What It’s Like To Grow Up With Strict Parents

  • Published on 2016-03-03T22:00:32.000Z
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Comments • 8351

  • Sarcastic Commenter
    Sarcastic Commenter   2018-09-23T16:47:56.000Z

    2:22 same

  • Angel grace
    Angel grace   2018-09-22T18:42:55.000Z


  • Elaine Buena
    Elaine Buena   2018-09-21T17:46:33.000Z

    Anyone who\'s 26 and an only child still with strict Asian parents?

  • Ryu
    Ryu   2018-09-21T11:45:40.000Z

    Iam a little relieved that at the end, they managed to find peace with their parents..at least some of them.. Iam 19 rn and all I ever dream about is running away from them ASAP

  • Smile cuz it is gonna be ok
    Smile cuz it is gonna be ok   2018-09-21T00:48:02.000Z

    Dad: Layla did you wash Me: Yes Dad: Lier my friend get back in Me: OK? This happens all the time

  • Ameer Rehman
    Ameer Rehman   2018-09-20T12:29:04.000Z

    2:44 that dudes parents aren’t even that strict lol

  • You don't know my name and nor my face so bye bye

    Damn it hits hard that i find myself in almost every comment idk if i should laugh or cry haha..

  • Sitav Nabi
    Sitav Nabi   2018-09-18T13:16:20.000Z

    Do you all still love your parents?

  • Ariane *0*
    Ariane *0*   2018-09-15T01:05:06.000Z

    Wow I tought my parents were strict but in fact they’re not that bad 😅😂

  • Mamata Pandey
    Mamata Pandey   2018-09-14T05:20:41.000Z

    I just feel like i will be a parent like Ashley especially the thing she said at last.😂😂

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas   2018-09-14T04:19:27.000Z

    I\'m sorry, but Safiya\'s mother is a hypocrite. She is a South Asian who marries a Danish man, yet she tells her daughter that she will choose her partner? Um, ok.

  • zariyah zein
    zariyah zein   2018-09-10T16:28:04.000Z

    When the sun is down you are home! Story of my life

  • Tae Beach
    Tae Beach   2018-09-09T23:39:32.000Z

    *That Happened with me too..* Me:At least when ur adults, you don’t have to live with them even tho you love em.

  • MegaByte
    MegaByte   2018-09-08T18:31:56.000Z

    Damn, I didn\'t know \"strict\" meant borderline abusive. I\'m looking at these comments like damn are ya\'ll okay?

  • Fedora man69
    Fedora man69   2018-09-08T17:45:11.000Z

    My parents are REALLY strict...they would get mad at me if my science and maths grade wasnt an A and im like \"at least i got a B+\" and they said i needed an A+ so they would force me to study from 6 AM till 11 PM with only bathroom and eating breaks...i never leave the house which has made me have social anxiety...i never actually knew what to say to people cuz i rarely meet new people and when i hang out with my friends at school,i was the quitest and most awkward person..i try so hard to make people like me rather than just being myself..when i try to reason with my mom,she said i was not allowed to talk back cuz she was my mom i have to listen to her even though all my siblings disagree...the worst part is my mother always gets mad if she does not get what she wants and just lashes out to either me or my siblings...but hey,it\'s just part of life and live with it (im 15 btw)

  • Alka Kindo
    Alka Kindo   2018-09-08T09:18:20.000Z

    My dad never let us watch cartoon. So when we watched cartoon one would keep an eye on the door and the other sibling would watch the show.

  • AnimalLifestyle
    AnimalLifestyle   2018-09-08T05:25:13.000Z

    Lol I can relate to every single thing in this video

  • Sierra Synard
    Sierra Synard   2018-09-07T22:27:03.000Z


  • Candy Life
    Candy Life   2018-09-07T21:00:49.000Z

    I feel like I relate more to Safiya’s lifestyle

  • citiestarlights
    citiestarlights   2018-09-07T17:32:03.000Z

    im 20 and not not allowed to leave the house!

  • I Luv Food
    I Luv Food   2018-09-07T12:55:59.000Z


  • Petra Kovacic
    Petra Kovacic   2018-09-07T09:19:22.000Z

    3:26-Why would anyone WANT to be strict perent?!? You want to do that to your children??

  • Hamanni Lee
    Hamanni Lee   2018-09-06T04:19:54.000Z

    I used to switch clothes too and put a little lipstick on in highschool

  • Dazzling_ subs
    Dazzling_ subs   2018-09-04T03:50:52.000Z

    I can\'t date till 16

  • Hailey T
    Hailey T   2018-09-04T01:06:08.000Z

    My parents are so strict im not even supposed to be watching youtube

  • emi draws
    emi draws   2018-09-02T13:36:33.000Z

    When I was 10-12 my mom never let me go out, and if I did sleep over my mom would call me every 10 mins

  • DatGamer HD
    DatGamer HD   2018-09-01T02:34:34.000Z


  • Vacayslimezz 1
    Vacayslimezz 1   2018-08-31T11:54:47.000Z

    0:19 same bro same

  • Summer Fields
    Summer Fields   2018-08-30T22:24:39.000Z

    I feel like I have to be two different people around my parents. Around my mom I can wear makeup, and any clothing I want. Around my dad, I have to wear a polo shirt, jeans and flats.

  • Creepyx TV
    Creepyx TV   2018-08-30T17:55:13.000Z

    I Have Very Nice Mom.

  • Victoria Zayas
    Victoria Zayas   2018-08-29T16:57:06.000Z


  • simmy K
    simmy K   2018-08-29T15:15:24.000Z

    Someone help me my dad doesn\'t want me wearing a skirt to school but my mum\'s fine with it so if I wear a school skirt he\'ll see me walking to school or when I came home what can I do???

  • Anime Fanboy109
    Anime Fanboy109   2018-08-28T18:53:44.000Z

    Pleas like this comment if your parents wont even let you breave without permision

  • Sandra Sanchez
    Sandra Sanchez   2018-08-28T13:41:04.000Z

    \"He looked like I slapped my grandmother\" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • CoCo Chanel
    CoCo Chanel   2018-08-28T07:15:24.000Z

    is it just me or did your parents says why don\'t you have any friends, get a life

  • Adriana Perez
    Adriana Perez   2018-08-27T20:57:36.000Z

    I....can sadly relate to this............*sigh*

  • Tokki Tokki
    Tokki Tokki   2018-08-25T19:43:17.000Z

    Strict parents are hella sexist FACT

  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet   2018-08-25T05:07:06.000Z

    My parents are Catholic to you know how you feel and I Grandma\'s also Irish so it\'s sure singson

  • surujdai jaugbahadur
    surujdai jaugbahadur   2018-08-25T03:16:00.000Z

    Well at least u have parents :( Jk I love my parents :))

  • I. A.
    I. A.   2018-08-25T01:24:37.000Z

    Guys have it easier though

    WHITE FEATHER NDN   2018-08-24T22:24:33.000Z

    I dont even have an instagram and im 14

  • Looney_ Lovegood
    Looney_ Lovegood   2018-08-24T20:52:37.000Z

    My parents are like the un-strictest parents ever😂😂

  • Abbie Wright
    Abbie Wright   2018-08-24T05:49:56.000Z

    My parents wouldn\'t let me and my sister wear leggings out because they thought it was too inappropriate because the leggings were super tight, so I would put on leggings, an then put a skirt over them, and when I got on the bus, i would take off the skirt and shove it in my backpack 😂

  • Ronni Snyder
    Ronni Snyder   2018-08-23T14:46:05.000Z

    Me:gets all Cs on my report card My sister: gets all Bs My dad: I see someone works harder.

  • Elizabeth Aguilar
    Elizabeth Aguilar   2018-08-23T00:57:01.000Z

    where is the black and Mexicans in here ?!😂😂😭

  • Louie Miluno
    Louie Miluno   2018-08-22T13:26:57.000Z

    The girl in thumbnail with that face looks like Light from Death Note laughing.

  • Sarah Kim
    Sarah Kim   2018-08-22T00:08:26.000Z

    My mom always tells me to wear short shorts.

    HAMLIZA   2018-08-21T20:49:38.000Z

    My parents know more stuff than me and have had harder times . So I know that there just trying to make me a better person than they’re. :/

  • Victoria SBlue
    Victoria SBlue   2018-08-21T15:40:13.000Z

    Who clicked because of baby Safiya???

  • Fatma Khamis
    Fatma Khamis   2018-08-20T20:41:05.000Z

    I wasn\'t allowed to say \"freacking\" either hahhah

  • Begum Tanriyasukur
    Begum Tanriyasukur   2018-08-19T19:20:37.000Z

    When my fever was 39C my mother made me go to school

  • ldrskiddo
    ldrskiddo   2018-08-19T15:22:40.000Z

    00:49 omg Ashly same

  • Cat Mouse
    Cat Mouse   2018-08-19T03:31:06.000Z

    Hahaha I related soooo much to this!

  • Grace is my name
    Grace is my name   2018-08-18T23:17:55.000Z

    I feel all of these people my parents are super strict just like these people especially with the short shorts or hanging out with gay guys :/

  • Siggie's Gasha
    Siggie's Gasha   2018-08-18T07:01:54.000Z

    I have strict parents 😧 my mom says i cannot wear makeup until i am 30 yrs old 😧😧😧😧😧

  • Briana Rogers
    Briana Rogers   2018-08-17T22:45:14.000Z

    I hate double standards for real

  • Steam G
    Steam G   2018-08-17T18:23:54.000Z

    I’ve never got caught masturbating. I’m 18.

  • Scarlet Erza
    Scarlet Erza   2018-08-17T08:13:13.000Z

    \"You can\'t date until you\'re 35\" \"We will choose the boy for you\" \"Home before sunset\" \"You can\'t be friends with them because we don\'t know their parents.\" \"You can\'t be friends with them because we know their parents.\" \"Why don\'t you become a doctor?\" \"OhMyGod you have a B in maths but you have A+ in all other subjects but you have a B in maths you have disgraced the family\"

  • Alora Driggers
    Alora Driggers   2018-08-17T04:32:55.000Z

    One of my friends have super strict parents and we where at the movies (we always eat dinner before the movie) she see’s her dads car in the parking lot we walk over to it and her dad is in the car...and her dad had the nerve to say to my face I don’t trust you with “her”

  • Chic Cho
    Chic Cho   2018-08-16T17:43:57.000Z

    If you’re going to redo this I’m in

  • Astrid Brumbach
    Astrid Brumbach   2018-08-16T13:34:36.000Z

    I didn’t think this was strict if this is strict what was my life.

  • Rachel MSP
    Rachel MSP   2018-08-16T02:35:05.000Z

    I can’t go to sleepovers either and can’t date till I’m 18

  • Cris Wilson
    Cris Wilson   2018-08-15T23:45:47.000Z

    This is too true

  • Missychu
    Missychu   2018-08-15T18:21:00.000Z

    #StrictParents Watching your phone late at night and your parents come in and like you go 😪

  • e r i k a angels
    e r i k a angels   2018-08-15T06:21:22.000Z

    Im allowed to stay in other people\'s houses for sleepover but the thing is I don\'t have any friends to call me!!

  • Mango Mojito
    Mango Mojito   2018-08-15T01:04:38.000Z

    Who else just watched this for saf

  • Drishti Bhatia (2022)
    Drishti Bhatia (2022)   2018-08-14T19:31:18.000Z

    I relate to Safiya so much haha

  • Victoria Le Wizard.
    Victoria Le Wizard.   2018-08-14T08:38:49.000Z

    My parents are okay with me wearing makeup and having asexual relationships. Everything else I’m not allowed to do XD I’m not allowed to leave the house, make a C in school, make a mess of my room, wear short shorts, short skirts, the only kinds of social media I can have is Pinterest and YouTube, no sleepovers XD

  • Naila Khan
    Naila Khan   2018-08-13T23:02:35.000Z

    I had to delete certain messages so my parents wouldn’t see them when they check my phone😂

  • Naila Khan
    Naila Khan   2018-08-13T23:01:05.000Z

    When my mum would punish me by saying “give me your phone” and then I run up the stairs and hide it so she couldn’t take it 😂

  • cassady noelle
    cassady noelle   2018-08-12T23:15:40.000Z


  • xFrostyx
    xFrostyx   2018-08-12T22:46:21.000Z

    Dad: talking to himself when I\'m right next to him Me: what did you say? Dad: I wasn\'t talking to you was I Me: I didn\'t know Dad: not everything\'s about you, you know Me: I know Dad: you\'re not listening Me: yes I am Dad: dont talk back to me

  • Koloured
    Koloured   2018-08-12T06:45:09.000Z

    Where the hell and when does the sun go down at 4:00 in the afternoon?

  • Arman Baghgedjian
    Arman Baghgedjian   2018-08-12T05:31:29.000Z

    \"No I\'ll just choose your husband for you\",my mom and dad 😂

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey   2018-08-12T01:57:14.000Z

    My parents were so strict I had a 1 yrs old birthday party and wasn\'t allowed to have another one until 10! They practically gave my new elementary friends full blown interviews before considering them to hang out with me. The only play date I ever had was with a friend I knew since preschool!

  • Mice4Life
    Mice4Life   2018-08-11T21:42:51.000Z

    Oh the Safiya days.

  • Nayantara Das
    Nayantara Das   2018-08-11T20:33:30.000Z

    Hahaha you can\'t date till you\'re married lmao

  • Drita Shpendi
    Drita Shpendi   2018-08-11T20:29:14.000Z

    I swear, my dad\'s worst nightmare is for me to ask, \"Can I go to the movies with some friends?\"

  • Layla Coulthard
    Layla Coulthard   2018-08-11T13:49:32.000Z

    These parents sound awful

  • Anna Rizzo
    Anna Rizzo   2018-08-10T18:57:37.000Z

    my parents aren\'t strict but they are very strict when it comes to what I wear

  • jane
    jane   2018-08-10T05:21:17.000Z

    If you had fun today, you can’t have fun tomorrow

  • Taty Love
    Taty Love   2018-08-09T09:01:33.000Z

    Im 16 and my mom always say to me that i need to find friends and bf And im like :\"NOPE\". Or she wants me to go to parties people invite me but i am like:\"NOPE NOPE NOPE \"

  • Eden McAvoy
    Eden McAvoy   2018-08-08T02:48:56.000Z

    Didn’t realize that my family was really strict until I watched this video and all of what they were saying sounded normal🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Candy and Cookie For Life
    Candy and Cookie For Life   2018-08-08T01:41:15.000Z


  • Victoria Flynn
    Victoria Flynn   2018-08-07T23:20:11.000Z

    My parents don’t want me to date either lol also my mom is the most clean person either

  • IamKittyCupcake ____
    IamKittyCupcake ____   2018-08-07T16:42:07.000Z

    PREACH! 🙌🏼😇

  • YouTube Trash
    YouTube Trash   2018-08-07T07:01:57.000Z


  • Keenashae Pennicooke
    Keenashae Pennicooke   2018-08-07T01:20:33.000Z

    00:58 is so damn true i thought i was the only one

  • Peru Barzins
    Peru Barzins   2018-08-06T19:35:47.000Z

    These arent called \"strict parents\" these are called \"people who wants to make you safe\"

  • ariana jackson
    ariana jackson   2018-08-06T05:23:35.000Z

    My life story!!!!!!

  • Kennaisnotanalien
    Kennaisnotanalien   2018-08-06T04:52:46.000Z

    strict parent problems: not ready for when they take your phone randomly and start looking through it

  • Steamy Sulixx
    Steamy Sulixx   2018-08-06T00:49:53.000Z

    ashly is a mood

  • Determinemily
    Determinemily   2018-08-05T17:54:07.000Z

    Lol I didn’t know my parents were strict. I’m not aloud to go to friends houses unless my parents have met the parents in person, I can’t go out on my own, I can’t go out in general, my friends parents usually aren’t aloud to take me places so my parents take me instead. It’s wild

  • II-// 2205
    II-// 2205   2018-08-05T17:02:54.000Z

    My mom won’t even let me get a b without yelling at me lol

  • Nasa Bella
    Nasa Bella   2018-08-05T16:41:22.000Z

    My parents are Catholic, deeply religious, neat freaks, no social media, homophobic, no gadgets. They used a cane and no indecent dressing

  • LanaPlays Roblox
    LanaPlays Roblox   2018-08-04T19:55:43.000Z

    My parents aren\'t stricted so any of dis stuff I can\'t Relate to.

  • Katie Buss
    Katie Buss   2018-08-04T05:19:38.000Z

    You gotta let ur kids live alittle and learn things their own way

  • Mrs. Everyday
    Mrs. Everyday   2018-08-02T19:08:34.000Z

    I have a best friend for 7+ years, i’m still not allowed to sleep at her house...

  • _squishywoozi x
    _squishywoozi x   2018-08-02T18:49:51.000Z

    I’m a girl. I’m the only daughter, living with 2 other brothers. They make the house a total mess. I have to clean it up, cook for them, and help them in every other way because *I’m a girl.* ;-; 😫😫

  • MoodleNoodle Soup
    MoodleNoodle Soup   2018-08-02T17:06:55.000Z

    I related so much to this video it made me cry