The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary


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  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz   2018-09-21T03:54:18.000Z

    There’s a lot that I want to say about your videos. Not only are they entertaining, hilarious, open, serious and raunchy at times. As a gay man with a similar sense of humor as all four of you at different times I’m sooooo happy that all of your openness with each-other as friends is being recorded for everyone to see. I can only aspire to be as open as your friendships and open up to people that really matter in my life. Cheers and thanks guys!

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith   2018-09-21T03:43:55.000Z

    \"I could swallow worlds\"

  • Tiara M.
    Tiara M.   2018-09-19T16:57:31.000Z

    Eugene is my fave for life lmfao 😅

  • Katie Abrego
    Katie Abrego   2018-09-16T22:08:24.000Z

    *_\"When we get to 200 episodes we\'ll f*ck each other\"_*

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey   2018-09-16T09:06:47.000Z

    Who else remembers those amazing swimsuits?

  • Aure Yah
    Aure Yah   2018-09-15T22:08:31.000Z


  • Aure Yah
    Aure Yah   2018-09-15T22:03:31.000Z


  • Desiree Jarvis
    Desiree Jarvis   2018-09-15T21:44:57.000Z

    I cant imagine the try guys with anybody else in the group

  • Deerstalker Headcanons
    Deerstalker Headcanons   2018-09-15T13:00:48.000Z

    I\'m just comparing this to the four year anniversary and I justrahskfnskfbnsjxbdbbs

  • Marcella Padalecki
    Marcella Padalecki   2018-09-14T20:53:31.000Z

    I don\'t know what a clitoris is but I still love that moment. What is a clitoris?

  • Marnie C Evans
    Marnie C Evans   2018-09-13T21:23:01.000Z

    I wish there was an actually video of every time Ned said “My Wife”

  • Cassie LeAnne
    Cassie LeAnne   2018-09-13T03:57:52.000Z

    Happy 4 year anniversary!

  • C. H.
    C. H.   2018-09-12T22:52:41.000Z

    \"Oh my gawd, I\'m the clitoris, oh my gaaaaawwd.\"

  • anushka srivastav
    anushka srivastav   2018-09-10T06:27:17.000Z

    It\'s gonna be 4 years anniversary in 2 days!

  • salad
    salad   2018-09-09T21:37:23.000Z

    It’s literally 2 years since the 2 year video whatttt

  • Veronika Andrási
    Veronika Andrási   2018-09-09T11:18:10.000Z

    Zach wearing a Zach t-shirt is such a mood 😂😂

  • Meghan Kipp
    Meghan Kipp   2018-09-09T01:04:43.000Z

    Eugene\'s the hottest

  • Rebecca Marie
    Rebecca Marie   2018-09-07T03:50:16.000Z

    Every try guy fan wants to be Ned at 1:28 ;)

  • Rebecca Marie
    Rebecca Marie   2018-09-07T03:48:45.000Z

    Ned\'s the \"White guy with the wife\"

  • DragonMarkInc
    DragonMarkInc   2018-09-07T00:54:53.000Z

    *I* *DONT* *KNOW* *WHAT* *TO* *DO* *WITH* *MY* *HANDS*

  • Rhiannon Hamrick
    Rhiannon Hamrick   2018-09-06T08:13:27.000Z

    6 days til 4 years

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star   2018-09-05T21:57:18.000Z

    Yay they made there own Channel

  • Abbie Dowell
    Abbie Dowell   2018-09-04T09:32:53.000Z

    Nearly 4 years

  • A Sal
    A Sal   2018-09-03T23:30:55.000Z

    anyone know what the song is when they play the title reel? I looked through the list in the description and still didn\'t find it

  • Bri Pearson
    Bri Pearson   2018-09-03T14:19:00.000Z

    Try guys should try Body Paint!

  • Ecka SmiLe
    Ecka SmiLe   2018-09-03T06:32:24.000Z

    200th video hmmm.... * starts counting all the videos *

  • Abby lee Miller
    Abby lee Miller   2018-09-03T01:46:39.000Z

    You should make zach shave all of his chest hair!

  • Rebekka Kofod Nielsen
    Rebekka Kofod Nielsen   2018-08-31T19:00:48.000Z

    4 year anniversary just around the corner! Congrats guys!!

  • Ronnie dalgaard
    Ronnie dalgaard   2018-08-31T14:55:47.000Z

    Love y´ll

  • iHearGreen 31
    iHearGreen 31   2018-08-31T01:36:31.000Z


  • Gabriela Moreno
    Gabriela Moreno   2018-08-31T01:11:29.000Z

    Just wanted to point out that there’s been 135 try guy episodes, 65 left...

  • michael mclean
    michael mclean   2018-08-30T19:56:23.000Z

    I\'m surprised Buzzfeed didn\'t fire Eugene or sexual assault...

  • Princess Copeland
    Princess Copeland   2018-08-29T01:02:23.000Z

    “Look at that big boner I had.” Me: goes 10 seconds back to watch bc Eugene is Daddy and WE STAN

  • Just Eve
    Just Eve   2018-08-28T16:27:57.000Z


    IM AN EXO-L WITH AN ARMY OF SEVENTEEN   2018-08-28T01:39:44.000Z

    1:37 WIG.SNATCHED!

  • Hanna Lyons
    Hanna Lyons   2018-08-27T02:35:22.000Z

    can eugene in a ponytail stab me with his six inch stilettos

  • Amanda Bentes
    Amanda Bentes   2018-08-26T20:54:31.000Z

    i am so soft right now

  • Danielle Linkh
    Danielle Linkh   2018-08-26T02:50:43.000Z

    Can someone explain how they choose the seasons because its two year but 6seasons

  • M R
    M R   2018-08-25T22:01:06.000Z

    6:50 nice segue eugene.....

  • Grace S
    Grace S   2018-08-25T11:15:08.000Z

    When you\'re watching this in 2018 and they have their own channel now and you\'re just so frickin proud.

  • Chenza
    Chenza   2018-08-25T03:33:26.000Z

    Did anyone else get a condom ad..

  • Alessia N.
    Alessia N.   2018-08-24T11:59:07.000Z

    Can anyone tell which is the video where they fight naked? I\'ve looked for it but can\'t find anywhere

  • Crazypig129 Gaming
    Crazypig129 Gaming   2018-08-24T10:39:57.000Z

    Lmao now you have your own channel!

  • Allen Miranda
    Allen Miranda   2018-08-21T21:21:58.000Z

    *patiently awaits 200th episode

  • Luci Green
    Luci Green   2018-08-20T14:39:24.000Z

    Things that Need is obsessed with: - his wife - wes - the colour red because red rhymes with ned - his dog bean - his butt - beating Eugene

  • Lexii Ivee
    Lexii Ivee   2018-08-19T21:55:18.000Z

    oh my gooood im the clitorist

  • Liana H
    Liana H   2018-08-19T21:09:44.000Z

    The Speedos 😂😂

  • Debb Curry-Millard
    Debb Curry-Millard   2018-08-19T17:47:20.000Z

    I do not know how I got to the Try Guys but I am so grateful.

  • Andre Fennell
    Andre Fennell   2018-08-19T16:30:27.000Z

    i feel like eugene is the gay that you think is gay, but deep down you know he isnt gay. But he actually is

  • Isa Apo
    Isa Apo   2018-08-19T14:57:40.000Z

    What the hell happens to the 1,5 thousand people that disliked this video lol

  • homstuck nerd
    homstuck nerd   2018-08-17T16:17:49.000Z

    Eugene I will tell you that having brothers is like permant hell but with more sadness

  • Cute Purple Donut
    Cute Purple Donut   2018-08-17T15:08:28.000Z

    1:25 I saw that video over a month ago, and am still confused 🤣

  • Cristina Almeida
    Cristina Almeida   2018-08-16T23:35:03.000Z

    Hope they make a 4 year anniversary video!! They\'ve come so far ❤️❤️

    HERRO IM VIOLET   2018-08-16T15:10:49.000Z

    zach is wearing a shirt with his face only on it😂

  • Nb Nati
    Nb Nati   2018-08-16T07:50:40.000Z

    6:00 what is thst i mean 5:56

  • Irish Master
    Irish Master   2018-08-16T03:38:24.000Z

    Ned could be the \" the married one\".

  • Hannah Strobel
    Hannah Strobel   2018-08-15T16:56:41.000Z

    Did the Kim kardashian video get taken down? I have looked through all the seasons and I can’t find it anywhere.

  • oliviaaa millsss
    oliviaaa millsss   2018-08-15T15:54:57.000Z

    ive fallen in love with keith over the course of two years and now four cuz i’m watching this in 2018 #teamkeeeeeith

  • SubStrainGaming
    SubStrainGaming   2018-08-15T10:58:41.000Z

    If i ever walk into you guys in public i\'ll undress myself immediately and slap my face with a carrot.

  • Virus girl
    Virus girl   2018-08-15T00:16:22.000Z

    9:12 DO IT XD

  • prosevspoetry
    prosevspoetry   2018-08-14T03:39:06.000Z

    viva la wig snatch

  • Kayla_Is_a _Unicorn
    Kayla_Is_a _Unicorn   2018-08-13T06:22:29.000Z

    You guys have 121 videos so make about 79 more videos and you can make out and any and everything else

  • Alice_06
    Alice_06   2018-08-12T18:06:04.000Z

    Were ma pants?? Cracks me up every time

  • yuval brami
    yuval brami   2018-08-12T16:12:56.000Z

    3:10 little did he know..

  • Sophie Christine Siger Munch
    Sophie Christine Siger Munch   2018-08-12T11:08:01.000Z

    now looking at this and see how far they come and now they have there own channel it makes me happy

  • cierra latson
    cierra latson   2018-08-12T05:57:18.000Z

    Why is Eugene so damn cute like i would not mind making out with him at all😩

  • Friggin Sofia
    Friggin Sofia   2018-08-10T16:58:01.000Z

    Ive only began watching the try guys a few days ago, and now i have found out that them began th show on my B-day.

  • Wolfania
    Wolfania   2018-08-09T12:42:44.000Z


  • Arian Paris
    Arian Paris   2018-08-07T22:38:10.000Z

    Zack is so hot.

  • Dah Butter Asian
    Dah Butter Asian   2018-08-07T10:19:45.000Z

    MAKE A PORNO... or don’t... it’s cool...

  • Sandra Tucker
    Sandra Tucker   2018-08-07T06:23:44.000Z

    Boys...please dont forget...its not the hair...its the great personalities you all have.. I am 62.. And , it is humor. You all have it.. Dont change. Rock on.

  • pandapower
    pandapower   2018-08-07T03:46:26.000Z

    Did anyone notice on the thing where they told each other their favorite moments the things they were wearing were from the sexy swimsuit test (Like on 6:07)

  • Šłòth ;
    Šłòth ;   2018-08-07T02:55:57.000Z


  • Ariel Larrabee
    Ariel Larrabee   2018-08-06T18:55:10.000Z

    I cant wait till they get to 200 episodes

  • molly
    molly   2018-08-06T03:36:43.000Z

    how far away ned and keith are sitting vs how close eugene and zach are sitting lmfaooo

  • Dutch Review
    Dutch Review   2018-08-05T18:43:44.000Z

    You can call it buttfeed

  • Emma
    Emma   2018-08-05T17:24:37.000Z

    \"Watching your friends get hurt is soo delightful.\" Gotta love Zach XD

  • Kelly
    Kelly   2018-08-04T01:11:12.000Z

    Y’all at 110 videos so you better be careful

  • cat furry lover
    cat furry lover   2018-08-04T00:38:49.000Z

    111 eposods

  • Kiki1O1
    Kiki1O1   2018-08-03T18:05:18.000Z

  • Yvng. Vo
    Yvng. Vo   2018-08-02T17:09:54.000Z

    Even on the try guy character Eugene and Ned are the farthest from each other 😂

  • Channing Choi
    Channing Choi   2018-08-02T15:46:12.000Z

    orgy <3

  • LeafyBreeze 06
    LeafyBreeze 06   2018-08-02T03:14:19.000Z

    75 more videos left till 200....

  • Camilla's Corner
    Camilla's Corner   2018-08-01T23:11:33.000Z

    I Love Zach 😍

  • Silver The Husky
    Silver The Husky   2018-08-01T02:56:41.000Z

    Now it’s a four year anniversary! Awesome!!

  • xxAwesomessxx
    xxAwesomessxx   2018-07-31T12:04:48.000Z

    Wow 2 years of being together.... ❤️ Try Guys+YouTube ♥️

  • Jillian Maeve Butner
    Jillian Maeve Butner   2018-07-30T22:31:56.000Z

    The Try Guys are almost *_four_* years old😨😨

  • Girly Girl
    Girly Girl   2018-07-30T12:51:26.000Z

    Eugene didn’t even eat his pizza... It’s pizza... EAT IT!

  • xcolax
    xcolax   2018-07-30T07:22:54.000Z

    Eugene and Ned!! SHIPPPED

  • C R
    C R   2018-07-30T05:42:38.000Z

    lol zach\'s shirt

  • pandapower
    pandapower   2018-07-30T00:15:43.000Z

    “I don’t know what to do with my hands” I didn’t actually find this that funny in the video but when they all did it together I died

  • julia's world
    julia's world   2018-07-29T06:00:00.000Z


  • Meggels K
    Meggels K   2018-07-27T14:00:02.000Z

    Zach turned in to eugene

  • I T Z E X E
    I T Z E X E   2018-07-27T00:25:34.000Z

    I saw the thumbnail and came for Eugene

  • kwonhyunbin ifyouseethisiloveyou
    kwonhyunbin ifyouseethisiloveyou   2018-07-26T22:21:20.000Z

    rewatching this because i\'ve already seen all of their videos in their new channel

  • Claudia Z
    Claudia Z   2018-07-26T13:41:12.000Z

    I remember watching a video a while ago with Ned & Ariel talking about relationships and Ned was speaking about a time he danced with another woman and felt so guilty about it and told Ariel later hahahaha. I think is that girl on the video. I can\'t believe I have this much useless information in my head.

  • Sunny Quan
    Sunny Quan   2018-07-26T01:26:53.000Z

    (random thought)I think Keith looks the best in a tux

  • Tatiana edits
    Tatiana edits   2018-07-24T20:07:39.000Z


  • Tiger's animation studio
    Tiger's animation studio   2018-07-24T02:18:21.000Z

    Is ned still drunk °~°

  • Jay Says Hey
    Jay Says Hey   2018-07-23T17:48:05.000Z

    I actually found the Try Guys because of a picture of Zach in the vagina costume. I got curious after seeing the picture and looked it up on YouTube 😂