Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty


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  • Jasmine Singh
    Jasmine Singh   2018-08-19T19:59:34.000Z

    something like it comes out of my vagina

  • Yanacha R.
    Yanacha R.   2018-08-19T19:15:22.000Z

    02:26 omg the girl that stand next to her look like the main girl character in “ratatouille”!! Exactly~ 😂❤️

  • Top Lyric
    Top Lyric   2018-08-19T18:42:00.000Z

    A chef don\'t play they work okkk so stop the nonsense

  • MadCapMonster
    MadCapMonster   2018-08-19T17:52:27.000Z

    Sorry, I was distracted by her amazing body, what did she cook again?

  • Ak47
    Ak47   2018-08-19T17:28:14.000Z

    I’m watching tasty videos just to see this beautiful girl who is weirdly cheerful all the time and it weirdly makes me smile watching her cook. Alex/alix whatever the spelling is.. you’re my spirit animal. Human. Whatever. 🤷🏻‍♀️♥️

  • Arfath Khan
    Arfath Khan   2018-08-19T17:10:30.000Z

    U are really having a lot of patience after 2 attempts i would have throw it and forget about making but u tried it 10 time lovely hatts of girl.

  • Marian Zefrats
    Marian Zefrats   2018-08-19T14:15:58.000Z

    Who run this channel ???

  • Infinite Forever
    Infinite Forever   2018-08-19T13:30:45.000Z


  • Madina Younis
    Madina Younis   2018-08-19T13:21:29.000Z

    Jello with no gelatine

  • Potato PotAHto
    Potato PotAHto   2018-08-19T12:07:08.000Z

    2:48 *p LO p*

  • FT mage that watches Riverdale and stans BTS

    *wet* *My innocence: \"im leaving.\"*

  • Nilay
    Nilay   2018-08-19T10:27:33.000Z

    Wow women that are not even good in the kitchen? What is this

  • KNoesey
    KNoesey   2018-08-19T05:55:16.000Z

    Liking it because she got so happy. xD

  • JustK
    JustK   2018-08-19T05:45:30.000Z

    she looks like future riley from outdaughtered

  • Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh
    Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh   2018-08-19T05:42:38.000Z


  • Oni on
    Oni on   2018-08-19T04:06:27.000Z

    13:41 omg did she just do that😂😂😂

  • Oni on
    Oni on   2018-08-19T04:03:14.000Z

    Alix or Lael Hansen?

  • wow such fun
    wow such fun   2018-08-19T02:55:48.000Z

    *p l o p*

  • Johnny's Parrot
    Johnny's Parrot   2018-08-19T02:44:22.000Z

    She really is a great example for: 1. \'Try and try until you succeed\' 2. \'Keep moving forward\' 3. \'Never give up\' LMAO

  • Dian Shafira Khoirunnisa
    Dian Shafira Khoirunnisa   2018-08-19T02:26:56.000Z

    Gosh agar asian🤣

  • wendy
    wendy   2018-08-19T01:44:10.000Z

    omg i love her

  • Zhaoxun Yan
    Zhaoxun Yan   2018-08-19T01:21:41.000Z

    Agar agar 是琼脂还是藕粉呢? It seems like the raindrop cake is invented for competition - very hard to replicate so to maintain the superiority of the inventor\'s own shop. I seriously doubt the version you have is a popularized version meant to fool imitators.

  • Waged 11
    Waged 11   2018-08-18T22:26:27.000Z

    Wow bravo 👏🏻 💕💕

  • cRiNgEy y
    cRiNgEy y   2018-08-18T21:59:55.000Z

    Yay Rie is back 😃😃

  • Jasminemm
    Jasminemm   2018-08-18T20:18:17.000Z

    I\'m gonna say it... Alix is drop dead gorgeous 😍

  • Kadyn Patrick
    Kadyn Patrick   2018-08-18T19:52:36.000Z

    How is she so busty. DAMN she\'s hot

  • King Hinckson
    King Hinckson   2018-08-18T19:23:20.000Z

    You are beautiful. Through and through

  • Fatima Nadeem
    Fatima Nadeem   2018-08-18T18:16:06.000Z

    I love alix soo much she\'s soo funny. Do more bts please

  • Nath my problem
    Nath my problem   2018-08-18T17:44:38.000Z

    It probably tasted like nothing

  • Penisher
    Penisher   2018-08-18T17:29:57.000Z

    you look like a thicc version of emilia clarke

  • raihan muhamad
    raihan muhamad   2018-08-18T15:43:51.000Z

    I dont blame u for reading \"agar-agar\" wrong

  • hayley lim
    hayley lim   2018-08-18T15:09:34.000Z

    As a chinese a lot of people pronounce it aga aga nor agar agar its like a silent R hope it helps to make people understand and how you say it is ok but like it sounds like sagar sagar

  • Kk
    Kk   2018-08-18T14:19:26.000Z

    Awwww, she’s so bubbly and gorgeous!!

  • Jason Rasquinha
    Jason Rasquinha   2018-08-18T14:07:54.000Z

    Super cute! Lol

    NO NAME   2018-08-18T14:02:46.000Z

    More Alix please

  • Ailsa Herondale
    Ailsa Herondale   2018-08-18T12:09:19.000Z

    I’m in love with Alix ❤️

  • renz trinidad
    renz trinidad   2018-08-18T11:31:07.000Z

    Try to frezee it

  • lintlickerize
    lintlickerize   2018-08-18T09:50:06.000Z

    *w e t .*

  • widias23
    widias23   2018-08-18T09:37:13.000Z

    More videos of Alix please, so fun to watch

  • khaja begum
    khaja begum   2018-08-18T08:18:30.000Z

    She is so funny

  • Panda Lady123
    Panda Lady123   2018-08-18T07:14:44.000Z

    You didn’t do it. It isn’t a traditional raindrop cake! And you attitude isn’t even good you didn’t even want to improve you just wanted to get it over and done with! How did you become a tasty producer with no patience

  • weissseG
    weissseG   2018-08-18T07:01:48.000Z

    I think this is how Kesha will cook lmao

  • Gabriel Huerta
    Gabriel Huerta   2018-08-18T06:32:37.000Z

    I want her on more videos. She’s such and amazing person and has a personality no one would be tired of

  • Reese Franchesca
    Reese Franchesca   2018-08-18T05:28:03.000Z

    Yeeesss!!! Season 2!!!!!!! Ily Alix and I love that it’s still you ♥️

  • Handsome Mochii
    Handsome Mochii   2018-08-18T04:40:34.000Z

    Agar-agar is Indonesian right?

  • Saadat Hasan
    Saadat Hasan   2018-08-18T04:17:56.000Z

    you can use china grass in case of agar agar..

  • Shinji Food
    Shinji Food   2018-08-18T03:25:30.000Z

    Her positive vibe has given me a huge smile :))

  • Stacie Dees
    Stacie Dees   2018-08-18T00:21:30.000Z

    She is so cute!!!

  • Scott Parker
    Scott Parker   2018-08-17T23:53:50.000Z

    Damn, I want to go to Walmart now....the other place where fat chicks think its okay to wear too-tight clothes and show off their blubber skin.

  • Ming Luo
    Ming Luo   2018-08-17T23:13:14.000Z

    I would’ve given up already. I’m an impatient child

    SAMEVANSUK   2018-08-17T21:27:00.000Z

    she looks like kesha a little...

  • Idk wot to put in here i srsly dont know
    Idk wot to put in here i srsly dont know   2018-08-17T20:19:06.000Z

    You said \"really\" 7 times

  • warde layla
    warde layla   2018-08-17T19:17:48.000Z

    you are the new Jennifer Lorenz hahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😝🌷🌷😉💋

  • warde layla
    warde layla   2018-08-17T19:17:06.000Z

    cool yeah hahaha give all people like ok pleaseee ilove You alll❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • warde layla
    warde layla   2018-08-17T19:12:51.000Z

    hii can write me Please iloveee you you are veryyy cute Girl ouiii ilove you Body and face you are veryyy Funny and crazy haha 🌷💋💋💖💖💖👑👍👍👍🙈😏❤😘

  • Theodor K
    Theodor K   2018-08-17T19:12:21.000Z

    Holy moses she is cute!

  • HermioneOnABike
    HermioneOnABike   2018-08-17T16:57:07.000Z

    \"A great summer dessert\"...of you wanna spend the whole summer trying to make it! 😂😂

  • Madara Aradam
    Madara Aradam   2018-08-17T15:06:39.000Z

    I\'m a veterinarian. The only thing I associate agar with is a Petri dish with agar :D

  • Eric & Maggie Li & Yu
    Eric & Maggie Li & Yu   2018-08-17T13:40:39.000Z


  • Isabel Montoya
    Isabel Montoya   2018-08-17T12:56:19.000Z

    she reminds me of a Leonardo DiCaprio version of a girl lol

  • Ray Armstrong
    Ray Armstrong   2018-08-17T11:00:07.000Z

    alix looks like emilia clarke

  • Isaac Marwell
    Isaac Marwell   2018-08-17T10:42:04.000Z

    This is the most American video ever.

  • Clifford Lee
    Clifford Lee   2018-08-17T10:40:33.000Z

    Izit just me or is she pretty af

  • Rudyson Estanislao
    Rudyson Estanislao   2018-08-17T10:23:51.000Z

    That was so fun. Love!

  • Quinn Sterd
    Quinn Sterd   2018-08-17T09:40:01.000Z

    The intro 😂 why is she so problematic. She\'s so funny.

  • Hoot!Hoot! Doot!Doot!
    Hoot!Hoot! Doot!Doot!   2018-08-17T08:25:07.000Z

    I laughed at the start of the video

  • Thijs Tromp
    Thijs Tromp   2018-08-17T08:22:42.000Z

    Which song is the intro song?

  • Lil Naive
    Lil Naive   2018-08-17T06:58:31.000Z


  • angel divierte
    angel divierte   2018-08-17T03:31:37.000Z

    😢😢😢😢 profa nese sito 100 suscritores suscrivanse

  • keshav kumar
    keshav kumar   2018-08-17T03:16:17.000Z

    She is ripe.

  • Coaster Show
    Coaster Show   2018-08-17T02:07:03.000Z

    Not to be mean but I died when she said agar agar the second time

  • Edgy Mouse
    Edgy Mouse   2018-08-17T01:43:50.000Z

    It’s looks like jello

  • Khamryn White
    Khamryn White   2018-08-17T01:36:59.000Z

    i feel like this taste like just air lol

  • Stephanie Prince
    Stephanie Prince   2018-08-17T01:35:02.000Z

    10:17 my life right there people

  • zhantuo zhou
    zhantuo zhou   2018-08-17T01:27:11.000Z

    try jelly powder. it would make your life much easier.

  • Jessica Carreon
    Jessica Carreon   2018-08-17T00:56:18.000Z

    She is body goals 👏🏽

  • Snyder Pretzels
    Snyder Pretzels   2018-08-17T00:06:59.000Z


  • SparkyMTB
    SparkyMTB   2018-08-16T23:09:06.000Z


  • Camila Valenciano
    Camila Valenciano   2018-08-16T23:02:09.000Z

    `This may be the easiest one we\'ve don yet ´ she said

  • Madison Foy
    Madison Foy   2018-08-16T22:58:21.000Z

    8 cups divided by 1 and 1/4 cups???? I MUST FIND ANSWERSSSS!!! I actually took the time to work this out and got the answer 0.00064 and for those people that are going to say \"you used a calculator\" I\'ll tell you how I did it for proof!!! So I changed the 1 and 1\\4 to a decimal and got 1.25. So from then on I established than I would need to divide 8 by 1.25 so to make it easier, I multiplied 1.25 by 100 to get a whole number which was 125 and did 8÷125 and eventually got 0.064 and because I had multiplied 1.25 by 100 I needed to undo that to get the right answer so I took 0.064, divided by 100 and got 0.00064 BOOM!!! And if you want to change it back to a fraction, it would be 64/1000000 and if you want to simplify that it\'s 4/625, I know for adults it would be easy but I was pritty proud of myself as I\'m only 11 😊 I did this because she said \"I hope I did my math right\" well now you know!

  • Domi plays Overwatch
    Domi plays Overwatch   2018-08-16T22:57:31.000Z

    Raindrop drop top

  • Fátima ArMarques
    Fátima ArMarques   2018-08-16T22:33:29.000Z

    I declare myself Alix\'s fan forever and ever!!!

  • H422x_ Xx
    H422x_ Xx   2018-08-16T22:04:01.000Z

    I love her and her personality and her dimples and her hair 💛

  • lou
    lou   2018-08-16T22:02:41.000Z

    not to be a huge lesbian but alix is so damn beautiful

  • Soline Marty
    Soline Marty   2018-08-16T21:22:22.000Z

    She is sooo so cute

  • Nemo 123
    Nemo 123   2018-08-16T20:41:31.000Z

    The way she\'s saying agar agar is so funny and cute 😂😂

  • theresia2012
    theresia2012   2018-08-16T19:52:32.000Z

    white girl is thick!

  • Ijenna Osuji
    Ijenna Osuji   2018-08-16T19:27:41.000Z

    love your personality Alex!

  • Adoriakashite
    Adoriakashite   2018-08-16T18:47:55.000Z

    This over-confidence in the beginning of almost every video is just sooooo funny xDDD

  • Justine Hardy
    Justine Hardy   2018-08-16T18:15:10.000Z

    do own note measure snap policy movement nearby director week below.

  • Kelyaan
    Kelyaan   2018-08-16T17:54:00.000Z

    pronounce it right... also we know this chick likes food, damn she thick.

  • Paul Fox
    Paul Fox   2018-08-16T16:03:18.000Z

    She corky

  • The shade lord
    The shade lord   2018-08-16T15:56:37.000Z

    Look at this Corinne

  • M mezzy
    M mezzy   2018-08-16T15:45:33.000Z

    Isn’t it common sense that if it’s not holding in shape, you add more agar agar to hold

  • Jessica Powell
    Jessica Powell   2018-08-16T13:12:21.000Z

    I can’t stop rewatching this and I don’t know why?

  • Lisa da evil maknae
    Lisa da evil maknae   2018-08-16T10:39:22.000Z


  • Brother Of Minecraft
    Brother Of Minecraft   2018-08-16T09:38:54.000Z

    Droo top ??

  • Lila Rowe
    Lila Rowe   2018-08-16T07:32:22.000Z

    It’s a gar a gar lol

  • Rio McGregor
    Rio McGregor   2018-08-16T07:03:25.000Z


  • Emily Violet Marie
    Emily Violet Marie   2018-08-16T06:26:34.000Z

    She\'s sooooo cute