Burnout & Overworking Yourself

  • Published on 2018-08-05T18:38:09.000Z
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  • Boyinaband
    Boyinaband   2018-08-05T19:07:34.000Z

    Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate. ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.

  • Tux Animations
    Tux Animations   2018-08-19T20:47:41.000Z

    But.... I don\'t want to go to collage....

  • Williams Jayden
    Williams Jayden   2018-08-19T20:41:49.000Z

    Jaiden I don\'t know if you\'ll see this but I just wanted to say your a big inspiration for me as im trying to learn how to animate and your just the best :D if you see this Thank You

  • KalainsHouse
    KalainsHouse   2018-08-19T20:29:11.000Z

    MadVR, LAV Filters,PotPlayer...oi

  • mk786 gaming
    mk786 gaming   2018-08-19T20:28:33.000Z

    description: I feel like die

  • JohnGaming
    JohnGaming   2018-08-19T20:27:50.000Z

    Wait but i feel like poop because I broke my arm

  • Ana Plays :3
    Ana Plays :3   2018-08-19T20:17:46.000Z

    Two weeks Late, Great

  • Holly Jenkins
    Holly Jenkins   2018-08-19T20:16:21.000Z

    Love your vids!!

  • Loic Mathieu
    Loic Mathieu   2018-08-19T20:09:55.000Z

    Did you donate to jacksepticeye August stream

  • Aimon Maza
    Aimon Maza   2018-08-19T19:53:52.000Z

    Wow. There\'s a lot more animation. Good change of content Jaiden

  • Chloe Hampton
    Chloe Hampton   2018-08-19T19:42:34.000Z

    Yep...on Wattpad...

  • Sa Kura
    Sa Kura   2018-08-19T19:40:10.000Z

    I‘m super lazy. That sucks. I always have a bad feeling because I could be working, but I can’t.

  • Tea Beganovic
    Tea Beganovic   2018-08-19T19:39:45.000Z

    U donated $1000

  • Dr Cheeseburger
    Dr Cheeseburger   2018-08-19T19:27:15.000Z

    Oh wow you are so good I love this so much PMA

  • Julian Rickey
    Julian Rickey   2018-08-19T19:26:48.000Z

    tha for helping pma with hiting 1000,000,00 thx you . you are cool

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    Alexgamer72135   2018-08-19T19:24:48.000Z

    I know this has literally nothing to do with this great video but did Jaiden donate to Jacksepticye?

  • Eeveestuff
    Eeveestuff   2018-08-19T19:24:36.000Z

    Nice story I love your vids this is cool also your voice is just adorable

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    Bestgamer2508   2018-08-19T19:24:04.000Z

    Maiden animations just donated 1000 $ to jeckseptic eye s live stream :)😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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    Cool Dude   2018-08-19T19:23:37.000Z

    Nice job donate bombing (or whatever) on Jacksepticeye\'s charity stream lol

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    Mrs. Craig   2018-08-19T19:23:20.000Z

    Hey jaiden i just watched you give a 1000 dollars to jacksepticeyes charity stream good job 👍👍👍

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    schmid1.0   2018-08-19T19:22:16.000Z

    Subbed to you after your donation on Jacks stream.

  • Lily Wright
    Lily Wright   2018-08-19T19:16:15.000Z

    I bet this is why people hate school doing the same thing over and over and over and you get the idea like if you agree

  • R4ND0
    R4ND0   2018-08-19T19:07:42.000Z

    hey jaiden fight me on smash

  • Ivxy Galaxy
    Ivxy Galaxy   2018-08-19T18:50:43.000Z

    *i feel like die*

  • TheMarioBros Channel
    TheMarioBros Channel   2018-08-19T18:49:54.000Z

    0:50 How basically all final exams go for me

  • derpy pug
    derpy pug   2018-08-19T18:47:43.000Z

    Hey jaide what device do you use to animate? I\'m thinking of doing a animation chanel!

  • Sunlight
    Sunlight   2018-08-19T18:39:34.000Z

    Hey jaiden nice work in asdfmovie 11

  • shivraj bains
    shivraj bains   2018-08-19T18:35:17.000Z


  • Solar Sonic
    Solar Sonic   2018-08-19T18:24:16.000Z

    Weird, you just described the entire work culture in Japan... Karoshi is a terrible thing.

  • sarah Garlinger
    sarah Garlinger   2018-08-19T18:20:58.000Z

    tell this to the school systems because my stress from school is overwhelming and I’m overworked due to homework and other stuff 🤷‍♀️

  • Queen_pig _plays
    Queen_pig _plays   2018-08-19T18:10:36.000Z

    What things do i need to animate and wich mic

  • Fatimah Gacha Studio
    Fatimah Gacha Studio   2018-08-19T18:04:04.000Z

    I was eating chocolate while watching that but..I don’t eat it all the time

  • Adriana Merck
    Adriana Merck   2018-08-19T18:02:22.000Z

    \"a depressive state that takes days to recover from\" \"takes days to recover from\" \"days\" Count yourself lucky.

  • The Jelle
    The Jelle   2018-08-19T17:56:35.000Z

    Me 0:59

  • Noor Alghanmi
    Noor Alghanmi   2018-08-19T17:55:14.000Z

    jaiden do you secretly voice act

  • Amira Bhola
    Amira Bhola   2018-08-19T17:37:51.000Z

    Welcome to L.A. (even though you moved here like a week ago)

  • Tong Dao
    Tong Dao   2018-08-19T17:36:47.000Z

    U have friends like..... James Dave TimTom Alex animation crew

  • Turquoise Wolf
    Turquoise Wolf   2018-08-19T17:31:05.000Z

    7:14 I\'m ded the teeth are so cute

  • superyousefkidman jlo
    superyousefkidman jlo   2018-08-19T17:30:00.000Z

    0:15 that face... IS almost, CUUUUUUTTTEEEE!

  • Caroline Ma
    Caroline Ma   2018-08-19T17:28:10.000Z

    What about James? Is he just gonna be in Arizona without Jaiden!?

  • Turquoise Wolf
    Turquoise Wolf   2018-08-19T17:27:11.000Z

    3:25 ari 😂😂😂😂

  • Dlow2289 Dlow2289
    Dlow2289 Dlow2289   2018-08-19T17:17:02.000Z

    wow, this video is so me and i didn\'t realize it till i watched this. Great video. thanks!

  • Abby Roberts
    Abby Roberts   2018-08-19T17:08:57.000Z

    my mom just called u garbage D;

  • Aaron Berg
    Aaron Berg   2018-08-19T16:57:03.000Z

    How much work did it take to make this video?

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  • M4RVST3R and M1M1
    M4RVST3R and M1M1   2018-08-19T16:48:11.000Z

    hey jaiden i love your videos and i adore your animations could i have a shoutout plzzzzzzz

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    Sushiismylife   2018-08-19T16:44:08.000Z

    3:24 hahaha haha the dog 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Cheesy Animation
    Cheesy Animation   2018-08-19T15:53:25.000Z

    I had to do a 6 page essay in two days I stayed up for 48 hours straight (it wasn’t worth it I don’t even remember what it was about and it was like three years ago) and i had to do it in 6th grade.

  • Unicorn Girlll
    Unicorn Girlll   2018-08-19T15:53:04.000Z

    What type of bird is ari?

  • bb Rivas
    bb Rivas   2018-08-19T15:52:11.000Z

    Can I please get some subscribers because it\'s my birthday

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    Blue Sheep   2018-08-19T15:31:36.000Z

    Boyinband XD with better hair

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    Great video

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    Blue Sheep   2018-08-19T15:26:18.000Z

    *raises hand*

  • Golden Trap
    Golden Trap   2018-08-19T15:25:00.000Z

    MINECRAFT And omfg i never knew i overworked myself till i found out these were all the things i did

  • Tia Hansen
    Tia Hansen   2018-08-19T15:22:59.000Z

    can I (please) use your random thoughts video idea in my youtube channel? i\'ll make sure to give your channel credit.

  • Bobbi Cervera
    Bobbi Cervera   2018-08-19T15:19:57.000Z

    I made you a roblox account Jaden and I think it looks just like you download the game on your computer phone or tablet and search up real Jaiden animations if you see a player that looks like that like you then add friend they will accept it and we will be friends make sure you make a username okay

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    Axe Beez   2018-08-19T15:15:13.000Z

    *raises hand*

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    Unlexia   2018-08-19T15:12:25.000Z

    Mom : HEY, NO NO, BAD. Me : *Holding chocolate* Mom : NOT ON THE FLIPPIN CARPET

  • Colby Cooper
    Colby Cooper   2018-08-19T15:09:58.000Z

    First, awesome video like usual. Second of all, I JUST FOUND OUT YOU WERE IN ASDF MOVIE

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    HnTv   2018-08-19T15:08:54.000Z

    cool animation

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    wait who was the first person to do a end card

  • HnTv
    HnTv   2018-08-19T15:05:33.000Z

    can i ask a question how long did it take to animate this in real life

  • HnTv
    HnTv   2018-08-19T15:05:00.000Z

    so wait what about if you have an deadline and you really need to work really hard on it like what do you do then you can\'t just stop and chill when you have a deadline which it close.

  • Frank Hester
    Frank Hester   2018-08-19T15:04:27.000Z

    Hey Jaden I\'m animating because of you😊😊😊😊😊

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    Welcome to LA, Jaiden! We’ve got your back! Just reach out to us :)

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    I have a eating disorder but,mine is worst than you

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    Xanax is a drug you know jaiden

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    MoonLightEmma xD   2018-08-19T14:09:34.000Z

    YAY :D thanks for putting me out my misery jaiden :)

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    kyuuu~ jaiden is da best!!! ❤ so much luv for u and your frens!

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    Hey take a break from YouTube and go do the stuff like go somewhere or idk just have fun

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    when im doing homework i want a break cus im dead but im not allowed

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    3:52 thats my now insult

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    Jaiden Marx Animations

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    Can you do more gba gaming pls?

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    James Kindrick   2018-08-19T11:35:40.000Z

    You gonna eat that waffle you threw at the door? It looked good. I want it. If I\'m not working, then I\'m being lazy. So I just accepted that I\'m a lazy nobody that will never amount to anything ever.

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    *its empty...*

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    WhimsyHeath   2018-08-19T10:57:24.000Z

    My problem is I don\'t do enough work, then due dates happen, and then I overwork, and feel like die

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    Đức Lê   2018-08-19T10:51:32.000Z

    4:48 she looks familiar

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    Good girl ❤

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    *One time my mommy bought corn dogs for my family and she gave us all two but I wanted three and she said no so I stole one of my brothers corn dogs and I slapped it on the floor and eateded it in the corner of my couch ha dab*

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    Jaiden I saw you as an animation on a ad 4 better than tinder(don’t ask why I saw that plz) and it was just your character and your art style pulling up your shirt to show your you know......Idk maybe someone stole your character for a xes meetup thing I would search and get it off of there.