The Try Guys Swim With Sharks // Sponsored by The Shallows

  • Published on 2016-06-18T22:00:01.000Z
  • Try Guys risk their lives by swimming with the deadliest sharks in the world...without a cage! Sponsored by The Shallows in theaters June 24th. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

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  • Comal Mermaids
    Comal Mermaids   2018-09-18T17:24:28.000Z

    \"I hate the ocean, it\'s my biggest fear\" Hah! I love the ocean, I want to become a Marine Zoologist and have mermaid tails to work parties in

  • PUBG Master
    PUBG Master   2018-09-16T20:58:27.000Z


  • Jungkook's ARMY
    Jungkook's ARMY   2018-09-16T10:22:40.000Z

    Bull, tiger, great white sharks... Oh okay...

  • Stars Lover
    Stars Lover   2018-09-16T04:49:56.000Z

    Eugene needs to stop being so adorable and hot at the same time

  • Grace Noelle
    Grace Noelle   2018-09-15T16:28:53.000Z

    The camera men for their videos need more credit.

  • Sajida Assaf
    Sajida Assaf   2018-09-15T15:11:17.000Z

    look I\'m all for experiences and trying new things but this is just miserable

  • Cynthia_ 1991
    Cynthia_ 1991   2018-09-15T09:50:24.000Z

    I actually love the ocean but ironically my worst nightmare is drowning .🤔what’s is my life

  • Caleb Francisco
    Caleb Francisco   2018-09-11T11:04:11.000Z

    I had so much anxiety watching this video

  • Tessa Bishell
    Tessa Bishell   2018-09-10T08:24:12.000Z

    I love zach..... so special

  • itsRheniah
    itsRheniah   2018-09-09T20:39:09.000Z

    I would actually start crying

  • Fallon Bryan
    Fallon Bryan   2018-09-09T18:55:50.000Z

    Zach and Ned\'s hug at 3:26 was the cutest thing

  • And Sprite!
    And Sprite!   2018-09-07T07:48:35.000Z

    Is it just me...Or...I swam with sharks...Open water...By myself...It was fun...Just me?

  • Kristen Honeywill
    Kristen Honeywill   2018-09-06T10:38:54.000Z

    This is probably one of the most ignorant Try Guys videos I have ever clicked on. At 0:42, the shark in the top left corner is not a bull shark. It is a ragged-tooth shark. They are not outwardly aggressive and I have spent many hours scuba diving with them both at the aquarium where I work and in the wild. You guys are usually so good at well researched and fair videos when it comes to social issues, I really think this could have been done better. Sharks are not creatures to be terrified of, they are to be respected. The ocean is not everyone\'s favorite place but I don\'t think this is a fair portrayal of sharks. All sharks are the \"friendly cool sharks\". You just have to gain a tiny bit more insight into their behavior before making all cartilaginous fish seem as ridiculous as the totally unrealistic shark villain in The Shallows. I wish you guys would give this all a go again but with a shark conservationist instead of a tour operator, I think you would be mightily impressed by them that way. Have a look at Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant\'s work in Hawaii to see what I mean. #helpsavesharks

  • Ingeborg Nisi
    Ingeborg Nisi   2018-09-05T13:19:37.000Z

    Okay, so im not swimming ever again

  • Hope Townsend
    Hope Townsend   2018-09-03T21:49:38.000Z

    Oh I hate the ocean so much

  • Thomas The Queen
    Thomas The Queen   2018-09-03T18:30:36.000Z

    I hate this so much.

  • selma linnea
    selma linnea   2018-09-02T17:07:29.000Z

    When shark diving, you should never stay at the surface, you should try to get further down so the sharks don\'t mistake you for food...

  • Chanel Je
    Chanel Je   2018-09-02T12:41:16.000Z

    2:58 Eugene...

  • gisella keandra
    gisella keandra   2018-09-02T11:29:43.000Z

    Is Ned ok...?

  • Mackena Lannes
    Mackena Lannes   2018-09-02T01:19:11.000Z

    Okay. I will be VERY happy when all these shark themed videos are over. I’m so terrified of them.

  • Nancy Wirth
    Nancy Wirth   2018-09-01T10:22:31.000Z

    That \"shark in the water, shark in the water\" part kept me thinking... isn\'t there always a shark in the water? At least when you\'re swimming in the ocean... most of the time you just can\'t see them though, but they\'re definitely there...

    COLBY SPAIN   2018-08-31T21:32:15.000Z

    When the guy drop the crate it looked like 47 meters down😂😂😂

  • Felicity Nigel
    Felicity Nigel   2018-08-30T06:58:38.000Z

    Is this safe

  • Adeline Huff
    Adeline Huff   2018-08-29T22:17:02.000Z

    The ocean doesn\'t scare me. Sharks give me anxiety.

  • Joey's Comedy crew
    Joey's Comedy crew   2018-08-28T20:35:57.000Z

    *Throws up in snorkel tube*

  • Alessia N.
    Alessia N.   2018-08-27T08:41:47.000Z

    0:57 how much testosterone does that guy hasXD

  • Vayda Hand
    Vayda Hand   2018-08-26T08:21:58.000Z

    I literally checked the date to see if they survived😂

  • Alana Holt
    Alana Holt   2018-08-24T22:00:52.000Z

    Eugene: \"Zach went from master ocean hater to ocean masterbater. Think about it...\" *thinks about it* Me: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Joy Abijah
    Joy Abijah   2018-08-24T06:04:01.000Z

    I literally am feeling Med rn I CANNOT DO THIS. I don’t care if ppl be facing their fears but I ain’t going near no shark

  • Courtney Walsh
    Courtney Walsh   2018-08-24T03:39:45.000Z

    By far the most anxious I’ve been during a Try Guys video. 😬😬😬

  • Pammie
    Pammie   2018-08-21T13:17:22.000Z

    The ocean\'s so pretty!! I want to go swimming in it!

  • Bryanna Unicorn7707wolf lps
    Bryanna Unicorn7707wolf lps   2018-08-21T03:47:52.000Z

    Who thinks it is safe or ok to swim with a tiger shark they will eat everything

  • Jayatron 2005
    Jayatron 2005   2018-08-19T08:15:42.000Z

    Who thinks bryce sounds like Bruce from finding nemo

  • mikia111
    mikia111   2018-08-19T04:03:10.000Z

    Just a friendly psa, most sharks don’t actually mean to attack humans. To them we tend to look like seals and most species don’t like the taste of humans and will spit us right out after one bite and swim away. I love the try guys but just note that movies like the one advertised here is NOT accurate to shark species. Not to mention for our ocean to survive the sharks need to survive as they are a vital part of their food web. They r top predator which means without them everything gets thrown out of balance so just remember this and let’s try and save their species!

  • Lina Niño
    Lina Niño   2018-08-18T04:58:02.000Z

    I really hate Ned. Like he is so loud and annoying.

  • Paige Scheidemantel
    Paige Scheidemantel   2018-08-18T02:23:11.000Z

    Love how they said “hi Bryce” like a class saying hello to a new student 😂

  • Gabby Kim
    Gabby Kim   2018-08-18T01:02:39.000Z

    Beginning Ned: I AM THE MASTER!!!! End Ned: I AM A TOTAL DISASTER!!!! 😂

  • Maria Victoria
    Maria Victoria   2018-08-17T11:36:55.000Z

    Keith was so sweet in the end.

    MIN SHOOKY   2018-08-17T07:17:15.000Z

    *if I was the cameraman I would die😵😵*

  • Jae Broaster
    Jae Broaster   2018-08-17T02:59:44.000Z

    Sharks are misunderstood. I don’t think they’re scary or me to kill people. They are one of my favorite animals. I think they are very fascinating. Edit: Bull sharks are my favorite.

  • Maddy’s works
    Maddy’s works   2018-08-15T04:30:56.000Z

    2:59 I’m dying 😵

  • Samantha S.
    Samantha S.   2018-08-15T00:40:47.000Z

    See... this is why I hate the ocean lol

  • Molly Van Kirk-Butler
    Molly Van Kirk-Butler   2018-08-14T21:40:54.000Z

    Man that camera man is scared to death

  • Ahmarnie Stanley
    Ahmarnie Stanley   2018-08-14T12:44:00.000Z

    Under the water is so beautiful. But imagining that being the last thing you see. Drowning or getting eaten. Soo scary

  • Mrs.Cherry Queen
    Mrs.Cherry Queen   2018-08-12T19:31:42.000Z


  • Evan Rose
    Evan Rose   2018-08-12T17:55:34.000Z

    I was so disgusted when he said \"Sharks make a living on picking people off\" Sharks are so misunderstood

  • Glitter Forever 16
    Glitter Forever 16   2018-08-11T08:02:42.000Z

    Your lucky you can go in the sea I live in England so the sea is freezing

  • Giana DIY
    Giana DIY   2018-08-10T03:30:30.000Z

    Today I went parasailing and we where dunked right next to a hammerhead shark.. does that count as swimming with sharks?

  • 대왕스가
    대왕스가   2018-08-10T00:51:22.000Z

    Dear god i have thalassophobia This would freak me the hell out! Just watching this sends shuvers down my spine!

  • XoxoIGotTheSkillsoxo x
    XoxoIGotTheSkillsoxo x   2018-08-09T18:09:42.000Z

    I will never do that lol

  • Manny Productions
    Manny Productions   2018-08-09T13:13:40.000Z

    Poor Ned 😭 He Just Wants To See His Wife 😂

  • Caityyy Love
    Caityyy Love   2018-08-09T05:55:31.000Z

    “Ocean master to ocean disaster” 😂😂👌👌

  • Marie Ellison
    Marie Ellison   2018-08-08T21:52:21.000Z

    My God The Try Guys are so so so so brave

  • Addie Leppert
    Addie Leppert   2018-08-08T12:55:16.000Z

    Why does Eugene look so damn hot in EVERY FREAKING THING he wears.

  • Twila Euro
    Twila Euro   2018-08-07T19:03:50.000Z


  • Leoni freeman
    Leoni freeman   2018-08-07T15:03:18.000Z

    I can’t see anything yet but I can see everyone’s legs *and it’s really scary*

  • Nerdy Narwhal
    Nerdy Narwhal   2018-08-07T13:33:05.000Z

    I love having a life vest on and swimming in the ocean (I\'ve done it) because it\'s so peaceful and empty -unlike the local pool- and you just sit there and float in the cool water, I really wanna do it again but NO SHARKS PLEASE

  • Jocelyn Debritto
    Jocelyn Debritto   2018-08-07T09:08:06.000Z

    DOES EUGENE EVERY LOOK BAD!!!!!! Also deer kill more people than sharks do sooooooo

  • Arian Paris
    Arian Paris   2018-08-07T03:19:23.000Z

    Bro had anxiety through this.

  • wolfstang wolfie
    wolfstang wolfie   2018-08-06T14:38:10.000Z

    0:47 Eugene is a god

  • Haley Creel
    Haley Creel   2018-08-06T13:35:52.000Z

    My dream job is a marine biologist. I love the ocean, and I think I would like to swim with sharks!

  • Pxttermalfxy XP
    Pxttermalfxy XP   2018-08-06T11:00:31.000Z

    *\"I touched the butt\"*

  • Silas Super soozy
    Silas Super soozy   2018-08-05T22:29:39.000Z

    when the camera just pannels down to the giant depths of the ocean it gets kinda creepy and mysterious feeling

  • GalaxyGirl Malissa
    GalaxyGirl Malissa   2018-08-05T20:01:48.000Z

    Me: sees shark Me:Screaming and swimming away Bro:COME BACK ITS FINE Me: NOOOOO WAY IM DONE I HATE THIS

  • Sam R
    Sam R   2018-08-05T16:51:37.000Z

    At 3.13. you can see Keith using his whole body to protect Ned, because of how scared he is. What a lovely friend.

  • Xintrix •
    Xintrix •   2018-08-05T10:10:30.000Z

    I have nothing to say but commenting anyways

  • Toby Nguyen
    Toby Nguyen   2018-08-05T05:57:59.000Z

    Oh wow bull sharks kill lots of people and tiger eats everything

  • Sofia Gray
    Sofia Gray   2018-08-05T01:42:30.000Z

    2:59 I swear Eugiene looks like Edna from the incredibles

  • WhumpingWillowWhichWhispersWell
    WhumpingWillowWhichWhispersWell   2018-08-04T22:58:59.000Z


  • Sisuo Alokoa
    Sisuo Alokoa   2018-08-04T08:57:52.000Z

    Bryce reminds me of Bruce from finding nemo because of the sharks 😑😑😑

  • King Ducld
    King Ducld   2018-08-04T06:49:15.000Z

    Shark in the water of course shark will be in the water

  • Silje E.T
    Silje E.T   2018-08-03T21:51:30.000Z


  • spoiling is spoody
    spoiling is spoody   2018-08-03T03:10:18.000Z

    \"These creatures were here before us and if we are not careful they will be here after\"

  • pandapower
    pandapower   2018-08-03T00:57:09.000Z

    Once we were swimming in the shallowest water ever and this shark came up to my nieces and nephews and even though it was small, it was really scary Idk how people swim with bull sharks

  • Adelise Abbington
    Adelise Abbington   2018-08-02T10:40:52.000Z

    I keep mumbling *P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney*

  • Horse Rider
    Horse Rider   2018-08-01T15:12:18.000Z

    That would be torture for me, I hate deep water, I am terrified of sharks, and I cant swim very well.

  • Bern Everything
    Bern Everything   2018-07-31T20:30:25.000Z

    They all know how to swim tho right

  • Moona l
    Moona l   2018-07-30T02:51:43.000Z

    The Asian guys head is too big for his body.. weird

  • Holly Millar
    Holly Millar   2018-07-28T08:41:50.000Z

    And I couldn’t see ...... Everywhere I’m sorry what Ned

  • Hana Bobani
    Hana Bobani   2018-07-27T19:35:21.000Z

    Humans have a more chance of being killed by a cow than a shark.

  • Mia Rahaman
    Mia Rahaman   2018-07-26T23:23:38.000Z

    All I can see is everyone\'s legs and its scary 😂😂😂😂

  • Mia Rahaman
    Mia Rahaman   2018-07-26T23:22:14.000Z

    I would pass out a mile away from the water and still be passed out when we get near the water 😵😵😵

  • Vina Moon
    Vina Moon   2018-07-26T15:42:58.000Z

    If I was there I would start to cry and panic the moment I got on the edge

  • Niamh Collingwood
    Niamh Collingwood   2018-07-26T15:30:55.000Z

    I absolutely love the try guys, I find them hilarious! However I feel this video is a bit of a let down. There were so many opportunities to raise awareness of the demonisation of sharks. I found myself getting frustrated with the scary music. Sharks will treat you as you treat their environment!

  • Kawaii Madness
    Kawaii Madness   2018-07-26T04:59:43.000Z

    The ocean is my worst fear and nobody, not even the president or my best friend would get me to do this

  • Lil Ice
    Lil Ice   2018-07-26T00:57:46.000Z

    Kindergarten 0:30 hiiiiiii bryccceeeeee

  • The odd Tea Sis ;-;
    The odd Tea Sis ;-;   2018-07-25T18:28:50.000Z

    Now swim with a megladon 😂

  • Kate V
    Kate V   2018-07-25T06:16:57.000Z


  • Trix
    Trix   2018-07-25T04:42:40.000Z

    Ocean master baiter.

  • Ye boi PICKLES
    Ye boi PICKLES   2018-07-24T23:57:25.000Z

    My brother is Jesus

    COTTON CANDY IS MY THING   2018-07-24T05:29:09.000Z


  • SCARABtv
    SCARABtv   2018-07-24T05:16:40.000Z

    Humans are useless without tools. What are ya doinnnnnn.

  • Pandora
    Pandora   2018-07-24T01:28:32.000Z

    The water is very......Satisfying in my opinion

  • A and R
    A and R   2018-07-23T11:14:52.000Z


  • Nushen Nusrat
    Nushen Nusrat   2018-07-23T03:29:00.000Z

    keith is actually low key hot

  • Grace Ruscheinski
    Grace Ruscheinski   2018-07-22T15:53:42.000Z


  • MSGalaxy Queen
    MSGalaxy Queen   2018-07-22T06:17:03.000Z

    Have they not seen 17 meters down or whatever tf that horror movies called??

  • Qwerty Asdfghjkl
    Qwerty Asdfghjkl   2018-07-22T02:06:04.000Z

    2:59 you’re welcome

  • DeathAngel
    DeathAngel   2018-07-21T21:35:04.000Z

    sharks are cute!

  • %100 BEAUTY_AVAKIN Avakinlife
    %100 BEAUTY_AVAKIN Avakinlife   2018-07-21T21:08:58.000Z

    wow hahaha \"I HATE THE OCEAN THATS MY WORST FEAR\" hahahahha. I would be SCARED to also #Number1Fan #TheTryGuys. #2018