Wedding Dresses Across Asia

  • Published on 2016-01-03T18:00:01.000Z
  • A gorgeous bridal fashion show featuring traditional and modern Asian wedding dresses proves that wearing white isn't always right. To learn more about these beautiful gowns, check out the full BuzzFeed post: MUSIC “Mink & Shoes” (feat. Navid Izadi) Psychemagik Made by BFMP + WESTERN-STYLE GOWNS Designer - Michelle Hébert @michellehebertofficial Model - Maureen Montagne @maureenmontagne THAILAND Designer - Thunyatorn by Thunyatorn Ng @thunyatorn_thaidress Model - Tiffany Toto @tifftoto AFGHANISTAN Designer - La Tulipe by Hassina Ghani Ansary @tulipedesigns Assistant - Shab Hussain Ansary Model - Safiya Nygaard @safiyany VIETNAM Designer - Thai Nguyen Atelier by Thai Nguyen @thainguyenatelier Model - Kaylen Dao @kaylendao INDIA Designer - Officially Couture by Maneka @manekashewa Henna Artist - Nadia Ali Henna Dil Se @hennadilse Model - Sonia Patel @sonicaaaaa KOREA Designer - LeeHwa Wedding & Traditional Korean Dress by Laura Park @leehwawedding Assistant - Estella Park Model - Ashley Park @xoashleypark + HAIR by David Dang @daviddanggg MAKEUP by Kathryn Waldron @trucecosmetics + ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Cathleen Cher @cafleen ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES provided by Showroom Joplin @showroomjoplin SHOES by Melis Yildiz IX.IV @melisyildizixiv GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

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  • hay wud
    hay wud   2018-09-23T20:14:39.000Z

    Love afghan dresses 😍😍

  • Jagwaseni Banerjee
    Jagwaseni Banerjee   2018-09-23T19:21:29.000Z

    India has plenty of different regional culture and different wedding dresses according to it. Every non-Indian thinks Indian wedding dress means lehenga-choli, which is not.

  • chim chim711
    chim chim711   2018-09-23T15:15:23.000Z

    Good job eugene and the whole crew!!

  • Veena Sahithi
    Veena Sahithi   2018-09-23T13:54:50.000Z

    I think most of the Indian Brides are is in Saree. And lots of Gold. Red, Green & Yellow colours.

  • Sweet Meow
    Sweet Meow   2018-09-23T11:47:29.000Z

    Let\'s appreciate Eugene\'s work he did in a short time

  • Pam S
    Pam S   2018-09-23T09:43:37.000Z

    India ❤

    BTS BLACKPINK AND KARD STAN   2018-09-23T08:59:11.000Z

    INDIA AND KOREA!!!! WOOOHOO!!!!❤❤❤❤❤👏

  • Asha Holla
    Asha Holla   2018-09-23T06:44:46.000Z

    Who came here after watching Eugene behind the scenes

  • Sita Mundri
    Sita Mundri   2018-09-23T05:25:10.000Z

    Who liked Indian bride dress? Comment below my favourite dress in this video is from korea,India, Vietnam,thiland.

  • Ananya Das
    Ananya Das   2018-09-23T05:14:45.000Z

    There is not only one type of bridal dress in India . There are many other types of bridal dresses in India . You should have shown all those bridal dresses .

  • ayesha khan
    ayesha khan   2018-09-23T03:18:16.000Z

    I\'m sorry but I felt like Korea wears sack at there wedding ... ? What\'s the deal with that airy balloon type cloth ...

  • ayesha khan
    ayesha khan   2018-09-23T03:14:49.000Z

    The wedding dresses of Pakistan are the best in whole world ... And they missed it ....😏😒

  • Poo poo
    Poo poo   2018-09-22T18:00:59.000Z


  • Sukanya Saha
    Sukanya Saha   2018-09-22T09:49:19.000Z

    where is saree ...of bangalis

  • Kim Prottusha
    Kim Prottusha   2018-09-22T09:29:52.000Z

    I\'m Indian and my favs are Indian and Korean wedding dress😍😍 But the dresses of other countries were beautiful too 😙❤

  • Ankita konwar
    Ankita konwar   2018-09-22T06:30:52.000Z

    What the heck did the Indian bride wear??? 🙄 🙄 🙄 Dissaponting.... There are very beautiful dresses in India

  • Divyangana J
    Divyangana J   2018-09-22T06:17:54.000Z

    Indians wear saree... This is nowhere close to what\'s shown here... :(

  • Amtul Baseer
    Amtul Baseer   2018-09-22T04:01:38.000Z

    Vietnam dress is goood

  • Amtul Baseer
    Amtul Baseer   2018-09-22T04:00:53.000Z

    Afghanistan 😍😍😍

  • Divya Malhotra
    Divya Malhotra   2018-09-21T23:48:20.000Z

    Yay!! They had India 🇮🇳

  • Divya Malhotra
    Divya Malhotra   2018-09-21T23:48:04.000Z

    Yay!! They had India 🇮🇳

  • Wardah Qureshi
    Wardah Qureshi   2018-09-21T12:34:53.000Z

    Afghani dress wow 😍😍😍

  • msteaguer1908
    msteaguer1908   2018-09-20T21:58:18.000Z


  • chachi mogo
    chachi mogo   2018-09-20T19:48:21.000Z

    For Afghans this dress is not really the wedding dress. This is just a traditional dress. For the religious ceremony called Nekah, the bride can wear any type of green dress. But after the Nikah, the bride wears white wedding dress. This is not an Afghan wedding dress.

  • Sibr *
    Sibr *   2018-09-20T18:44:03.000Z

    Where\'s Japanese wedding dress at? 🇯🇵🎎

  • Anisha •
    Anisha •   2018-09-20T18:22:42.000Z

    India has got way better dresses.

  • Shrijan Pandey
    Shrijan Pandey   2018-09-20T10:43:52.000Z

    East or west India is the Best

  • Raksha Mishra
    Raksha Mishra   2018-09-20T09:12:10.000Z

    India has way better wedding dresses than what\'s shown in this video. Indian girls wouldn\'t wear this on others\' weddings, let alone their own

  • weena chabin
    weena chabin   2018-09-20T05:21:02.000Z

    I don\'t know y .....I don\'t like the Indian attair shown in western videos and in English movies they look so cheap and somwhat simple ...but in real its so opposite a days ...they r so compitative towards bridal dress .they r so heavy and totally different styles.

  • Bebel Essman
    Bebel Essman   2018-09-20T04:53:25.000Z

    Vietnam and India were my favorites

  • The Last Asian Girl
    The Last Asian Girl   2018-09-20T03:10:29.000Z

    Wait which one was India’s?

  • hemant singh rana
    hemant singh rana   2018-09-19T21:52:08.000Z

    Indian 😍😍😍

  • ayush jaiswal
    ayush jaiswal   2018-09-19T13:18:03.000Z

    My country India

  • Ayush Makhloga
    Ayush Makhloga   2018-09-19T08:03:30.000Z

    The Indian dress was not that good as worn by the brides

  • zohra
    zohra   2018-09-18T23:36:42.000Z

    afghanistan ❤️

  • Kavya Chauhan
    Kavya Chauhan   2018-09-18T21:21:09.000Z

    India have 29 states and i guess all the states have their own bridal wear, way different from each other, its too hard to define Indian bridal wear in just one costume.

  • Octavia Glory
    Octavia Glory   2018-09-18T12:16:49.000Z

    The Afghan dress was Hot 🔥 😍

  • Taehyung's BUTCHEEKS
    Taehyung's BUTCHEEKS   2018-09-18T05:09:47.000Z

    I am an Indian and I just wanna say that I they wanna show Indian bridal they would have to make a completely different video because every state has different bridal styles it also doesn\'t help that there are many different religions in india

  • rajeev kumar
    rajeev kumar   2018-09-17T11:58:09.000Z

    India is too diverse actually you can make whole separate video about indian wedding dresses love from India guys

  • Aniket Prasad
    Aniket Prasad   2018-09-17T07:47:51.000Z

    2:14 yep it\'s typical Indian wedding dress but now a days we have a lot better designs as well... Who can forget about anushka Sharma\'s dress. .. That created a buzzzzz in the whole country...

  • Qadri Rubaiya
    Qadri Rubaiya   2018-09-17T07:10:08.000Z

    Afghanistan dresses were awsome

  • Its Shünmi
    Its Shünmi   2018-09-16T16:04:58.000Z

    GO SAFIYAA!!!!💖

  • shalini singh
    shalini singh   2018-09-16T12:56:57.000Z

    Indian wedding dress is the best in this world without.any doubt

  • Chenal Zara
    Chenal Zara   2018-09-16T09:18:14.000Z

    I\'m from Vietnam and you

  • Gaurika Fry By Ritwik
    Gaurika Fry By Ritwik   2018-09-16T08:32:23.000Z

    The Indian wedding dress shown is not accurate. Here brides mostly wear Saris not Lehangas. Also, the dresses are much heavier than shown in the video.

  • Fizza Dawood Dogar
    Fizza Dawood Dogar   2018-09-16T06:42:15.000Z

    Always neglected Pakistan

  • Sasha Boileau
    Sasha Boileau   2018-09-15T22:11:54.000Z

    Here after watching the \"Behind Eugene\" video

  • Anisha Sarkar
    Anisha Sarkar   2018-09-15T21:01:52.000Z

    Awesome ! i am from india 🙆💕

  • Chocolates Xu
    Chocolates Xu   2018-09-15T20:29:17.000Z


  • HP G
    HP G   2018-09-15T17:40:00.000Z

    I\'m from South India and we wear sarees in our weddings

  • mehek laskar
    mehek laskar   2018-09-15T16:19:10.000Z

    Imagining myself in hanbok with taehyung /jungkook/jimin. 😍😍😍😍 But we\'ll that\'s just a dream Coz *they are like moon and I\'m just one of those million stars*

  • sakshi nath
    sakshi nath   2018-09-15T13:32:52.000Z

    omg the all thedressses are gorgeous

  • Insherah Saleem
    Insherah Saleem   2018-09-15T12:48:37.000Z

    I think you need to change your designer....neither that indian lehanga nor that suit was not at all looking good...😂😂

  • Katherine Evans
    Katherine Evans   2018-09-15T08:32:20.000Z

    how is saf so pretty????

  • Shreeya Shedge
    Shreeya Shedge   2018-09-15T07:26:06.000Z

    India was the best 👍😍 But Korean bridedress was also beautiful 😍😘 because I love Korean actor and actress

  • Sofia MacKenzie
    Sofia MacKenzie   2018-09-14T20:54:02.000Z

    where Is Bangladesh......rude

  • Noorulhuda Javaid
    Noorulhuda Javaid   2018-09-14T15:10:53.000Z

    Hey where is Pakistani wedding gown?

  • Praveesha Edwards
    Praveesha Edwards   2018-09-14T09:56:53.000Z

    South Indians wear saree n beautiful Jewellery for their wedding..

  • Mori Mori
    Mori Mori   2018-09-14T09:30:45.000Z


  • Qazi Shahbaz Parviez
    Qazi Shahbaz Parviez   2018-09-13T23:19:23.000Z

    Indian wedding dress same as Pakistani but one difference Pakistani mostly not sleeveless.

  • Sakshi Sindhi
    Sakshi Sindhi   2018-09-13T05:46:44.000Z

    Nice video Indian Pakistani Wedding Dresses #SakshiSindhi

  • T- Pain
    T- Pain   2018-09-13T05:14:06.000Z

    Indian here, we have 20+ different wedding attire based on our States , various cultures and religion. The ones shown here is maybe the majority, but even this is approximately 30% at maximum what all of India wears in their weddings. Honesty I am offended that they didn\'t show a saree, it doesn\'t get much Indian than a saree.

  • Holo_ Unicorn :D
    Holo_ Unicorn :D   2018-09-13T00:32:19.000Z


  • alex unger
    alex unger   2018-09-12T15:08:36.000Z

    The wedding dress of Indian Muslims is slightly different than the Hindu ones. A Muslim female colleague of mine told me this.

  • Jay
    Jay   2018-09-12T11:25:31.000Z

    A traditional Indian wedding dress always includes a saree. Or at least it does in south India. I\'ve never been to a Indian wedding where the bride wore any of the dresses shown in this video..

  • sum mann
    sum mann   2018-09-12T08:32:46.000Z

    Where is Nepalese wedding dress?

  • Alice S.
    Alice S.   2018-09-12T00:19:38.000Z

    3:15 😻😻😻😻😻

  • Nagu K
    Nagu K   2018-09-11T15:21:28.000Z

    If you want see Indian wedding dresses Google it ..There so many types of wedding costumes ..u will definitely love it.. I am an Indian..

  • pietheaii
    pietheaii   2018-09-11T14:31:42.000Z

    Yasss Thailand ❤️

  • Taehyung's nose mole
    Taehyung's nose mole   2018-09-11T07:12:16.000Z

    They did the Thai dresses justice 🙏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💕

  • Nero Avilio
    Nero Avilio   2018-09-11T05:05:33.000Z

    Indian bridal dress looks kinda underrated in this video tbh

  • Jaanu Ssri
    Jaanu Ssri   2018-09-11T04:43:47.000Z

    India is the best n beautiful.. btw im from Malaysia

  • baiju mishra
    baiju mishra   2018-09-10T17:25:32.000Z

    I feel india as the best Hit like to ahow your agreement

  • Ernie Kileste
    Ernie Kileste   2018-09-10T12:15:13.000Z


  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen   2018-09-10T06:04:16.000Z

    I\'m Only Here For *Vietnam*

  • chandelier joey
    chandelier joey   2018-09-10T05:04:59.000Z

    South Indian attire is different though...

  • SkyRoseRave
    SkyRoseRave   2018-09-10T04:50:07.000Z


  • ROSE Taynt
    ROSE Taynt   2018-09-10T00:42:41.000Z

    I\'m so proud of my traditional dresses - Aodai

  • simran chawla
    simran chawla   2018-09-09T17:12:33.000Z

    I thought it was urassaya sperbund in the thumbnail representing Thailand..😅

  • Aprixot
    Aprixot   2018-09-09T16:33:19.000Z

    This is beautiful, and I can use these as drawing references ajfnndjvjjr

  • Bhat Meesa
    Bhat Meesa   2018-09-09T16:03:01.000Z

    India rocks

  • Preethi R S
    Preethi R S   2018-09-09T15:02:45.000Z

    How is saree not mentioned as a wedding dress from India.. Saree is a popular wedding attire in many parts of India.

  • Tân Nguyễn văn
    Tân Nguyễn văn   2018-09-09T13:04:42.000Z

    Việt Nam is most beautiful

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan   2018-09-09T08:49:44.000Z

    _the Korean thing is a_ *joke*

  • Aoi Harikita
    Aoi Harikita   2018-09-09T08:37:41.000Z

    I am from Korea.. and I love the Indian bridal dress... I wish I could visit India at least once in my lifetime... Indians are so beautiful... love from Korea...😍💋

  • Pooja Dhamijja
    Pooja Dhamijja   2018-09-09T08:17:57.000Z

    India is best

  • Yael Berger
    Yael Berger   2018-09-09T04:32:23.000Z


  • Hershy Silram
    Hershy Silram   2018-09-08T21:12:36.000Z

    Safiys looked so good! Truely beautiful!

  • what
    what   2018-09-08T17:38:50.000Z

    2:30 is it just me or do more visitors wear that to weddings than brides?

  • sahithi Nanda
    sahithi Nanda   2018-09-08T13:15:16.000Z

    In India most people wear sarees more than gaagra

  • Ligi Sultans
    Ligi Sultans   2018-09-08T13:12:07.000Z


  • 김수현
    김수현   2018-09-08T12:29:58.000Z

    There are mistakes in Korea Wedding dress...

  • LoL XD XD
    LoL XD XD   2018-09-08T11:59:52.000Z

    Indian is best

  • [朋漁]붕어
    [朋漁]붕어   2018-09-08T02:58:38.000Z

    저거 한국 전통 예복 아닌데;; That dress for korea is actually not a traditional one it is a bit different :(

  • Cr4zykupcake Cat
    Cr4zykupcake Cat   2018-09-07T22:37:20.000Z

    They didint tell us the country at 0:50

  • M Chowdhury
    M Chowdhury   2018-09-07T18:26:33.000Z

    india is the same as bangladesh

  • Aafreen siddiqui
    Aafreen siddiqui   2018-09-07T18:21:57.000Z

    Well I m looking for my country Nepal... Common man we r oldest country in south Asia... and culture is different from other as well.. u can show about us as well

  • Fireb0ar07
    Fireb0ar07   2018-09-07T17:13:31.000Z

    Bruv I hate it whenever the model turns, it hurts my eyes and it\'s annoying.

  • happys doodle
    happys doodle   2018-09-07T16:17:17.000Z

    🇵🇰 Where

  • Cattuong Nguyen
    Cattuong Nguyen   2018-09-07T14:32:36.000Z

    ao dai is the perfect choice for everyone, simple and pretty