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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino   2018-08-07T15:00:55.000Z

    I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕

  • Firoza Xox
    Firoza Xox   2018-08-19T20:32:39.000Z

    Milk choc

  • Makayla Singleton
    Makayla Singleton   2018-08-19T20:22:16.000Z

    I love milk chocolate but I absolutely hate dark chocolate

  • Mr. Fluffycat
    Mr. Fluffycat   2018-08-19T18:48:41.000Z

    Awww, this reminds me of Mark bragging about his Diamond Play Button

  • Olivia Cobb
    Olivia Cobb   2018-08-19T18:21:16.000Z

    I like milk chocolate more

  • Brooklyn Williams
    Brooklyn Williams   2018-08-19T17:40:13.000Z

    Cookie is cute

  • Jessa Scifo
    Jessa Scifo   2018-08-19T16:29:46.000Z

    I love milk chocolate, ❤ dark chocolate is to bitter for me.😝

  • agnes mhc naulak
    agnes mhc naulak   2018-08-19T16:10:04.000Z

    milk chocolate sorry

  • Meow 20021
    Meow 20021   2018-08-19T15:52:10.000Z


  • Finola O'Connell
    Finola O'Connell   2018-08-19T15:15:06.000Z

    I like milk chocolate better ,but I still like dark chocolate

  • Alexis Rose
    Alexis Rose   2018-08-19T14:56:45.000Z

    DARK CHOCOLATE!! :D :3 };))

  • Hamilton Girl
    Hamilton Girl   2018-08-19T14:39:51.000Z

    You should do a diamond glaze on your diamond play button cake

  • 8BitFoxy #gamer
    8BitFoxy #gamer   2018-08-19T14:33:33.000Z

    Milk chocolate for life!!!!!

  • micaela Moodley
    micaela Moodley   2018-08-19T13:45:38.000Z

    Love u Rosanna

    AY3 ITZDAR33N   2018-08-19T13:44:26.000Z


  • Animal jam Moonwalker
    Animal jam Moonwalker   2018-08-19T13:40:38.000Z

    Dark chocolate

  • Animal jam Moonwalker
    Animal jam Moonwalker   2018-08-19T13:37:52.000Z

    6:56 song plays “ya beautiful it’s true”

  • Anaya Sajnani
    Anaya Sajnani   2018-08-19T12:41:50.000Z

    I like milk chocolate better

  • It’s Me!!!
    It’s Me!!!   2018-08-19T12:00:38.000Z

    I LOVE dark chocolate 🍫

  • Brian Dale Miranda
    Brian Dale Miranda   2018-08-19T11:33:13.000Z


  • Jade
    Jade   2018-08-19T11:11:58.000Z

    Your dog is so cute !! I\'m a milk chocolate gal :)

  • galaxy unicorn
    galaxy unicorn   2018-08-19T10:49:09.000Z

    I love milk chocolate! btw I love you! <3

  • Fiona Harding
    Fiona Harding   2018-08-19T10:24:02.000Z

    Dark chocolate

  • Rhia's cool1234
    Rhia's cool1234   2018-08-19T09:35:22.000Z

    Did she say cookie or cuti 4:24

  • Daisy Herdman
    Daisy Herdman   2018-08-19T09:20:09.000Z

    I hate dark chocolate I love milk chocolate

  • Mohan Taneeru
    Mohan Taneeru   2018-08-19T09:05:57.000Z

    Chocolate 💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤

  • Mariana N
    Mariana N   2018-08-19T08:37:00.000Z

    why dont you also do blind folded challenge with mo

  • C-3PO
    C-3PO   2018-08-19T08:29:18.000Z

    I *love* dark chocolate! 😍😍😍

  • Valeria Arevalo Cervantes
    Valeria Arevalo Cervantes   2018-08-19T08:26:50.000Z

    Actually 4:24

  • Valeria Arevalo Cervantes
    Valeria Arevalo Cervantes   2018-08-19T08:26:15.000Z

    At 4:25 she called cookie cooti

  • Elaina Williams
    Elaina Williams   2018-08-19T07:44:58.000Z

    Ro I like dark chocolate too

  • Ennard the Bot
    Ennard the Bot   2018-08-19T07:34:21.000Z

    When I read the title thought of her teeth bleeding.

  • Eumi Ballesteros
    Eumi Ballesteros   2018-08-19T06:43:50.000Z

    milk chocolate

  • Georgie Davis
    Georgie Davis   2018-08-19T06:43:39.000Z


  • Marcus Cook
    Marcus Cook   2018-08-19T06:34:16.000Z

    Team dark chocolate

  • Mridula Garg
    Mridula Garg   2018-08-19T06:10:18.000Z


  • Ava Garcia
    Ava Garcia   2018-08-19T06:08:27.000Z

    Heh we’ll ever since I watched rebecas channel! I came straight over to yours and turned on the nonfications! I love your chennel and congrats for 10 million subs! :D

  • Ava Garcia
    Ava Garcia   2018-08-19T05:59:50.000Z


  • btstae 102616
    btstae 102616   2018-08-19T05:45:35.000Z

    I was expecting gummy diamond play button

  • Jennifer Moreno
    Jennifer Moreno   2018-08-19T03:36:48.000Z

    milk chocolate

  • HighZ Shadow_
    HighZ Shadow_   2018-08-19T03:32:14.000Z

    This is a really smart thing to do! Subscribed

  • Denisse Cabrera
    Denisse Cabrera   2018-08-19T03:19:05.000Z

    milk C

  • Makayla Garcia
    Makayla Garcia   2018-08-19T03:15:14.000Z

    my first video that I saw was the first one u made like the day u put it out I saw it

  • Denisse Cabrera
    Denisse Cabrera   2018-08-19T03:14:10.000Z

    you should make your own cloths line you cloth is sooo cute

  • Makayla Garcia
    Makayla Garcia   2018-08-19T03:12:46.000Z

    did u know that I get new taste buds every 3 weeks

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide   2018-08-19T02:28:57.000Z

    Fk this BS

  • Paige Jones
    Paige Jones   2018-08-19T02:16:46.000Z

    Do can you try to bake with Charlie Puth? Please?

  • Aimee castro
    Aimee castro   2018-08-19T02:09:54.000Z

    Omg she should have markiplier back so she can show of her diamond play button 😂

  • Chloe the Goalie
    Chloe the Goalie   2018-08-19T01:48:10.000Z

    It’s like Italian ice

  • Laura Sullivan
    Laura Sullivan   2018-08-19T01:43:11.000Z

    I like milk chocolate

  • Afsha Ilyas
    Afsha Ilyas   2018-08-18T23:23:26.000Z

    I like milk chocolate

  • Jeanne Olive
    Jeanne Olive   2018-08-18T23:15:20.000Z

    I Love milk chocolate.

  • Breyer Cowgirl
    Breyer Cowgirl   2018-08-18T22:40:16.000Z

    MILK CHOCOLATE!! 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🥛🥛

  • TheGamingCharizard
    TheGamingCharizard   2018-08-18T22:25:57.000Z

    Idc about the question White Chocolate is the BEST!

  • Naomi Humbertson
    Naomi Humbertson   2018-08-18T22:20:06.000Z

    Dark chocolate all the way girl!

  • Trashy Gamer
    Trashy Gamer   2018-08-18T21:42:19.000Z

    Do hard candy like jolly ranchers

  • gingereffect
    gingereffect   2018-08-18T21:38:37.000Z

    The only chocolate I like is milk chocolate and semi sweet chocolate I hate white and dark chocolate

  • lilly hasketh
    lilly hasketh   2018-08-18T21:29:55.000Z

    ur dogs so cute awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • lilly hasketh
    lilly hasketh   2018-08-18T21:27:12.000Z

    why u do that rose

  • Emily Mann
    Emily Mann   2018-08-18T20:17:05.000Z

    Do Jello play button

  • Emily Mann
    Emily Mann   2018-08-18T20:16:27.000Z

    Milk chocolate I hate dark chocolate

  • Rana Shihab
    Rana Shihab   2018-08-18T20:13:52.000Z

    Dark chocolate 🍫

  • DragonCore
    DragonCore   2018-08-18T19:58:56.000Z

    Dark chocolate is da best

  • maddy cakes
    maddy cakes   2018-08-18T19:45:03.000Z

    #Rodiculous #bestyoutuberever love you Ro❤

  • maddy cakes
    maddy cakes   2018-08-18T19:40:21.000Z

    Milk chocolate

  • Grace Duffy
    Grace Duffy   2018-08-18T17:30:31.000Z

    “Just the emoji this” instead of “just this emoji” 😂

  • Aspyn Demorest
    Aspyn Demorest   2018-08-18T16:53:48.000Z

    I like milk chocolate

  • Judith Perpena : VKB
    Judith Perpena : VKB   2018-08-18T16:27:54.000Z

    dark Chocolates roooooooocccccckkkkkkk <3

  • Wray Harland
    Wray Harland   2018-08-18T16:26:36.000Z

    my favorite choclate is dark also

  • Sharon Naidoo
    Sharon Naidoo   2018-08-18T16:15:12.000Z


  • Adriana Rivers
    Adriana Rivers   2018-08-18T15:37:19.000Z

    #rodiculous #rorecipe

  • Eevee Star
    Eevee Star   2018-08-18T15:21:54.000Z


  • Akuya u w u
    Akuya u w u   2018-08-18T15:02:18.000Z

    I like dark chocolate l o l

  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam   2018-08-18T14:55:54.000Z

    milk chocolate

  • Carry Cream
    Carry Cream   2018-08-18T14:47:38.000Z

    Can you make jelly whith the mold?

  • I get lazy
    I get lazy   2018-08-18T14:31:45.000Z

    Could\'ve just said \"Eating a replica of a play button\" Not I\'m eating my diamond Play button

  • Alys Llewellyn-Jones
    Alys Llewellyn-Jones   2018-08-18T14:24:58.000Z

    derek Gerard loves you...

  • Denetria Moore
    Denetria Moore   2018-08-18T14:09:04.000Z

    This was so cool and I like milk chocolate better.😊 Can you make something from the Avengers Infinity War Please🐶🐕

  • Izabelle Butler
    Izabelle Butler   2018-08-18T13:41:42.000Z

    Oooo I love dark chocolate!!!!!

  • Luna Lilly's
    Luna Lilly's   2018-08-18T13:40:03.000Z

    I don’t like chocolate

  • Izabelle Butler
    Izabelle Butler   2018-08-18T13:39:26.000Z

    Either evrything in ro\'s kitchen is guant or Ro is really tiny

  • grace 626
    grace 626   2018-08-18T13:34:36.000Z

    Please do a collab with Liza Koshy

  • Milly Miffy
    Milly Miffy   2018-08-18T12:52:30.000Z

    I like milk chocolate :3

  • Nina Binamira
    Nina Binamira   2018-08-18T12:36:42.000Z

    Your dog leeked the edge of the bowl

  • Amber McCarthy
    Amber McCarthy   2018-08-18T11:41:40.000Z

    i don\'t like chocolate

  • Steph Draws
    Steph Draws   2018-08-18T11:41:26.000Z

    Dark IS THE BEST!

    SANJANA SURESHBABU   2018-08-18T10:48:04.000Z

    Dark chocolate s my fav 😊

  • Qian Ying Loke
    Qian Ying Loke   2018-08-18T10:03:03.000Z


  • shygirl vids
    shygirl vids   2018-08-18T09:58:22.000Z

    Delicious dessert hey right?

  • GaMe FrEaK
    GaMe FrEaK   2018-08-18T08:16:14.000Z


  • Vivian Ly
    Vivian Ly   2018-08-18T07:15:18.000Z

    First To like my own comment and to be late

  • BlackSovokia
    BlackSovokia   2018-08-18T06:46:22.000Z

    Dark chocolate is some TRAAASSHHHH😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Your living With everybody
    Your living With everybody   2018-08-18T06:16:51.000Z

    Can you make something BTS themed for your ARMY FANS. PLS

  • Its Carla
    Its Carla   2018-08-18T06:01:25.000Z

    Your gonna have a diabetise after this hahahha Sorry for my wrong english

  • catrina p
    catrina p   2018-08-18T05:58:56.000Z

    Rice Krispy treat diamond playbutton? I know it\'s hard to mold since they\'re chunks but it\'s worth a try!

  • AwesomeGamer Games
    AwesomeGamer Games   2018-08-18T05:12:34.000Z

    This is dumb

  • LoafART
    LoafART   2018-08-18T05:10:04.000Z

    Milk chocolate!

  • Cayle Wehage
    Cayle Wehage   2018-08-18T05:02:07.000Z

    My science of smell is messed up so that kinda messes up my taste buds but I prefer milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is to bitter for me i guess..?

  • Dragonfire1298 Unleashed
    Dragonfire1298 Unleashed   2018-08-18T04:58:29.000Z


  • Ariel's Life Time
    Ariel's Life Time   2018-08-18T04:54:10.000Z

    I don\'t exactly remember ur dogs name but I think it was cookie