iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!


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  • jimi barker
    jimi barker   2018-09-21T14:18:40.000Z

    This just shows how dumb stupid justine really is shallow air head

  • Art Lover
    Art Lover   2018-09-21T13:49:26.000Z

    Does anyone even like the new iPhone like there isn’t even any home button which is frustrating😐😐

  • ssemperfi81
    ssemperfi81   2018-09-21T11:53:32.000Z

    Watch unbox therapy 10xr is junk!!

  • jennifer diaz
    jennifer diaz   2018-09-21T11:53:19.000Z

    Meanwhile, my Note 9 is also $1,000, shoots in 4K, charges other people\'s phones, and takes my pictures with a click of the built in S Pen. I could go on for hours, and not just talk about the size and camera differences lol

  • ssemperfi81
    ssemperfi81   2018-09-21T11:51:33.000Z

    Iphone suck!!!

  • Miya Rosie
    Miya Rosie   2018-09-21T11:44:18.000Z

    I have the iPhone 7 I am aiming for the iPhone 7+ all these new expensive phones are to fragile and I am too irresponsible

  • rachel katheleen
    rachel katheleen   2018-09-21T11:11:00.000Z

    Thumbs up if you think Steve Jobs Theater should be named Lisa Jobs Theater .... #metoo

  • Gabriela Carrera
    Gabriela Carrera   2018-09-21T08:26:39.000Z

    I just got mine! It arrives Friday morning. I am so excited!!! 😊

  • Rapuncat
    Rapuncat   2018-09-21T07:36:09.000Z

    Un comentario random en español, pero el crossover del video de justine con victor me da vida!

  • Totoro Ghibli
    Totoro Ghibli   2018-09-21T07:15:18.000Z

    She is an advertisement for apple products

  • Sherman FireFly
    Sherman FireFly   2018-09-21T07:13:56.000Z

    Omg 😲 android, plebs get rekt

  • Mannan Patel
    Mannan Patel   2018-09-21T06:47:56.000Z

    Oled display iPhone purchase samsung

  • Josh Emil Navarro
    Josh Emil Navarro   2018-09-21T05:34:26.000Z

    But I hope that apple will release iphone 11

  • Josh Emil Navarro
    Josh Emil Navarro   2018-09-21T05:33:33.000Z

    I thought on 2019 the apple will release iphone 11 because uts their 11th anniversary but iphone xs, xs max, and xr are pretty good

  • Shivam Raghuwanshi
    Shivam Raghuwanshi   2018-09-21T05:13:35.000Z


  • Ruel Saunders
    Ruel Saunders   2018-09-21T00:09:41.000Z

    i like but dont like Apple (love hate) but I watch iJustine b/c i like her videos.

  • YouTube Updates
    YouTube Updates   2018-09-20T23:40:37.000Z

    I want the 10s Max! I’m gonna save up my money for one or an iPhone 8+ I love bigger phones. My parents would never buy me those unless I paid for half or the whole thing

  • An Naeem Bin An Nahari
    An Naeem Bin An Nahari   2018-09-20T22:08:48.000Z

    With $750 i\'d rather buy an iphone6 and still have a balance of $500.

  • Gabriela Radecki
    Gabriela Radecki   2018-09-20T22:00:37.000Z

    Omg I got it too!! 😀 I wish....

  • Valleree Mich
    Valleree Mich   2018-09-20T21:58:19.000Z

    Looking at my wallet 3 penny’s lol wish I had the iPhone X max 🙂

  • Federico Bersano
    Federico Bersano   2018-09-20T21:40:57.000Z

    Justine.............as a tech enthusiast, how can you be this excited for a f***ing bloody colours?!?! Apple is good but that is not enough.

  • Lizzie Barry
    Lizzie Barry   2018-09-20T21:19:15.000Z

    I love your Tiffany ring😍

  • Unknown Galaxy
    Unknown Galaxy   2018-09-20T21:16:13.000Z

    Title: iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr Thumbnail: Holds Xs Max and X

  • Mr LimmeTv
    Mr LimmeTv   2018-09-20T21:06:03.000Z

    What\'s wrong with you

  • Aesthedix
    Aesthedix   2018-09-20T21:05:08.000Z

    Do u do the giveaways? I rlly want the watch or the Xs

  • Tanime & Art
    Tanime & Art   2018-09-20T21:04:42.000Z

    If you already had an apple phone for a long time say about a two-three years (and you still have it on your bill) you could upgrade for only $30-$75 (based on my experience)

  • Abdul Razzak
    Abdul Razzak   2018-09-20T21:03:05.000Z

    I need same potrait camera feature on my 8 plus plus lik this.

  • Ammon Janey
    Ammon Janey   2018-09-20T20:59:14.000Z

    *All the power in the world doesn\'t matter unless you have the software to take advantage of it*

  • Ammon Janey
    Ammon Janey   2018-09-20T20:55:55.000Z

    A bit XSive

    INC PRODUCTIONS   2018-09-20T20:47:59.000Z

    LCD,720P AT,750$? Apple I kinda like ya but not as much as Samsung tho. Apple you need to get off crack. AND THERE IS A SAMSUNG PHONE AT 300EUR THAT RUNS 1080p.

  • mad i son
    mad i son   2018-09-20T20:38:41.000Z

    Still not comfortable with the fact that Apple skipped the iPhone 9

  • Steve Chiamulon
    Steve Chiamulon   2018-09-20T20:30:42.000Z

    $750 for the XR is pure robbery, its a suped up Iphone 6 with IOS12. The sad thing is that Apple fanboi\'s want to eat that D***

  • Grace Horeluk
    Grace Horeluk   2018-09-20T20:29:57.000Z

    iphone 7 plus

  • Grace Horeluk
    Grace Horeluk   2018-09-20T20:29:36.000Z

    where’s the 9😬

  • William K
    William K   2018-09-20T20:22:04.000Z

    The iPhone XS Max is 2100 dollars in Norway and the 64gb xs is around 1450 dollars🙂

  • Vanderleisantosdasilva Silva
    Vanderleisantosdasilva Silva   2018-09-20T19:54:50.000Z


  • Lillie mae Higham
    Lillie mae Higham   2018-09-20T19:46:48.000Z

    I’m getting a 7 for Christmas ffs iPhone xs max or out

  • Armen Kalomian
    Armen Kalomian   2018-09-20T19:20:22.000Z

    Get the Xr and you won’t be able to watch ANY videos in 1080P or higher since the screen doesn’t support it. What a blow to the customers face.

  • Magnus Hoem Kristiansen
    Magnus Hoem Kristiansen   2018-09-20T18:58:44.000Z

    iJustine Needs no man she gets wet juste of unboxing appel produkts

  • Sanskar Agarwal
    Sanskar Agarwal   2018-09-20T18:52:08.000Z

    The most biased channel on YouTube🤬

  • Tinny Gzz
    Tinny Gzz   2018-09-20T18:35:32.000Z

    Stop buying the phone so they can lower the dam price 😭😭😭😭😭😭 the prices is crazy idk why she calmly saying the price lmaooo if its so cheap get me one ijustine 😂😂😂❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻

  • Jesse Oseafiana
    Jesse Oseafiana   2018-09-20T18:34:14.000Z

    I’m too broke to even watch this video

  • H Leon
    H Leon   2018-09-20T18:33:29.000Z

    Dumb paid blonde who has no idea what she\'s barfing out of her mouth. Cool, keep making these people rich (Apple included).

  • Joel
    Joel   2018-09-20T18:09:49.000Z

    God, she\'s so brainwashed...

  • Visvesh Narayan
    Visvesh Narayan   2018-09-20T17:57:52.000Z

    I think that the Gold colour on the iPhone 8 and 8+ looks better that the XS and XS Max for some reason.

  • Kunal Ahuja
    Kunal Ahuja   2018-09-20T17:55:55.000Z

    I f**k your ass babe

  • Annie Hyatt
    Annie Hyatt   2018-09-20T17:52:56.000Z

    I have had the 7plus one year after he came out and I’ll *keep* the iPhone 7 Plus . *No thank you*

  • Dreamer 1285
    Dreamer 1285   2018-09-20T17:48:32.000Z

    Boys : snapdragons 845 with 4 gigs of RAM and 4k display (spend 500$) girl : rose gold 😍(1000k)

  • Minh Quan Le
    Minh Quan Le   2018-09-20T17:29:36.000Z

    What a bias video 😂 but greatly informative!

  • Wina and time traveler
    Wina and time traveler   2018-09-20T17:19:54.000Z

    One of those 🍏 paid reviewer but she is horrible at reviewing

  • Da Niel Ko
    Da Niel Ko   2018-09-20T17:13:10.000Z

    Dumb retarded brainwashed rich bitchass isheep

  • CraigDIGz
    CraigDIGz   2018-09-20T17:13:09.000Z

    You\'re borderline crazy to think \"the iPhone XR starts at a great price point\"

  • Amin Elyaagoubi
    Amin Elyaagoubi   2018-09-20T17:02:38.000Z

    Whats next iPhone xxxl?

  • Delano Mathew Felix
    Delano Mathew Felix   2018-09-20T16:53:22.000Z

    innovations of 2018 are..dual sim support and 720p at 750 dollar.adipoli

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky   2018-09-20T16:44:22.000Z

    I’ve only used 22 of my 128 GB on my phone, I thought it would be more lol I have the 7+

  • Hayden Hebert
    Hayden Hebert   2018-09-20T16:43:03.000Z

    I’m getting my mom the Xr Edit I only have the iPhone 5

  • Astro10024
    Astro10024   2018-09-20T16:42:46.000Z

    It has the same screen resolution as the iPhone 4 OMG lol

  • Monibur Rahman
    Monibur Rahman   2018-09-20T16:19:03.000Z

    Still Android better.😀

  • Mohammad Zakriya
    Mohammad Zakriya   2018-09-20T15:56:31.000Z

    Will adjustable aperture be available on the iPhone X (2017) ?

  • Johannes Devoly
    Johannes Devoly   2018-09-20T15:54:38.000Z

    Like i have android and really rally want some ios device 😋

  • Falc0n- The Retards
    Falc0n- The Retards   2018-09-20T15:23:33.000Z


    ANGEL AVINA   2018-09-20T15:15:31.000Z

    I preorder my iphone xs max gold.. arriving tomorrow

  • advi sesh
    advi sesh   2018-09-20T14:59:36.000Z

    Do u watch stuff from your phone 2cm away from your eyes ? No ?? Then 1080p or more resolution will make absolutely no difference to u. Apple is not a company to cram useless features in your phone just cos they can..like samsung used to..remember the \"wave your hand to pause music\" in galaxy s3 ..they are all just gimmicks. Now before u call me an apple fan boy let me reassure u that i use lg g6 which screams *ANDROID*..I just happen to know how stuff works so don\'t take this the wrong way. Iphone xr has 326 ppi which is a bit lesser than needed to run a 1080p tv but do even realise how tiny a 6 inch phone is compared to 55inch tv ?? The pixels are so tightly packed in a display that small u will notice no difference at normal viewing distance unless u want to be a nitpicker to prove ur point by holding the phones display 1 or 2 cm away from u r eyes which is crazy btw..so i dont get all hate for iphone xr. Apart from the display u get the same a12 bionic chip thats crazy fast and has demolished every android phone ever. You also get a very capable camera that\'s identical to 10s versions . so stop bitching about the ppi without understanding what it means to u ..adios.

  • KibouRayane l قيبو ريان
    KibouRayane l قيبو ريان   2018-09-20T14:51:16.000Z

    Hi, I am muslim can you subscribe in my channel pliiiiiiiiiiiiiize

  • Ralf estrella
    Ralf estrella   2018-09-20T13:47:02.000Z

    I have two iPhone 4. If I tape them together, will it make an iPhone 8? Jk plz don\'t bombard me with hate comments XD

  • Elvis Mengisto
    Elvis Mengisto   2018-09-20T13:15:12.000Z

    Size does matter

  • Saad Sheikh Official
    Saad Sheikh Official   2018-09-20T13:11:41.000Z

    how much of iphone xs max ?

  • Royce Leanzer
    Royce Leanzer   2018-09-20T13:05:14.000Z

    Apple\'s unofficial poster girl. Bland enthusiasm that fails to mask the real life truth of Apple products. Ridiculously priced considering what Apple offers for the price point.There\'s incredible technology being offered to people at significantly lower price points while here we have incremental upgrades being magnified to glory.

  • Master Race of everthing
    Master Race of everthing   2018-09-20T11:07:18.000Z

    She probably doesn\'t know whats an average HD resolution.

  • BellipotensNYC
    BellipotensNYC   2018-09-20T11:02:17.000Z

    iPhone zombie slaves would even buy a 1999 cell phone wrapped in these colors with apple logo on it and a 1,500 price tag. You will get \"swindled and pimped\"by Apple.

  • adarsh sharma
    adarsh sharma   2018-09-20T10:57:40.000Z

    she does not know shit about tech. She is just dumb I sheep

  • Tiffany Munroe
    Tiffany Munroe   2018-09-20T10:56:42.000Z

    On my bday

  • Maga abubuela
    Maga abubuela   2018-09-20T10:22:14.000Z

    we are talking about 1000 $ bruh 1k more than i can buy a car than a shity iphone

  • Mo0n Rose
    Mo0n Rose   2018-09-20T10:07:08.000Z

    Why do we need a new 3 iPhone 10s???

  • Vignesh N
    Vignesh N   2018-09-20T10:02:34.000Z

    Apple the best in innovation of technology and implementing ideas which are way ahead of its time, now came up with the latest innovation called #iPhoneXR, when developing market was thriving for Apple to sell iPhone at a competitive premium price. But Apple being Apple instead of lowering the profit it created all new financial model. Now Apple can sell all new series #iPhoneXR to generate more profit at a competitive premium price rather than consolidating the profit margin. Congratulation to Apple for their latest innovation but just that I would have loved it more if they did some technology innovation as well, but they chose an innovation that will make Apple a profit making machine than what apple was know for a decade ago.

  • Earthling Bailey
    Earthling Bailey   2018-09-20T09:56:32.000Z

    10x max is like 2.5k here in New Zealand :-))

  • Sr. Ovo
    Sr. Ovo   2018-09-20T09:45:59.000Z

    *_whatches with my 5s_*

  • hari ps
    hari ps   2018-09-20T09:37:16.000Z

    I just unsubscribed from this channel she\'s not a legit tech reviewer she\'s just an apple fan girl no matter how dumb the iPhones are she\'ll just say it\'s amazing...so in conclusion Apple suck and probably this channel too..

  • Merjem Gojak Mö5a
    Merjem Gojak Mö5a   2018-09-20T09:27:12.000Z

    i like u bcuz u like iphone lol

  • TXEHXX _
    TXEHXX _   2018-09-20T07:06:55.000Z

    I don’t even have a phone lol * cries inside *

  • isaac martinez
    isaac martinez   2018-09-20T07:05:09.000Z

    Yo I respected that you were an apple fan but to say the iPhone xr is a great price is really uhh like what ? Come on be honest and look around at all these phones prices I use to like my iPhone but damn like for 750 not to have 1080 which is like basic on all phones this is a joke like come one Justine

  • Zoey’s World
    Zoey’s World   2018-09-20T07:05:04.000Z

    Sweet ❤️😩

  • Hennie 333
    Hennie 333   2018-09-20T06:41:08.000Z

    I have the iPhone SE and I’m happy but I am getting a new phone when the contract runs out

  • Charles Hecker
    Charles Hecker   2018-09-20T06:26:04.000Z

    If you pay more than $200 for a phone and not own it, you are incredibly dumb. Next year it\'s obsolete. Just buy a decent phone and donate $1000 to charity. These iphones are made by Chinese workers that are paid 20 cents an hour and have suicide nets on their factories. So posh.....

  • Гульнара Рустемова
    Гульнара Рустемова   2018-09-20T06:24:11.000Z

    $999 $700 ! 💵💵💵💵💵💴💴💴💴💴💴💶💶💶💶💶💷💷💷💷💷💷💸💸💸💸💸💸💎💎💎💎💎

  • Гульнара Рустемова
    Гульнара Рустемова   2018-09-20T06:22:02.000Z

    📱 iPhone xs max iPhone xp 📱

  • Charles Hecker
    Charles Hecker   2018-09-20T06:17:04.000Z

    Once they get rid of the notch it would be an iphone. Still underpowered and overpriced but at least a full screen.

  • Aracely Gomez Videos
    Aracely Gomez Videos   2018-09-20T05:27:35.000Z

    Would the XS mini be like an SE or 5 with a full screen

  • noname22541
    noname22541   2018-09-20T05:00:32.000Z

    Isn\'t me, or is she biased?

  • Nina Neenaah
    Nina Neenaah   2018-09-20T04:47:52.000Z

    1449 that’s definitely 2000 in Kenya. Nah I’m good. I’ll stay with my 6 till the day it dies :(

  • HoNey nUt
    HoNey nUt   2018-09-20T04:35:49.000Z

    Aye putas im looking to get my first iphone so is the xr a good choice im 13 btw

  • Kalen1457
    Kalen1457   2018-09-20T04:06:37.000Z

    Ijustine is the epitome of shallow materialism. Just Look how many laptops and iPhones she has...I understand she reviews tech for a living but the way she talks and raves about these gadgets comes across as a bit spoiled (typed from my 3 year old iPhone 5s)

  • Zoey Uriarte
    Zoey Uriarte   2018-09-20T03:30:28.000Z

    I’m going the IPhone X s max also I have a IPhone 7

  • Emily ___YourMom
    Emily ___YourMom   2018-09-20T03:26:22.000Z

    I just got my IPhone X yesterday lol.

  • Jonathan Quesada
    Jonathan Quesada   2018-09-20T03:25:50.000Z

    I just came to watch the beautiful Justine, because prices of this phones are out of control

  • HB 1733
    HB 1733   2018-09-20T03:06:39.000Z

    People are obsessed with their phones. I paid under $100 for a phone and it does everything I need from a phone. I don\'t carry my phone in my hand everywhere I go like a lot of people.

    BASIL ELDHOSE   2018-09-20T02:35:58.000Z

    Xr display looking good?? Are you cazy. Xr display is shit btw

  • Games&Electronics G&E
    Games&Electronics G&E   2018-09-20T02:31:08.000Z

    Typical female likes her iPhone. Thank Samsung the king of innovation for that oled display

  • Future Senator Karl Pilkington
    Future Senator Karl Pilkington   2018-09-20T02:29:28.000Z

    Android > apple

  • Angelica Samiano
    Angelica Samiano   2018-09-20T01:47:58.000Z

    Pls...give me a....iphone x max.....pls.................notice me.....pls.....i like phone ...bacause i have no phone