♪ JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

  • Published on 2018-08-05T17:13:48.000Z
  • Animated music video parody of the movie "Jurassic Park 3" ►MORE MOVIE PARODIES→ ►SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL→ ►BEHIND THE SCENES→ ►DOWNLOAD SONG→ ►INSTRUMENTAL VERSION→ ►TWITTER→ ►INSTAGRAM→ ►FACEBOOK→ Movie Musicals #44: JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL Alan Grant and Billy are tricked into visiting to Isla Sorna by Mr and Mrs Kirby where they meet a singing Spinosaurus, a T-Rex, a raptor family, pteranodons, and of course Cooper, a professional who can handle himself ...or so Udesky claimed. ►Script, Song, Vocals & Animation: Lhugueny ►Vocals and Co-Producer: WDi_40 ( ---------------LYRICS--------------- Alan Grant: Still digging up bones, sifting through the dirt, Specialize in raptors, the way they hurt. Ellie moved on for kids and a family, I hate babies, they make me feel insanity. Lecturing investors is bad enough, I do it for the cash, but the crowd is rough. "Would you return to Jurassic?" That’s all they ever ask, No force on earth or heaven could get me to go back. Except money, obviously. Everybody needs money. Raptor: Smelly apes just breached our territory, We need to go kill them all. We’ll wait and ambush, and then we’ll rush, Snap their necks after they fall. Spinosaurus: Wanted to greet humans visiting, They shot me, it’s so rude, So I’ll use them for food, I’m starving. I will fight a T-Rex, wrestle him. I star in this thriller, Most effective killer, So I ask... Chorus: Am I hybrid, or natural? Question that I ponder, cause I’m so much stronger, than the rest. Am I hybrid, or natural? Hunting down the humans, cause they hit my huge fin, with their plane. Am I natural? Or hybrid dino. Am I natural? Or hybrid dino. Alan Grant: Kirby lied about the nature of this mission, Pop him in the nose for his dishonest decision. Billy stole some eggs so I tell him that he’s scum, Pteranodons turn him into prehistoric chum. Escape in a boat, meet the Spino in the water, He’s hungrier than hell and he’s ready for a slaughter. Mr Kirby finds redemption, lures the beast away, Then I shoot it with a flare and save the day. Raptor: Let’s work together to go end those humans, They’re trying to run off with our eggs. Maybe they’ll fry em, and I would cry, So we must bite em, so they die. Spinosaurus: Now that I have tasted human beings, I can’t get enough cause, Their meat isn’t tough, It is so sweet. Track em down before the raptors do, Defeated a T-Rex, Audience was upset, By his death. Paul Kirby: This is your fault, and the guy you were banging, Eric’s lost, Ben’s dead and hanging. You need to stop yelling, can’t you see? When the tricycloplots get ya, don’t come cryin’ to me. Pteranodon: Sneak through the mist, you’ll never hear me coming, Use my giant wings to catch yo b***h a** running. Let some of you escape, but you must pay the price, Take Billy with my homies as a sacrifice. Chorus (c) 2018 LHUGUENY

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  • Alteori
    Alteori   2018-08-06T02:30:41.000Z

    Freaking AWESOME!!! 😍😍

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  • Lulu Blox
    Lulu Blox   2018-08-19T20:38:36.000Z

    Owen minit 3:41

  • Leandro Federico Antonella
    Leandro Federico Antonella   2018-08-19T20:31:06.000Z

    Cheto 😎

  • Katja
    Katja   2018-08-19T20:14:31.000Z

    3:43 Ahh, that roar... :)

  • Saul ElCruk
    Saul ElCruk   2018-08-19T19:54:00.000Z

    3:40 a men of call of duty modern warfare 3 is in the movie

  • Jacob Dougherty
    Jacob Dougherty   2018-08-19T19:40:48.000Z

    I love it

  • steve white
    steve white   2018-08-19T18:37:19.000Z

    I saw Owen at the end of the song😍😍😂😁

  • Charlotte Rhodes
    Charlotte Rhodes   2018-08-19T18:35:50.000Z

    You are natural spinosaurus dont bring yourself down 😅😅😅 Your a dinosaur what do they expect to happen

  • dark mega
    dark mega   2018-08-19T18:35:33.000Z

    The lost worl

  • Waqar Siddiq
    Waqar Siddiq   2018-08-19T18:33:07.000Z

    Smelly apes

  • Cintia Aguirre
    Cintia Aguirre   2018-08-19T18:21:24.000Z

    Owen el minuto 3:32

  • Nayelie Villanueva
    Nayelie Villanueva   2018-08-19T18:05:53.000Z

    Do solo a star wars story

  • Dj J
    Dj J   2018-08-19T17:42:59.000Z

    Guys, language!

  • Sibo Chikerema
    Sibo Chikerema   2018-08-19T17:42:56.000Z

    Lost world

  • Morty Malvado
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  • the musical burger
    the musical burger   2018-08-19T16:33:27.000Z

    3:42 why is owen grady (chris pratt) there

  • Music bomb 88
    Music bomb 88   2018-08-19T16:17:31.000Z

    Mám ráda židle pisničky

  • Lion Rainbow Six
    Lion Rainbow Six   2018-08-19T16:11:08.000Z

    Spinosaures is Hybrid

  • brandom kid
    brandom kid   2018-08-19T16:03:22.000Z

    Jurssic world raptors schools

  • Percy Jackson Anna Beth
    Percy Jackson Anna Beth   2018-08-19T15:59:58.000Z

    I can’t stop watching it’s sooooooooooooooo goooooood

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott   2018-08-19T15:29:36.000Z

    can u do a how to train your dragon musical

  • Vanessa Suarez
    Vanessa Suarez   2018-08-19T15:24:11.000Z

    Fyskjjgjhghjhgjghvjvhfjfhfjfhhdgjhfghifhifhirfhrghrgryrthirthjtrjhgrhrgjgrjhrghhgrjhgrhurgjfghjfugjhggurghrgjhrgghhjhrrhgkjgrkurkjgjhhmjgfjhmjtjkgjfgjktjhkjtghgtkgkjtgjtkjgktjgijthiighihguhrhguihrhjgkbtgkbghtjhgjhrihgijruhrjigtihturtrkjhjgruhhjgjhrgugrgurghjrggrhhguthguhguhgjgjgihgijgtijihgjtjkghjgjhthjgjhghjggjhgvjngvnjgbnggjhgbbjjgngghithigrghrghgggnghfbfhgfjfhfkfhfjfhfkfhfkfhflfhfkvhfkfhvjvgvjvjvjvjvjvjvjvjvhdjvkfhfkvhvnnvvbbvbcb. V gxhdldhdhfskd djgfkhfjgfjfgj cjfjcncmchfjfbfjchckfhf khgffddxxddcdddddddddfffgghjkñññjhhj cíc Vedad beberé. Cbfbfbbf f f c nbvfjfdhjffhejehgjregjtgntjrhhjtetrtghjgjthjghhgrtrjghjrthgjrthggthrjgrhggjhrggjgrgrgtjgrhtjthwjhutrheutuhwrukytgliurttyctwtc grhtejtrhwujtwrghuhuirtguhkreuhtkgrtve hgrtejhtgkjhtueguhughtejkhgjerhgukerhgjkthhjktgejkehhyjkyh

  • Joshua Gamer 19
    Joshua Gamer 19   2018-08-19T15:02:12.000Z

    Like for owen grady in the minute 3:42

  • silent ninja
    silent ninja   2018-08-19T14:57:03.000Z

    Lmao that is true the audience was so pissed when the trex lost to the spinosaurus so were the kids

  • Liliana Sanchez
    Liliana Sanchez   2018-08-19T14:52:02.000Z

    el espinosaurio es hibrido

  • Liliana Sanchez
    Liliana Sanchez   2018-08-19T14:49:54.000Z

    es hibrdo

  • the hist
    the hist   2018-08-19T14:48:21.000Z

    Jurassic park 4 like if you want that movie

  • SDL Nøva
    SDL Nøva   2018-08-19T14:47:15.000Z

    i like the spino voice xD

  • el luis :v
    el luis :v   2018-08-19T14:13:17.000Z

    christofer robin the musical pliz

  • Yusri Sulaiman
    Yusri Sulaiman   2018-08-19T14:09:48.000Z

    i saw a owen O_O

  • The Velociraptor Dude
    The Velociraptor Dude   2018-08-19T14:07:52.000Z

    3:42 Owen Grady

  • The Ronn Show
    The Ronn Show   2018-08-19T13:55:07.000Z

    What song did you use in this video?

  • Sanjuana Montoya
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  • Imaginator232
    Imaginator232   2018-08-19T13:35:22.000Z

    Does anyone think the spino is a freaking savage

  • Markus No name
    Markus No name   2018-08-19T13:10:59.000Z

    If i see one more rex fanboy crying bout Spino... You dont hate Indominus for killing Raptors so why Spino for killing Trex. This is just sad. Cant u just enjoy the movies?

  • Behram Khan
    Behram Khan   2018-08-19T11:16:34.000Z

    I love spino

  • Mark Fleming
    Mark Fleming   2018-08-19T11:01:36.000Z

    Your use of autotune always made my ears bleed.

  • John Crimmins
    John Crimmins   2018-08-19T10:38:32.000Z

    One reason I don\'t watch your vids.... THE ANIMATION SUCKS OK? DO BETTER!! 😤😵

  • Lacey Brewer
    Lacey Brewer   2018-08-19T09:53:59.000Z

    The English subtitles are gone why

    SAD BOY   2018-08-19T09:35:27.000Z

    Its better at 1.25x

  • I wanna Die
    I wanna Die   2018-08-19T08:56:14.000Z

    3:41 *OWEN GRADY*

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  • fabri gaming
    fabri gaming   2018-08-19T08:00:14.000Z

    That dinosaur fossil on the ground is doing a thumbs up at 0:18

  • Bpo Bro
    Bpo Bro   2018-08-19T07:28:12.000Z

    Far cry primal musical pls I know it\'s a old game but it would still be a very good musical

    IRON DIAMOND   2018-08-19T07:00:03.000Z

    Can u make a lost world musical

  • Dominik Puhr
    Dominik Puhr   2018-08-19T06:37:40.000Z


  • tgx911 ishan TNT Mudaliar
    tgx911 ishan TNT Mudaliar   2018-08-19T06:24:18.000Z

    Could you please make the jraassik pack song please

  • Edwin Rodas
    Edwin Rodas   2018-08-19T06:18:17.000Z

    Make a lost World

  • Kiara Richardson
    Kiara Richardson   2018-08-19T05:56:08.000Z

    What song is this a parody of ??

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  • Jess and Boom W
    Jess and Boom W   2018-08-19T04:17:02.000Z

    o my word this is the most violent one you make yet!

  • Candy Rabbit
    Candy Rabbit   2018-08-19T03:49:15.000Z

    The animation of the dinosaurs are AMAZING

  • christopher janampa
    christopher janampa   2018-08-19T03:41:43.000Z

    like if you noticed that owen (from jurassic world) was at 3:42

  • Blake Ryczak
    Blake Ryczak   2018-08-19T03:21:19.000Z

    Can you guys make the meg song ?

  • QI Qi
    QI Qi   2018-08-19T03:14:52.000Z

    Please told me how to draw dinosaur ,I love it 😍😍😻

  • Virginia Bankston
    Virginia Bankston   2018-08-19T02:59:38.000Z

    Make jurassic park 2 the musical

  • Ethan Lin
    Ethan Lin   2018-08-19T02:55:20.000Z

    Yo lhuguney your musicals are really catchy btw make a Jurassic park 2 the musical

  • Angela Yarbrough
    Angela Yarbrough   2018-08-19T02:52:40.000Z

    I like this its awsome

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    Dante Rodríguez   2018-08-19T02:45:44.000Z

    Love music

  • TehanEveryDay2 TehanEveryDay
    TehanEveryDay2 TehanEveryDay   2018-08-19T02:44:46.000Z

    1:04 spinosaur opens and ask am i hybrid or natural xD

  • Kaila Rodriguez
    Kaila Rodriguez   2018-08-19T02:24:30.000Z

    What is this a parody of?

  • Ju. C
    Ju. C   2018-08-19T02:15:32.000Z

    Jurassic park the musical remake

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    Michael Suero   2018-08-19T01:34:41.000Z

    I wish the Pteranodon was in the thumbnail instead of the T-Rex

  • Sebax
    Sebax   2018-08-19T01:34:12.000Z

    Puedes. Hacer otra de jurassic park 1 no estaba fea pero si muy corta y de mundo perdido porfa espero tu respuesta

  • Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor   2018-08-19T01:29:03.000Z

    Im sure Rexy will kill spinosaurus that spinosaurus cant be happy cause it killed the trex infant

  • Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor   2018-08-19T01:24:49.000Z

    whos fuckin idea was to shoot that spinosaurus and sheesh ben was killed by them raptor damn Them carnivores are dangerous and painful just cause Spinosaurus Killed trex that dont mean shit cause that was the same infant trex from the lost world of jurassic park i bet Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus And those raptors and other dinosaurs that are in isla sorna might get transfered and go to main land and join the other dinosaurs in jurassic world fallen kingdom i saw the whole movie jurassic world 3 is gonna be a lot of killing and death

  • CAMILOCO Cortés
    CAMILOCO Cortés   2018-08-19T01:07:30.000Z

    Este musical me hiso recordar los antiguos

  • Meanie Sturgill // MSSX360G
    Meanie Sturgill // MSSX360G   2018-08-19T01:07:02.000Z

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    rainbow raw   2018-08-19T01:03:28.000Z

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    Leonardo Munoz   2018-08-19T00:04:48.000Z

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    indo rapter funniest videos ever   2018-08-18T23:47:49.000Z

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  • Ari Kusuma
    Ari Kusuma   2018-08-18T23:26:12.000Z

    LHUGUENY i love u u make awesome videos

  • Messi HD
    Messi HD   2018-08-18T22:13:07.000Z

    my favorite dinosaur of dinosaur park 3 was the, Raptors and the spino and Jurassic world was, indo rex and trex and the Jurassic world fallen kingdom was indoraptor,dracorex,sinoceratops

  • Max R
    Max R   2018-08-18T22:08:00.000Z

    Do a lost world the musical

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    I SAW OWEN!!

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  • The Golden Spinosaurus
    The Golden Spinosaurus   2018-08-18T21:31:09.000Z

    How did u figure out mrs kirby\'s second husband died

  • Marcelo Breit
    Marcelo Breit   2018-08-18T21:14:52.000Z

    like si encontraron a owen

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    Coops RBLX   2018-08-18T21:12:17.000Z

    If the humans. Didn\'t run away The Spinosaurus would have given them a ride home!!!

  • Pilar Yañez
    Pilar Yañez   2018-08-18T21:05:01.000Z

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    Yordana Suarez   2018-08-18T20:28:02.000Z

    When he said Dino I thought he said Danu

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