-09-05T22:27:04.000Z

    i just looked up Denland; its a real place

  • CookieCat Demon
    CookieCat Demon   2018-09-05T16:08:04.000Z

    >>It\'s made out of beer and bread<< >>Beer?!<< >>Your country is amazing<< Me: well, thank you 😎😎😎

  • Nicoline Hovmand
    Nicoline Hovmand   2018-09-05T14:49:11.000Z

    I’m so proud of our food - I love øllebrød and rugbrød 🇩🇰

  • Tj Tucker
    Tj Tucker   2018-09-05T01:43:13.000Z


  • W.D. Alphys
    W.D. Alphys   2018-09-03T12:55:26.000Z

    Welp now I\'m hungry! 😁

  • Glynnis The Menace
    Glynnis The Menace   2018-09-03T03:43:36.000Z

    Smørbrød literally means sandwich lol

  • Kamu Namu
    Kamu Namu   2018-09-02T23:09:44.000Z


  • Kawaii Nightcore
    Kawaii Nightcore   2018-09-02T15:39:55.000Z

    Jeg er også fra danmark

  • Billie Wicks 18 (STUDENT)
    Billie Wicks 18 (STUDENT)   2018-09-02T13:45:56.000Z

    Well Germany serves beer and pretzels in there McDonald’s

  • Katja Merlung
    Katja Merlung   2018-09-01T23:24:41.000Z

    Wtf is going on. Don\'t judge os we were vikings before 😂

  • Robin Kjems
    Robin Kjems   2018-08-31T17:15:42.000Z

    *sweats in danish*

  • Sophia Kalo
    Sophia Kalo   2018-08-31T05:14:40.000Z

    \"what do you eat for breakfast? eggs, bacon, freedom?\" HAHA

  • That Library Smell
    That Library Smell   2018-08-31T03:31:35.000Z

    I haven\'t eaten all day so watching this video makes my stomach feel like it\'s digesting itself.

  • Challenge Bois
    Challenge Bois   2018-08-30T17:45:55.000Z

    Im from Denmark

  • Ded me mes
    Ded me mes   2018-08-29T14:41:10.000Z

    *DANELAND* ;\'(

  • Colin Saxtorph windelev
    Colin Saxtorph windelev   2018-08-28T16:04:25.000Z

    I AM danhis

  • Savanna Foss
    Savanna Foss   2018-08-27T22:50:33.000Z

    Did anyone notice the arm and watch on the right hand corner at 1:45

  • Casper Guldborg
    Casper Guldborg   2018-08-27T13:19:02.000Z

    As a dane i am crying of laugh. They pronounce everything wrong

  • Big Fluffy Sofa
    Big Fluffy Sofa   2018-08-26T01:32:45.000Z


  • Nora Tholstrup Søgaard 8.C Hældagerskolen

    She said \"It\'s tebrød\" and then Keith said \"Mmm tapeworms\"

  • Caitlin Newey
    Caitlin Newey   2018-08-25T05:17:54.000Z

    \'its like a little rasberry nipple\' - Zach

  • exo-love
    exo-love   2018-08-25T03:08:17.000Z


  • Celeste Sadler
    Celeste Sadler   2018-08-25T02:25:53.000Z

    3:43 oh my god Eugene 😂😂

  • Asterion HeroesOfChaos
    Asterion HeroesOfChaos   2018-08-24T23:09:16.000Z

    awww they ate sandwich... <3

  • Glitters go
    Glitters go   2018-08-24T18:14:05.000Z

    Det hedder sgu da wienerbrød??? Ikke kage for faen da!!!

  • Blackoreanfemale
    Blackoreanfemale   2018-08-24T11:37:18.000Z

    This episode is hilarious

  • Sam Kin
    Sam Kin   2018-08-24T04:24:52.000Z

    Professor come quick weave made a new nipple ?

  • Flora Roblox
    Flora Roblox   2018-08-23T19:25:52.000Z

    “Smørebrød” is Nothing Like sandwiches xD Wiches tates better xD

  • Zaxaz1990
    Zaxaz1990   2018-08-23T19:10:35.000Z

    no frikkedeller or hakkebøf med løg! det en ommer!

  • Tobias Flaskager
    Tobias Flaskager   2018-08-23T17:33:37.000Z

    Im from Denmark and i would rather eat white bread

  • ghostlygirly
    ghostlygirly   2018-08-22T16:18:30.000Z

    VI ELSKSREAATGA DIAGAG DAEINAMRKS oh my lord that sounded so frigging funny XD

  • Sneulven Sangild
    Sneulven Sangild   2018-08-22T15:39:00.000Z

    I\'m from Denmark and i eat rugbrød everyday for breakfast This is so fun cause ur my favourite youtubers and i never suspected u World know anything about or little land 😄

  • Monica Norwood
    Monica Norwood   2018-08-21T21:02:33.000Z

    Anybody from Denmark in the comments?? I am!🇩🇰

  • SnowFox 2074
    SnowFox 2074   2018-08-21T17:08:14.000Z

    I’m part Danish and most of my dad’s family lives in Denmark. I actually have a few friends that are also Danish, and even some of my family friends are as well. Even though Denmark is a small country, there are lots of people that are at least part Danish. Even my mom is a little Danish and her family is mostly American!

  • crystal power
    crystal power   2018-08-21T11:14:56.000Z

    I have been waiting for this and i am from denmark xD

  • Nataly Reyes
    Nataly Reyes   2018-08-21T00:20:54.000Z

    Eugene hears that the food has beer and says “ your country is amazing “

  • flying hitlard69
    flying hitlard69   2018-08-20T21:34:17.000Z

    Do Norway bitches

  • Diana Fernández
    Diana Fernández   2018-08-20T20:28:23.000Z

    \"I like watching you eat, it\'s like watching a little baby eat\" I KNOW RIGHT?

  • Awesomepaws246
    Awesomepaws246   2018-08-20T15:26:16.000Z

    2:57 Okay...

  • Frederikke Nørgaard
    Frederikke Nørgaard   2018-08-19T20:23:19.000Z

    To every fellow dane watching this. I am sorry to say I have never tasted øllebrød. I´m sorry I´m sorry, PLEASE DON´T HIT ME!

  • Sancho Pansa
    Sancho Pansa   2018-08-19T20:12:49.000Z

    Ohh the ever-uptight danes :pukes:

    ANIME LOVER21   2018-08-19T13:18:51.000Z


    ISABELLE MENTINK   2018-08-19T05:05:13.000Z

    I ship it! Eugene and Zack... Who is with me?

  • Soofi Hoomfries
    Soofi Hoomfries   2018-08-18T21:49:20.000Z

    mm mm tape worms

  • MollyEE UriYEE
    MollyEE UriYEE   2018-08-18T17:53:59.000Z


  • Domar Pejtersen
    Domar Pejtersen   2018-08-18T12:20:50.000Z

    Hej jeg kommer fra Danmark

  • Anna Thornvig Clausen
    Anna Thornvig Clausen   2018-08-17T20:07:50.000Z

    Hi im from Denmark to😱

  • Anna B
    Anna B   2018-08-16T20:39:55.000Z

    \"then how are you guys so skinny??\" hahah i love Eugene

  • Per johansen
    Per johansen   2018-08-16T19:42:42.000Z

    \"The try guys visits Denmark\"

  • Coco Kitsune
    Coco Kitsune   2018-08-16T15:48:30.000Z

    If I learned anything from the Try Guys’ fanfic video, the hotdog eating moment means something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • power boy gaming
    power boy gaming   2018-08-16T13:16:12.000Z

    Jeg for alltid rugbrødet

  • Snickeldoodie
    Snickeldoodie   2018-08-16T01:12:46.000Z


  • Don’t Subscribe
    Don’t Subscribe   2018-08-15T04:17:30.000Z

    2:42 *Gasp* _”Fennellllll...”_

  • Holland
    Holland   2018-08-14T22:10:56.000Z


  • Anna Karen Boll Boll Larsen
    Anna Karen Boll Boll Larsen   2018-08-14T17:08:10.000Z

    Like. Hvis du er dansker? Hahah im Danish. Og min hotdog ser altså ikke sådan ud, og min øllebrød WTF. Og hold kæft jeg er slot over at der er 6,9 millioner der har set det her. Blev helt glad da jeg så at der lå en video omkring Danmark.

  • MadsDahlin
    MadsDahlin   2018-08-14T15:07:27.000Z

    They\'re eating Tebrød wrong. You only hold it with one hand not two.

  • Sally Aurø
    Sally Aurø   2018-08-13T19:14:56.000Z

    Who Else is from denmark?

  • Tita Aisya
    Tita Aisya   2018-08-13T15:32:24.000Z