Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs

  • Published on 2015-09-30T18:30:00.000Z
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Comments • 33223

  • Chillypepr 0123
    Chillypepr 0123   2018-09-23T16:58:33.000Z

    1:23 the perfect timing

  • Miri Hastenichgesehen
    Miri Hastenichgesehen   2018-09-23T14:51:24.000Z

    Why remember i Spanky Ham from Drawn Together? \'Oh it is a boy\' put it thru the meat grinder on a roll and eat it...

  • Natsumi Fujita
    Natsumi Fujita   2018-09-23T08:50:00.000Z

    I i can live without bacon i don\'t really like bacon beacuse is so greesy and stuff

  • bourdie1979
    bourdie1979   2018-09-23T07:48:52.000Z

    The editing of this video is excellent

  • Jari Henke
    Jari Henke   2018-09-22T16:27:12.000Z


  • Drowning Paint
    Drowning Paint   2018-09-22T02:16:48.000Z


  • Mlg Doge Cooper
    Mlg Doge Cooper   2018-09-21T13:00:43.000Z

    I hate bacon

  • Addison Wright
    Addison Wright   2018-09-21T10:28:51.000Z

    That\'s why I hate bacon

  • Arihant Rana
    Arihant Rana   2018-09-20T15:08:19.000Z

    Still tastes good

  • Amanda Lather
    Amanda Lather   2018-09-19T01:51:12.000Z

    i hate bacon and i luv animals. im vegetarian

  • Chubby Brother
    Chubby Brother   2018-09-17T01:32:48.000Z

    I hate bacon

  • Sapphire's World
    Sapphire's World   2018-09-16T16:17:27.000Z

    I don’t even eat bacon. I eat healthy breakfast.

  • Makenna Bernstein
    Makenna Bernstein   2018-09-16T15:33:25.000Z

    I dont eat bacon I hate it I am vegetarian I am 11

  • Stella M
    Stella M   2018-09-15T14:49:31.000Z


  • Hayley Sweetman
    Hayley Sweetman   2018-09-15T11:48:45.000Z

    I hate and love bacon

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
    Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen   2018-09-15T09:48:10.000Z

    Bacon s greasy and makes my heart pound faster

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
    Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen   2018-09-15T09:40:48.000Z

    He wasnt bald

  • S a r a E r o n e n
    S a r a E r o n e n   2018-09-15T05:11:08.000Z

    1:05 🤣❤

  • RichRoyalty
    RichRoyalty   2018-09-14T18:37:08.000Z

    It\'s so cute I wanna eat it

  • Yassin Ezz
    Yassin Ezz   2018-09-14T10:43:10.000Z

    they are sooo cute

  • Ethan Joshua Ramos
    Ethan Joshua Ramos   2018-09-14T03:01:11.000Z

    Oh its a bacon seed...

  • Dodo
    Dodo   2018-09-14T01:55:04.000Z

    I love chicken I like beef I do not like pork I HATE lamb I HATE Kangaroo, Venicen, ETC

  • Lana Cvijić
    Lana Cvijić   2018-09-13T12:32:00.000Z

    Me:after this i will never eat bacon! me after 10 min: *eat bacon*

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins   2018-09-12T04:06:19.000Z

    Honestly, videos like these make me not only want to be a vegetarian, but REALLY want (like more than usual) advocate and fight for animal rights. Look at that baby pig, all animals deserve freedom, safety and health, including that baby pig! I’m sorry, but gah, that is such a cute pig!

  • TrexNext
    TrexNext   2018-09-11T13:22:08.000Z

    Of course you can\'t eat him. He\'s a baby

  • The Savage Panda
    The Savage Panda   2018-09-10T23:15:24.000Z

    1:14 is so cute

  • Perfect Precious princess
    Perfect Precious princess   2018-09-10T03:23:12.000Z

    I never ate bacon before tbh

  • Sakachi XAnime
    Sakachi XAnime   2018-09-10T03:00:58.000Z

    I like morning star veggie bacon. But not real bacon.

  • Singing Psycho's
    Singing Psycho's   2018-09-09T18:53:48.000Z

    The little pigs like \"you ate my mommy!!!\"

  • Simply Squishies
    Simply Squishies   2018-09-09T18:41:54.000Z


  • Maddie Anderson
    Maddie Anderson   2018-09-09T18:26:19.000Z

    1:08 I hope that guy realises he is now single for the rest of his life.

  • animal girl
    animal girl   2018-09-09T15:34:01.000Z

    I am vegan i do not hate bacon i use to it eat not any more i dont say to peole YOU ARE EVIL YOUR EATING PIG no when i see peole eat bacon i just wish there were vegan

  • Burgy The Puppy
    Burgy The Puppy   2018-09-09T11:52:08.000Z


  • Angelika Joy
    Angelika Joy   2018-09-09T06:20:59.000Z

    All these people are my different modes when I’m on my period

  • Kylee’s Unicorns
    Kylee’s Unicorns   2018-09-08T13:33:35.000Z

    My sister will NOT eat pig

  • Yuki Kakumei
    Yuki Kakumei   2018-09-08T10:14:16.000Z

    I hate oxygen.

  • King Faisal
    King Faisal   2018-09-08T07:50:55.000Z

    I am a Muslim so can’t eat it 😛

  • The Cringy Channel
    The Cringy Channel   2018-09-08T02:53:10.000Z

    I don,t eat my brothers I love pigs not to eat to pet 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 Pigs for life if you agree 👍🏻🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽

  • Catch me nuckles Queen
    Catch me nuckles Queen   2018-09-08T02:07:31.000Z

    This is scary pigs are my spirit animal so don’t eat pig save the pigs

  • Tint Studios!!
    Tint Studios!!   2018-09-08T01:29:55.000Z

    Yes the pigs are eating the people hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

  • Tint Studios!!
    Tint Studios!!   2018-09-08T01:29:26.000Z

    1:13 good piglet 👍👍

  • Tint Studios!!
    Tint Studios!!   2018-09-08T01:28:32.000Z

    Surrender meatarians 😡

  • Tint Studios!!
    Tint Studios!!   2018-09-08T01:27:46.000Z

    0:13 shut up bro.

  • Logans Lucky Cluckers
    Logans Lucky Cluckers   2018-09-07T23:39:09.000Z

    Conment section: 90% I don\'t like bacon 😬 10% Look at the piglets!!!!!

  • Darius Young
    Darius Young   2018-09-07T00:47:41.000Z

    that man messed up

  • Girly destroyer 4
    Girly destroyer 4   2018-09-06T22:25:45.000Z


  • Daniel Le
    Daniel Le   2018-09-06T22:14:17.000Z

    I don’t like bacon

  • Tommy Sin
    Tommy Sin   2018-09-06T06:29:51.000Z

    I don\'t even like bacon at all. Go Vegan!

  • SavageUnicorn Slimes
    SavageUnicorn Slimes   2018-09-04T23:47:06.000Z

    I hate bacon I hate chocolate

  • That Random Channel
    That Random Channel   2018-09-04T16:54:07.000Z

    I\'m vegetarian so yea

  • OliSoap Official
    OliSoap Official   2018-09-04T09:37:07.000Z

    If you love bacon, reply. If you hate bacon, like! I liked

  • Bob Tyor
    Bob Tyor   2018-09-04T07:40:37.000Z

    Oh cool now they can have suckling pig. Its dammed good all most better than bacon.

  • Ella knakmuhs
    Ella knakmuhs   2018-09-04T05:06:50.000Z


  • Zobo Craft1326
    Zobo Craft1326   2018-09-04T02:41:36.000Z

    I hate bacon so much

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker   2018-09-04T02:02:29.000Z

    I like my bacon cooked a certain way

  • Layla Nation
    Layla Nation   2018-09-04T01:07:09.000Z

    I never eaten bacon and never will

  • Brianna Swindle
    Brianna Swindle   2018-09-03T21:12:41.000Z

    I hate bacon

  • Letupi :D
    Letupi :D   2018-09-03T20:49:36.000Z

    \"Everyone loves Bacon\" I don\'t

  • Shah Haque
    Shah Haque   2018-09-03T18:11:22.000Z

    Don’t eat it

  • Unicorn World
    Unicorn World   2018-09-03T15:22:34.000Z

    I never ate bacon in my life... I sometimes wonder how it tastes The reason why i dont eat it is cause im muslim so were not allowed:(

  • Tasmia Nasir
    Tasmia Nasir   2018-09-03T10:39:35.000Z

    I hate pigs coz I\'m a muslim and it is haram for us nd it is dirty

  • Amin Richman 56
    Amin Richman 56   2018-09-03T09:51:33.000Z

    Except moslem😂😂(I dont know why they dont eat this tasty creature)

  • Kelci F
    Kelci F   2018-09-03T05:03:07.000Z

    Omg so cute

  • fmccoy63
    fmccoy63   2018-09-03T04:22:52.000Z

    I\'m gonna get a pet pig soon so I\'ll give up bacon for them! 😢🖤

  • MindofKpop
    MindofKpop   2018-09-03T01:19:49.000Z

    When pigs nussle in your arm, they are tired

  • Marshmallow Bunny
    Marshmallow Bunny   2018-09-03T00:31:38.000Z

    I’m a bacon lover

  • WolifeCupcake #ROBLOX SQUAD
    WolifeCupcake #ROBLOX SQUAD   2018-09-02T22:37:40.000Z

    I kinda feel bad I like bacon 🥓 know that baby pig 🐷 was so cute!!!!!!!!

  • Blue 78
    Blue 78   2018-09-02T20:42:40.000Z

    Edd Gould should be here....

  • Bianca Lopez Parnetti
    Bianca Lopez Parnetti   2018-09-02T19:09:37.000Z

    I don’t like bacon

  • Mariam Howard
    Mariam Howard   2018-09-02T17:44:23.000Z

    I\'m not allowed to eat bacon.

  • Stormzy Heartbreak
    Stormzy Heartbreak   2018-09-02T14:34:15.000Z

    I don’t like bacon I only eat if it’s in subway sandwich

  • Mermaid0202 ARL
    Mermaid0202 ARL   2018-09-02T08:23:14.000Z

    I hate bacon cause the lil pigs :(

  • That Guy
    That Guy   2018-09-02T07:07:35.000Z

    ... and this is why I\'m a vegetarian

  • ItzRaii PH
    ItzRaii PH   2018-09-02T04:45:15.000Z

    #BaconH8ersComeToMe #WeWillProtectManyPiggies

  • djrabbitgirl32 productions
    djrabbitgirl32 productions   2018-09-02T04:14:29.000Z

    I need all baby piggies

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran   2018-09-02T03:32:36.000Z

    *Am so sad.....I never ate bacon ;c*

    ZIMBABWE BOLICE DEPARMEN   2018-09-02T01:52:15.000Z

    Id pet it for awhile and then ask where to start

  • Singing-Star Princess
    Singing-Star Princess   2018-09-02T00:09:17.000Z

    I really don’t like bacon. Especially since I have some compassion for cute little piggies. Piglets are so adorable!

  • Lee-Yonla Mesidor
    Lee-Yonla Mesidor   2018-09-01T22:59:54.000Z

    its so cute!!!!!!

  • vatshal1003
    vatshal1003   2018-09-01T19:10:33.000Z

    I wonder what the fate of that piglet is now

  • Brodie Truan
    Brodie Truan   2018-09-01T15:42:20.000Z

    1:07 your welcome 😂

  • XxayshahitzXx-عائشه
    XxayshahitzXx-عائشه   2018-09-01T13:17:27.000Z

    Bacon is my bae if you hate bacon go to hell bruh 😂😂😂😂

  • Ranio chaitidi
    Ranio chaitidi   2018-09-01T11:46:44.000Z

    I’m still gonna eat bacon

  • Melanie Gacha
    Melanie Gacha   2018-09-01T11:02:01.000Z

    Bacon is not delicious

  • RandomIze
    RandomIze   2018-09-01T06:35:47.000Z

    The guy said it looks delicious he is sooooo bad its a baby its like saying that to a baby

  • Ashley Baldwin
    Ashley Baldwin   2018-09-01T05:47:43.000Z

    I HATE BACON!!!!

  • JJTDM Gaming
    JJTDM Gaming   2018-09-01T02:28:22.000Z


  • Sophie Jennings
    Sophie Jennings   2018-08-31T22:59:58.000Z

    Is that kieth from the try guys??

  • Alexandra Let’s play
    Alexandra Let’s play   2018-08-31T22:07:42.000Z

    I hate bacon One I love pigs and two I almost chocked On bacon Once

  • Church_boi Playz
    Church_boi Playz   2018-08-31T22:07:01.000Z

    I didn’t have bacon for a long time, stuck in my home

  • Cheri Grissom
    Cheri Grissom   2018-08-31T21:23:05.000Z

    I hate bacon

  • Unicorn Gaming
    Unicorn Gaming   2018-08-31T21:09:32.000Z

    0:16 i hate bacon.i love pigs i what one as a pet :3

  • ABBI J
    ABBI J   2018-08-31T20:55:46.000Z


  • She Wolf
    She Wolf   2018-08-31T19:30:51.000Z

    I only like salad

  • Starlise Jun.from.17
    Starlise Jun.from.17   2018-08-31T16:11:12.000Z

    Omg 😂😭

  • DeadlyBuni
    DeadlyBuni   2018-08-31T12:00:36.000Z

    I\'m eating bacon RN... :( At least it\'s turkey bacon.....? I still feel bad tho

  • Aprill47695
    Aprill47695   2018-08-30T23:52:48.000Z

    1:00 Normal reaction. 1:07 whats wrong with you?!

  • Michele Jackson
    Michele Jackson   2018-08-30T22:33:41.000Z

    I am a pig lover and a bacon hater.

  • scarlet-_ninja
    scarlet-_ninja   2018-08-30T21:34:20.000Z

    Now mind you my brother is not a vegetarian or vegan. HE DOESN\'T LIKE BACON

  • Tp and Eg
    Tp and Eg   2018-08-30T20:48:37.000Z