twenty one pilots: Behind the Scenes "Holding on to You"


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  • Jishwa And Tyjo
    Jishwa And Tyjo   2018-09-23T19:06:50.000Z

    I wish I could hug him. He means a lot to me. My boyfriend. The rest of the clique. And he deserves happiness. He deserves to smile. Yet he deals with this fucking shit and puts up with our shit. Its like he carries the weight if the world on his shoulders. So thank you for taking care of us and harboring us in your music, Tyler and Josh. We love you guys.

  • Dreamer Sansand
    Dreamer Sansand   2018-09-22T02:12:39.000Z

    I love this song and MV And I amazed Tyler play \"Sunday mornig\" in this video!

  • Joshua Tyler
    Joshua Tyler   2018-09-20T23:54:54.000Z

    6:41 broke my heart.

  • Marcos Vinicius
    Marcos Vinicius   2018-09-20T18:25:33.000Z


  • That ain’t it Sis
    That ain’t it Sis   2018-09-17T21:04:34.000Z

    Who else fucking sobbed when he started crying

    BECCA ROBICHAUD   2018-09-16T17:58:59.000Z

    I dunno if I could have a noose around my neck at any time, even for a shoot, its a lil too real

  • CJ Mixer
    CJ Mixer   2018-09-16T14:34:17.000Z

    ||-// who is still here 6 years later

  • Clique. No
    Clique. No   2018-09-16T01:09:20.000Z

    When you notice the new logo has been here THE ENTIRE TIME ||-//

  • Amanda Petersen
    Amanda Petersen   2018-09-11T23:07:43.000Z

    Tyler singing on the piano makes me happy

  • tylerscarradiø
    tylerscarradiø   2018-09-10T22:15:46.000Z

    6:42 “Someone hang this up there” :(

  • john Lukas
    john Lukas   2018-09-09T00:33:05.000Z


  • Noemi Luzi
    Noemi Luzi   2018-09-08T18:52:42.000Z

    4:50 im crying really. he looks so sad... i think it was so difficoult for him and i dont know i just want to hug him..

  • twenty øne chemical boys at the disco dawson

    Who else going to the bandito tour ||-//

  • b e c c a
    b e c c a   2018-09-08T00:51:25.000Z

    hi Tyler talking about hanging himself is making me cry

  • Elisa Moreno
    Elisa Moreno   2018-09-07T23:36:57.000Z

    He was singing Sunday Morning ❤❤

  • Anna Estévez
    Anna Estévez   2018-09-07T14:29:31.000Z

    My heart was hurting when I saw Tyler\'s reaction to the noose that part was sad for me

  • Cesar Diaz
    Cesar Diaz   2018-09-07T06:53:36.000Z

    Be you\'re \"sick,twisted and charming self\" #sofreakingrelatable

  • Swa Ine Kim
    Swa Ine Kim   2018-09-06T23:19:26.000Z

    I don\'t think anyone actually realizes how scary it is seeing a noose. Seeing something you\'ve thought for so long just to use it for a music video. How scary it is too know how easy it is to kill yourself with one. And you can\'t help but cry knowing what Tyler could have been thinking. He used to be depressed. Depression is so easy to trigger. Panic is so easy to trigger. And death is so easy to do.

  • it's_Billie_fucking_eillish_bitch
    it's_Billie_fucking_eillish_bitch   2018-09-06T04:14:20.000Z

    Who the fuck and what the fuck is tori Kelly?

    CHEEZE WIZZ AND MILK   2018-09-06T02:29:13.000Z

    I don’t normally cry at all. But when Tyler got up from the noose around his neck and held back tears as hard as he could... that got me. TOP has helped me through so many problems and to me they seem so perfect. But when I really start thinking, I think that, they have had hard times too, they’ve fought their own demons and have survived their own battles and that makes me so sad because they don’t deserve any of that. 😭

  • Gabii Murillo
    Gabii Murillo   2018-09-05T04:32:41.000Z

    That noose scene always gets me!!! I hate it..

  • Alice :3
    Alice :3   2018-09-05T03:31:59.000Z

    4:50 i wish i could give him a hug :(

  • DanMk2
    DanMk2   2018-09-04T01:31:47.000Z

    \"Yeah just be your sick, twisted, charming self\" love it haha

  • Pixxie
    Pixxie   2018-09-03T13:56:51.000Z

    Honestly I would feel so uncomfortable that half- naked people are touching me in the music video

  • Crunched Skittles
    Crunched Skittles   2018-09-02T23:51:21.000Z

    6:42 \"can we hang this up there\" me: *heavy breathing* \"DON\'T EVEN-\"

  • TylerBeanAndJishwaDun
    TylerBeanAndJishwaDun   2018-09-02T17:13:57.000Z

    I was 7 years old when this came out why couldn’t I be older 😂

  • Candy Ninja
    Candy Ninja   2018-09-02T12:28:59.000Z

    The saddest moments I\'ve ever seen.. I just want to give Tyler a hug *4:01** **4:46** **6:44*

  • Candy Ninja
    Candy Ninja   2018-09-02T09:45:57.000Z

    3:16 he just seem so sad, or anxious.. :( AND OMG *I WAS SPEECHLES WHEN I SAW HIS REACTION AFTER THE NOOSE SCENE* :,( _4:47_

  • JudgyAvocados
    JudgyAvocados   2018-08-30T23:06:27.000Z

    how do i manage to cry over this damn video everytime

  • Nwii Whatever
    Nwii Whatever   2018-08-29T06:34:29.000Z

    Tyler holding his head in his hands im-

  • _Jabøx _
    _Jabøx _   2018-08-26T16:17:04.000Z

    “Tie a marshmallow around your mind.”

  • trash cannøt
    trash cannøt   2018-08-26T15:36:19.000Z

    I wanna give Tyler a hug

  • •Liza-Sucks•
    •Liza-Sucks•   2018-08-25T19:54:37.000Z

    Okay but my heart broke seeing Ty\'s face when they pull out the noose.

  • Mateus Josehp
    Mateus Josehp   2018-08-23T21:47:20.000Z

    <3 <3 <3

  • Gogo606
    Gogo606   2018-08-23T18:54:06.000Z

    I am a straight male. That being said, Tyler looks hot in that suit.

  • mystic draws things
    mystic draws things   2018-08-22T22:17:34.000Z

    Everything aside “do guys in bow ties rap”

  • FairlyLocalDreamer
    FairlyLocalDreamer   2018-08-22T21:34:36.000Z

    \"tiE a mArshMellOw Around yoUr neCk\"

  • LES Politics
    LES Politics   2018-08-22T19:44:43.000Z

    \"thats a rap\" says the rap king

  • a google user
    a google user   2018-08-20T11:15:19.000Z

    _holding onto you is my favorite tøp song and i listen to it almost every hour. Lol talk about unhealthy obsessions_ _anyway, i never thought about the noose part.. i feel sick knowing tyler hated it. And how he cried after it hurt all of us. UAHAH JUST NEVER USE A NOOSE PLEASE. STAY ALIVE ||-//_

  • catherine yunika
    catherine yunika   2018-08-19T00:44:13.000Z

    3:20 \'\' be your sick, twisted, charming self...\'\' yes...

  • Im Trash
    Im Trash   2018-08-17T00:49:19.000Z

    5:34 uMm My HeArT

  • It's Sarah
    It's Sarah   2018-08-16T03:09:42.000Z

    I feel like after this video, Josh gave Tyler this big hug, or, if Jenna was there. Probably wouldn’t let go

  • I Have No Name
    I Have No Name   2018-08-16T00:49:16.000Z

    I just wanna thank the director for cheering Tyler up after the noose part cause holy fuckkk

  • My Name Is Not Sofia
    My Name Is Not Sofia   2018-08-15T19:47:40.000Z

    Tyler and josh are so cute

  • Rose Manupello
    Rose Manupello   2018-08-14T03:24:48.000Z

    I didn’t think this was that old until he said 2012 and now I feel old

  • but is it plausible?
    but is it plausible?   2018-08-13T17:12:23.000Z

    5 YEARS AGO!😣😣😣

  • Yunoaccept _
    Yunoaccept _   2018-08-13T15:54:43.000Z

    what song is he singing at 2:32 *what fucking song*

  • fucking gay lol
    fucking gay lol   2018-08-12T19:02:20.000Z

    This was 6 years ago. I still cry.

  • Zach 2 Wolf
    Zach 2 Wolf   2018-08-12T15:45:10.000Z

    If it bothers Tyler so much to have a noose around his neck to the point he cries, then just don\'t do that scene

  • Megha M
    Megha M   2018-08-12T06:40:08.000Z

    tyler playing the piano and singing \"Sunday Morning\" by Maroon 5

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle   2018-08-10T12:43:41.000Z

    Two of the reasons I love this band: \"Do guys in bow ties rap? Do guys on a piano rap? This is not normal at all. And I really like that.\" \"Just be your sick, twisted, charming self.\" HELL YEAH I LOVE THAT TYLER

  • G I O V A N N A
    G I O V A N N A   2018-08-10T00:54:13.000Z

    man, this breaks my heart

  • Gabby Martinez
    Gabby Martinez   2018-08-09T22:26:24.000Z


  • Hélène Meulemans
    Hélène Meulemans   2018-08-09T15:08:34.000Z

    3:09 I have the same piano! ❤️❤️

  • Melissa_Cats :3
    Melissa_Cats :3   2018-08-09T06:43:24.000Z

    Dang! I love this video! The mv was an amazing one and like.. 2012 was so long ago!!!

  • Melissa_Cats :3
    Melissa_Cats :3   2018-08-09T06:36:22.000Z

    I heard my name said in the background and it made me flinch xD

  • Kelly Carcie
    Kelly Carcie   2018-08-09T04:33:21.000Z

    Tyler\'s face when they brought out the noose 😖

  • squoosh
    squoosh   2018-08-08T16:25:44.000Z

    The noose part always gives me like a stab in my heart.

  • Destiny U
    Destiny U   2018-08-08T08:25:31.000Z

    I love my baby boys.

  • Layla The dinosaur
    Layla The dinosaur   2018-08-07T20:34:57.000Z

    Awh man we forgot my piano

  • Panic! At the Pilots Romance
    Panic! At the Pilots Romance   2018-08-07T19:45:32.000Z

    this was 6 years ago. i was 5 0-0

  • LT Motions
    LT Motions   2018-08-07T14:48:20.000Z

    Wait. Tyler likes M5?! Brb. *Screams* My 2 favorite bands have just converged!!!!

  • Kortlyn Alisa
    Kortlyn Alisa   2018-08-06T22:20:32.000Z

    as soon as he can he wants to get the noose off his neck

  • Kortlyn Alisa
    Kortlyn Alisa   2018-08-06T22:19:04.000Z

    4:03 awwww

  • Nica
    Nica   2018-08-05T05:12:14.000Z


  • Constance Markovich
    Constance Markovich   2018-08-03T22:34:37.000Z

    honestly the noose scene hurts me so much he is like literally crying he looks like he is in so much pan to do that scene it is six years later and it still gets me i wish i could hug him poooor Tyler

  • Arundhati Sharma
    Arundhati Sharma   2018-08-03T15:49:48.000Z


  • Anime1429 (MasterD)
    Anime1429 (MasterD)   2018-08-02T02:06:26.000Z

    Is there a full version of Tyler playing Sunday Morning? Because that is a beautiful rendition he does.

  • la luna
    la luna   2018-08-01T18:21:35.000Z


  • Rheanna Ruth
    Rheanna Ruth   2018-07-31T23:12:07.000Z

    Thank you to the man who made Tyler feel better

  • филоsоф DUN
    филоsоф DUN   2018-07-31T20:36:14.000Z

    Обожаю этих ребят)

  • TokyoBlue
    TokyoBlue   2018-07-30T07:23:25.000Z

    Was Tyler singing a Jamie Cullum song on the piano near the beginning?

  • Jenna Ramirez
    Jenna Ramirez   2018-07-30T03:35:42.000Z

    I love how everyone is getting ready and Tyler is just singing on the piano

  • just another foolish dreamer
    just another foolish dreamer   2018-07-29T14:46:38.000Z

    When Tyler took off the noose oh my god, I want to just jump through my screen and hug him so tightly, I hope he and Josh know how many lives they\'ve saved 😭❤

  • Lili-wen B.D
    Lili-wen B.D   2018-07-29T11:00:37.000Z

    Tyler does not look okay in this video

  • Alexa Rodriguez
    Alexa Rodriguez   2018-07-29T07:11:20.000Z

    The noose scene always hurts the most

  • Charmander Maye
    Charmander Maye   2018-07-29T03:33:24.000Z

    The noose scene always gets me. It always makes me feel so bad but also so proud that he was able to get through this.

  • Mindy Doblas Jackson
    Mindy Doblas Jackson   2018-07-28T20:02:49.000Z

    \"Can someone hang this up there?\" Hahahahahahaha *no*

  • Imię Nazwisko
    Imię Nazwisko   2018-07-28T14:56:14.000Z

    Nobodys gonna talk about 6:52 He\'s a kid. 😂

  • Imię Nazwisko
    Imię Nazwisko   2018-07-28T14:54:56.000Z

    6:42 \" *its alright.* \" 😭😭😭

  • Rini Dolok
    Rini Dolok   2018-07-28T13:59:51.000Z

    This is one of my Favorite MV!! Tyler Thanks!!! I love youuuu! Josh Thanks!!! I love youuuuu!

  • MyNameisRollins
    MyNameisRollins   2018-07-28T06:37:38.000Z

    I wanna cry

  • brøken halø
    brøken halø   2018-07-28T01:36:16.000Z

    tyler looks so sad throughout this? is he okay? who hurt him? who do i need to kill?

  • Kenzie Dorey
    Kenzie Dorey   2018-07-27T23:09:28.000Z

    When Tyler was trying to make 2012 using his fingers and just gave up 😂

  • Kenzie Dorey
    Kenzie Dorey   2018-07-27T23:06:26.000Z

    I was almost about to cry when Tyler was explaining how it felt with the noose around his neck, he looked so scared 😰

  • Dubzy
    Dubzy   2018-07-27T11:07:47.000Z


  • Twenty Øne Flightless Birds
    Twenty Øne Flightless Birds   2018-07-27T07:51:00.000Z

    can i get a full cover of sunday morning thank u

    1-800-HABITORRABBIT   2018-07-27T04:24:48.000Z

    The fucking noose scene is heart breaking.

  • spooks Dakota
    spooks Dakota   2018-07-27T00:32:49.000Z

    Josh is such a sweetheart

  • Certified Trash
    Certified Trash   2018-07-26T19:06:10.000Z

    fLesH oUt ThE doOr SWAT

  • Shrek Fan
    Shrek Fan   2018-07-26T03:17:08.000Z

    I know it’s just for a video but seeing Ty with a noose around his neck...I just can’t imagine my life without Tøp. It too hard to think about

  • twenty øne piløts
    twenty øne piløts   2018-07-25T23:55:59.000Z

    Tyler singing Sunday morning is the most beautiful thing 😭

  • Olivia Clippinger
    Olivia Clippinger   2018-07-23T17:03:53.000Z

    Tyler is what I say YAS QUEEN

  • Tyler's Jumpsuit
    Tyler's Jumpsuit   2018-07-22T22:39:50.000Z

    Jokes aside it kills me when tyler gets upset because of the noose I cry

  • Tyler's Jumpsuit
    Tyler's Jumpsuit   2018-07-22T22:39:27.000Z

    Me- watches tyler get upset because of the noose I\'m ready to get hurt again

  • Wagwan 101
    Wagwan 101   2018-07-22T07:42:46.000Z


  • Tyler's Jumpsuit
    Tyler's Jumpsuit   2018-07-21T19:08:09.000Z

    For anyone whod like to know, the song tyler plays on the piano is Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

  • Keiana Smith
    Keiana Smith   2018-07-21T05:15:10.000Z

    \" Be your sick , twisted , charming self \" I\'ve wondered how if a noose is around his neck. Like I saw him so scared. I would be too if they did that and I listen to the song , it makes me think about a noose. But he still did a great job ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤👏🎶🎵🎬🎥

  • Amegø64
    Amegø64   2018-07-20T02:33:55.000Z

    was Tyler crying after the noose part? no Tyler it\'s gonna be okay. he needed a hug. I am so sad

  • Amegø64
    Amegø64   2018-07-20T02:29:18.000Z

    with the noose parts... oh god I almost cried. Tyler nO its gonna be okay