$10 Cheesesteak Vs. $120 Cheesesteak

  • Published on 2018-05-27T15:00:50.000Z
  • Quinta B joins us in her hometown for Philly Cheesesteaks! Follow Worth It on Instagram: Watch on Hulu: Watch on Amazon Instant Video: Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series Channel on Roku: Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: MUSIC Luxury Living_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Doncha Feel Betta_FullMix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Party Night_AltMixv1Undrscr Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. My Funky Valentine_fullmix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Quirky By Nature_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Monkey Funk_30Edit Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Savoir Faire_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Genesis_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Funk Train Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( EXTERNAL CREDITS Mark Twersky www.barclayprime.com + Joshua Noh + Joseph Clementi www.johnsroastpork.com

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  • BuzzFeedVideo
    BuzzFeedVideo   2018-05-27T16:11:35.000Z

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  • Aisaaax
    Aisaaax   2018-09-21T11:13:36.000Z

    Goooood she\'s SO ANNOYING!

  • Jakob Dailey
    Jakob Dailey   2018-09-21T10:06:17.000Z

    Do non philly cheesesteaks good place in phz Az: fore fathers

  • Steve Shikadance
    Steve Shikadance   2018-09-21T05:59:45.000Z

    Wtf, a vegetarian \'cheesesteak\' is NOT a CheeseSteak

  • leon ham
    leon ham   2018-09-21T04:50:22.000Z

    what a buzz kill chickie

  • Katie Woodward
    Katie Woodward   2018-09-20T21:40:14.000Z

    I love Quinta!!!!

  • Chebli Tg
    Chebli Tg   2018-09-20T21:34:43.000Z

    The girl is killing the vibe whata heck

  • Shawol Get_It
    Shawol Get_It   2018-09-20T19:32:08.000Z

    Idk why ppl are upset with Quinta its nice for once to see someone give an honest opinion on this show. And for ppl saying she brought negativity well Steven & Andrew can\'t ever say they dislike something it would hurt the business but you can tell when they dont like somthing like the beet spaghetti. They have no choice but to force positivity.

  • The Adanator
    The Adanator   2018-09-20T18:59:08.000Z

    Quinta saying ew tells me how extra she is.

  • ExplodingBumfluff
    ExplodingBumfluff   2018-09-20T15:36:37.000Z

    A lot of people bitching about the girl during the vegetarian segment. If the episode is about cheeseSTEAKS and then you\'re given some mushroom sandwich I wouldn\'t be over the moon about it either no offence to vegetarians. Her reaction was real instead of faking that she was over the moon about it. Heck I\'d have the same reaction if I went out for cheesesteak and got a mushroom sandwich

  • Weird Rose
    Weird Rose   2018-09-20T14:39:47.000Z

    I get her facts straight that cheesesteak without a steak is not a Cheesesteak but a Mistake but I dont feel her vibe here but she\'s just being real tho I think they just pick the wrong diner to eat if their ep is Vegan then that Gin and Pat sandwich is a win win tho.

  • Just Drawing
    Just Drawing   2018-09-20T13:16:13.000Z

    My image of cheese steak, a whole bag of cheese on steak

  • Genesis Thompson
    Genesis Thompson   2018-09-20T11:38:06.000Z

    I want cheese steak. She was a little rude. Took the fun away

  • Gio Ibarreta
    Gio Ibarreta   2018-09-20T10:18:09.000Z

    please never have her on the show again thanks

  • Kel Loves orange soda
    Kel Loves orange soda   2018-09-20T10:04:59.000Z

    I love quinta. That mushroom thing should be banned until they take the cheesesteak name away. They should honestly get prison time until they change the name

  • Raja
    Raja   2018-09-20T07:12:06.000Z

    Thank you for ACTUALLY going to philly for this!! We love ya for that. And yall need to chill with her. Its philly we are very defensive about our traditional food. Hell, I got annoyed when someone tried to say something about water ice. Dont you come from my philly food lol. Also I prefer chicken cheese steak. West philly here n I was her when Andrew asked what\'s a tastycake? I immediately said he doesnt know what a tastykake is . Ugh now I want a Krimpet

  • Jas w
    Jas w   2018-09-20T04:58:27.000Z

    Omg the negativity towards quinta 🤭 really? I loved her in this

  • Megan Bott
    Megan Bott   2018-09-20T04:13:12.000Z

    We define and give new meaning of old words all the time. If u think what YOU think and not accept new idea and meaning, you are not a open mind person.

  • Jane Tan
    Jane Tan   2018-09-20T00:31:27.000Z

    Gosh shes rude.......

  • beyond balling
    beyond balling   2018-09-20T00:26:06.000Z

    Why not Max’s

  • G G
    G G   2018-09-19T23:23:20.000Z

    \"... I want to eat the cow\"  - best line ever!

  • G G
    G G   2018-09-19T23:22:43.000Z

    I like her - She recognizes that - Meat is Magic - LOL

  • Sydnie Marlella
    Sydnie Marlella   2018-09-19T20:25:09.000Z

    I’m from Philly, and Isgro’s cannolis are the T R U T H !! Good choice !

  • Sir Lose Alot
    Sir Lose Alot   2018-09-19T16:58:15.000Z

    I\'m from philly!

  • Elak
    Elak   2018-09-19T16:12:08.000Z

    Love watching Quinta watching adam eat

  • Jana Elazm
    Jana Elazm   2018-09-19T16:09:12.000Z

    Dear lord, Quinta, just eat the mushrooms or shut up.

  • Sragvi T
    Sragvi T   2018-09-19T15:24:50.000Z

    She was a great guest, I don\'t get where the negative comments are coming from, and I\'m actually vegetarian lol. She even picked the vegetarian place as her favorite haha.

  • Jx Zero
    Jx Zero   2018-09-19T12:35:32.000Z

    I like her keeping it 1k

  • ameer zx50
    ameer zx50   2018-09-19T11:13:58.000Z

    14 buck for a chess steak without a steak wtf?

  • John Kwak
    John Kwak   2018-09-19T06:26:57.000Z

    John\'s is always the place to be.

  • Kareem Hall
    Kareem Hall   2018-09-19T05:25:33.000Z

    as a Native Philadelphian, I feel that this clip from The Fresh Prince of Belair explains Qinta\'s feelings and my own.

  • Kristen R
    Kristen R   2018-09-19T03:51:54.000Z

    I think she was hoping they wouldn\'t like the vegetarian one along with her 😂💁

  • Ranjit Sandhu
    Ranjit Sandhu   2018-09-19T00:08:26.000Z

    This episode is the best because it has diversity. I\'m told diversity makes everything better.

  • jay long
    jay long   2018-09-18T23:34:12.000Z

    Wats wrong with her....i thaut she did good....!! A wat vegi sandwich aint no steak and cheese

  • Subhojit Bagchi
    Subhojit Bagchi   2018-09-18T23:17:09.000Z

    9k dislikes from enraged vegans

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez   2018-09-18T21:53:52.000Z

    They never say what they don\'t like. Generally speaking I like most things I eat I\'m not picky by any means But I can admit what I think most people would not like or not expect even in a negative aspect. Quinta just kept it real, she ain\'t ruin a damn thing. Ya\'ll just mad someone didn\'t LOVE everything and acknowledged that a mushroom cheese sandwich is NOT a Philly cheesesteak.

  • sakamoto tatsuma33
    sakamoto tatsuma33   2018-09-18T21:32:59.000Z

    from the begginig i was like \"i bet the most expensive sandwich has waguy beef or truffle \"

  • Hollister 365
    Hollister 365   2018-09-18T21:27:32.000Z

    If it doesn’t have truffle or caviar, it doesn’t deserve 3 $$$

  • Justin Drew
    Justin Drew   2018-09-18T19:11:04.000Z

    I love this girl lol

  • phillylove39
    phillylove39   2018-09-18T18:13:48.000Z

    so many other places in philly to have a great cheese steak in Philly. Glad you guys came and johns is very good.

  • Mihai Simionescu
    Mihai Simionescu   2018-09-18T15:58:34.000Z

    I am not sure how I feel about showcasing a restaurant that uses foie gras.

  • They Make Me Feel Like Swimming To South Korea

    _i want i want i want_

  • emmanuel murillo
    emmanuel murillo   2018-09-18T15:20:38.000Z

    Can you really call it Cheesesteak if there isnt any steak?

  • Erin McCarty
    Erin McCarty   2018-09-18T14:53:00.000Z

    Quinta was amazing in this lol I loved her attitude and her realness, but she also admitted it was good and she would reccomend it to vegetarians, it just wasnt her thing. I also love, repeat LOVE, the way she watched Adam eat 😂😂

  • Tracy Chen
    Tracy Chen   2018-09-18T13:39:45.000Z

    quinta\'s cool. she\'s literally just hanging out and being honest. it\'s good perspective. if you pay attention and listen maybe you\'ll see.. she saw positives, negatives - she was just matter of fact. and from reading the comments, i gather being from philly, she\'s going to have feelings about how cheesesteak is meant to be, n that\'s fine. she\'s got a dry sense of humour about it. it\'s good. not being super animated/overly expressive doesn\'t immediately equal negative buzzkill lol. people have different tones of communication. listen to what shes actually saying.. n give her a break ;))

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir   2018-09-18T01:08:31.000Z

    2:55 needs some porn music

    RICH HOBO   2018-09-18T00:58:29.000Z

    I like how all the times that the camera man is eating the food quinta is just in the background staring at him

  • Santino Maher
    Santino Maher   2018-09-17T22:52:44.000Z

    West Philadelphia born and raised, cheesesteak\'s are what I eat for most of my days

  • Media Gamer Nation
    Media Gamer Nation   2018-09-17T22:35:28.000Z

    I wish I had tons of money to eat lots of nice food and then post me eating it on youtube and have millions of people watch it and get even more money...

  • Kanin Preskitt
    Kanin Preskitt   2018-09-17T22:34:28.000Z

    She kinda ruined the episode

  • Nancy Pambid
    Nancy Pambid   2018-09-17T19:25:04.000Z

    Quinta’s probably wheezing from the comments lmao

  • zroreaper
    zroreaper   2018-09-17T18:30:15.000Z

    they all looked good but don\'t knock it till you try it that how i am too bad everybody not everyone is like that

  • личинский король
    личинский король   2018-09-17T16:52:16.000Z

    1:25 black woman noises

  • ArcDoes
    ArcDoes   2018-09-17T16:13:24.000Z

    Three friends throw down 40$ for a waygu truffle cheese steak

  • The Q-ber
    The Q-ber   2018-09-17T15:18:06.000Z


  • Morty C-137
    Morty C-137   2018-09-17T14:44:50.000Z

    Didn\'t dig the darkie. Sorry.

  • Isaac James
    Isaac James   2018-09-17T14:34:20.000Z

    whats a tasty cake

  • George Lewis
    George Lewis   2018-09-17T14:01:36.000Z

    Nahhh... I’d be pissed off if I had a cheese steak with no steak

  • John Snow
    John Snow   2018-09-17T10:58:43.000Z

    \"I have seen the mushroom and the cow... I want to eat the cow\" -Quinta B

  • Jopy Henriques
    Jopy Henriques   2018-09-17T07:38:12.000Z

    I love Quinta..... Very funny and super beautiful. You guys just make me smile everyday. Shout out from Curacao

  • Kelsey Jabara
    Kelsey Jabara   2018-09-17T02:26:41.000Z

    Sis was upset

  • Praneeth Venigalla
    Praneeth Venigalla   2018-09-17T01:33:44.000Z

    wtf is steven holding when they r in the middle of going to resteraunts

  • denimdave
    denimdave   2018-09-17T00:50:23.000Z

    I got you I like the sound guy is on the show

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris   2018-09-17T00:49:43.000Z

    Steven’s voting seems to be determined by the health factor of a food, not the taste. If he worried about losing his figure?

  • dani.edits.ox
    dani.edits.ox   2018-09-17T00:09:47.000Z

    I don’t get why people didn’t like Quinta in this episode. She gave her honest opinion. She was right to. The cheesesteak wasn’t a cheesesteak. Yeah they call it a cheesesteak but it’s not if it doesn’t have beef. I like her because she didn’t just go with it and was like, “I like this.” She gave her honest opinion on it.

  • Nathaniel Donovan
    Nathaniel Donovan   2018-09-16T21:33:29.000Z

    Anybody else see the way Quinta looked at Adam every time he got to eat? Think she’s got a thing for him?

  • Noodles _
    Noodles _   2018-09-16T20:32:32.000Z

    Im from north Philadelphia

  • Matthew Freda
    Matthew Freda   2018-09-16T19:50:09.000Z

    As some one from Philly, I am soooo glad that you guys did not go to Pat\'s or Genoe\'s, they are soo overrated and Johns Roast Pork is so much better! Also Isgro\'s has the BEST cannoli, my mom worked there for over 10 years I used to get free cannoli almost every day :). Recommend trying Steve\'s Prince of Steaks next time your in Philly

  • Jonathan Pryor
    Jonathan Pryor   2018-09-16T18:29:22.000Z

    Reading this comment section crushed me

  • Hope Love
    Hope Love   2018-09-16T15:58:18.000Z

    Tessla of cheese steak? Can I put it on autopilot and it\'ll feed itself to me? Because that\'s impressive

  • Syeed Hussain
    Syeed Hussain   2018-09-16T15:20:09.000Z

    Never ever ever have Quinta as a guest host. She just ruined the vibe between Andrew and Steven!

  • Christianus
    Christianus   2018-09-16T14:50:58.000Z

    I hope my unimpressed face is as impressive as Quinta’s

  • Westbricks io
    Westbricks io   2018-09-16T14:22:27.000Z

    They stirring in that pan with a metal spoon, y\'all getting cancer

  • Harry is not on fire
    Harry is not on fire   2018-09-16T14:03:36.000Z

    Okay but how is that worth 120 dollars

  • sunil
    sunil   2018-09-16T10:29:30.000Z

    What is it with her and Disneyland

  • Johannes Snutt
    Johannes Snutt   2018-09-16T08:40:02.000Z

    As a vegetarian i would sell my left nut for the veggie one.

  • luckster1010
    luckster1010   2018-09-16T03:23:06.000Z

    The Tastykake moment was too real. I was born and raised in Philly, but I go to college in New York and I was blown away to learn it wasn\'t a thing there. Such a classic treat from my childhood.

  • yasuo vijane
    yasuo vijane   2018-09-16T02:15:09.000Z

    please dont take her with you ever again

  • Hobbits 420
    Hobbits 420   2018-09-16T00:18:35.000Z

    God that chick is such a buzzkill

  • Anthony Butt
    Anthony Butt   2018-09-15T23:53:34.000Z

    Hey Steven, Where did you get that sweatshirt in the last restaurant from? It looks amazing

  • Mrs. Politic
    Mrs. Politic   2018-09-15T22:57:28.000Z

    A large?

  • Nelson1745
    Nelson1745   2018-09-15T21:40:59.000Z

    Pats and geos is the best

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith   2018-09-15T21:28:45.000Z

    Get her off the show, she isn’t right for it.

  • Hector_here
    Hector_here   2018-09-15T20:44:03.000Z

    She’s ruining it RIP just like the Asian dude on the Korean bbq episode??? What I learned : don’t invite guests

  • Fade Label
    Fade Label   2018-09-15T20:26:51.000Z

    This is philly after the super bowl Where’s the people freaking out

  • braden e
    braden e   2018-09-15T19:53:07.000Z

    At what point do they actually try a real cheesteak, did I miss it?

  • burned potatoe 1923
    burned potatoe 1923   2018-09-15T19:03:12.000Z

    That girl is quick to judge😒

  • francis velasco
    francis velasco   2018-09-15T18:57:07.000Z

    i hate quinta 🤔😡

  • Tyler The Gamer
    Tyler The Gamer   2018-09-15T18:18:43.000Z

    I\'m not even from Philly and I consider that vegan bullcrap to be a complete disgrace to philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Here\'s a hint - cheeseSTEAK sandwich.

  • TheGamingDavester
    TheGamingDavester   2018-09-15T16:53:14.000Z

    I honestly can\'t understand all of the hate Quinta got from this. She didn\'t insult the chef, she didn\'t insult the food. She admitted that each aspect of the sandwich was good, but she wasn\'t wrong to state that it isn\'t really a cheesesteak. It\'s a vegetarian spin that others can enjoy. The ones complaining make it sound like she called the sky red, not to mention all of the over-the-top comments claiming absolute nonsense.

  • Anusingh Asokan
    Anusingh Asokan   2018-09-15T16:50:19.000Z

    I wonder why people ain\'t commenting about eating with hands or the guy cooking using hands

  • fef dawd
    fef dawd   2018-09-15T16:40:52.000Z

    She fucked up

  • Dangerous Nuxus
    Dangerous Nuxus   2018-09-15T15:43:13.000Z

    Oh god the pork 🐷🐖 cutting process is disgusting to me 😷😷😷

  • Christian Hurlburt
    Christian Hurlburt   2018-09-15T14:30:50.000Z

    Didnt like her attitude but she did speak her mind which I liked she just acted to grumpy

  • REDCannonBusterXL4
    REDCannonBusterXL4   2018-09-15T13:11:47.000Z

    If the steak ain\'t from Philly it ain\'t a cheese steak

  • Woo Chan
    Woo Chan   2018-09-15T03:58:43.000Z

    2:28 I want I want I want

  • Antonio Cortez
    Antonio Cortez   2018-09-15T02:22:26.000Z

    This one of my least favorite videos for worth it behind the Keith videos Bc Quinta is so negative. She kills the entire vibe, like how ignorant can you get?? It’s just vegetarian food. No wonder black people are the worst in our society.

  • IntrepidCore 7
    IntrepidCore 7   2018-09-15T02:06:46.000Z

    I’m watching this and I can’t eat for a day because I have to lose weight for a fight. Im feeding my mind🔥

  • Speaking in Rhythm
    Speaking in Rhythm   2018-09-14T23:56:25.000Z

    I love Quinta. The way you guys were going on in the comments I thought she said something rude to the chef or something, but all she said was that the steak is what makes a Philly Cheesesteak.

  • Versch1uckt _
    Versch1uckt _   2018-09-14T21:20:26.000Z

    triggerd feminist