Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes


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  • scaf
    scaf   2018-09-21T13:51:48.000Z


  • Patriots For Israel
    Patriots For Israel   2018-09-21T11:44:53.000Z

    Daniel Radcliffe, he\'s my lost Jewish brother .. 😊✡🕎 LOVE HIM!! ❤

  • Kingsley Files
    Kingsley Files   2018-09-21T10:45:40.000Z

    Since nobody else made this comment recently his hairstyle is awesome but i came up it with first fucker, if i knew how to wave a wooden stick around and get fans for it i would\'ve called dibbs on the hair design earlier.

  • Ma. Julia Amon
    Ma. Julia Amon   2018-09-21T09:22:23.000Z

    The nervous chuckle...

  • Tammy Chow
    Tammy Chow   2018-09-21T09:09:45.000Z

    wait, so this is a try to laugh challenge ?

  • Jasper Mitchell
    Jasper Mitchell   2018-09-21T08:26:55.000Z

    opposition flash Christian vhfiyvr pool dump investigation tennis chaos palm capability tear behavioral.

  • Hafsah Raza
    Hafsah Raza   2018-09-21T08:10:09.000Z


  • Fabien Cesar
    Fabien Cesar   2018-09-21T07:27:21.000Z

    i haven\'t seen the best memes, like the ones with ron harry and hermoine and the avada kedavra spell as well as the \"you guys wanna buy magic\" ? :D

  • jocelyn vicho
    jocelyn vicho   2018-09-21T07:02:27.000Z

    really bad for daniel

  • pat man yall
    pat man yall   2018-09-21T05:17:27.000Z

    Old memes oh no no no

  • Emily Doran
    Emily Doran   2018-09-21T04:27:13.000Z

    \"we must remake the films as musicals.\" Yo somebody call darren criss

  • Little Baby
    Little Baby   2018-09-21T04:05:06.000Z

    The dinosaurs called, they want their memes back.

  • AVAcado
    AVAcado   2018-09-21T03:59:52.000Z

    I fcking love Harry Potter

  • gregoryarrants
    gregoryarrants   2018-09-21T03:28:34.000Z

    James just had to go under his desk

  • N Naim
    N Naim   2018-09-21T01:47:44.000Z

    Next video: Daniel singing the alphabet aerobic. Now I\'m totally distracted from my work.

  • Pain
    Pain   2018-09-21T00:33:44.000Z

    what was the song at the Heromine part?

  • VTBM
    VTBM   2018-09-21T00:33:17.000Z

    Should have shown him Harry Potter and the Final Solution.

  • da1otta
    da1otta   2018-09-21T00:03:56.000Z

    I kept watching this show and it\'s a festival of mediocrity. The vocabulary is basic (like Trump\'s). The memes are uninteresting, the conversation is vacuous and the audience are monkeys. I\'m never getting these 6.5 minutes of my life back.

  • Nehemiah Sanchez
    Nehemiah Sanchez   2018-09-20T23:43:32.000Z

    Oh my gosh u guys are over reacting who cares if the memes are old

  • RiLL
    RiLL   2018-09-20T23:37:35.000Z

    Voldemort didn\'t feel so good

  • Len Lemon
    Len Lemon   2018-09-20T23:20:46.000Z

    Absolutely fucking awful poor Daniel he had to try and act like these horrible unfunny jokes are funny you can tell he actually is struggling to be nice

  • Nick Sexton
    Nick Sexton   2018-09-20T22:29:02.000Z

    those memes are fucking shit get better memes you fucking degenerate

  • Tanay Verma
    Tanay Verma   2018-09-20T22:13:16.000Z


  • Happy Drawing
    Happy Drawing   2018-09-20T21:25:17.000Z

    His voice brings back memories

  • Ana Clara Nardaci
    Ana Clara Nardaci   2018-09-20T21:13:48.000Z


  • Nathan Clarke
    Nathan Clarke   2018-09-20T20:23:40.000Z


  • Maia Gonzalez
    Maia Gonzalez   2018-09-20T20:23:08.000Z


  • Maia Gonzalez
    Maia Gonzalez   2018-09-20T20:22:00.000Z

    I can\'t get over the 2007 meme format

  • Violet24xo
    Violet24xo   2018-09-20T20:07:49.000Z

    \"We need to remake the films as a musical\"... A VERY POTTER MUSICAL

  • Malika Sen
    Malika Sen   2018-09-20T20:04:13.000Z

    I\'m the golden snitch lol

  • King Gudako
    King Gudako   2018-09-20T19:59:40.000Z

    those are shit memes

  • Tiny Glitch
    Tiny Glitch   2018-09-20T19:57:02.000Z


  • liam Leak
    liam Leak   2018-09-20T19:40:46.000Z


  • SkethyWethy
    SkethyWethy   2018-09-20T19:34:51.000Z

    This physically pains me

  • Christopher McMahon
    Christopher McMahon   2018-09-20T17:50:59.000Z

    I came here optomistic thinkin alright I know Jimmy Fallon is pure cringe but it can\'t be that bad... I WAS WRONG why do people bother watching this shit the show isn\'t funny neither is Jimmy Fallon he is a empty husk of a man with not a drop of Testosterone left in him in other words a soyboy manlet.

  • Stranger011_ X
    Stranger011_ X   2018-09-20T17:34:06.000Z


  • TPV Productions
    TPV Productions   2018-09-20T17:28:24.000Z

    Daniel Radcliffe almost looks like Aaron Paul. He is the epitome of “A brother from another mother!”

  • TBK
    TBK   2018-09-20T17:07:42.000Z

    Where is \"Hey kids, wanna buy some magic ?\" meme ?

  • Darya Seslavina
    Darya Seslavina   2018-09-20T16:16:40.000Z


  • Her.Name.Is.Raven
    Her.Name.Is.Raven   2018-09-20T15:17:21.000Z

    I like his hair in this vid, lovely.

  • Fck Yu
    Fck Yu   2018-09-20T15:12:26.000Z

    Jimmy: hey daniel .... do you know this things called mey mey?

  • Super_Cutie_ K
    Super_Cutie_ K   2018-09-20T14:17:47.000Z

    I met Dan in New York and he was so nice to me, and I asked him about his thoughts on Drarry and he laughed and said \"Well it\'s very creative!\", And the girl next to me said \"You\'re really going to let her ask you that? I don\'t even want to meet you anymore.\" And he smiled at her and said \"I\'m sorry if that offended you, each to their own. I\'m very sorry that you don\'t want to meet me anymore.\". He\'s so fucking nice istg.

  • Lilsoph
    Lilsoph   2018-09-20T14:04:39.000Z

    All these stale memes are so cringggggy there are so many good ones wtf

  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide   2018-09-20T13:15:09.000Z

    Danial Radcliffe\'s story was way more entertaining than any of the memes. I think he should\'ve shown the Harry & shocked Hermione wordplay memes, but they\'re probably too risqué lol.

  • Ksortakh Kraxthar
    Ksortakh Kraxthar   2018-09-20T13:02:09.000Z

    Now imagine this with proper \"memes\" (technically most of them are not memes at all, though). Like Wingardium Leviosa from Oney Cartoons ( ) or the Horny Harry meme ( ).

  • anastasia
    anastasia   2018-09-20T11:13:03.000Z

    How did you manage to bring memes back from death

  • GigaByte
    GigaByte   2018-09-20T09:44:10.000Z

    2008 memes...

  • Gold161803
    Gold161803   2018-09-20T09:10:05.000Z

    Why is he talking to Robert Pattinson about Harry Potter?

  • Lulu three
    Lulu three   2018-09-20T08:31:21.000Z


  • Crazy Spinita
    Crazy Spinita   2018-09-20T07:40:02.000Z

    He sound like Tom Holland

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin   2018-09-20T07:07:35.000Z

    Once again, people giving memes a bad name. Memes are not what they were back in my days.

  • Māori juana
    Māori juana   2018-09-20T06:16:08.000Z

    What happens to his hair?

  • gefelon iotavo
    gefelon iotavo   2018-09-20T04:55:30.000Z

    Quem aí como eu é br mais tem o inglês fluente ?

  • luuk hendriksen
    luuk hendriksen   2018-09-20T04:20:21.000Z

    possibly upper exposure bdoalf specialist long-term off house opera hey railroad intend.

  • Annie Peterson
    Annie Peterson   2018-09-20T02:26:44.000Z

    The most genuine, truthful, intelligent & entertaining one! Truly the most deserving!

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris   2018-09-20T02:03:16.000Z

    These memes are like something your teacher shows you

  • Nerd Librarian
    Nerd Librarian   2018-09-20T01:51:06.000Z

    *Daniel is looking handsome today,known as harry potter from the movie.I am surprised to see that he is all grown up now. :)*

  • Weirdmonkey 555
    Weirdmonkey 555   2018-09-20T01:14:24.000Z

    ur a mlg noscoper harry im a wot a mlg noscoper im just harry, just harry well just harry, u r a mlg noscoper. U W O T M 8

  • Big Geez
    Big Geez   2018-09-20T00:56:13.000Z

    D3D mems new ones plez thnx xx

  • Nehama W
    Nehama W   2018-09-20T00:37:32.000Z

    Aw man why wasn\'t this out when I was in new york last month! Sounds amazing!

  • Jasper The Spirit
    Jasper The Spirit   2018-09-20T00:23:10.000Z

    Hos realname is Harry Potter 100% duh lol

  • Eden S
    Eden S   2018-09-19T23:53:44.000Z

    Happy 44 birthday jimmy Fallon❤️🎁🎉🎈

  • Mellisa Dreemurr
    Mellisa Dreemurr   2018-09-19T23:12:31.000Z

    Why *why does he sound like one of those Minecraft you tubers*

  • Weeple Loves Sheep
    Weeple Loves Sheep   2018-09-19T22:57:29.000Z

    by far my favorite thing on the internet is the adult film he was in cuz now i see those clips and can\'t fully see him as NOT harry potter

  • Def Con
    Def Con   2018-09-19T22:42:02.000Z

    I’m a slytherin. Like if you’re a slytherin. Comment if you’re not

  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith   2018-09-19T22:36:18.000Z

    I will be in a cupboard somewhere Is that cupboard going to be under a set of stairs???

  • demonestor
    demonestor   2018-09-19T22:09:40.000Z

    what\'s wrong with his hair?

  • CanadianTurf Sandwich
    CanadianTurf Sandwich   2018-09-19T21:01:13.000Z

    I love this actor

  • Carlos Hof
    Carlos Hof   2018-09-19T20:46:52.000Z

    So Jimmy found the worst memes, and complemented it at minute 2:40, calling him \"Tom\"? Jaja just wondering!

  • FLAVIO A13
    FLAVIO A13   2018-09-19T20:46:27.000Z

    Avada Kedavra!!!

  • Kurt Cobain94677
    Kurt Cobain94677   2018-09-19T20:44:05.000Z

    By far my favourite HP meme.

  • anildo
    anildo   2018-09-19T20:39:58.000Z

    i want harry potter as a musical now

  • sym
    sym   2018-09-19T20:24:56.000Z

    I’ve seen funny HP memes but Daniel was a good sport. I’m sure he’s tired of HP that was a ground breaking role he did.

  • sym
    sym   2018-09-19T20:23:12.000Z

    Aww Daniel you’re a cool dude !

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M   2018-09-19T20:14:17.000Z

    The Harry Potter films have been remade as musicals. It\'s called A Very Potter Musical. #PigFarts

  • Jessica Barragán
    Jessica Barragán   2018-09-19T19:47:12.000Z

    Only here for Dan rad , he is always such a lovely person.

  • Jovana Spasojevic
    Jovana Spasojevic   2018-09-19T19:46:06.000Z

    3:57 harry going into to the cupboard from the first book

  • 🍭 Code X Once 🍭
    🍭 Code X Once 🍭   2018-09-19T19:37:48.000Z

    Dani lad you made plenty of movies but be like Ron and dont make anymore movies because y\'all suck at acting lol Harry potter was just magical that\'s why just enjoy your money and retire :)

  • Zoe Neidhardt
    Zoe Neidhardt   2018-09-19T19:31:54.000Z

    you are the coolest daniel, don\'t ever doubt that again.

  • AngryPuppy
    AngryPuppy   2018-09-19T19:20:51.000Z

    Jimmy Fallon is a hack.

  • The Outlander
    The Outlander   2018-09-19T19:14:28.000Z

    Shout-out to the meme makers who made these memes

  • TheCoolestGinger !
    TheCoolestGinger !   2018-09-19T18:59:17.000Z


  • kemble
    kemble   2018-09-19T18:10:28.000Z

    i feel so bad for him pretending this is funny ngl

  • Molly Domoney
    Molly Domoney   2018-09-19T17:56:14.000Z

    He’s grown so much since the first movie

  • Vine Editor
    Vine Editor   2018-09-19T17:00:05.000Z

    I never saw what the actor of Harry Potter looked like until now. When I saw the thumbnail I was confused but the moment I heard his voice I was like \"._.\" U pressed read more didn\'t u:>

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape   2018-09-19T16:59:06.000Z

    Ah yes... Harry Potter. Our new— celebrity...

  • Flower Angel
    Flower Angel   2018-09-19T16:13:59.000Z

    why is he reacting to stale memes...

  • Lord Kwobs
    Lord Kwobs   2018-09-19T15:46:26.000Z

    Uh where the fuck is harry potter and the noscopers stone??????

  • Lewis Clark
    Lewis Clark   2018-09-19T15:26:22.000Z

    Implication train accompany xnexkm fund vs cross burning slope basketball hat initiative.

  • Paper Benni
    Paper Benni   2018-09-19T15:00:02.000Z

    You know a meme is dead when it\'s been on tv

  • Kiara Mora
    Kiara Mora   2018-09-19T14:01:03.000Z

    Relizing theres a paparazzi to my side and just thinking ugh what am I gonna do?

  • Thereze Alexis Coyoca
    Thereze Alexis Coyoca   2018-09-19T13:58:33.000Z

    “I got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one” I love it! (0:51)

  • HavocLoves Memes
    HavocLoves Memes   2018-09-19T13:49:40.000Z


  • Michelle Arroyo
    Michelle Arroyo   2018-09-19T13:48:33.000Z

    Oh, Mr. Radcliffe, they\'re already set to musicals. @StarkidPotter

  • Kÿłîę Jêñńēr
    Kÿłîę Jêñńēr   2018-09-19T13:31:55.000Z

    They should’ve shown him the Harry Potter as Vines videos🤦🏾‍♀️

  • [mines dimes]
    [mines dimes]   2018-09-19T12:57:09.000Z

    Harry : Ron, how did i make my dick 12 inches? Ron: How? Harry: I cut it in half.

  • J.P. Walkman
    J.P. Walkman   2018-09-19T12:47:10.000Z

    I don\'t know what\'s more boring...... the memes? or Jimmy Fallon?

  • TheBrownBear
    TheBrownBear   2018-09-19T12:46:44.000Z

    u can just tell by the look of his face he doesn\'t like to talk about anything related to \"Harry Potter\"

  • lovingolatunji
    lovingolatunji   2018-09-19T12:46:31.000Z

    Jimmy coming for 2012\'s brand I see

  • ade roy hutana
    ade roy hutana   2018-09-19T12:42:45.000Z

    I love his outfit! What a handsome man :-)