A Smith Family Vacation


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  • Sekou Oumar Bangoura
    Sekou Oumar Bangoura   2018-08-19T20:58:05.000Z

    Superb vacation

  • Frogo776
    Frogo776   2018-08-19T20:54:59.000Z

    Theres a deep sea cave that leads into a unknown land that has not been discovered by man and said place is full of TOBLERONEs. The location has yet been revealed and is still a mystery to this day

  • Cláudia Bulhões
    Cláudia Bulhões   2018-08-19T20:49:13.000Z

    Will admiro muito seu trabalho, um dia venha a São Paulo me visitar. Deus abençoe você e sua família.

  • Rafa YouTube
    Rafa YouTube   2018-08-19T20:38:50.000Z

    4:52 wtf happen to that kid

  • I Am The Vaping Queen
    I Am The Vaping Queen   2018-08-19T20:36:39.000Z

    Fear is the mind killer - Paul Atreides And if you have to Google who Paul Atreides is....I don\'t want to know about it. It just make me feel old.

  • Laticia Walker
    Laticia Walker   2018-08-19T20:28:38.000Z

    Will Smith had me laughing hard!!! Talking about she shouldn\'t have came!!!!😂😂😂

  • michael mcdonough
    michael mcdonough   2018-08-19T20:23:09.000Z

    damn never knew u had a channel!

  • tecnicsboys
    tecnicsboys   2018-08-19T20:21:38.000Z

    Great video !

  • chang chong
    chang chong   2018-08-19T20:18:56.000Z

    Hey will, I heard you were a giant fucking cunt. True?

  • Christina Ysuiza
    Christina Ysuiza   2018-08-19T20:14:53.000Z

    JADEN : Wtf?! 😂😂

  • sexylt
    sexylt   2018-08-19T20:09:16.000Z

    Amen, put away fear. This adventure is so beautiful. I hope to travel the world.

  • watch my vids
    watch my vids   2018-08-19T20:07:41.000Z

    Will didn\'t make the video 10 min

  • 7CityWay Incorporated
    7CityWay Incorporated   2018-08-19T20:07:03.000Z

    This. Thank you.

  • Leslie Alley
    Leslie Alley   2018-08-19T20:04:04.000Z

    Never understand thumbs downs, especially on videos like this!? This is inspiring!! Thumbs up!!

  • Sakiss Cama
    Sakiss Cama   2018-08-19T19:51:15.000Z

    Does this guy keep practicing. I\'m his big fan. I try to know able him too. I like his freestyle music. But karate, I like that more. Keep practicing with J.chan.

  • Liliana Romero
    Liliana Romero   2018-08-19T19:45:55.000Z

    I think Will Smith wants to be president.

  • Sin nombre Y ya
    Sin nombre Y ya   2018-08-19T19:31:43.000Z

    6:20 respira despacio 😂 Spanish!!

  • Elise Erickson
    Elise Erickson   2018-08-19T19:31:22.000Z

    Will Smith vlogging is my favorite thing

  • BIG ZU
    BIG ZU   2018-08-19T19:30:56.000Z

    Why my niggas jaden look so fruity

    JAY KRISSY   2018-08-19T19:30:19.000Z

    This is what parents should do for their kids.. take the time out to spend quality time with them or somewhere fun and educational that is within your budget. You odnt have to leave your ocuntry to experience the beauty of life. TRUE WORDS = \"If you are scared you can\'t see beauty, fear kills your ability to see beauty. You have to get beyond fear back to a comfortable space before you can even start looking around......fear never wins life!!!\"

  • Damani Scott
    Damani Scott   2018-08-19T19:24:18.000Z

    Willow is identical to Will. From the way they talk, look, and personality. Only difference is the gender and age.

  • Weeddaa
    Weeddaa   2018-08-19T19:14:03.000Z

    My country, i love it.

  • Kevin Rollman
    Kevin Rollman   2018-08-19T19:03:57.000Z

    Will Smith should not have let the illuminati make a transgender out of his son! If it meant his own life, he should have protected his son! What a tragedy,!

  • GrandHack
    GrandHack   2018-08-19T19:00:29.000Z

    Что ? Will Smith ? Почему это рекомендовано русскому ?

  • Ronald Velasco
    Ronald Velasco   2018-08-19T18:57:54.000Z

    Lo quiero en español 😢

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby   2018-08-19T18:53:45.000Z

    This his how your spouse to live as a family..

  • Ami Ww
    Ami Ww   2018-08-19T18:50:13.000Z

    Is it me or anyone fell like Trey Smith is ignored a little pite!!

  • john sims
    john sims   2018-08-19T18:49:33.000Z

    Will givin us more of himself 😊glad he joined the social media please check this out Ray Sims! 🏀🏀🏀#WeHoopin

  • Lou Diamond
    Lou Diamond   2018-08-19T18:45:18.000Z

    05:28 lmao

  • The Bliss Wish
    The Bliss Wish   2018-08-19T18:43:37.000Z

    Fear Ruins Life

  • Mormyaa
    Mormyaa   2018-08-19T18:40:10.000Z

    The only reason why I need money. To travel the world and see/experience beautiful places like this

  • Gris Soto
    Gris Soto   2018-08-19T18:36:48.000Z

    You should go to Mombacho volcano in Nicaragua you can see the lava from the crater!!! And even better it is a small hike!

  • bamaboyoowee205912
    bamaboyoowee205912   2018-08-19T18:35:53.000Z

    I saw Mrs. Smith for a hot second...why didn\'t she dive?...

  • bamaboyoowee205912
    bamaboyoowee205912   2018-08-19T18:31:17.000Z

    jajajaj....Jaden trying to keep Willow legit...too funny

  • Sumayyah Hussain
    Sumayyah Hussain   2018-08-19T18:22:31.000Z

    Will smith on YouTube is literally the best thing ever it’s one of those things you never knew you needed 💕

  • Thug Live 97 V.L
    Thug Live 97 V.L   2018-08-19T18:01:10.000Z

    O piazão ta na pedra

  • Paula Andrea Garcia
    Paula Andrea Garcia   2018-08-19T17:57:03.000Z

    aghdd jklll way

  • Edith Hernandez
    Edith Hernandez   2018-08-19T17:52:39.000Z

    Beautiful family good blessed

  • Katherine Cruz Guerrero
    Katherine Cruz Guerrero   2018-08-19T17:51:17.000Z

    The smith\'s family 🖤🖤🖤

  • weedbgone
    weedbgone   2018-08-19T17:39:45.000Z

    must be nice to be a Smith.

  • sE Flvffy!™
    sE Flvffy!™   2018-08-19T17:31:57.000Z

    Where the f was Jada?

  • GaGaRUS78
    GaGaRUS78   2018-08-19T17:31:22.000Z

    It seems that Will\'s son had a problem and decided to take him out to rest under his supervision.

  • Mavina I
    Mavina I   2018-08-19T17:28:46.000Z

    Like Bro Smith, do you read the bible cause what you said about fear is revealed in the bible. Fear hijacks life, growth, special opportunities, s kills potential. Fearlessness is boldness inspire of fear and it is passionate. Love you and your family. Thank you for sharing and making my day even better as you hoped to do each day of your life. Keep it 💯

  • Armando Hernández
    Armando Hernández   2018-08-19T17:23:36.000Z

    Gracias por compartir. Salud Will.

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  • Rico Alexander
    Rico Alexander   2018-08-19T17:21:35.000Z

    Thanks for this Will. Awesome stuff.

    ERICA IRIZARRY   2018-08-19T17:18:56.000Z

    Wow beautiful!!

  • Eva Arevalo
    Eva Arevalo   2018-08-19T17:13:39.000Z

    Felicidades...soy tu super fans..que bueno que estes en youtube..te tenemos mas cercas..saludos desde Monterrey México...bendiciones amigo...

  • E Green
    E Green   2018-08-19T17:00:37.000Z

    Why go there seems more like torture. Hurry and get to a hotel. It\'s not pretty there.

  • Kira
    Kira   2018-08-19T16:58:33.000Z

    I love people like will smith and the rock and terry crews for there genuine positivity and light they bring and at the same time I think too much positivity is cringey hahaha

  • Dexter Staschen
    Dexter Staschen   2018-08-19T16:56:39.000Z

    She shouldn\'t have came though...if you\'re scared you can\'t see beauty. -Karen livin her best life.

  • Mari Helen Nogueira
    Mari Helen Nogueira   2018-08-19T16:55:56.000Z

    Poderia haver uma tradução pra facilitar né

  • Maribel Gaona
    Maribel Gaona   2018-08-19T16:50:19.000Z

    Beautiful place he showing us and educational to, he should do more videos teach. ...

  • Fresh99
    Fresh99   2018-08-19T16:41:34.000Z

    Brazilian will lovee

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎   2018-08-19T16:39:31.000Z

    Thats how i wanna see jayden, like a normal person, not a pop star(he think he is one pop star already)

  • mjcapo1
    mjcapo1   2018-08-19T16:33:08.000Z

    Must be nice beeing loaded and just enjoying life.

  • Pokkle 1
    Pokkle 1   2018-08-19T16:32:26.000Z

    I thought vlogging channels were dead, but this channel is awesome.

  • jneroo226
    jneroo226   2018-08-19T16:24:53.000Z

    The New White

  • Mich Wolf
    Mich Wolf   2018-08-19T16:19:13.000Z

    is his wife in any of his videos ?

  • S&P 500 Educational Chart
    S&P 500 Educational Chart   2018-08-19T16:16:17.000Z

    Cool Vacation

  • julio orantes
    julio orantes   2018-08-19T16:10:41.000Z

    What? We\'re is Sam smith? Hahaha LoL

  • Belle Petite
    Belle Petite   2018-08-19T15:54:25.000Z

    Hermoso Just awesome

  • Black K!ng19
    Black K!ng19   2018-08-19T15:51:13.000Z

    That nigga got blonde hair why? Smh😂 niggas always trying to look like the colonizers. Our oppressor our enemies

  • loveforthegame3
    loveforthegame3   2018-08-19T15:50:33.000Z

    Will is such a genuine dude. He deserves every good thing he gets. He is world class respectable

  • connor wells
    connor wells   2018-08-19T15:46:13.000Z

    I’d be too scared of sharks to do that

    MAËLLE   2018-08-19T15:42:23.000Z

    Best parents ever

  • sann pokharel
    sann pokharel   2018-08-19T15:29:30.000Z

    Damn this is cool

    WISH_WIZARD-RY   2018-08-19T15:27:26.000Z

    Willi Ntate, Badimo ba o hloka Afrika kwana ntate. leseke latsha moo.

  • Акежан Мукенев
    Акежан Мукенев   2018-08-19T15:27:25.000Z

    Пиздец у джейдена ебало на превьюшке

  • Madayasia watkins
    Madayasia watkins   2018-08-19T15:22:18.000Z

    I loved the men in black clip😂

  • What What
    What What   2018-08-19T15:17:52.000Z

    Bro how old is Willow now..?

  • elfoxy
    elfoxy   2018-08-19T15:17:29.000Z

    Isla de despacito

  • Inside Tract Fiber
    Inside Tract Fiber   2018-08-19T15:16:28.000Z

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • H Lee jr
    H Lee jr   2018-08-19T15:15:39.000Z


  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther   2018-08-19T15:14:38.000Z

    Fear also saves lives, Mr. Smith. 😂😂😂

  • benjamin mott
    benjamin mott   2018-08-19T15:07:23.000Z

    \" Fear ruins life!!\"

  • foxypsycho
    foxypsycho   2018-08-19T15:00:33.000Z

    Jaden walks like an old man🤣

  • Nicole Jones
    Nicole Jones   2018-08-19T14:57:35.000Z

    I like the Smith family it’s amazing that everyone is having fun.

  • Ronald Pradouuuikju
    Ronald Pradouuuikju   2018-08-19T14:52:55.000Z

    Will smith ven a Peru a conocer Machu Pichu.. Y probar el mejor ceviche del mundo que es Peruano.

  • Tracey Boateng
    Tracey Boateng   2018-08-19T14:52:02.000Z

    I want to meet Will Smith so baaaadd Lots of love from Jamaica ❤💋

  • seandrums12
    seandrums12   2018-08-19T14:51:05.000Z

    Will, I\'m not sure if you read the comments but I just wanted to take a second to say how fantastic the content you\'ve been putting out has been. It\'s always so elegantly edited with the most inspiring content and is by far one of my favourite channels on youtube. It really shows how passionate you are about creating for this type of media platform and it\'s truly enjoyable to watch you and your family on so many exciting adventures. I\'m always looking forward to what\'s coming next, keep up the great work Will! You are definitely one of the most hard working and talented people in the industry! Cheers!

  • TanijahClay.
    TanijahClay.   2018-08-19T14:44:17.000Z

    \"Don\'t be jealous we climbing a volcano! \" Boiiii qhj would be jealousy of that well just be glad I think ain\'t us lmaoo

  • Deja Tharp
    Deja Tharp   2018-08-19T14:39:11.000Z

    has anyone ever seen the movie 7 pounds? I cried at the end of the movie but it was good💕💕💕

  • Tierra Sea Star
    Tierra Sea Star   2018-08-19T14:38:24.000Z

    They should have their own tv, I would be up all night watching them 😂

  • mobspeak
    mobspeak   2018-08-19T14:34:37.000Z

    4:43 good thing this isn\'t the 90s..

  • Jihad Lateef
    Jihad Lateef   2018-08-19T14:33:43.000Z

    Thank you 🙏🏼 Will Smith and family for sharing... This was such a beautiful video to watch.... Grace and Peace ✌🏾 😁👍🏾

  • jakob holcomb
    jakob holcomb   2018-08-19T14:20:07.000Z

    My favorite actor 🤟😀😀😀😀

  • Seema Naaz
    Seema Naaz   2018-08-19T14:03:51.000Z

    omg jaden uve changed so much.ive watched the karate kid almost for 20 , 25 times even when my parents yells at me i don\'t listen to them .yesterday ive seen it again .it doesn\'t mean that i haven\'t understood the movie its just bcoz u r so cute in that and also when i saw th karate kid for the first time i cried bitterly....anyways plz make a comeback in movies....

  • Julio Blazquez Jr
    Julio Blazquez Jr   2018-08-19T13:57:49.000Z

    Thank you Will, congratulations for such beautiful family and friends. Great video.

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson   2018-08-19T13:56:45.000Z

    WOW quick class on diving when it took us months in the service...

  • timtim 1
    timtim 1   2018-08-19T13:54:54.000Z

    Loved Will wince parents just don\'t understand

  • Sir Alex
    Sir Alex   2018-08-19T13:49:27.000Z

    Its cool this vídeo i like it!!

  • Javamate
    Javamate   2018-08-19T13:48:24.000Z

    That was fun to watch, thanks for sharing :)

  • Quelloh
    Quelloh   2018-08-19T13:47:51.000Z

    Ti piace l\'italia eh

  • jenifher ramirez ortiz
    jenifher ramirez ortiz   2018-08-19T13:28:02.000Z

    Me encanta la buena vibra de will

  • Marchtech _
    Marchtech _   2018-08-19T13:12:42.000Z

    How did the editor made the still photos with the kodak border lines? i\'m intressted to make this aswell as i shoot aftermovies and travel vids.

  • Joycee K.
    Joycee K.   2018-08-19T13:10:36.000Z

    Will is such a Dad What a dad tho <3

  • Space Derby
    Space Derby   2018-08-19T13:08:21.000Z

    coz we gangsta homies porque somos gansta compadres

  • teamkantue
    teamkantue   2018-08-19T12:58:08.000Z

    Dead on Will. Fear ruins life! BOOM!

  • micheal john
    micheal john   2018-08-19T12:54:36.000Z

    note to self never take family to edge of live volcano