twenty one pilots: Forest (Live at Newport Music Hall)


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  • Almoadah _21
    Almoadah _21   2018-09-21T16:26:01.000Z

    Stay with me my blood ||-//

  • ohifonlyx33
    ohifonlyx33   2018-09-14T09:04:40.000Z

    \"catch me!\" **jumps into crowd** i\'m just happy they caught him and no one died. that\'s not safe! lol

  • Faith Perkins
    Faith Perkins   2018-09-12T23:46:43.000Z

    How does this only have 2 million views

  • Melissa_Cats :3
    Melissa_Cats :3   2018-09-11T14:15:59.000Z

    I love this performance so much. I think this fall is going to hold one of the best concerts I\'ve ever been to. I love them so much

  • Sevit
    Sevit   2018-09-02T01:08:28.000Z

    look at my boy go

  • Ashley Czipar
    Ashley Czipar   2018-08-30T02:16:40.000Z

    I love how after the stage dive the security guard just picks Tyler up like the smol bean he is

  • Hyena Boy
    Hyena Boy   2018-08-25T16:47:29.000Z

    Vessel is one of the most lyrically and poetically magical and outstandingly produced and imagined. These boys are incredible

  • hi I love potatoes
    hi I love potatoes   2018-08-24T09:23:23.000Z

    I love how it’s disguised to look like a piano, but it’s really just a keyboard 😂

  • Wilma hej
    Wilma hej   2018-08-15T21:15:33.000Z

    I fucking Love them.

  • Marri Crismus
    Marri Crismus   2018-08-15T08:39:59.000Z

    hey so it’s been over six years but this is beautiful

  • lian sandoval
    lian sandoval   2018-08-12T18:01:05.000Z

    Ice cream. You icecream. We all cream….

  • Lynnzie7
    Lynnzie7   2018-08-11T20:53:23.000Z

    “Who’s happy to be alive today?” Man

  • angeline ė
    angeline ė   2018-08-11T19:56:53.000Z

    everyone in that venue is a og fan

  • grace b
    grace b   2018-08-09T02:25:14.000Z


  • Fabiola Tapia
    Fabiola Tapia   2018-08-09T00:04:53.000Z

    2018 y todavía veo como combulciona Tyler y el público ❤

  • Tyler's chalupa
    Tyler's chalupa   2018-08-08T11:13:29.000Z

    When he said \"who\'s happy to be alive?\" I legit smiled so much and I felt so much happiness. Amazing band.

  • Zachary St. Juste
    Zachary St. Juste   2018-08-05T19:20:27.000Z

    Twenty one pilots ROCK. TOP ROCK |-/

  • Shamy and the genius fictional world
    Shamy and the genius fictional world   2018-08-05T08:46:12.000Z

    Icecream Use cream We all scream Cause we\'re terrified

  • Animation Nation
    Animation Nation   2018-08-04T23:29:47.000Z

    The one day i go on vacation i miss this...

  • TheUndefined Gamer157
    TheUndefined Gamer157   2018-07-29T02:47:38.000Z

    Just watching them gets me pumped. I can only imagine what it\'s like live.

  • Panic! At the Fall Out Pilots Guy
    Panic! At the Fall Out Pilots Guy   2018-07-29T01:16:31.000Z

    I really wish I had known about these guys so much sooner, even though I would have only been 8 at the time. I wish I could have this Tyler back though; twitchy and loud and connects with the audience. But I’m glad I know them now, and stuck with them through the hiatus. ||-//

  • Rini Dolok
    Rini Dolok   2018-07-28T13:07:22.000Z


  • Flandre Osoro-chan
    Flandre Osoro-chan   2018-07-28T10:05:08.000Z

    Here people have the power To broke my heart with C major lips

  • Mae  Cavazos
    Mae Cavazos   2018-07-28T04:12:31.000Z

    Absolutely love love love twenty one pilots!!! Tyler!!! Josh!!!!! Man!!!!!!

  • yu vic ben
    yu vic ben   2018-07-27T03:00:09.000Z

    Hear that? Thats me crying

  • lamala kamala
    lamala kamala   2018-07-25T21:50:20.000Z

    I don\'t know why I feed on emotion There\'s a stomach inside my brain I don\'t wanna be heard I want to be listened to Does it bother anyone else That someone else has your name? Does it bother anyone else That someone else has your name, your name? I scream, you scream, we all scream \'Cause we\'re terrified of what\'s around the corner We stay in place \'Cause we don\'t want to lose our lives So let\'s think of something better Down in the forest We\'ll sing a chorus One that everybody knows Hands held higher We\'ll be on fire Singing songs that nobody wrote My brain has given up White flags are hoisted I took some food for thought It might be poisoned The stomach in my brain Throws up onto the page Does it bother anyone else That someone else has your name? Does it bother anyone else That someone else has your name? I scream, you scream, we all scream \'Cause we\'re terrified of what\'s around the corner We stay in place \'Cause we don\'t wanna lose our lives So let\'s think of something better Down in the forest We\'ll sing a chorus One that everybody knows Hands held higher We\'ll be on fire Singing songs that nobody wrote Quickly moving towards a storm Moving forward, torn Into pieces over reasons of what these storms are for I don\'t understand why everything I adore Takes a different form when I squint my eyes Have you ever done that? When you squint your eyes And your eyelashes make it look a little not right And then when just enough light Comes from just the right side And you find you\'re not who you\'re supposed to be? This is not what you\'re supposed to see Please, remember me I am supposed to be King of a kingdom or swinging on a swing Something happened to my imagination This situation\'s becoming dire My tree house is on fire And for some reason I smell gas on my hands This is not what I had planned This is not what I had planned Down in the forest We\'ll sing a chorus Hands held higher We\'ll be on fire Singing songs that nobody wrote Down in the forest We\'ll sing a chorus One that everybody knows Hands held higher We\'ll be on fire Singing songs that nobody wrote Hands held higher We\'ll be on fire Hands held higher We\'ll be on fire

  • Arnulfo Zamora
    Arnulfo Zamora   2018-07-24T21:03:15.000Z

    tag yourself im the guy at 1:49 right before tyler said \"I must\'ve kicked them out\"

  • vale !
    vale !   2018-07-23T00:12:06.000Z


  • Becca Minion
    Becca Minion   2018-07-20T15:17:59.000Z

    Ahhh the good old days. When Tyler still twitched on the regular and josh had normal hair 😂❤❤ #tøpforever

  • MadiMCRX19
    MadiMCRX19   2018-07-19T22:23:45.000Z

    Tyler\'s voice cracks are my aesthetic

  • jesse moore
    jesse moore   2018-07-19T09:25:04.000Z

    The good thing is they encourage you to think good about yourself and there the alo time best band EVER!!!

  • username that i won't regret in a month's time

    why are there so many men in the audience it makes me uncomfortable

  • username that i won't regret in a month's time


  • Hello there
    Hello there   2018-07-17T12:59:19.000Z

    \"Who\'s happy to be alive tonight? Let\'s sing about it.\" My new favorite quote from Tyler

  • Reese Paul ya got nice pieces
    Reese Paul ya got nice pieces   2018-07-11T03:54:43.000Z

    Woah dude

  • Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner   2018-07-11T01:34:51.000Z

    Damn watched one top video like two hrs ago and now I\'m on like video #47 and my phone is almost dead. This happens to me every time

  • Tyler‘s Treehouse
    Tyler‘s Treehouse   2018-07-04T17:09:23.000Z

    Oh my Josh im so fucking dun

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda   2018-07-03T19:07:51.000Z

    T E R R I F I E D

  • BigBellyBurger
    BigBellyBurger   2018-07-02T21:20:29.000Z

    “This is not what I had planned, this is not what I had PLAaAaAaANED!!!”

  • mishti mish
    mishti mish   2018-07-02T17:22:26.000Z

    So I never really cried listening to this. But today for the first time I read the fan fic- Forest and now I just can\'t control my tears. I can feel the song better now. I love Tyler and Josh so much, Tyler sings words I always wanted to tell but couldn\'t/always wanted to hear from someone. Thank you Tøp. You keep me alive. Stay Alive! |-/

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link   2018-06-27T17:16:29.000Z

    this music 😍😍

  • NotSoRepressedEmo
    NotSoRepressedEmo   2018-06-25T05:14:11.000Z

    Thank you. This video just helped me a lot. Stay alive |-/

  • Saimbaba
    Saimbaba   2018-06-25T01:39:43.000Z

    Please come back. It\'s enough for our patience 😢

  • Amegø64
    Amegø64   2018-06-15T23:52:12.000Z

    They are both wearing red....

  • SWAT
    SWAT   2018-06-05T18:20:38.000Z

    This song means so much to me. I\'ve only been in an actual forest one or two times and I barely remember, but it was absolutely beautiful. Maybe one day I\'ll come back.

  • smiley cupcake
    smiley cupcake   2018-06-03T17:17:36.000Z

    I saw Mark

  • The Eyes
    The Eyes   2018-06-03T02:17:52.000Z

    *F O R E S T* = *FAN FIC*

  • i love beans
    i love beans   2018-06-02T03:41:17.000Z

    i read New Music

  • Jaime Hernández chavez
    Jaime Hernández chavez   2018-05-25T22:17:30.000Z


  • Jaime Hernández chavez
    Jaime Hernández chavez   2018-05-25T22:16:51.000Z


  • Daniela 26
    Daniela 26   2018-05-18T21:54:24.000Z

    4:37 oh 7u7

  • Pujatra
    Pujatra   2018-05-14T01:26:32.000Z

    I love when Tyler dances

  • - nιcø’ѕ nιnтн jυмpѕυιт -
    - nιcø’ѕ nιnтн jυмpѕυιт -   2018-05-09T21:34:57.000Z


  • Дима Ровнейко
    Дима Ровнейко   2018-05-06T21:09:46.000Z

    Кто русский??

  • Clem Clem
    Clem Clem   2018-05-01T08:41:46.000Z

    I\'m dead. I cant, it\'s to mutch for me |-/ ❤️❤️

  • Valeria
    Valeria   2018-05-01T04:30:28.000Z

    Oh the things I\'d do to see them live

  • Anthony Calero
    Anthony Calero   2018-04-30T15:31:57.000Z


  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather   2018-04-19T04:20:47.000Z

    At 1:52 there is one guy just pointing straight into the camera.

  • iPixx3lz
    iPixx3lz   2018-04-15T06:33:08.000Z

    “Are you all happy to be alive today? Well let’s sing about it...”

  • Jell Ethereal
    Jell Ethereal   2018-04-11T06:26:14.000Z

    what the-- who\'s playing the drums??

  • Aterds 002
    Aterds 002   2018-04-10T13:26:20.000Z

    Huh. Sounds Like Heaven.

  • IILexasourusLexII II
    IILexasourusLexII II   2018-04-08T20:53:49.000Z

    Still listening in 2018 hiding from the hiatus... Woop

  • Nitzan Anavi
    Nitzan Anavi   2018-04-07T11:45:34.000Z

    Man I miss them so much.

  • Fabian Quinn
    Fabian Quinn   2018-04-04T16:06:06.000Z

    Whenever I feel down and depressed, I always come back specifically to this show because of Tyler screaming \"Who\'s happy to be alive tonight\" and it makes me feel better.

  • Carly
    Carly   2018-04-02T20:51:20.000Z

    guys. guys. ok if you like forest and fake you out, i have the perfect mashup for you ITS CALLED FAKE YOUR FOREST OUT AND ITS A MASHUP BY JK6I AND GO WATCH IT IT DESERVES SO MANY MORE VIEWS im sorry for yelling at you i got excited

  • TimmiXD
    TimmiXD   2018-04-02T18:43:00.000Z

    Hi) Here is only 174 dislikes 02.04.2018

  • D P
    D P   2018-03-29T11:56:01.000Z

    Amasing job Tyler and 😊😄

  • Mart!x
    Mart!x   2018-03-28T14:58:43.000Z


  • Sevinc Dadasova
    Sevinc Dadasova   2018-03-24T07:45:29.000Z

    2018 ❤ |-/

  • Dude Jason
    Dude Jason   2018-03-23T02:56:18.000Z

    Finally regional at best tyler

  • Jenel ll-//
    Jenel ll-//   2018-03-21T22:58:01.000Z

    Such a good song.

  • little louie
    little louie   2018-03-21T18:54:36.000Z

    4:06 best jod in the world

  • Eva Tellez
    Eva Tellez   2018-03-18T06:04:18.000Z

    Se merece más que un like

  • i love got7
    i love got7   2018-03-17T19:34:22.000Z

    this is from when they were alive

  • MissBeliever Dunseph
    MissBeliever Dunseph   2018-03-16T21:21:04.000Z

    3:40 omg is fucking beautiful🌟🌟

  • Fire Fly
    Fire Fly   2018-03-13T02:15:55.000Z

    To be honest I don’t think I’d be here without them. l-/

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha   2018-03-11T23:49:46.000Z

    Please release the song Ruby

  • BuckyBarnes WinterSoldier
    BuckyBarnes WinterSoldier   2018-03-10T06:32:20.000Z

    Something happened to my imagination this situation\'s becoming dire my treehouse is on fire and for some reason _I SMELL GAS ON MY HAANNNDS_

  • Happyguy Playz
    Happyguy Playz   2018-03-06T01:02:11.000Z

    2:55 - What most people came for

  • TB Puzzles
    TB Puzzles   2018-03-02T04:46:42.000Z

    \"who\'s happy to be alive today?\" Not fucking me

  • Julia Joseph
    Julia Joseph   2018-03-01T06:26:37.000Z


  • y l v a
    y l v a   2018-02-27T17:51:57.000Z

    when he said “who’s happy to be alive tonight?” I immediately started crying

  • y l v a
    y l v a   2018-02-27T17:50:57.000Z


  • neptxxns
    neptxxns   2018-02-23T22:57:20.000Z

    let me just leave this here T-E-R-R-F-I-E-D

  • ribelhun basan
    ribelhun basan   2018-02-20T16:32:32.000Z

    Tyler\'s shaking makes me scared.

  • Blue Grant
    Blue Grant   2018-02-19T21:30:21.000Z


  • Toby _
    Toby _   2018-02-15T21:38:12.000Z

    I was trying sing this song, and my voice cracked like an egg when you drop it, and I sounded like a donkey. XD

  • Toby _
    Toby _   2018-02-13T22:28:16.000Z

    yeah YEAH YEAAAH!!

    RAZER ELITE GAMING   2018-02-10T10:44:19.000Z

    Wish this was still on vessel

  • It's shrimp in a bag!
    It's shrimp in a bag!   2018-02-08T05:13:43.000Z

    2:35 Is it just me or did Josh and Tyler both stop and look at each other after \"So let\'s think of something better\"? Sweet beans

  • Bloody0 Mary0
    Bloody0 Mary0   2018-02-05T17:31:51.000Z

    I love to love them

  • J SanF
    J SanF   2018-02-01T17:42:25.000Z

    That last \"this is not what I had planned\"... I just cant take it. Its too beautiful.

  • Jessica Santana
    Jessica Santana   2018-02-01T01:11:16.000Z

    I miss them

  • Ali is trash
    Ali is trash   2018-01-31T15:37:18.000Z


  • TylerFallsOffPianos
    TylerFallsOffPianos   2018-01-22T22:01:46.000Z

    thumbnail is when you have leftover food but peers coming for it

  • Amanda Zayas
    Amanda Zayas   2018-01-17T02:22:05.000Z

    \"who\'s happy to be alive tonight\" I got a fucking chill man omg

  • nrp961
    nrp961   2018-01-15T08:43:50.000Z

    This is such an amazing performance!

  • cadence signorino
    cadence signorino   2018-01-14T02:05:49.000Z


  • Luke Jensen
    Luke Jensen   2018-01-13T07:03:32.000Z

    Please put this song on the next album

  • someone from slowtown
    someone from slowtown   2018-01-10T22:16:14.000Z

    I love how when the camera when on he clique they were just lip syncing l love it so much😭❤