twenty one pilots: Heavydirtysoul (circle)


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  • Yonac
    Yonac   2018-09-05T17:14:11.000Z

    Hey, is anybody here?

  • you see
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  • øld schøøl Clique
    øld schøøl Clique   2018-08-25T02:12:47.000Z

    Josh isn\'t real tyler

  • hhelenoo
    hhelenoo   2018-08-18T21:11:35.000Z

    Circle? Was this a hint for the trilogy or am I interpreting wrong?

  • ExtremeBass Booster
    ExtremeBass Booster   2018-08-15T15:57:18.000Z

    only fucking stupid white listen to this shit

  • cinnamon roll
    cinnamon roll   2018-08-15T07:38:49.000Z

    I was one ferry ride away...

  • iPro Gaming YT
    iPro Gaming YT   2018-08-09T09:46:36.000Z

    Skull Trooper V2 lol

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  • Eidua Eduardo
    Eidua Eduardo   2018-07-31T11:58:33.000Z

    Coment nuber 10.000 xdxd

  • Rini Dolok
    Rini Dolok   2018-07-29T08:28:57.000Z

    July 2018 hereee

  • ExtremeBass Booster
    ExtremeBass Booster   2018-07-28T17:05:53.000Z

    Why did i think he had a skull trooper, skin on?

  • D Wolfsfroth
    D Wolfsfroth   2018-07-24T10:41:42.000Z

    Slain in the Spirit....

  • MrHappyMonkey
    MrHappyMonkey   2018-07-19T01:09:39.000Z

    This song will forever be important to me because I won the talent show with it XD

  • ComeOner
    ComeOner   2018-07-16T18:51:49.000Z

    0 comments about fortnite skull trooper lol

  • Camila_x x
    Camila_x x   2018-07-14T19:06:24.000Z


  • Funny vids H
    Funny vids H   2018-07-14T08:13:13.000Z

    Love it 😍😍😘😍😘

  • Veronica Ulunque
    Veronica Ulunque   2018-07-13T10:48:38.000Z

    En el video, las luces del concierto van cambiando de naranja (que representa la salvacion) y blanco (blurryface). Las luces van alternando y estando unas sobre otras. Lo que significa que se esta produciendo una pelea entre blurryface y la salvacion, pero los reflectores solo apuntan de naranja y blanco a Tyler. Pero Josh siempre tiene el color naranja, esto significa que Josh es la salvacion, seria como un ente, y ese ente es la musica. Como vimos en Heathens, Josh esta parado sobre una plataforma naranja y guia a Tyler, en Heavydirtysoul (el video), Tyler trata de protejer a Josh mientras el toca la bateria, y lo logra. A lo que llegamos a una cosa: La musica es la unica que puede hacerle frente a blurryface y puede ayudar a Tyler con sus inseguridades y depresion.

  • Bronze the Sling
    Bronze the Sling   2018-07-11T13:58:42.000Z

    SO GUYS a year later and we\'ve come in a full CIRCLE okay

  • Anthony Wilson
    Anthony Wilson   2018-07-10T00:16:16.000Z

    He got on the skull trooper skin

  • Diana Maldonado
    Diana Maldonado   2018-07-07T04:45:37.000Z

    Canción favoritaaaaaaa😍🖒🇲🇽

  • Camz
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  • Gutter Cheetah
    Gutter Cheetah   2018-07-04T21:29:23.000Z

    018 07MOON 05

  • Jay Nik
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  • Егор Волков
    Егор Волков   2018-07-02T17:43:47.000Z

    0:27 бля пацан теперь расти не будет ((((((((( (через него перешагнули)

  • Josepe Gamer
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  • Josepe Gamer
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  • Ash Chan
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  • ReLaKs
    ReLaKs   2018-06-01T07:20:43.000Z

    Тайлер у тебя Тремор??

  • Yukiashine
    Yukiashine   2018-05-30T16:53:14.000Z

    Best 0:00 - 3:16

  • Dan Santander
    Dan Santander   2018-05-27T18:09:24.000Z

    Que hermoso.

  • gnarly æsther
    gnarly æsther   2018-05-24T14:04:52.000Z

    Josh\'s the only drummer I know who bounces while drumming. lol

  • Иван Мармылёв
    Иван Мармылёв   2018-05-23T07:45:20.000Z

    ВААУУУ, абалдеть

  • ʏȏȗя ʟȏċѧʟ ṿȏԀҡѧ ɞȏʏ
    ʏȏȗя ʟȏċѧʟ ṿȏԀҡѧ ɞȏʏ   2018-05-21T14:21:11.000Z

    Guys I found the circle, look at Josh\'s drums 1:22

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  • Sr. Alexander
    Sr. Alexander   2018-05-15T02:01:43.000Z

    Beautiful song 🎵🎵 this is not rap this is hip hop.

    SEBASTIAN NILSSON   2018-05-14T14:44:19.000Z

    Tyler looks like skull trooper in fortnite

  • Zuha
    Zuha   2018-05-08T07:17:47.000Z


  • SkrAndy Gamer
    SkrAndy Gamer   2018-05-05T15:55:15.000Z

    Ty is in the dema (silent tower)

  • AnimeLover 1360
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  • Maisie Elle
    Maisie Elle   2018-04-29T23:34:48.000Z

    my friend told me one day to listen to this band named twenty one pilots (bit before they got really mainstream) and so i put it off for a bit untill i watched this exact video, i was horrified. i didnt know what was going on but the song was SICK i started getting into their stuff. here i am now, complete trash, knowing eveything about these two men

  • Andrea Manhiem
    Andrea Manhiem   2018-04-28T20:40:40.000Z

    Løve TØP

  • Obama Soup
    Obama Soup   2018-04-26T04:35:20.000Z

    Where is the seizure warning lol

  • Lynda Howard
    Lynda Howard   2018-04-15T13:34:07.000Z

    Love this young man and ALL his music! He is fantastic!

  • Евгений Абкеримов
    Евгений Абкеримов   2018-04-15T13:02:37.000Z

    11 тупых американских пилоток.... ебанные в рот.....

  • jon decarbonel
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  • Patrick Aaron Monje
    Patrick Aaron Monje   2018-03-27T03:11:36.000Z

    Is it me or is it just that the word \"circle\" there doesn\'t have anything to do with the video, and that it has something to do with the new album?

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  • Creature Creations
    Creature Creations   2018-03-13T22:04:49.000Z

    I need to get myself a hoodie like that

  • rocio araiza rocioaraiza
    rocio araiza rocioaraiza   2018-03-10T19:53:47.000Z

    Yo soy su fans de mi artista twenty one pilots yo amo tyler mucho quisiera que el es mi novio y josh 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😚😍😚😍😍😚😍😚😍😙😍😙😍😚😍😚😍😚😍😍😚😍😚😍😚😍😚😍😚😍😚😍😚😍

  • rocio araiza rocioaraiza
    rocio araiza rocioaraiza   2018-03-10T19:52:33.000Z

    Oye esa caida fue real ofalsa

  • SickDubs
    SickDubs   2018-03-07T09:47:02.000Z

    2:52 KO

  • Jack Peterson
    Jack Peterson   2018-03-07T01:20:10.000Z

    Josh isn\'t real.

  • Maamer Seddar
    Maamer Seddar   2018-03-05T00:47:46.000Z

    this crazy music

  • james is I
    james is I   2018-02-21T21:45:00.000Z


  • Marcos Vinícius
    Marcos Vinícius   2018-02-15T01:38:14.000Z

    Amo demais twenty

  • Ночной Скетчер666
    Ночной Скетчер666   2018-02-13T23:22:20.000Z

    XD ♡

  • Brayan Cruz
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  • Pilots trejp
    Pilots trejp   2018-01-31T02:13:40.000Z


  • Henry Benitez
    Henry Benitez   2018-01-30T04:14:47.000Z

    The thing that worries me is that on car radio is like a clue to suicide or something

  • Fetus Genius
    Fetus Genius   2018-01-24T22:33:37.000Z

    I can\'t stop rewatching 1:20😂 it\'s just so funny watching Josh bounce around in his little drummer chair with his little drumsticks 😁

  • MaskedEcho
    MaskedEcho   2018-01-20T08:20:35.000Z

    *tyler lying lifeless on the floor* Josh: Whatever man I’m out Tyler: ok fine I’m coming

  • Hannah Goodell
    Hannah Goodell   2018-01-19T23:59:58.000Z


  • Deimos The Badass
    Deimos The Badass   2018-01-19T13:14:33.000Z

    Tyler\'s rap is comparable to Eminem\'s.

  • Im 11 pls Stay with me my bløød
    Im 11 pls Stay with me my bløød   2018-01-16T00:41:59.000Z

    Tyler: (lays on the floor next to Jishwa) Tyler’s words in his mind: “ I am dead inside”

  • juliano
    juliano   2018-01-06T15:37:49.000Z


  • NVGPW and J
    NVGPW and J   2018-01-01T15:20:56.000Z

    Did anyonelse notice it was josh dun on the steps at 0:24

  • olá.im.just.extra
    olá.im.just.extra   2017-12-29T21:32:17.000Z

    Puta clipe lindo conceitual indie caralho de aesthetic

  • Merii Zabala
    Merii Zabala   2017-12-28T00:13:48.000Z

    vuelvaaaaaaaaaan pliss😭😭😭😭😍

  • Labyrinth SeaDog
    Labyrinth SeaDog   2017-12-26T04:39:02.000Z

    *We are still sitting in silence.*

  • Harbinger of the apocalypse
    Harbinger of the apocalypse   2017-12-16T20:18:45.000Z


  • gabs krueger
    gabs krueger   2017-12-15T18:14:10.000Z


  • Who put you on the Planet
    Who put you on the Planet   2017-12-11T02:49:09.000Z

    Can you save my hairy dinasour 😂😂😂

  • mr. misty eyed
    mr. misty eyed   2017-11-29T23:33:21.000Z

    are you here because hideawayecho tell you so?

  • soreheaven
    soreheaven   2017-11-29T21:49:52.000Z

    Did anyone else get here from hideawayecho?

  • edgy kid
    edgy kid   2017-11-15T02:21:53.000Z

    that fucking into tho honestly I like the (circle) version more than the official version

  • Mike Southern
    Mike Southern   2017-11-14T03:22:42.000Z

    It says (circle) at the end. If you listen to the original version of goner, the ending is the same to the start of heavy dirty soul. I think that\'s because blurryface is in a loop. Please like.

  • reina soza
    reina soza   2017-11-13T04:28:52.000Z

    Twentyonepilots be like this :/ from all the notifications there getting from me becasue i watch this over 100 times a day and other videos of theres lol

  • blurry
    blurry   2017-11-09T05:31:15.000Z

    holy shit i miss this

  • -
    -   2017-11-08T18:41:30.000Z

    Anyone else notice Tyler\'s gun for a hand?

  • FLP Albert
    FLP Albert   2017-11-05T00:08:37.000Z

    Who else when they take a shower they always listen to this song??

  • dorothy audley
    dorothy audley   2017-11-01T11:00:59.000Z

    чертова ностальгия :) несите гроб

  • Mini Mango
    Mini Mango   2017-10-25T09:00:58.000Z


  • skiddty
    skiddty   2017-10-18T03:53:12.000Z

    me want new album

  • Jose Juan
    Jose Juan   2017-10-13T02:56:29.000Z

    Guns forma heans

  • Awkward Weir0
    Awkward Weir0   2017-10-09T17:05:19.000Z

    Why does it say (circle)? Is this a clue? What is it a clue for? I have soooo many questions

  • Kaylee Potter
    Kaylee Potter   2017-10-09T12:55:33.000Z

    this comment may be buried in time and may be for the best but as someone who suffers from DID (multiple personalities, split personalities, whatever) i have reason to believe that most all TOP songs are about Tyler\'s experience with alters and dissociation. sorry, i just wanted to say what I think.

  • Leonardo Caserez
    Leonardo Caserez   2017-09-30T02:06:26.000Z

    Hello iam from Argentina

  • italo ganerpp
    italo ganerpp   2017-09-29T14:25:41.000Z

    love love

  • italo ganerpp
    italo ganerpp   2017-09-29T14:25:04.000Z


    DEVI SHEETAL   2017-09-28T06:25:35.000Z

    This is my theory, Gøner is the last song of BlurryFace and the ending is Heavydirtysoul and the first song of the album is heavydirtysoul. Blurryface wins it\'s a endless circle. This is tied in with heathens Tyler goes to jail and Josh dies and tyler sees visions of josh in jail blurryface won because josh wasn\'t there to help. The blurry face logo to me is either tyler\'s hand in the kitchen sink |- is the faucet and / is the hands in the sink pulling him in the sewer that might lead to blurryface OR | might be josh and - is the hand holding / tyler and not letting him go OR it might be Blurryface pulling tyler i dk if it\'s correct but this is what makes sense to me.

  • French Fried
    French Fried   2017-09-24T12:04:03.000Z

    Me: *watches video on how to rap HeavyDirty Soul* Ok I\'ll finally be able to rap this! *Twenty Minuets Later* Me: *Watches video on slowest speed* HE\'S STILL RAPPING TOO FAST!!!

  • Luis Alberto Ponce V.
    Luis Alberto Ponce V.   2017-09-23T22:21:52.000Z

    Like si hablas español 👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻😎💎🦋🐺🐺y también si eres latino americano o Venezolano

  • Lupe Nieves
    Lupe Nieves   2017-09-16T03:42:04.000Z

    Twenty one pilots I like your first song and I was practicing Josh drums. But it\'s not Josh real Drums it\'s my real drums so I told my grandma when the next concert of yours song so I was pop scene of the microphone porn and that\'s it well thank you for call meant below and I hope to see you in the concert bye

  • Ben Nowak
    Ben Nowak   2017-09-12T01:01:50.000Z

    Play this after the goner video from 2012. 😱

  • Bimeshlwagun official
    Bimeshlwagun official   2017-09-08T11:35:48.000Z

    sing a new song

  • YeBoi Copenrider
    YeBoi Copenrider   2017-09-07T20:27:48.000Z

    Heavydirtysoul is my favorite song

  • sleepers
    sleepers   2017-09-05T12:22:49.000Z

    \"tyler..josh was never real...remember\"

  • Victoria Girl
    Victoria Girl   2017-09-04T14:50:50.000Z

    Twenty øne pilots is my fav band of all time

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez   2017-09-01T20:25:32.000Z

    I love 21 pilots