twenty one pilots: Goner


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  • Max Melcher
    Max Melcher   2018-09-23T19:26:38.000Z

    holy crap thats like really sad

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy   2018-09-22T18:35:00.000Z

    Man, I rarely go down this Twenty One Pilots hole (old Goner, Ruby, Forest etc.) because it\'s fucking depressing, but every time I do wind up here I think it\'s the most beautiful thing on Earth.

  • TwentyOneFunkoPops YT
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  • Tessa Tielen
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  • water kelp
    water kelp   2018-09-18T04:45:20.000Z

    2 0 1 2 my g 0 d

  • Bon Bob
    Bon Bob   2018-09-17T18:36:10.000Z

    this and the street version of forest make me so emotional

  • Elier Martinez
    Elier Martinez   2018-09-17T01:03:54.000Z

    O shit man

  • Kitchen Sink
    Kitchen Sink   2018-09-14T21:12:08.000Z

    Bigodin na reta

  • WolfEye
    WolfEye   2018-09-13T22:25:01.000Z

    you can hear the start to heavydirtysoul at the end

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C   2018-09-13T04:55:00.000Z

    I’m just here to cry.

  • Shit Content
    Shit Content   2018-09-13T02:59:27.000Z

    I feel like the accordion represents breathing like tight chested breathing

  • Vero CX
    Vero CX   2018-09-12T20:43:53.000Z


  • It’s Just Marina
    It’s Just Marina   2018-09-12T05:45:25.000Z

    What if the moment of him screaming is something that really affected him or blurryface trying to control him?to make him feel bad about himself,making him feel like a goner?

  • IrisBlake 79
    IrisBlake 79   2018-09-11T16:42:55.000Z

    I always thought that the crackling sound, was a nuse hanging.

  • RelatedAbyss
    RelatedAbyss   2018-09-10T22:48:47.000Z

    2018 anyone

  • 1qwertype AJ
    1qwertype AJ   2018-09-10T20:17:56.000Z

    i think i cried

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer   2018-09-10T18:05:06.000Z

    Some person: \"2018, right?\" Thousands of people: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY LIKE!

  • Andrei Tsybulsky
    Andrei Tsybulsky   2018-09-10T12:00:19.000Z

    Славянская версия😄

  • Dave :v
    Dave :v   2018-09-10T05:05:05.000Z

    El origen de Trench alv

  • Cayden Loves Makeup
    Cayden Loves Makeup   2018-09-09T16:59:23.000Z


  • Charlotte Bis
    Charlotte Bis   2018-09-09T00:19:29.000Z

    The start of heavydirtysoul is at the end of this song! (The woooooo)

  • Raging Artist
    Raging Artist   2018-09-08T23:20:13.000Z

    This video evokes a pure emotion that doesn’t have a name yet.

  • th3 g3ntal man 010101
    th3 g3ntal man 010101   2018-09-08T08:02:45.000Z

    My question is who is tyler screaming at in the short cut parts

  • Jung-Mai Song
    Jung-Mai Song   2018-09-08T06:48:55.000Z

    git some braces on this bois teeth

  • tanya arya.
    tanya arya.   2018-09-08T05:04:07.000Z

    he hung himself

  • this_are_the_last_ BLUUUeeeEesSSS
    this_are_the_last_ BLUUUeeeEesSSS   2018-09-08T02:19:17.000Z

    I’m just here to say that this song is still the most powerful and precious song i’ve ever heard And this video is totally divine and it fits so well with the song I love Twenty One Pilots, I don’t know what would I do if I didn’t know then since 4 years ago🖤 Stay Alive and Welcome to trench lmao

  • Shelby Alexander
    Shelby Alexander   2018-09-07T23:05:50.000Z

    I didn\'t want to be right. I wanted it to be a conspiracy theory. I wanted it to be just insecurities or whatever. But, like, when you understand it... you understand it. I want to be alive, but I could also pull the steering wheel. I don\'t know how to filter it other than music and art. Thank you for giving less power to my blurry face.

  • blasphemy
    blasphemy   2018-09-07T23:02:59.000Z

    the hds sounds at the end just whaaaaaat is thissssss

  • Sookie
    Sookie   2018-09-07T22:47:54.000Z

    The beginning of this reminds me of Daniel Johnston for some reason...

  • dun
    dun   2018-09-07T16:36:01.000Z

    i love the HDS in the end

  • pànîc àt thè møøn
    pànîc àt thè møøn   2018-09-07T08:09:21.000Z

    ahhhh this is so beautiful, I’m so proud of the boys. They’ve made it so far

  • Tessa FF
    Tessa FF   2018-09-07T02:27:49.000Z

    I\'m a goner that\'s sounds like me

  • Inesilia Mihihi
    Inesilia Mihihi   2018-09-07T00:23:34.000Z

    X_X omg I love ❤__❤

  • Juicy Lemon
    Juicy Lemon   2018-09-06T16:09:15.000Z

    The song that saved me. I can only thank you.

  • Jacob Biggs
    Jacob Biggs   2018-09-06T06:49:19.000Z

    A hug is the only thing that I want right now

  • TakeSomeSwing
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  • spicy italian meatball
    spicy italian meatball   2018-09-06T02:49:31.000Z

    tyler has such a nice face, like idk it’s just *n i c e*

  • Bryce Walters
    Bryce Walters   2018-09-05T16:03:08.000Z

    same location for truce.

  • Grumpy Qisyn
    Grumpy Qisyn   2018-09-05T15:44:00.000Z

    Bro. All it takes was just 3 consecutive days of me listening to these guys to fall in love with them and its a one way ticket.

  • Random Shreesh
    Random Shreesh   2018-09-04T17:03:20.000Z


  • stormoftara
    stormoftara   2018-09-03T06:59:12.000Z

    I know no one is likely to ever read this, but I love this version of the song. I can imagine Tyler going out in the middle of the night, his mind full of passion for this song he\'d been working on. Despite the lyrics I find this song very comforting. It reminds me of a snowy night, going out for a walk in the cold to help clear my head from all my heated thoughts. Maybe for a moment finding clarity and relief. This song inspires me, I guess you could say. I want to someday create something that others can look at and also be inspired by. Something that helps them when they are in a bad mental place. I can only try, but in the meantime, thank you guys, thank you for this and all your music.

  • Twenty One of the Biggest Smol beans
    Twenty One of the Biggest Smol beans   2018-09-03T00:42:35.000Z

    play this and two at the same time

  • Twenty Ønedepressedboisatthedisco
    Twenty Ønedepressedboisatthedisco   2018-09-01T00:57:10.000Z

    I literally didn’t even know there was a goner MV what the fuck is wrong with me

  • Jo Hanna
    Jo Hanna   2018-08-31T19:38:50.000Z

    This is so beautiful, and that snow...that snow dude!!! I wish I could see snow like that here

  • Zezorak
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  • Roberto Vss
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  • mrniceguy 23
    mrniceguy 23   2018-08-29T20:24:19.000Z

    Who is here after trench?

  • Margomae McPhee
    Margomae McPhee   2018-08-29T18:11:06.000Z


  • human person
    human person   2018-08-28T23:32:01.000Z

    When did this start existing, wtf i never knew it existed

  • Bekah Pomykal
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  • Love Love
    Love Love   2018-08-27T20:56:12.000Z

    Anyone here in 2018?

  • Marcelo Júnior
    Marcelo Júnior   2018-08-26T15:31:02.000Z

    Goner termina com o começo de heavydirtysoul.

  • _PanicAtTheFakeHolo_
    _PanicAtTheFakeHolo_   2018-08-26T01:45:37.000Z

    Idk why I just found the description so cute 😂

  • Jotham's FREETIME
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  • That YEEMO girl In your grade
    That YEEMO girl In your grade   2018-08-23T16:46:35.000Z

    I just found this and I’m screaming

  • Lawniie
    Lawniie   2018-08-23T08:42:26.000Z

    Personally, I can\'t watch this video. It either makes me scared or upset and it goes to show how powerful their music is and how they express it.

  • STRONG 99
    STRONG 99   2018-08-23T03:25:43.000Z

    Clique 🇵🇪

  • LES Politics
    LES Politics   2018-08-22T20:56:30.000Z

    i thought the snow were tears.

  • No Name
    No Name   2018-08-22T17:21:03.000Z

    josh is probably clancy

    LETICIA EMO SAM   2018-08-21T23:08:55.000Z


  • Dbesser 98
    Dbesser 98   2018-08-21T03:49:54.000Z

    Have you guys realized that heavy dirty soul starts to play at the end???

  • Harry Bealing
    Harry Bealing   2018-08-20T20:12:49.000Z

    lol its not new goner is in the no phun intended album

  • Raegan Batterson
    Raegan Batterson   2018-08-20T18:08:52.000Z

    he\'s just a bean

  • Skymango_Playz
    Skymango_Playz   2018-08-19T10:03:42.000Z

    wait... heavydirtysoul is at the end 0_0

  • Панда в смокинге
    Панда в смокинге   2018-08-19T07:18:17.000Z


  • hhelenoo
    hhelenoo   2018-08-18T20:48:29.000Z

    wait wait wait at the end HDS

  • Funtime Kitty
    Funtime Kitty   2018-08-18T04:11:16.000Z

    Me af rn. I wrote a story to go with it. Sitting there, just crying as he held her. Wanting nothing else but for it all to end, for it to be over with. Everything, everyone, ready for it to all come to a stop. She cried into his shoulder with his arms around her, rubbing her back, he didn’t say a word. She began to feel a little dampness in her scalp, sensing that he was crying too. Guess he wanted it to stop too. His hair a mess, still long from the lack of a recent haircut, sprawling all over his face, clinging to his wet cheeks. Nothing was said, the only thing that could be heard was a girl sobbing madly, and a man whimpering. She held him close, as he held her closer, not wanting to let go for fear of never holding each other again. The only thing she wanted to do was cry. Let it out, then maybe it would all stop. There were small bloodstains on the back of his shirt from her wrists, that were now attempting to heal. She held onto him like he was her last string of life, the last and only string she needed to be okay. He pet her head, terrified of what she’d have done if he hadn’t walked in at the right time. He had already noticed the bag of rope across the room, and he knew what she intended to do with it. He thanked God for letting him off work early. No wonder she’d been quiet during bedtime, no wonder she had been buying bandaids recently, no wonder she had been wearing so many long sleeved shirts lately. How could he have been so clueless? He turned his head to look at her tearful, blue-gray eyes, full of hurt and sorrow. He took his finger and thumb to her chin, turning his head to hers gently. He stared for a moment, before kissing her gently, a kiss full of his fear and her sadness, yet it was still so full of passion and worry for one another. He pulled away, bringing her head back to his chest, keeping her close. “I love you, and I need you,” he quietly choked out. “And I need you to know that, okay?” “Okay…” she finally got out. “I love you too.” She mumbled, crying harder. This is exactly what she needed. ~ fin ~ I’m better at writing romance than anything else, really. Hope you like it. ||-//

  • Músicas que eu quiser legendar
    Músicas que eu quiser legendar   2018-08-18T02:56:40.000Z

    Na moral o que o Ty não sabe tocar?

  • Isaac Hoque
    Isaac Hoque   2018-08-17T22:13:34.000Z

    No phun intended

  • David Kubataev
    David Kubataev   2018-08-17T17:06:54.000Z

    so it was written in 2007 filmed in 2012 released in 2015

  • Roberta Prestifilippo
    Roberta Prestifilippo   2018-08-16T11:15:18.000Z

    This song encases my emptiness, the hole in my heart, the loneliness in my head.

  • DeBrezzion
    DeBrezzion   2018-08-16T06:49:07.000Z

    Apparently the cracking of the accordion represents someone hanging from a noose🤔

  • Hend Hammouda
    Hend Hammouda   2018-08-16T05:36:25.000Z

    The pain in his voice always makes me cry

  • Logan Byler
    Logan Byler   2018-08-15T21:08:49.000Z

    when the last 3 seconds are the intro to hds just like the end of jumpsuit is the beginning of levitate

  • m_leff.06
    m_leff.06   2018-08-15T19:42:33.000Z

    Stop it tyler your gonna wake up aunty joanananansasbsujd next door On second thoughts carry on its funny watching her have a t a n t r u m

  • Lit_Springles _4Life
    Lit_Springles _4Life   2018-08-12T22:28:07.000Z

    This is so beautiful I cried

  • AppleJamGaming
    AppleJamGaming   2018-08-11T20:20:27.000Z

    I came for the normal song...

  • Fallen_Nicø
    Fallen_Nicø   2018-08-10T10:56:48.000Z

    I adore this band so much, but why is the video clip a bit different? ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤

  • Trench Пилотов
    Trench Пилотов   2018-08-09T15:18:38.000Z


  • twenty øne dønuts
    twenty øne dønuts   2018-08-09T06:48:05.000Z

    this is art

  • Brendon's Forehead
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    TØP FAN   2018-08-09T04:39:09.000Z

    Accordion and the sound of a noose swinging gets me every time

  • Sarah Gouda
    Sarah Gouda   2018-08-08T17:36:21.000Z

    1:18, 1:28, 1:30 I cried after watching this because I can so fucking relate it’s like you’re internally screaming to yourself reminding yourself that you’re a loser and that basically everything is your fault and you’re just worthless and you just want to scream so loud because you’re literally going crazy

  • Zodmersky
    Zodmersky   2018-08-08T11:31:39.000Z

    when you leak a song 3 years earlier than the actual album coming out

  • Cheez Whiz With Sirens
    Cheez Whiz With Sirens   2018-08-07T00:41:17.000Z

    The creaking sound makes me really uncomfortable and idk why. I just don’t like it.

  • Greyyy Giraldo
    Greyyy Giraldo   2018-08-06T22:16:03.000Z

    i can\'t listen to this version of the song because it triggers me :(

  • Kathy Bishop
    Kathy Bishop   2018-08-04T06:58:57.000Z

    Well that was a weird creepy segue from watching the finale of Breaking Bad ( for about the 20th time) with that same creaky sound as in this I’m a Goner. It was the motor of the empty machine gun rig that Walt set up but sounded just like whatever that noise is here.

    DEADPOOL GAMER FX :v   2018-08-04T03:07:01.000Z

    *Cuando escuchaste por primera vez Goner* *Yo = dame clorox :\"\"\"\"v*

  • Любитель копатэ4а
    Любитель копатэ4а   2018-08-02T17:57:03.000Z

    Тайлер, на улице зима. Одень куртку

  • LemonLion
    LemonLion   2018-08-02T15:55:30.000Z

    I\'m sorry but this version is so much better than the Blurryface version. No amount of Tyler\'s soft piano or intense screaming can amount to the pain I hear in this boi\'s voice ;;

  • Luna Gray
    Luna Gray   2018-08-01T21:19:53.000Z

    add accordion to the list of instruments Tyler can play.

  • xPlayerr #61516
    xPlayerr #61516   2018-08-01T19:56:48.000Z

    im a goner ..... old era |-/ ||-//

  • Hi Person
    Hi Person   2018-08-01T11:08:13.000Z

    The ad at the beginning... was the jumpsuit music video i am happy

  • Aubree- -IDK
    Aubree- -IDK   2018-07-27T17:23:21.000Z

    That noise in the song is a noose swinging Tyler had depression I had it once It\'s hard To get away From 😭🖤

  • FriendlyNeighborhoodLoser
    FriendlyNeighborhoodLoser   2018-07-27T07:12:06.000Z

    To think that blurryface existed in 2007 is crazy. Tyler was only 17 when he wrote songs like goner or trees. In this he\'s 24, which now he\'s 30. And the heavydirtysoul sound plays at the end, which means they\'ve most likely been planning the blurryface album music and story since 2012 or even earlier, which remind you, vessel still hasn\'t come out back then, and RAB and josh were only a year old. That means from the time im writing this, the day the nico and the niners music video came out, they probably have the whole Clancy and dema thing planned out and are working on the next album.

  • MypixGames
    MypixGames   2018-07-26T16:28:59.000Z


  • Jgally_18
    Jgally_18   2018-07-26T03:18:23.000Z

    I\'d love to know what he screams during those cuts

  • Lil Kitten
    Lil Kitten   2018-07-25T18:02:37.000Z

    has anyone else realized that Tyler has included at least one thing from No Phun Intended into his albums ? like Fall Away has lyrics from Drown . Anathema has lyrics from Blasphemy . Ode To Sleep has lyrics from Just Like Yesterday . and Goner is in the Blurryface Album as a whole song . it’s amazing .