The Try Guys Feed Wild Animals In Alaska • The Try Vlog


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  • Vade 666
    Vade 666   2018-09-23T20:54:20.000Z

    \"allo moose\" -A certain great king of hell.

  • Eric Krygel
    Eric Krygel   2018-09-23T20:32:21.000Z

    U sure their not in Russia

  • Elizabeth G
    Elizabeth G   2018-09-23T18:10:47.000Z

    I need every aspect of this made into it\'s own video. Like making blood pops, drunk karaoke, and playing social sabotage are all videos I would love to watch individually

  • unicornjelly
    unicornjelly   2018-09-23T04:28:04.000Z

    I can bearly stand to not cringe at your jokes

  • Hayleigh Ruonavaara
    Hayleigh Ruonavaara   2018-09-23T03:55:30.000Z

    What part of Alaska

  • Hayleigh Ruonavaara
    Hayleigh Ruonavaara   2018-09-23T03:51:51.000Z

    I live in Alaska North Pole Alaska

  • SweetPigFat
    SweetPigFat   2018-09-22T23:15:41.000Z

  • Paige Bartow
    Paige Bartow   2018-09-22T18:38:48.000Z

    I’m the moose?

  • Sapphy Sparrow
    Sapphy Sparrow   2018-09-22T04:01:33.000Z

    I envy their friendship so hard.

  • Owllover66 Fry
    Owllover66 Fry   2018-09-21T01:37:14.000Z

    “Delicious healthy blood cubes” (~_~) 😂

  • L M
    L M   2018-09-20T20:42:42.000Z

    You guys got to feed wolves. Well I got to pet one when I was 7.

  • Cute liv RBLX
    Cute liv RBLX   2018-09-20T16:07:41.000Z

    Eugene is so good at singing oml

  • Woodcock
    Woodcock   2018-09-20T06:24:13.000Z

    Oml 8:35

  • Skyeness '-'
    Skyeness '-'   2018-09-20T02:53:47.000Z


  • Sajida Assaf
    Sajida Assaf   2018-09-19T21:41:17.000Z

    WAIT WAIT WAIT HOLD UP Keith with a beard???? I think this is the hottest I\'ve ever seen him.

  • Elisabeth Pesiri
    Elisabeth Pesiri   2018-09-19T16:16:44.000Z

    i’ve been there that’s in Wasilla i think right?

  • Bryan Tiong
    Bryan Tiong   2018-09-19T06:45:38.000Z

    8:36 another one

  • Bryan Tiong
    Bryan Tiong   2018-09-19T06:45:16.000Z

    8:29 best part

  • E V
    E V   2018-09-19T06:42:56.000Z

    Keith isnt that bad at singing...but zach...

  • Misty Key
    Misty Key   2018-09-19T03:02:40.000Z

    That drunk karaoke was the greatest thing ever

  • Namara Panzer
    Namara Panzer   2018-09-19T01:16:48.000Z

    I don’t know how Keith didn’t think he was the moose. What else did he think he was?

  • Madeline Hensley
    Madeline Hensley   2018-09-18T23:33:17.000Z

    *Im the moose?* :(

  • fortunatelyfortunate
    fortunatelyfortunate   2018-09-18T16:03:59.000Z

    I thought they were going to actually hand feed the wolves :( they were so excited to just toss it over the fence lmao

  • xXCandylover39401Xx Lol
    xXCandylover39401Xx Lol   2018-09-18T05:34:40.000Z

    I lOVe iT wHen yOU gO CrAzY!!

  • Kyra Smith
    Kyra Smith   2018-09-17T15:55:08.000Z

    This was the best way to start my day for sure 😂😂

  • Mia Rowell
    Mia Rowell   2018-09-16T18:32:42.000Z

    Can we all just take a moment to think about how cute Eugene looked when he woke up? And I normally don\'t find guys that attractive, so that\'s saying a lot

  • zelinoodles
    zelinoodles   2018-09-16T06:07:54.000Z

    When Eugene said he was gonna name that stuffed animal \'Porcupine,\' I instantly thought of Porcupine the Snickers.

  • Kenna Rose
    Kenna Rose   2018-09-16T00:37:45.000Z

    Ned was so scared of that moose! Coming from a Canadian, the biggest chance they have to hurt you is stepping in front of your car.

  • Daniel Sorrosa
    Daniel Sorrosa   2018-09-16T00:00:19.000Z

    Tundra wolf yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItsSunnyAyee
    ItsSunnyAyee   2018-09-15T02:41:28.000Z

    Keith singing “Part of Your World” thooooo 😂😂😂😂

  • Kristin T
    Kristin T   2018-09-14T14:20:23.000Z

    Eugene\'s bed head is everything

  • neeto cheeto
    neeto cheeto   2018-09-14T14:12:50.000Z

    *He knows were vlogging*

  • Sour Potatoes
    Sour Potatoes   2018-09-14T07:37:06.000Z

    “I’m the moose” :(

  • Shelby Broaddus
    Shelby Broaddus   2018-09-14T02:58:48.000Z

    okay but bearded keith is hot.

  • caitlin murphy
    caitlin murphy   2018-09-13T18:54:22.000Z

    I agree

  • flowerboi♤~
    flowerboi♤~   2018-09-13T08:00:48.000Z

    Where\'s chanta?

  • Sophia hi
    Sophia hi   2018-09-13T03:18:22.000Z

    \"Yo Becky you up?\" \"Nope.\" MOOOOOOD

  • Jessie Cupo
    Jessie Cupo   2018-09-13T02:04:29.000Z

    Zach screaming during karaoke 😂😂😂

  • Cupcake Pooper
    Cupcake Pooper   2018-09-12T23:46:54.000Z

    Drunk Karaoke Zach is me

  • StormyTV
    StormyTV   2018-09-12T22:00:23.000Z

    6:53 ...Uh... 6:55 Hey! Bad Zach you hurt poor Snickers feelings he’s crying bad bad Zach!

  • [ARI] angry
    [ARI] angry   2018-09-12T20:00:46.000Z

    I love how he says... «it sees us» , moose cant actually see that well.. they use their ears and nose instead

  • Gracie Eddy
    Gracie Eddy   2018-09-12T17:37:35.000Z

    @2:19 \"Goooooooood morning, Jake Paulers!!!!!\"

  • ROFLsaurus Rex
    ROFLsaurus Rex   2018-09-12T16:24:14.000Z

    Keith has the sexiest beard of all time xD

  • Tahlia Stringer
    Tahlia Stringer   2018-09-11T12:27:01.000Z

    I want a friendship like theirs. Anyone else?

  • Isabel Carter
    Isabel Carter   2018-09-10T07:15:06.000Z

    hope they didn\'t touch any devil\'s club, that can give you a serious rash

  • Denise Baxter
    Denise Baxter   2018-09-09T23:01:18.000Z

    You should try riding horses

  • Emily Weaver
    Emily Weaver   2018-09-09T22:00:32.000Z

    6:40 Zach’s FACE 😂😂😂

  • elisabeth chatzivasileiou
    elisabeth chatzivasileiou   2018-09-09T21:50:40.000Z

    I just love the Try Vlog ..

  • gay agenda
    gay agenda   2018-09-09T20:51:39.000Z

    6:38 Eugene sneezing and coughing at the same time your welcome

  • gay agenda
    gay agenda   2018-09-09T20:42:08.000Z

    *I\'m the moose :(*

  • Davis Nilsen
    Davis Nilsen   2018-09-09T16:28:29.000Z

    Eugene says moose the same way i do and I\'ve never been happier in my life.

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker   2018-09-09T16:16:11.000Z

    I\'m the moose :( ?

  • Emily Moloney
    Emily Moloney   2018-09-09T08:37:16.000Z

    Those anyone ever think how the try guys are literally the marauders. Like Eugene is Sirius Ned is Remus Keith is James And Zach is peter before he went bad

    I LOVE BASKETBALL AND SAMMY TV   2018-09-08T10:14:21.000Z

    Who is watching this after the try guys quit buzzfeed?

  • Gwen Lee
    Gwen Lee   2018-09-08T07:25:14.000Z

    Was Eugene singing There\'s nothing holding me back?

  • Kevin L-G
    Kevin L-G   2018-09-08T06:30:02.000Z

    Alaska looks a lot like Canada

  • JerkPublisher
    JerkPublisher   2018-09-08T04:36:27.000Z

    Poor Snickers :(

  • Hannah Chouinard
    Hannah Chouinard   2018-09-07T23:48:29.000Z

    Omg I\'ve been there and I freaking live in Alaska

  • Trdbrglr KZ
    Trdbrglr KZ   2018-09-07T01:09:54.000Z

    Was that moulin rouge at the end

  • mvths
    mvths   2018-09-06T23:56:43.000Z

    keith: *sings beautifully* zach: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • Connor Neff
    Connor Neff   2018-09-06T23:40:24.000Z


  • Jayden Lin
    Jayden Lin   2018-09-06T08:26:32.000Z

    4:32 nice double Chin Zach.

  • Aleshia Phommachanh
    Aleshia Phommachanh   2018-09-06T07:52:47.000Z

    I live in Alaska

  • IAmTrash
    IAmTrash   2018-09-06T03:21:35.000Z

    Keith= Sam Winchester UuU

  • gamerpug04
    gamerpug04   2018-09-06T01:02:49.000Z

    honestly, I think Alaska should be part of Canada

  • Hello No
    Hello No   2018-09-06T00:59:14.000Z

    “What are bold pops made of?”-Ned “The blood of your father.”-Keith

  • Bella's beautiful channel
    Bella's beautiful channel   2018-09-05T11:53:29.000Z

    It\'s ok Keith moose are strong. Like you your my favorite

  • saikogrrl
    saikogrrl   2018-09-05T09:55:17.000Z

    Keith\'s junk just hanging out 😂

  • Jane Phua
    Jane Phua   2018-09-05T09:37:48.000Z

    I love tundra wolves and other wolves..........I love all the wolves and mythical creatures xd

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer Wolf   2018-09-05T08:18:50.000Z

    zack and Eugenie i ship it

  • Holly Graham
    Holly Graham   2018-09-05T07:15:59.000Z

    I\'ve got a joke Can you see that buffalo He is a buff fellow

  • Undyne Undying
    Undyne Undying   2018-09-05T05:30:59.000Z

    Me at karaoke: wear shoes That\'s okay because your meeting my mom My mom Doesn\'t care Life\'s a party Your a boy 😎

  • Sam Webb
    Sam Webb   2018-09-05T05:19:27.000Z

    If this video has showed me anything it\'s that I wanna spend my 18th birthday doing karaoke with the try guys

  • Grim Reaper [supernatural]
    Grim Reaper [supernatural]   2018-09-04T20:02:45.000Z

    0:20 no jared/Sam isss [supernatural]

  • Jay jay Rai
    Jay jay Rai   2018-09-03T11:05:55.000Z

    Eugene was loving the wolves 🤣🤣

  • Mute Nation
    Mute Nation   2018-09-03T08:32:39.000Z

    I live in alaska

  • Veda Smyth
    Veda Smyth   2018-09-03T03:10:16.000Z


  • Sumaia Khalifa
    Sumaia Khalifa   2018-09-03T00:56:07.000Z

    Am I the only one who thinks Keith can kind of sing

  • Ammy Tasis
    Ammy Tasis   2018-09-02T21:12:48.000Z

    This is the best video i have ever watched.

  • Reagan Hunter
    Reagan Hunter   2018-09-02T16:33:33.000Z

    Eugene with glasses tho

  • KayleeMorgannn
    KayleeMorgannn   2018-09-02T01:44:57.000Z

    so why did no one talk about eugene with glasses bc

  • xAlienXx _
    xAlienXx _   2018-09-01T20:01:14.000Z


  • Chloe Lynch
    Chloe Lynch   2018-09-01T08:18:10.000Z

    Nice beard Keith!

  • Illuminatiboi13
    Illuminatiboi13   2018-09-01T05:10:56.000Z

    I live in Alaska and may I just say, Yup. That\'s my reaction to it as well

  • Myles Is OK
    Myles Is OK   2018-09-01T01:14:34.000Z

    Eugene bedhead is incredible

  • Dahlia Nazari
    Dahlia Nazari   2018-08-31T16:35:49.000Z

    Why do Keith and Eugene look HOT in this video? Wtf

  • Playtime with Ayden
    Playtime with Ayden   2018-08-31T15:40:44.000Z

    Awesome fun video.We enjoyed. Stop by and visit Ayden sometime and subscribe back. If you get the chance.

  • Mavratavv
    Mavratavv   2018-08-31T13:05:35.000Z

    *_I\'m ThE mOoSe?_*

  • Felicity W
    Felicity W   2018-08-30T21:56:29.000Z

    Keith looks really good w facial hair

  • Chez Abductor
    Chez Abductor   2018-08-30T10:47:44.000Z

    Zach sounded like Ryland OMG

  • lovelettersinthetree
    lovelettersinthetree   2018-08-29T21:57:58.000Z

    i haVE THE SAME STUFFED PROCUPINE AS EUGENE HAS IN HIS JACKET!!! my dad got it for me as a cute christmas gift

  • hAha no
    hAha no   2018-08-29T18:05:30.000Z

    6:39 snoughed

  • holly
    holly   2018-08-29T15:28:07.000Z

    2:27 : “I’m zack, I’m weak...”

  • Big V
    Big V   2018-08-29T11:22:44.000Z

    Keith is way too hot in this video

  • Coyote Shaw
    Coyote Shaw   2018-08-28T23:40:45.000Z

    I saw you at the preserve

  • jelly 101
    jelly 101   2018-08-28T03:21:06.000Z

    Ned:Eugene wake up!! Eugene:No I don\'t wanna Eugene is me in the morning 😀😀😀

  • Romulo Arpia
    Romulo Arpia   2018-08-27T22:27:16.000Z

    I\'m The Moose?? :(

  • Lilly Lamothe
    Lilly Lamothe   2018-08-27T21:16:18.000Z

    Keith with facial hair! 👌

  • readbymeg
    readbymeg   2018-08-27T15:51:15.000Z

    I need the full video of Eugene and Keith singing elephant love medley from moulin rouge

  • TestedTitanPlayz _
    TestedTitanPlayz _   2018-08-26T18:19:35.000Z