The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

  • Published on 2018-03-06T17:57:34.000Z
  • We went to explore the 400-year-old Chinatown Binondo where I got a taste of some Chinese Filipino food.➨ENTER my Food Adventure GIVEAWAY [Ends March 20] ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Locations: 3:25 Quick Snack 7:50 Eng Bee Tin 9:30 Chuan Kee 11:22 Masuki 13:43 Shanghai Fried Sio Pao 14:28 Ongpin Manosa Restaurant 15:46 Sincerity Restaurant Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: ►Subscribe for MORE videos about food! ▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel! ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: Facebook Mike Fan Page: Strictly Dumpling Instagram: Personal Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: ◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ : Sony RX100 Mark V: PANASONIC LUMIX G85: Wide Angle Lens: Camera Mic: Camera Lights: Handheld Audio Recorder: Tripod: Drone: My Favorite Cookware! wok/pan Also this pan Pressure pan Nonstick pot ✉Send stuff to our PO Box! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ------------------------------ ♩ ♫ - Boost by Joakim Karud - Days in New York by Alvaro Angeloro: - Happy Day by FASSOUNDS: - Lotus Lane by The Loyalist: - Valley Of Happiness by Fassouds: - Lively by Oshóva @osh-va Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs - Dreams by x50 @x50music Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

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  • Cecily Cook
    Cecily Cook   2018-09-23T18:25:25.000Z

    Your audience within the restaurant IS HILARIOUS ..... theyre like .... how is such a fit guy eating SO MUCH and talk so much 😉😆 like americans version of chicken and waffles 🤣🤣🤣

  • PinkDragonKitty
    PinkDragonKitty   2018-09-23T10:31:01.000Z

    How many stomach do you have?

  • xevious2501
    xevious2501   2018-09-22T22:15:45.000Z

    though ive pulled away from the fried for health reasons, man do i miss it. and i gota say, Asians particularly the Chinese are the masters of fried foods

  • Teresita Davis
    Teresita Davis   2018-09-21T11:29:06.000Z

    Ohm all that pinoy foods ur eating it’s all my favorite ,, it’s making me hungry every time I’m watching you eating yummy 😋

  • Wan Seng Chin
    Wan Seng Chin   2018-09-21T07:51:56.000Z

    Simply love the fact that almost every dish is loaded with Pork. Manila is truly a pork lovers haven. Please dear filipino, don\'t ever let islam set foot in Manila or else all your wonderfully delicious food with lots of pork fillings and meat inside will vanish.

  • jericho
    jericho   2018-09-21T02:10:27.000Z

    it’s pronounced as maNYOsa since the n with the hypen on top is a spanish letter enye (ñ)

  • Andy Marie
    Andy Marie   2018-09-19T12:06:21.000Z

    3:09 lmao that’s suman and that thing that looked like pork is fried coconut milk or— idk what it’s called lol but that’s definitely a coconut milk 😂

  • Elio Mozhui
    Elio Mozhui   2018-09-19T10:31:27.000Z

    Why do I torture myself watching your videos when I am hungry 🐸

  • Mouhd Tahfiz
    Mouhd Tahfiz   2018-09-18T20:03:38.000Z

    Go to an asian grandmother house then the smell come from a candle you ask your grandma what candle is this then she said its SOUP NO.5!!!

  • sun
    sun   2018-09-18T13:48:02.000Z

    as a filipino kid i am really shocked that i haven\'t eaten almost all of the food you tried in this video i\'m sad

  • sun
    sun   2018-09-18T13:45:01.000Z

    the penis i\'m deceased

  • oli boi
    oli boi   2018-09-18T05:26:56.000Z

    It\'s official this food vlogger is my favorite.

  • Roblox Studio
    Roblox Studio   2018-09-18T03:46:19.000Z

    So delicious I forgot the same foods there in chinatown

  • Anne Silverio
    Anne Silverio   2018-09-18T02:30:40.000Z

    I miss maki!!! Pinanuod k tong vlog n to para pag punta k binondo alam k san may masadap n food😋🤗😊

  • Nabanita Kundu
    Nabanita Kundu   2018-09-17T23:21:31.000Z

    Please come to India and taste our Indo Chinese food❤

  • Acy Hernandez
    Acy Hernandez   2018-09-16T21:07:50.000Z


  • Kota
    Kota   2018-09-16T12:25:45.000Z

    careful what you in in the philippines because some people eat foods that are straight from the garbage bag

  • Range Ryder
    Range Ryder   2018-09-16T05:34:49.000Z

    I remember having filipeno cooking in Japan for the first time and getting served fried chicken with vinegar like that being so surprised. When I was a kid i\'d put vinegar on fried food all the time at my house and didn\'t think anyone else did that. Turns out millions of people do this lol.

  • vince agabe
    vince agabe   2018-09-15T05:33:49.000Z

    I am falling inlove with the food

    DAX JINN   2018-09-13T19:40:31.000Z


  • Tai Sozin
    Tai Sozin   2018-09-13T08:43:38.000Z

    Lupia? What was that Burrito Wrapper thingy?

  • stigie19781
    stigie19781   2018-09-13T06:28:50.000Z

    I really admire your attitude abt food & culture. I\'m a Filipino & I wouldn\'t eat random streetfood in Manila. More power to your channel!!!

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee   2018-09-12T20:14:42.000Z

    I am sorry but none of the food looked appetizing to me. I was married to a Flippina and their food never appealed to me. These Chinese food were very different than what I liked. Of course I am older so I try to stay away from carbs like pastry or noodles.

  • M Tom
    M Tom   2018-09-12T16:42:53.000Z

    Quik Snack is always a great place in for a great meal.

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience   2018-09-12T15:20:33.000Z

    12:28 White pepper is also the secret weapon for fried stuff. In fact, its the special ingredient that makes the batter of KFC so good.

  • rose rose
    rose rose   2018-09-12T14:56:23.000Z

    Filipino food is simple and fresh. Not like in the U.S. mostly frozen.

  • japanipice
    japanipice   2018-09-10T15:43:53.000Z

    What an appetite ! 👍😃

  • m h
    m h   2018-09-09T10:52:03.000Z


  • Allyssa Apostol
    Allyssa Apostol   2018-09-08T17:10:55.000Z

    I really like your videos 😉

  • loke
    loke   2018-09-07T22:47:51.000Z

    3:21 that girl is following you... or is she your cameraman?

  • loke
    loke   2018-09-07T22:46:11.000Z

    2:58 thats not pork, thats roasted coconut 🥥🥥🥥

  • Mega Febriani
    Mega Febriani   2018-09-06T08:01:10.000Z

    The waitresses face😂😂😂

  • Spider Girl
    Spider Girl   2018-09-05T18:05:05.000Z

    When will that creep stop staring? 6:25 he kept staring the whole time.

  • Gilbert Lupeth
    Gilbert Lupeth   2018-09-04T00:11:59.000Z

    Damn.. i wish i had your stomach... never gets full... hahaha

  • Crisostomo Allicnam
    Crisostomo Allicnam   2018-09-01T14:27:14.000Z

    Him eating soup no.5 hahaha that face

  • Chorva Chenez
    Chorva Chenez   2018-09-01T09:15:29.000Z

    14:16 is my favorite noodle/dumpling shop in Ongpin! Lan Zhou La Mien. their chili oil is incredibly hot, one tiny pinch and i\'m crying in pain 😂 😭

  • Jean Burk
    Jean Burk   2018-08-31T01:26:10.000Z

    Very interesting and adventurous. I love mushroom soup. Almost that time for mushrooms. Do you have a preference?

  • Eh Eh
    Eh Eh   2018-08-31T00:17:39.000Z

    He\'s good at editing ❤

  • Venusius
    Venusius   2018-08-30T12:13:27.000Z

    Tondo was allegedly a former Chinese pirate colony. How cool is that.

  • muttleyap
    muttleyap   2018-08-30T09:32:04.000Z

    oh man, kuchay and fresh lumpia are my favorites

  • applejammm
    applejammm   2018-08-29T06:47:01.000Z

    You missed Dong Bei dumplings 👌🏾

  • LapuLapu
    LapuLapu   2018-08-28T21:17:00.000Z


  • Danikarl Colobong
    Danikarl Colobong   2018-08-27T14:10:51.000Z

    12:22 you eat it all wrong. You put the asado sauce until you are satisfied with your soup! Nice food vlog by the way!

  • ayheeng dos
    ayheeng dos   2018-08-27T12:32:46.000Z

    i missed pinas coz of this vid!

  • Nadaabby
    Nadaabby   2018-08-26T21:13:20.000Z

    Binondo my fave food heaven

  • Giftedone
    Giftedone   2018-08-26T17:42:36.000Z

    I need the name of the song during the intro plz

  • Hey it's bubblejane
    Hey it's bubblejane   2018-08-24T06:47:05.000Z

    LOL man at the back with blue polo shirt keeps staring at the camera 😂😂😂

  • Clarkie Puth
    Clarkie Puth   2018-08-24T06:00:25.000Z

    sarap ng lumpia. ived never been in binondo

  • DankSouls
    DankSouls   2018-08-23T22:13:12.000Z

    Does the camera guy get to eat?

  • Jp C
    Jp C   2018-08-23T14:08:20.000Z

    How can you eat all those fatty foods and remaim buff. Thats unfair 😂

  • Elizabeth Patel
    Elizabeth Patel   2018-08-22T20:03:22.000Z

    I said it once and I\'ll say it again, why am I not there with you enjoying this delicious food?😋😋😌😋😌😌😌😋

  • gracecfacee
    gracecfacee   2018-08-22T13:11:04.000Z

    Do you ever feel pressured to only say nice things about the food when the owner of the restaurant is sitting right behind you? haha

  • Lydia Ballesteros-Simms
    Lydia Ballesteros-Simms   2018-08-21T22:40:03.000Z

    u look like jackie chan

  • Keeanna Easley
    Keeanna Easley   2018-08-21T07:39:17.000Z

    I love how the locals sometimes tell him how he should eat it.

  • Mark Mauro
    Mark Mauro   2018-08-20T09:33:05.000Z

    I love your shows do more country foods

  • Joel Rios
    Joel Rios   2018-08-20T03:06:52.000Z

    So, did you just develope a terrible accent or is chinese your first language

  • VeNuS2910
    VeNuS2910   2018-08-19T11:35:39.000Z

    omg my favorite part of the chicken is the \"wings\" too. soup number 5 as candles. that made me laugh so hard XD

  • Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen
    Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen   2018-08-19T10:47:47.000Z

    I wish you tried Ying Ying :) They really have good Taro recipes.

  • Karl Glenn
    Karl Glenn   2018-08-19T08:48:43.000Z

    3:07 I think that\'s not pork, it\'s caramelized coconut milk, we call it \'latik\' pronounced \"luh-teek\"

  • Badger Monteverde
    Badger Monteverde   2018-08-18T06:49:25.000Z

    How do you eat all of those food? This guy eats a lot. I love the honesty when he does not enjoy the food.

  • TenkU
    TenkU   2018-08-18T01:47:46.000Z

    This made me hungry for Filipino food 😭 Lololol I just watched you eat soup no. 5...😂😂😂 No wonder the waitress gave u a look and repeated \"soup no.5??\" Hahahaha

  • Megan Nicole Vlogs
    Megan Nicole Vlogs   2018-08-18T01:25:03.000Z

    I’ve never seen you Not Like more stuff in an episode than this one

  • sprintox
    sprintox   2018-08-17T18:23:05.000Z

    Are you sick sometimes ??

  • Aron Lois Tolentino
    Aron Lois Tolentino   2018-08-17T09:00:16.000Z

    Why soup number 5? Because number 5 looks like a penis hahah

  • Elizawitch
    Elizawitch   2018-08-17T06:27:17.000Z

    Why do people intentionally sit behind you? Bothers me ngl

  • Sapan Singh
    Sapan Singh   2018-08-16T13:06:58.000Z

    In every vlog he lose some years of his life 🤣

  • mike mikey
    mike mikey   2018-08-16T12:15:02.000Z

    his facial expressions confuse me... is that a yuck but i\'m on video and people are watching say yum ????

  • Anj Santos
    Anj Santos   2018-08-16T05:11:45.000Z

    i ordered the exact same thing today and soooo love it!

  • Kurt Angelo Carandang
    Kurt Angelo Carandang   2018-08-16T03:54:34.000Z

    The hot sauce that you talking about is banana ketchup

  • Leanne Lim
    Leanne Lim   2018-08-15T08:39:11.000Z

    Sticky rice cake was biko and the brown on top is latik made from coconut milk boiled until brown and oily

  • Victor R
    Victor R   2018-08-14T22:27:46.000Z

    how does this dude eat like 6 plates every where he goes but never gets full wtf

  • Jonathan De guzman
    Jonathan De guzman   2018-08-14T15:58:15.000Z

    My favorite brand of pastries are *ENG BEE TIN* btw you should eat soup no.5 before having snu-snu

  • justin eslabon
    justin eslabon   2018-08-14T13:25:07.000Z

    Bro soup number 5 its is horse dick and also a cow dick with there balls just for you to know

  • Kram Evangelista
    Kram Evangelista   2018-08-13T06:24:25.000Z

    11:03 that look! lol

  • lian
    lian   2018-08-12T11:53:51.000Z

    that ain\'t cilantro. that\'s parsley.

  • Gabriel Lara
    Gabriel Lara   2018-08-12T00:53:41.000Z

    From the looks of it, the Chinese eat a lot of pork. Makes you wonder when the first Jewish population came around...

  • Will Ill
    Will Ill   2018-08-11T11:34:24.000Z

    I just bumped to one of your video and I honestly spent the last 2 hours watching the rest of your videos. Nice review. very honest and real. I grew up in Binondo and still live here and its nice that you\'ve been to places that I usually go for afternoon snacks. Eng Bee Tin is one of best place in Binondo when it comes to Hopia, Mooncakes and Tikoy. I subscribed and looking forward to your other food travels on other countries.

  • Maria Tolentino
    Maria Tolentino   2018-08-10T22:41:12.000Z

    Oh my, did I see tikoy??? Yum!!! And siopao!!!

  • Eddy Mo
    Eddy Mo   2018-08-10T01:21:23.000Z

    the food is so cheap....i would buy so much

  • WhiteRu55ian
    WhiteRu55ian   2018-08-09T07:12:58.000Z

    The oyster egg pancake looks delicious

  • Hawaiilocos Pride
    Hawaiilocos Pride   2018-08-09T03:36:23.000Z

    I try to avoid ur videos it\'s torture

  • saxopox
    saxopox   2018-08-09T03:14:19.000Z


  • Rosa Ling
    Rosa Ling   2018-08-08T22:44:56.000Z

    How you can eat that much, is it within a day?

  • vn dlpn
    vn dlpn   2018-08-08T09:25:44.000Z

    I\'m kinda jealous of your appetite man.

  • Adelene Hope Banabatac
    Adelene Hope Banabatac   2018-08-08T09:08:37.000Z

    9:53 oh no she got nervous 😂

  • N.M. Patterson
    N.M. Patterson   2018-08-08T01:12:10.000Z

    Sho poa. I think i spelled it wrong

  • •-•zнyn•-•
    •-•zнyn•-•   2018-08-06T10:06:18.000Z

    The thing on top of the sticky rice cake is \"latik\" or roasted desiccated coconut.

  • Kevin Miranda
    Kevin Miranda   2018-08-06T08:16:00.000Z

    *im a massive fun of your channel it’s kid friendly and makes me hungry and I love your content keep making more and don’t mind haters*

  • Grey Line
    Grey Line   2018-08-05T20:15:51.000Z

    Your videos are coming into my recommended viewing, and I don’t know why. But hey bring it on as I love watching you! You’re so sincere when you describe the food, which I absolutely love. Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM   2018-08-05T17:30:32.000Z

    Normally I find I really love the look of the foods hes eating but in this one I liked the look of very few of them, I was glad I was eating my toasted ham, cheese and pickle sandwich. Interesting to see non the less.

  • alphahydrae
    alphahydrae   2018-08-05T10:53:47.000Z

    How can you keep eating without getting full? Haha

  • Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown   2018-08-04T15:55:31.000Z

    soup number 5 LMAO NEVER AGAIN.

  • Leilly Jeon9701
    Leilly Jeon9701   2018-08-04T15:54:05.000Z

    Im here to starve myself

  • redd aguaras
    redd aguaras   2018-08-04T13:15:38.000Z

    Nah, that soup no.5 you got was just like another Linaga version some restos have been doing. I\'ve tried one, not bad, but not legit.

  • Cordaliegu
    Cordaliegu   2018-08-04T10:10:21.000Z

    Need to know the intro song!!!

  • Comic-book Gaming
    Comic-book Gaming   2018-08-04T08:21:34.000Z

    Just the first 30 seconds got my mouth watering

  • Carla Jacob
    Carla Jacob   2018-08-03T19:43:21.000Z

    i literally laughed out loud when you said you\'ll not ask soup no. 5 to a movie.. hahahha

  • zeroedout
    zeroedout   2018-08-03T17:36:28.000Z

    That\'s not fried pork on top of the rice cake (bibingka). That\'s fried coconut milk curd. But it has a bacony umami taste.

  • 다디나
    다디나   2018-08-03T16:03:21.000Z

    you didn\'t get the right info.. what is right about those Filipinos on those side streets you like the most

  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu   2018-08-03T08:47:52.000Z

    I do kinda feel satisfied hearing a foreigner highly complimenting foods I tend to take for granted. It\'s basically the opposite of me with other cuisines.