All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet & LUXURY Dim Sum in Taipei Taiwan: Taiwan Food Tour


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  • Booble
    Booble   2018-09-23T17:00:49.000Z

    Where’s the video of you in Sweden I wanna see it

  • Better With Rum
    Better With Rum   2018-09-23T00:36:13.000Z

    6:53, that woman is either thinking, \'savage\' or \'man, I wish I could have some lobster right now\'

  • Shawn Thao
    Shawn Thao   2018-09-21T21:14:04.000Z

    Food food and more food

  • Thefruitshowstheroot
    Thefruitshowstheroot   2018-09-20T00:53:30.000Z

    ...slow down Paula Deen...

  • Fiona P
    Fiona P   2018-09-19T05:36:50.000Z

    I wish I could eat as much as you. I love seafood but if I eat to much I feel nauseous. Very disappointing especially watching you eat this delicious meal.

  • Evelyn Torres
    Evelyn Torres   2018-09-18T03:47:07.000Z

    Mike I\'ve been enjoying you videos. Wow nice seafood buffet. Question: Do you ever do fasting to give your body a rest from so much calories?

  • KIBA4842
    KIBA4842   2018-09-16T20:34:05.000Z

    Drooling no, having to swallow every second yes

  • Reall
    Reall   2018-09-16T14:58:44.000Z

    Buffet: *come and eat here!* Me: *OH YES*

  • jkim7664
    jkim7664   2018-09-16T13:14:00.000Z

    he looks nephew of Jackie Chen ... is he?

  • Bobby Chang
    Bobby Chang   2018-09-16T05:15:02.000Z

    These are pretty much the only videos I like rewatching several times.

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans   2018-09-15T15:51:52.000Z

    I need the next hangover movie asap

  • JungleFeversome
    JungleFeversome   2018-09-14T15:54:21.000Z

    Quite sad, the gluttony and overkill!

  • Mohammad Rahman
    Mohammad Rahman   2018-09-14T05:29:55.000Z

    You ever get food poisoning from any of the buffets?

  • Flow Penn
    Flow Penn   2018-09-09T13:38:23.000Z

    If you licking the she\'ll I\'m subbing

  • Flow Penn
    Flow Penn   2018-09-09T13:37:36.000Z

    @4:40 yes booking a trip after\'s a must now

  • sara lopez
    sara lopez   2018-09-09T11:00:14.000Z

    Wonder how long he hibernated after this feast

  • khazix sm
    khazix sm   2018-09-09T03:51:49.000Z

    Pls tell is thatcall free

  • Kid Vixen
    Kid Vixen   2018-09-08T05:44:39.000Z

    08:53 Lol !

  • Bernadette Bailey
    Bernadette Bailey   2018-09-07T02:06:40.000Z

    I would need someone munchie smoke to eat like that! Love it!

  • redd aguaras
    redd aguaras   2018-09-06T08:30:14.000Z

    10 bucks for 4 pcs siomai!?! Thats like 4 dozens of siomai in our place.

  • Kommandant Duncan
    Kommandant Duncan   2018-09-05T18:35:30.000Z

    Sea Food Pizza from Carins Australia is quite amazing.

  • Huda Jamal
    Huda Jamal   2018-09-05T06:39:58.000Z

  • Josie O'Dell
    Josie O'Dell   2018-09-03T00:06:20.000Z

    I love your videos so much I even watch a video of you eating this that would literally kill me (shell fish)

  • H L
    H L   2018-09-02T17:12:22.000Z

    i\'m smiling watching the entire video.

  • furz kolio
    furz kolio   2018-09-02T10:04:41.000Z

    Eating ice cream with a fork!!

  • anh hoang
    anh hoang   2018-08-29T04:47:39.000Z

    Mikey Chen or Jackie Chan ?

  • moumita santra
    moumita santra   2018-08-27T11:38:41.000Z

    i like d mike chin logic

  • Jazmin Campbell
    Jazmin Campbell   2018-08-27T04:46:07.000Z

    I beat he never has food at home because he eats it all🤣

  • Mike Huang
    Mike Huang   2018-08-26T07:46:18.000Z

    Oh Mike, after eating at both of these places I can say that you must have gotten paid or had your meals comp. Honestly, the The Kitchen Table is just okay and the dim sum at the YEN is creative at best but not as delicious as you described it to be, the pork bun was pretty good but all the others were okay. The service at the W Hotel and the two restaurant were outstanding but that’s how Taiwan is and you get what you pay for. I no longer will follow your suggestions because I think your taste for food is questionable and you really over react on how good something taste.

  • James TheDoctor Duncan
    James TheDoctor Duncan   2018-08-26T06:29:15.000Z

    I want to live next door to that buffet.

  • Nart Tran
    Nart Tran   2018-08-26T01:18:01.000Z

    Love how you’re so into what you’re eating. I wanna know how you treat your partner/lover. Hahaha

  • Joe Yang
    Joe Yang   2018-08-25T18:27:13.000Z

    John thao was here

  • J Michelle
    J Michelle   2018-08-24T20:28:39.000Z

    I love buffets.

  • full throttle 2
    full throttle 2   2018-08-24T16:48:38.000Z

    Mike knows how to get his money\'s worth at a Buffett

  • Ralph Furley
    Ralph Furley   2018-08-24T03:18:13.000Z

    Oh my goodness, you’re living my dream!!! Holy cow bro, you are a Master Buffet Eater!!! Even in my younger days, I couldn’t consume half of what you ate on this video!!! ☮️🖖🏽

  • U Diddet
    U Diddet   2018-08-23T23:53:54.000Z

    Who do you travel with? I’m sure someone’s holding the camera ? Lol

  • BeardedManCrafts
    BeardedManCrafts   2018-08-23T20:16:46.000Z

    How do people dislike this video!?!? Mike you\'re flipping Awesome!!!! <3

  • Juan Miguel Elayda
    Juan Miguel Elayda   2018-08-23T13:09:32.000Z

    Yo this place is only $66 that insane! its a steal

  • Whitecore Drago357
    Whitecore Drago357   2018-08-23T02:38:58.000Z

    Whats up Jackie chan

  • Chris Terry
    Chris Terry   2018-08-22T16:38:10.000Z

    You failed in giving us better description of the taste, of each item. You\'re shoving food down so fast u forgot why your doing this video. Maybe in the next video should be ingredients so we can try and make at home

  • Osha Osha
    Osha Osha   2018-08-22T12:32:03.000Z

    Very nice video I love all ur food dimsum delicious

  • Giovanna Persaud
    Giovanna Persaud   2018-08-20T12:50:13.000Z

    Yep us Asians definitely have a few extra stomachs when it comes to seafood buffets 🙏

  • JK Carbaugh
    JK Carbaugh   2018-08-20T01:48:55.000Z

    Extremely jealous of your buffet experiences! I gain five pounds just watching one.

  • Tan Vo
    Tan Vo   2018-08-18T23:32:24.000Z

    They need to crack those claws before they cook it so the sauce gets in there!

  • Kris Oku
    Kris Oku   2018-08-17T17:28:25.000Z

    The 🔥 pot tour is the best

  • Kris Oku
    Kris Oku   2018-08-17T17:27:57.000Z

    Dude you got to invite me to one of these buffets 😂 I bet I can out you and enjoy more

  • tidy rabilla
    tidy rabilla   2018-08-13T15:59:48.000Z


    MIKEE ESPERACION   2018-08-13T12:51:01.000Z

    this guy is awesome... :D Keep it up!

  • Koko Fouad
    Koko Fouad   2018-08-12T22:55:17.000Z

    I\'m hanger 😭😭😭

  • SkunkApe95
    SkunkApe95   2018-08-12T11:11:01.000Z

    Don’t make up lies about extra Asian stomachs, we all know you’re just a robot with a nuclear furnace In your belly.

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm   2018-08-11T16:50:01.000Z

    i must be part asian then cause i got several stomachs for various kinds of foods and sweets

  • Mae Kyla Nicole
    Mae Kyla Nicole   2018-08-11T12:18:57.000Z

    the best dimsum I\'ve ever had was from Tim Ho wan

  • Enrique Ayala
    Enrique Ayala   2018-08-10T11:43:27.000Z

    So what i learned is that asians will grow a whole new stomach when they want more food

  • antonhbp
    antonhbp   2018-08-10T06:06:41.000Z

    I recently discovered this channel and been watching for 3 days straight lol

  • Hafeez BlackLeg
    Hafeez BlackLeg   2018-08-09T10:45:17.000Z

    They pay you a lot for all of the compliments that you say...

  • kthebae
    kthebae   2018-08-09T07:21:14.000Z

    Omg this is a dream

  • Born Boy
    Born Boy   2018-08-09T03:51:01.000Z

    I could never get over the fact that it wasn\'t a mushroom.

  • Lucy Hanouille
    Lucy Hanouille   2018-08-08T16:08:51.000Z

    OMG - I was hungry when I tuned in but now - I feel full. That is how Mike Chen can eat so much. We share our stomachs with him.

  • Jessica 31
    Jessica 31   2018-08-08T07:53:33.000Z

    Mike neeeds his own tv show

  • Ngoc Tran
    Ngoc Tran   2018-08-08T02:16:42.000Z

    Did you have the book the buffet online prior to coming or you can just buy tickets at the door? @strictlydumpling

  • lovelybutterfly32
    lovelybutterfly32   2018-08-07T21:55:04.000Z

    I\'m so glad I found these videos. I love his sense of humor!

  • smarteapantz
    smarteapantz   2018-08-07T14:39:07.000Z

    I always suspected Mike had 4 stomachs. This video confirms it. Lol

  • Cherpy LaTina
    Cherpy LaTina   2018-08-06T16:06:48.000Z

    They turned off the light on purpose to get you to leave lol

  • 黃子馨
    黃子馨   2018-08-06T14:35:13.000Z

    It\'s also a weapon when someone tries to get the last dim sum... lol.

  • Jack Wolf
    Jack Wolf   2018-08-06T04:07:25.000Z

    Mike you gonna cost me lots of money, I\'m going to Vietnam, Singapore and Phillipines eat all the crap you eat :)

  • Naz95K
    Naz95K   2018-08-06T00:58:24.000Z

    instant sub once i saw your vids

  • Bala Balakrishnan
    Bala Balakrishnan   2018-08-05T23:41:09.000Z

    I\'m not sure how all the spices gets in to crabs or lobsters meat if don\'t break the shells.

  • rob jasmin
    rob jasmin   2018-08-05T22:17:06.000Z

    Mike Chen the jacki chan of food!. In the best way

  • A. D.
    A. D.   2018-08-05T21:31:33.000Z

    😢 I wanna go here.

  • Ashley Philip
    Ashley Philip   2018-08-05T21:10:41.000Z

    Love/hate relationship.... where is the hate... we all loving the food up here

  • VashXTrigun
    VashXTrigun   2018-08-03T22:27:29.000Z

    I wonder, are the people sitting behind Mike bothered by the fact they are filmed or do they not care?

  • Esmeralda Jovel
    Esmeralda Jovel   2018-08-03T00:52:06.000Z

    Omg how much can you eat !!!! It\'s crazy Like your channel

    SURVIVALCRAFT FIGHTER   2018-08-02T13:00:17.000Z

    Maybe on buffets they write \"Mikey Chen, do not go here, we are out of stock!\"

  • July Paw
    July Paw   2018-08-01T06:24:19.000Z

    Damn, I am so jealous 🤤

  • Zeleste Cruz
    Zeleste Cruz   2018-07-31T02:34:59.000Z

    I’m so jelly. I wish I could eat there I love seafood. Take me with. Haha.

  • pearl burns
    pearl burns   2018-07-29T20:43:17.000Z

    You have a vicious appetite and very inviting but, my issues, the smell of delicious food is enough for me to gain 20 lbs. I loved sea foods and I have to watch my blood pressure. And I\'ll keep that in mind we only live once so am ready to eat tons of sea foods

  • 番薯哥
    番薯哥   2018-07-29T09:44:56.000Z

    The couple at the back seat keep notice Mike several times.

  • edm mkk
    edm mkk   2018-07-29T08:50:35.000Z

    This Jackie Chan looking guy always says good to any food?

  • QuiddleWee
    QuiddleWee   2018-07-27T21:25:14.000Z

    Lol sometimes u can see people staring at the camera

  • AC in GA
    AC in GA   2018-07-27T15:25:35.000Z

    You make me happy when you enjoy food this much!!

  • Adixer Burgos
    Adixer Burgos   2018-07-27T01:17:39.000Z

    I love your videos mike.

  • Yasy diana
    Yasy diana   2018-07-26T10:30:08.000Z

    Mama can i go there... No

  • Don720
    Don720   2018-07-26T04:53:03.000Z

    1.4 Million sub, I remember watching a while back with less, around 250k, I think. You channel has grown. How about trying Brave browser? You could get both youtube and brave tokens. Yes, I have some Brave Bat tokens, but not as many as you think. It\'s the ones that started way at the beginning, when the price was very low, with a large quantity that make a lot, unless the token price grow exponentially.

  • lemcrowell6 Sonkayden
    lemcrowell6 Sonkayden   2018-07-26T02:35:53.000Z

    Just earlier this year I came across your YouTube channel and I\'m a fan so this is like I think my third video that I ever saw and this is my favorite one I am subscribed but this is my favorite one

  • Emelie Börjesson
    Emelie Börjesson   2018-07-25T16:39:57.000Z

    Im allways sad they have to put butter in everything in resturants, as someone with lactose intolerance i can almost never get the best stuff :(

  • Sam A
    Sam A   2018-07-24T16:37:41.000Z

    Literally looks like heaven

  • Lisa Simon
    Lisa Simon   2018-07-24T14:23:06.000Z

    I lov u sooooooo much u keep eatin lov watchin u

  • Reaching Respite
    Reaching Respite   2018-07-24T08:53:18.000Z

    Omg I love seafood ...this would be heaven

  • Paul C
    Paul C   2018-07-24T01:40:20.000Z

    If every Chinaman ate like you, the world would have perished.

  • kicksomeassgirls
    kicksomeassgirls   2018-07-23T21:36:47.000Z

    I just ate then watched this and now I\'m hungry

  • Cynthia W
    Cynthia W   2018-07-23T06:40:12.000Z

    Omg. That lobster claw......

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr   2018-07-22T15:44:10.000Z

    My goodness if I died that seafood buffet would be my Nirvana

  • Van Wong
    Van Wong   2018-07-21T14:10:14.000Z

    how can he eat that much?

    GULLWORKS LTD.   2018-07-21T01:39:05.000Z

    White folks have seafood stomachs too.....

  • Trân Phạm
    Trân Phạm   2018-07-20T13:18:02.000Z

    i am licking my phone screen

  • Harold Phoenix
    Harold Phoenix   2018-07-19T23:33:53.000Z

    This guy is amazing and funny, Love it!

  • elmadicine
    elmadicine   2018-07-19T18:40:30.000Z

    this was like watching IRL shokugeki no souma

  • Paperfiasco
    Paperfiasco   2018-07-19T15:43:55.000Z

    \"I\'m not even thinking about hot oil\" ...that must\'ve been some SERIOUSLY good subtle seafood soup...

  • Lauren McDaniel
    Lauren McDaniel   2018-07-18T08:56:01.000Z

    Watching this at 5 in the morning and it’s making me mad hungry 😭

  • southrichmondmallz
    southrichmondmallz   2018-07-18T07:33:40.000Z