Why we say “OK”

  • Published on 2018-09-12T11:59:35.000Z
  • How a cheesy joke from the 1830s became the most widely spoken word in the world. Subscribe to our channel! OK is thought to be the most widely recognized word on the planet. We use it to communicate with each other, as well as our technology. But it actually started out as a language fad in the 1830’s of abbreviating words incorrectly. Young intellectuals in Boston came up with several of these abbreviations, including “KC” for “knuff ced,” “OW” for “oll wright,” and KY for “know yuse.” But thanks to its appearance in Martin Van Buren’s 1840 presidential re-election campaign as the incumbents new nickname, Old Kinderhook, OK outlived its abbreviated comrades. Later, widespread use by early telegraph operators caused OK to go mainstream, and its original purpose as a neutral affirmative is still how we use it today. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out Watch our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Facebook: Or Twitter:

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  • Vox
    Vox   2018-09-12T16:25:34.000Z

    Another popular false origin of OK comes from the American Civil War (1861-1865) which says that soldiers returning from battle would report \"0K\" (zero killed). And there\'s a few from around the world, too. Like the Greek \"όλα καλά (óla kalá) which means \"all good,\" the Scottish \"och aye,\" which means \"oh yes,\" and even a French-named seaport in Haiti, Aux Cayes. While these are all pretty interesting and might indicate why \"OK\" was so easily adapted into language worldwide, none of them can actually be traced in their influence the way \"oll korrect\" can. Neat. - Coleman

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  • Prasenjit Shukla
    Prasenjit Shukla   2018-09-21T12:07:56.000Z

    That\'s OK. But how it got transformed from OK to Okay, Oki, K... Social media invention. Great story @VOX

  • Nipah Auauau
    Nipah Auauau   2018-09-21T10:51:49.000Z

    Imagine if in the future \"doggo\" supplants the word \"dog\".

  • 光海
    光海   2018-09-21T10:23:08.000Z

    Memes create useful words, and now the EU is banning them...

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    It\'s 2 am, and I have to go to work at 5 am. And here I am not getting sleep learning about the history of the word \"ok...\"

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    Alright, I don’t tend to use such an abbreviated word. I prefer saying as many things as possible if I’m all right.

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    Good video!

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    now i’m gonna be noticing “ok” everywhere

  • Edward J. Cunningham
    Edward J. Cunningham   2018-09-21T03:23:28.000Z

    One thing that this video did not explain---but I wish it did----was how much the word \"OK\" is used in non-English languages, and how it spread beyond English.

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    Is...is that Charles Boyle @ 4:26?!

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    What about \"okay\"?

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    Anyone always spell it as okay?

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    Can you make a video on, Why we say \"like\"

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    \"Oh! Kay!\" -Will Smith

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    This means i dont need to feel bad about finding misspelled sentences hilarious

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    2:46 , isn\'t - - - the morse code for the letter O ?

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    This is just too good to be true. Hmmm.... it\'s not April Fools...

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    So OK was the Nation\'s first meme?

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    Basically it\'s a legendary meme that became so powerful it became part of the human language.

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    Did u read my mind, Vox? I was just thinking about it a few days back!

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    Hot for words did it better

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    Yall forgot Kanye west that part ok ok ok ok ok OKAY on the intro

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  • Coyce
    Coyce   2018-09-20T13:11:28.000Z

    Hm. I always thought it had to do with an older war in which human life was regarded as a resource you spend to win battles. After the battle was over the fallen were counted and if your side had no deaths the message \"0 killed\" was given out or 0K short which then eventually became O.K. No clue where I got that from but your explanation seems to date further back since it\'s unlikely to have no losses in battle before modern military encounters

  • Grizz Cmt
    Grizz Cmt   2018-09-20T13:01:29.000Z

    I just say K

  • SCG Niagara
    SCG Niagara   2018-09-20T12:19:42.000Z

    So around the early 1800’s some young, intelligent Bostonians (or as some are calling them, memelords) created this well-known word? Ok, let\'s hear it...

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    ΟΛΑ ΚΑΛΑ!!!! Everything Good in Greek. Greek port workers in NY, painted the initials of \"Ολα Καλά\" on the walls, when they finished their shift.

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    This has just changed the whole meaning of \"Are you OK? Day\" that we had recently....

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    i prefer K rather than OK

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    So now I know okay is incorrect, my scrabble better accept ok from now on.

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    I wonder how many of our modern abbreviations would survive to the next century? LOL, PLZ, THX, FYI, FWIW, TTYL, GN, JK, BRB, ASAP, ppl, cz

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    500 years later, VOX publish a video about what is lol.

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    So...it\'s chatspeak?🤔 And a meme...?

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    I never always said ok in my life. Only AR!

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    Thank you 1830’s Bostonian intellectual memelordes. We’re oll OK now bekause of you.

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  • dolofonos
    dolofonos   2018-09-20T05:12:44.000Z

    This creates an interesting etymological question. I don\'t think it\'s invalid to acknowledge converging origins any more than to acknowledge a mother\'s contribution to the genetics of a paternal lineage. Primary origin is not sole origin, and indeed may not be the most important (like saying the Chinese invented space travel merely because of primitive advancements in rocketry). A word like _troll,_ for example, shouldn\'t be denied as made receptive by virtue of the word\'s mythological nature, despite a very probable piscatorial origin. All contributions, even when seemingly erroneous, are clearly important to a word\'s history.

  • Ghofar Lathif
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    meanwhile indonesian people are using “oce”

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